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Brazil has always been known as a big-time tourist attraction. Nothing has changed about this, but thanks to Roberto Santiago people may have even more reasons to come to Brazil and explore. What Roberto Santiago has brought to Brazil is the mega mall known as the Manaira Mall. This is by far the largest mall in Latin America, and it is easily one of the biggest malls in the world.


The landscape for Brazil is much more vibrant thanks to Roberto Santiago and his visions for commercial real estate. He has really shown that the business world of investing is much easier to profit in when investors bring forth concepts that people are interested in. He may not have known how profitable he would be with a mega mall, but he definitely knew that this would be something that Brazilians and tourists of Brazil were interested in.


He was willing to go all out and take the time to get the contracts to get stores in place that would comprise this mega mall. Roberto Santiago had a vision decades ago, and there is still a lot of buzz about the expansion of all of the new stores that have continued to come into this mall over the years. This mall has even been expanded with a concert hall, and that is just another look at the unique things that Roberto Santiago has helped bring to the environment that was not common place before.


There are a ton of people that look at what he has done with things like the amusement park in the bar that is inside of this mall. This was not something that people had seen before. It was a totally new thing for Roberto Santiago to endeavor on when it came to creating a mall environment.


It was a bold move, but it was clearly a good move for anyone that has made it their way to this mall. Consumers love it, and more people are often connecting to this mall to meet their friends. There is a lot of buzz about it on social media, and it appears to be one that all the other entrepreneurs and commercial real estate investors would like to mimic. It has been very profitable down through the years, and everyone that has visited is typically going to have positive things to say.


Is one of the few places in Brazil where people could spend their entire day. There is a food court and there are a plethora of stores to shop in. There is also an amusement park and a bowling alley. People that would like to engage in other entertainment may find themselves hanging out at the movies.


     When it comes to those who know a great deal about low-risk investments, Ted Bauman is at the top of the list. Since the early 2000s, Bauman has been writing many articles and other works in the world of finance. He has quickly become known as one of the top authorities in long-term investment strategies. He is currently working as the editor of Alpha Stock Report, The Bauman Letter, and Plan B Club. He continues to contribute valuable information that will help investors all over the world make the most out of their investment dollars.

Working in housing development as well, Bauman has traveled to over 75 different countries. His world travels have given him a unique look at the way the world economy works. This has given him the ability to give an unbiased look at the way investments are better crafted over a long period of time to create a portfolio you can retire on. Bauman is now also contributing to daily free newsletters that help the general population become more informed on the types of investments that will better serve them in the long run.

When you are looking for global solutions for your money, Bauman is the name to look toward. He has solutions that could range all the way from buying an oceanside property on an island in South America to investing in startups in the United Kingdom. Bauman has discovered what works best in different countries. Understanding these global trends will help you to better plan your global portfolio. Bauman has many works you can look toward in order to create the financial decisions that will work best for your unique individual needs.

If you are looking to stay up to date on the latest stock trends and investing tips, checking out Beauman’s Tumblr account is a great idea. His regular posts on this site are insightful and informative. You will be able to keep your portfolio fresh and reflecting current market conditions. The information that Bauman regularly posts to his Tumblr profile will give you insight into current market trends that may affect your investments.


Obsidian Energy Ltd. is a Canadian company that produces natural gas and oil. The company is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta and was founded in 1979 as Penn West Production Ltd. It only recently changed its name to Obsidian Energy Ltd. after it was restructured following the 2014 drop in crude oil prices which greatly affected it. Many aspects of the company were changed during the restructuring and the company is now back on its feet.


At the helm of Obsidian Energy Ltd. is David French, who serves as the CEO and president of the company. Obsidian Energy’s main operations are in Alberta Viking, the Peace River oil sands and Pembina Cardium. Its portfolio of assets is well diversified and is expected to produce 31,000 bbl. per day. Obsidian Energy is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange.


Obsidian Energy is known for its high standards of operation, which is what sets the company apart from the rest. They have a program known as Community Matters through which they strive to ensure they coexist peacefully with the people in the areas in which they operate. They address their concerns and carry out their operations with the community in mind. Thus, they do not do anything that will have a negative impact on the community.


Obsidian also cares about the environment. Many companies in the oil and gas industry are known to be reckless with the way they handle their products and waste, yet petroleum is a serious environmental pollutant, but not so with Obsidian. The company strives to minimize its carbon footprint through careful disposal of waste and handling of petroleum products. It abides by all environmental laws and even go beyond the bare minimum. See This Page to Learn More about the company.




Obsidian Energy is clearly committed to the highest standards of excellence. It is very transparent in the way it does business as is evident from the numerous financial reports available on its website. It is also committed to the highest safety standards to ensure the safety of its employees as well as the public. Obsidian Energy is expected to perform even better than ever before.


Additional: http://www.marketwatch.com/investing/stock/obe


The international oil and gas prices have caused significant challenges to many international companies operating on a significantly large scale. The oil price challenges were coupled up by serious macroeconomic issues that have afflicted the developed world for the better part of the time since the financial crisis of 2008 ensuring slow economic recovery. While many companies have opted to move out of business, Obsidian Energy has decided to soldier on banking on improved operational efficiency and the recently completed corporate restructuring that has since seasoned the financial outlook of the company.


Obsidian Energy has since shed off much debt that did not look good in light of the prevailing international prices. The management praised the restructuring as one that saw the company have an opportunity to refocus on itself top down as it sought to rebuild and strategically position itself in the market.


The Toronto Stock Exchange listed company has set its focus on modest growth and investments informed by the oil price trends. Its concentration is in oil exploration in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia regions of Canada. Obsidian has several subsidiaries including Canetic Resources Trust, Endev Resources Partnership, and Sifton Energy Inc. Currently, the company has approximately 300 employees on staff. In 2015, Obsidian Energy made a significant announcement regarding its proven reserves worth two hundred million barrels of oil equivalents.


The significant challenges that hit the industry hard did not spare Obsidian Energy and after the restructuring the CEO Dave French proposed a name change from Penn West Petroleum to the current. Worth noting is that the name Obsidian is a volcanic glass that occurs naturally and has properties that allows it to be sharpened and honed while maintaining its strength and durability. On the occasion, Dave French was upbeat that the company is well positioned with the right mix of human resources, organizational capability and strategic assets needed to sustain growth even as the oil market prices do not look that good.


Obsidian Energy will in the meantime concentrate on developing most of its fields in Alberta. On the strategic front, Obsidian Energy aims to move forward with a high level operational discipline, enhanced accountability to all stakeholder more so shareholders and lots of passion for the work the company does.


Visit This Page for additional information.


See Also: http://www.marketwatch.com/investing/stock/obe


OSI Group is an American company that offers custom food solutions to its customers globally. Besides trading in the United States, it has its presence in other 16 nations. As the leading international food provider, the company collaborates with global leading food services brands. The company is committed to universal growth with the acquisition of new facilities for production that matches their standards and goals.

OSI industries approach in the market is through the partnership with the suppliers and customers. The method enables the company to identify consumer needs and focus on meeting those preferences. Their product development is dictated by the market changes which are easily identified through the channels of distribution. In OSI Industries the consumer is privileged to select premium, natural or organic foods based on budget or preferences. They focus on meeting the needs of all in the market.

OSI Group has expanded to several countries like Europe, Dutch, and Chicago. The leading food processing plan purchased the Flagship Europe and entity that supplies frozen poultry, marinades, dips, sausages, pies, sandwich fillings and dressings. Determined to expand its operation in Chicago, it purchased Tyson Foods plan, a food company that specializes in poultry products, hamburgers and meatballs from beef and bacon, hot dogs, pork, and vegetables.

Europe market demand brought about to the acquisition of Baho Food in 2016. An enterprise that manufactures and distributes meat and other products. Baho Food supplies its products in 18 nations within Europe, with its primary clients being retail and food businesses.

The expertise in government regulations, ability to meet customer preferences and management of different cultures, has enabled the industries expansion. The international food processing company commits to offer world-class products and services. It manages the local teams and strives to understand and meet cultures and tastes of all its consumers. The food industries market leader is an innovative researcher and prioritizes on food safety and quality.

About OSI Group

The former OSI Group LLC was established in 1909 with its presence in Asia Pacific, Europe, and the US. The present firm president is David McDonald. OSI has emerged the leading food manufacturing industry with its ability to meet market demand and preferences. For more info about us: https://www.ziprecruiter.com/c/Osi-group click here.

OSI Group has its head offices in Aurora, Illinois. It operates in more than 17 countries with over 50 facilities globally, and two more underway. The leading food company has eight factories that provide value-added food elements especially protein items. The growth of the business is in its product diversification, ability to meet customer needs, and operating within the law.

     Matt Badiali is an expert in the mining, energy and agricultural industries and has worked on and owned oil wells as well as explored abandoned mines. He has studied natural resources for more than 20 years and in doing so has visited locations worldwide including Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, the Yukon, and even the Mexican desert. He feels that most investors miss out and lose money because they aren’t as hands-on with their investments as they should be. In this vein, he personally meets with the CEO’s of mining companies, precious metals experts, and resource investors so he stays informed about the most recent trends, findings, and technologies in the industry.

Matt Badiali earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Earth Sciences while studying at Penn State University and his Masters degree from Florida Atlantic University in Geology. This enabled him to teach geology at the University of North Carolina and at Duke University. It also taught him plenty about the industry he has invested heavily in, and he has revealed a lot of what he has discovered in his field to different companies including Anadarko and Exxon Mobil and also while attending large geologic conferences. He has also made presentations with the well-known oilman T. Boone Pickens and has shared his ideas with Ross Beaty, the chairman of Pan American Silver.

As a contributor to Banyan Hill Publishing, Matt Badiali has enlightened and educated many people about different profitable investment opportunities. He has said, himself, that this endeavor is the one he enjoys the most. It has allowed him to combine his love for natural resources with investing, and he has been doing so for the last 11 years by researching and writing about great investment opportunities. One of his greatest contributions in this area has been to share what he knows about natural resources with the investment world, and this has helped many people to pick solid investments. He attributes his ability to picking out some of these natural resource investments because of his training as a geologist. He knows that while many investors have a difficult time navigating the industry he invests heavily in, he has no problem because of his extensive work and research there before he even began investing.

On top of all of this, Matt Badiali brings a work ethic and the kind of focus that most people only wish to have. This has enabled him to put in the hours needed to learn and understand the details of the natural resources industry and, in the end, this is a big part of what has set him apart from the rest of his colleagues.

Deloitte audit study involving 100 companies of different sectors and sizes did an electronic questionnaire between May and June this year. The investigation revealed that due to corruption scandals that have undermined the credibility of many Brazilian companies in the past two years, many companies are ready and dedicated to raising the risk monitoring levels in 2017.

The detailed analysis of this study was done by Bruno Fagali a member of Fagali Advocates. Bruno Fagali added that the companies which have adopted the anti-corruption mechanism rose from 59% as per the 2015 survey to 73% this year. He also said that according to Deloitte’s analysis, the management of unethical conduct and fraud rose from 61% in 2015 to 81% this year. The analysis according to Fagali indicated that data such as monitoring of electoral campaigns or political parties is 69% of all the participants of the latest survey.

Attorney Bruno Fagali reiterated that the companies had to find ways to raise the level of maturity and fight unethical practices since the surveys show that there is an increase in percentages despite the fact there are methodological differences between the surveys. Bruno Fagali noted that about 49% of the companies analyzed had implemented actions to improve. He also reported that according to the survey done by Deloitte, for firms to maintain performance, they have to watch out the regulatory aspects of items linked to the fight against corruption which is cash flow and accounting. He added that they lack in strategic risks which refer to analysis and reputation of market competition which relates to digital exposure.

Bruno Fagali is an Attorney in Brazil who is a Member of the Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics. He is a specialist lawyer in Compliance, Anti-corruption Law, Public Law (Urban, Constitutional and Administrative), Parliamentary Law, Advertising and Electoral Law. He is a Founding partner of Fagali advocacy. Bruno Fagali is currently pursuing his masters in Law at the University of Sao Paulo. After finishing his high school education in 2002, Bruno Fagali studied Law at the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo between 2004 and 2009. He studied Specialization in Administrative Law between 2010 and 2012 in the same university.

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Do you think of improving your health, having a better lifestyle, getting rid of stress and healthy lifespan? Don’t worry IDLife has the best plans that can answer your questions and you get satisfied. IDLife is a health firm that transforming the industry with, modified nutrition. The founder of IDLife is Logan Stout. The company considers the individual design of life and hold that each has the unique nutritional requirement. The deficits of nutrition and needs differ according to personal situations and the ailment they have, the prescribed medication as well the degree of physical activities. The objective of the company is to provide quality products and platforms available to assist one to live healthier.

The company considers the individual design of life and hold that each has the unique nutritional requirement. The deficits of nutrition and needs differ according to personal situations and the ailment they have, the prescribed medication as well the degree of physical activities. The objective of the company is to provide quality products and platforms available to assist one to live healthier.

People perceive idea of getting healthier to be complicated and devastating. IDLife gives a solution of 3-step program that anyone can consider, to lose weight, reduce the risk of disease, decrease the possibility of using medication and live a happier life.

Sometimes the aim and objectives of two different companies can crash, and therefore the best alternative is to partner together, to access more customers and provide quality services. That is what has happened with IDLife and Garman firm. The two companies partnered because of their shared belief in health and eating the balanced diet. The key to healthy life is the optimal health, and the two firms have approaches to supporting the idea. One of the methods is Garmin’s Index Smart Scale. The technology enables the IDLife users who buy Vivo device to weigh essential metrics like percentage of water, the rate of body fat, body mass index and the mass of skeletal muscles. Also, IDLIfe chose Garmin because of the impressive history that Garmin had with developing a health-focused technology.

IDLife provides a variety of nutritional supplements and vitamins. Nevertheless, the company does not shortlist its products neither does communicate its services. Every client is a part of IDLife Company and is offered the service as an individual. The client’s complete test that enables the IDLife staff to evaluate their goals, health history, and health status. The assessments are also used to develop supplements and give the customer exactly what they need.

The supplements also vary from other vitamins supplement since IDLife has only one category of vitamin supplements, that be applied in the morning and evening. Keep in mind that the body is always set to receive minerals and vitamins at any time. The products of IDLife are manufactured components that are of high quality, and the effects can be noticed quickly. For more info about us: https://www.instagram.com/idlifecorporate/?hl=en click here.

You can visit IDLife Company, and you free realized from your worries and stress. You will get a confidential health test that will recommend the way the IDLife will treat you.

Paul Mampilly was born in S. India. At his teenager stage, India was encountered by a severe financial crisis. This was a result of excessive debt that the government was not able to repay. The national sought the private investments from citizens inclusive of his father who was working in Dubai. Lenders gained 18 % return annually for the following 30 years in exchange for investment. This experience enables Mampilly to make contentious investments at clutch moments.

At the age of 18, Paul moved to the US where gained a bachelor’s degree award in Finance and Accounts. He was awarded this degree in New Jersey by Montclair State University. Later on, he attained an MBA award by Fordham University Gabelli School of Business. He then pursued several Economic and Finance engineering at various prestigious New York colleges. Paul Mampilly is known to be a devoted learner. He has a personal library that incorporates over a 1,000 titles. Currently, he resides in Durham in North Carolina where he concentrates on investment opportunities research as well as working as an author for several financial publications. This is inclusive of Profit Unlimited and Extreme Fortune. This publication is the fastest growing publication in the commercial industry. It’s owned by Florida-based Banyan Hill Publishing which was formerly called the Sovereign Society. After one year, the newsletter had already over 90,000 subscribers as per the publisher. This served as a staunch prove that the Mampilly’s easily accessible column and smartly researched purchase recommendations have struck a loop with the principal investors.

Paul Mampilly illustrated his readers as the significant street Americans in search of rational investment guide from sources that are beyond traditional factual financial periodicals. They are in search for chances to effectively, efficiently and quickly boost their retirement accounts and also reinforce their living standards. Banyan hill and Mampilly have discovered an excellent, profitable niche in a highly competitive industry that’s composed on many longstanding print publications. With Paul Mampilly as the chief executive editor, the newsletter publications keep on growing exponentially. On the other side, the opponent publications keep facing a massive decline in annual subscriptions lists which results in continuous revenue decline. It’s also essential to state that this is not the only time that Mampilly has been at high notch success while his opponent is suffering uncertainties and huge drawbacks. His investment managed to set a financial growth record in during the economic, commercial crisis junctures.

Paul Mampilly is an experienced and an excellent financial guru. He has managed to react to the demands of the readers by giving on-point financial advice that ordinary investors can quickly apply and implement. Know more about Paul Mampilly at crunchbase.com

     In 2013, Ted Bauman joined the Banyan Hill Publishing team. While on the team, he became the editor of Alpha Stock Alert, Plan B Club, and The Bauman Letter. Within those publications, Bauman covers privacy, low-risk strategies, international migration issues, and asset protection.

Bauman has made it his livelihood to put people in contact with tools and resources needed to have financial success and freedom. The main focus in Bauman’s teachings and ethics is to protect citizens from corporate greed and governmental oversight. Bauman’s path into the financial field started in South Africa. There, Bauman was able to earn a degree in Economics and History from the University of Cape Town. After graduating, Bauman was able to sustain a successful 25-year career in South Africa. During that time, Bauman was able to fill numerous executive roles in the sector of non-profit work. One of his most notable roles was serving as a fund manager for housing projects in low cost and low-income communities. While some of his work may have seemed minute during the time, Bauman helped cement an international organization that would help people for years to come. The organization, Slum Dwellers Internationals, went on to help more than fourteen million citizens in over thirty different countries.

Fast forward to the 2000s, Ted left his nonprofit work and went on to work as a financial consultant. He focused on writing and researching finance, urban planning issues and housing for numerous clients. Of these clients include the European grant-making agency, South African government, United Nations and World Bank. In 2008, Bauman returned to the United States and brought with him all that he learned in all of his travels. That experience helped him to serve as the Director for International Housing Programs for Habitat for Humanity International. After 5 years Bauman left habitat for Humanity and spent his time researching and writing full-time.

Thanks to his career and international housing projects, Bauman I was able to travel all over the world. Bauman has been able to visit more than 75 countries. These countries spanned across the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia. His travels have taught him that it’s never safe or smart to keep all of your wealth in one place. Instead, the financially successful refuse to put all of their eggs in one basket. They spread their wealth across different continents making it more profitable and even safer to do business and live in these countries. Bauman might suggest that an individual bank with a trusted bank in Switzerland or might see it as more cost-effective to find affordable health care in Costa Rica. There are countless options of economic opportunities and personal financial solutions; all of which Bauman finds his expertise in.