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Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that delivers very accurate facts to online visitors. Wikipedia has millions of fans that visit the site daily. A lot of the people that visit the site probably would like to contribute their knowledge. Perhaps, you’ve wondered about writing articles or editing articles on the Wikipedia site. Well, the fact is that thousands are now contributing to Wikipedia on a regular basis. Let’s take a look at the best way to get started on Wikipedia.

Getting Started
The key to successfully getting started is to register for an account to make business Wiki pages. Registration provides a few more advantages. For example, articles and images are placed on the site immediately. You are a part of the Wikipedia community and are able to interact with other members. Editors are familiar with your work, and you are able to start a dialog with them. Wikipedia records the IP address of those that do not register. The IP address is made public.

It only takes a few steps to start editing your first page. Take a look around the site. Find a category, and start reading articles. Find an article that you would like to edit. Click the edit button at the top of the page. A new text box page should display on your computer screen. All edits are performed in the text box. Now, start editing the page. Click the help link on the side of the page, if you get confused. Note: a few pages have a lock icon at the top. Contributors are not allowed to edit those pages.

Small Edits
Perhaps, you spot a small error or would like to just edit one small section. Look for edit on the side of the article. Click that link, and start making your edits. If you are adding more information, add reliable sources to verify the information posted. Information added without reliable sources is usually deleted by Wikipedia. Don’t forget to explain the changes that were made in the edit summary box on the page. Review the changes made, and save the page.

Get Your Wiki
Did you know that Get Your Wiki is an online Wikipedia Writing site? It’s quite true. They are experienced writers that create professional articles for clients all across the world. Their clientele includes individuals to Fortune 500 corporations. They guarantee Wikipedia page approval or your money back. Contact Get Your Wiki for more information.

Ken Griffin is an American hedge fund manager who was born in Florida in 1968. He is the founder and CEO of Citadel, which is a global investment firm. Citadel is currently a leading investor in major financial markets around the world.

Citadel works to uncover and gain new financial opportunities. With their knowledge and experience in investments, Citadel uses their capital funds to make high risk investments, which then produce high rewards.

Griffin has built Citadel is built to be a very successful company. He has hired the most experienced and focused minds in the financial industry, and he uses their innovative ideas and strategies. Citadel is now one of the world’s biggest alternative investment management firms. Griffin has been recognized by Forbes as one of 2012’s highest earning hedge fund managers, in addition to one of the Forbes 400.

Griffin began his investing in 1986, during his first year at Harvard University according to He was inspired by a Forbes magazine article. During his sophomore year at Harvard, he began a hedge fund. The fund was capitalized with $265,000, and he installed a satellite link to his dorm room in order to get real-time market data. His investment strategy helped preserve his own capital during the crash of the stock market in the late 1980s. Griffin was able to begin a second fund. He ended up managing just over $1 million between the two funds.

In 1990, Griffin founded Citadel with $4.6 million. After eight years of business Citadel had grown to a business employing over 100 people and having $1 billion in capital funds. In 2015, the Great Places to Work Institute named Citadel one of the Top 10 Great Workplaces in Financial Services. This was based on a survey that Citadel employees took. Griffin is known for running a collaborative work culture and giving benefits and perks to employees. Some of these include free lunch, museum tours, fitness opportunities and gifts.

Griffin is also well known as being a philanthropist. He has donated about $500 million to support different causes, with several millions of dollars donated to institutions in Chicago.

One particular foundation in Chicago that Griffin is passionate about is Woodlawn High School. He opened this charter school in Chicago with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Griffin also co-founded the Kenneth and Anne Griffin Foundation. This foundation gives high contributions to children’s foundations including Chicago Heights Early Childhood Center, Children’s Memorial Hospital, and the University of Chicago’s Early Childhood Center, which is an experimental educational center. They test to see if investing in teachers or parents produce better results in the grades of children at school.

Griffin has also been very generous to his alma mater, giving $150 million in 2014. He gave this to Harvard mostly for need-based financial aid for their undergraduate students. When Griffin gave this, it was the largest single gift to ever be received in the history of Harvard.

Shaygan Kheradpir is an example for any young or aspiring engineer to follow. Mr. Kheradpir was born in London, United Kingdom in 1960 and raised in Iran by his father an ear, nose and throat doctor. He attended Aiglon College in Switzerland for high school before coming to the United States to study engineering at Cornell University. Kheradpir earned a bachelor’s degree then a Masters and doctorate degree from Cornell University in electrical engineering.

After completing his studies at Cornell, Mr. Kheradpir took up a position at GTE Laboratories working with network routing, management and control systems. He rose to the position of Chief Information Officer for GTE Corporation where he gained a reputation for bringing new products to market on time.

GTE merged with Bell Atlantic in the year 2000 forming Verizon Communications. Mr. Kheradpir stayed on with Verizon first serving as Verizon’s e-business group president before being chosen to become Verizon’s very first Chief Information Officer. In this role he led Verizon to automate much of its operations and expand the range of to telecommunication services that company offered.

By 2001, he began forming small groups tasked with developing new ideas for products using a one-month prototype implementation cycle allowing the company to test and make necessary product modifications very early in the new product pipeline. His organization of approximately 7000 people worked long hours to achieve their goals for the development of new products. His team was a major contributor to the development of Verizon’s fiber-optic video initiative (FIOS) and the associated DVR. Mr. Kheradpir’s team created a system allowing customers to manage caller ID, address books and other features over different devices called iobi in 2003. One year later the Verizon One a portable device that was a combination of a phone and modem was developed by his team.

In addition to new product development Mr. Kheradpir’s also integrated the systems of Verizon’s predecessor companies Bell Atlantic, NYNEX and GTE. In the process many core systems including: the company website, automating customer service systems and call centers had to be re-engineered.

Mr. Kheradpir also managed to reduce Verizon’s information technology budget to just 4 percent of revenue. He reduced staffing in the information technology department by 20 percent and fiercely negotiating with vendors to reduce purchasing prices. Programming jobs were outsourced to countries with lower labor costs such as India and the utilization of new software allowed Verizon to optimize hardware utilization on their network.

By January 2011, Mr. Kheradpir left Verizon to join Barclay’s Retail and Business Bank as Chief Operating Officer where he contributed in the development of their mobile payments system known as Pingit. From there he became Barclay’s Chief Operations and Technical Officer.

Friday January to November 2014 Mr. Kheradpir served as the Chief Executive Officer of Juniper Networks. There he enacted an Integrated Operating Plan designed to reduce expenses, buy back stock and increase shareholder dividends.

As you can see Mr. Kheradpir has had a long and storied career in technology and has blazed a path for engineers now and in the future to move from the laboratory to the executive offices.

As long as there was humanity, there were human rights violations. The only difference between then and now is that it was almost universally accepted. In modern day society, even though there are still gross violations of human rights, many developed countries and societies do not accept it. While certain countries are free and striving towards equality, there are plenty of countries that are still overtly treating certain groups as less than human. Fortunately, there are activists that are fighting this issue. One such activist is Yeonmi Park. Yeonmi Park is a North Korea defector and a human rights activist with a riveting story of how her family has survived and escaped the grips of the Kim Jong family.

Throughout her childhood, she was taught to keep quiet and not say anything out of fear of offending the great dictator. The Kim Jong family has ruled the North Koreans in a way that is very oppressive and restrictive. The North Koreans are controlled in every aspect of their lives. They are not allowed to say anything or even think anything that is contrary to the dictator in power. They are also taught that the bloodlines that Kim Jong Un belongs to has some kind of deity in them. They are forced to believe legends of the dictator.

After defecting to a different culture, Yeonmi Park has experienced some kind of culture shock. She has seen that freedom of expression is encouraged to a much greater extent than in North Korea. She has eventually grown to love it and now fights to protect human rights as a human rights activist. She has appeared on TV shows where she has told her story and it was a powerful story. It brought tears to the eyes of everyone that has heard it.

As a human rights activist, she does face opposition from people of North Korean media with accusations such as lying about her fathers place of death. The media states that her father has died in North Korea, while Yeonmi Park states that her father has died of cancer in China while getting treatment. His tomb is in china which is an indication that he in fact did die in China.

After escaping North Korea, Yeonmi Park and her family spent time in China which is a whole new interesting tale in and of itself. During the time in China, a few men tried to rape Yeonmi Park. Fortunately, her mother stepped in and took the sexual assault in order to protect Yeonmi. They were also sold to human trafficking. Yeonmi’s owner has told her that if she becomes his mistress, he will also get her parents to stay with her. Yeonmi agreed to that. After her father’s death, Yeonmi’s mother has decided that they wanted to have their dignity and live like humans. At that, they escaped for America. This is when Yeonmi Park learned about the culture and what she is allowed to do and say. She has learned what it is like to be a human being. She then became an activist in order to protect the humanity of others.


The story of the creation and success of the S’Well water bottle is truly of fairy-tale quality. This story starts with multiple problems ranging from the environment to utilitarian design, but it ends with an outstanding solution. That solution is the S’Well water bottle. The original story of the S’Well Water bottle was told by the Fast Company who is an environmentally conscious hip website offering a great deal of insight. Their recap of this story is truly inspirational for any budding designer or entrepreneur.

Fast Company starts off their story with the inspiration behind the S’Well water bottle and the problems disposable water bottles posed. To showcase these points, they interviewed designer Sarah Krauss directly to uncover that inspiration. It turns out it wasn’t a sleek design or the prospect of being in 3300 Starbucks that motivated her, it was improving the environment. The great part about this story is that improving the environment was achieved through a sleek design. You see no one wanted to carry around an ugly reusable water bottle so to change that perception, Sarah, designed S’Well.

Many people do not get to see, hear, or read how great ideas for products come about in the consumer marketplace. But the Fast Company delivered with their original article about the creation of the S’Well water bottle by Sarah Kauss. This article truly showed how an individual successfully solved several complex consumer problems with one sleek innovative solution.

The NBA season is rapidly approaching, and fans around the globe are eagerly awaiting the future of the league. One set of fans that is extremely excited about the upcoming season are the fans of the Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks had an exciting year last year by winning the Eastern Conference during the regular season, and also had a fantastic run in the playoffs, ultimately falling in the Eastern Conference Finals.
As anticipation for this new season builds, many fans are wondering just how healthy their team is going to be. The Atlanta Hawks recently received some wonderful news about the future of their team. Going into this next season, many fans were extremely worried about the future of the team, because some of their biggest stars were in poor health. Kyle Korver, Shelvin Mack, and Thabo Sefolosha were all somewhat banged up going into the offseason.
Kyle Korver was injured during the Eastern Conference Finals. He received right ankle surgery, and he also had some loose bodies from his elbow. Mack was also injured during the Eastern Conference Finals, and he received right shoulder surgery. Sefolosha received injuries during an off the court incident, and had surgery on his broken fibula in April. He did not have the opportunity to play during the playoffs.
Recently, coach Mike Budenholzer revealed that the three players would be able to participate in some level of team activities. The degree that these activities are in, and they include everything from 2-on-2 drills, to full 5-on-5 drills. According to the coach, the fact that the players are participating in these drills is a wonderful sign for the future of the team.
All three of these players were extremely important to the success of the team last year. Fans have been worried about the health of these players for several months, but they have to be extremely reassured about the future of the team.
The Hawks have reemerged as one of the leading names in the NBA, and fans have to be extremely excited about the future of the team. One of the most important names in the growth of the Atlanta Hawks franchise is Bruce Levenson. Bruce owned the Hawks for many years, and over that time, he was able to rebuild the franchise from a team that almost nobody followed into one of the most exciting parts of the Atlanta area. Last year, fans around the city were taken aback by just how successful the team has become, and many fans have been quick to credit the moves that Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson made while he owned the Hawks. While Bruce has recently decided that it is time to move on from owning the Hawks, he definitely had an impact on the city and the Hawks.
The NBA is starting to lift off, and fans around the world have to be excited. One set of fans that should definitely be excited are Hawks fans. With Korver, Sefolosha, and Mack all back the team is sure to be good this year.

One name that has proven to be iconic in the business world is that of Susan McGalla. This modern businesswoman has shown that it is possible to live those dreams no matter how impossible the challenges that are encountered throughout the career journey.

This is an Ohio native who was determined to succeed on her own merits. McGalla’s father helped her develop a strong sense of who she was at a ver early age. She was told that she could overcome all obstacles and Susan became committed to show that her father’s advice was correct. Throughout her college and adult years McGalla has worked to achieve her goals and she has proven to be an exceptionally successful leader.

McGalla began making headlines when she was chosen to be the president at American Eagle Outfitters. Although she had enjoyed considerable business success during her 8 year stint with the Joseph Horne Company her duties were primarily focused on marketing campaigns and managerial tasks. McGalla severed her ties with Joseph Horne is 1994 when she then decided to make an essentially lateral career move to American Eagle.

Those first months provided Susan McGalla with the opportunity to learn a broad range of duties associated with merchandise buying. AE(American Eagle)had brought her on board to work as the divisional clothing buyer in their women’s clothing department where McGalla enjoyed spreading her wings. Soon she was supplying the company with helpful information concerning how to upgrade their merchandise brand and broaden customer appeal.

Although Susan began her AE career as a mid-level buyer the company soon recognized her potential. McGalla was chosen for an assortment of management positions within the American Eagle business heirarchy. Within a short period of time this astute executive became CMO (chief merchandising officer) and acting company president for the AE clothing/accessories brands.

McGalla eventually surpassed her AE presidential position and was named as the corporate president of the extensive American Eagle holdings. With Susan at the helm the company began to expand far beyond its usual customer base. New clothing brands were soon offered that were designed specifically for kids and women. It was during her tenure as AE president that the company launched both of the now popular 77kids and the Aerie clothing lines.

By the beginning of 2009 McGalla was determined to explore additional career paths. At this time she opted to work as an executive level consulting expert. Her areas of expertise encompassed industrial growth and development in both the financial and retail business fields.

McGalla has offered her professional advice throughout the years. She has served on the HHF Board of Directors. Susan McGalla has also been active in groups that support the NFL Steelers football league which is based in the state of Pennsylvania. This busy executive has even found the time to serve as one of Allegeheny’s community development directors. With unswerving devotion to friends and family McGalla has proven that it is indeed possible to find success through hard work, education and an unyielding conviction in one’s own abilities.

Kyle Bass’s campaign to completely wipe out a certain drug patents did not succeed just recently. This is because the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office did not oblige to officially review the two patents on Acorda Therapeutics flagship and the multiple sclerosis drug, which is known as Ampyra.

The decision not to accept the review of the validity of the patents arrived at a time when the pharmaceutical industry is raising some concerns about the hedge fund difficulties to drug patents that intended to make profits by driving the prices of stock downward.

This year In February, Bass started filing the reviews to eliminate the drug patents by using his Coalition for Affordable Drugs, through a procedure known as interpartes review. After the first Ampyra patent review filing was done in February 10th, the price of Acorda’s stock is believed to have dropped 10 percent.

Acorda’s lawyer, known as Gerald Flattmann from the Paul Hastings firm announced that he was actually very happy because of the court’s decision to deny the trial of the two patents. He said that the ruling had further validated the actual strength of the patent portfolio, while actually protecting Ampyra. Kyle Bass and his representatives from the Hayman Capital Management which is based in Dallas could not be reached.

According to Mr. Bass some big powerful companies were actually inappropriately enlarging their patent protection in very questionable manners, like changing the dosage or even the packaging, just to keep their drug prices on the higher side.

However, just recently, the patent office failed to agree with Mr. Bass about the Ampyrapa tents not being new.This current stand by the patent office means the patents will actually not be scrutinized any more, which may be could have led to revocation.

Kyler Bass is known to be the founder of the Dallas-based fund, which is known a Hayman Capital Management. The firm was founded in the year 2006. In 2008, Bass made a lot of fortune and actually became famous internationally when he predicted the subprime mortgage crisis correctly. For some period of time, he became a super star, and many observers concluded that he was a genius who could never make any mistakes.

However, time has proved that the observers were actually wrong on giving Bass so much credit. As time has gone by, he has made some bad calls and formed some unsavory alliances which have affected his career negatively. Everyone in the business field actually thinks that Argentinian Cristina Fernández de Kirchner who is economically not properly learned is not doing well for the country’s economy, Bass decided to support her ideas, despite the kind of mistakes she has been doing.


Just recently, the Reno City Council accepted the Clean Power Plan through voting. This is an important start for the country to get away from the dirty coal power and get on its on way to clean, renewable and efficient energy. The council will join other forces in the private sector to support the great move.The actions should be respected and applauded.
The times have changed over the years. A modern growing economy here, providing opportunities for everyone. Great deals of progress have actually been made in getting a clean energy economy. The people who are leading the campaign are putting pressure to the leaders to make the changes. Clean energy is essential for country, and should be attained now, not in the future.
Currently, it is the time that we demand more from the people who are elected. People need more than compliance from the leaders. Every citizen requires actual leadership from the leaders. It is actually very possible to make the region an example that clean energy economy can be achieved.
The topic about clean energy economy is actually political. In this regions case, it is about the reality of the bad quality air we breathe, the rising forest fires and the drought experienced. Now the citizens have a chance to help ushering in the clean energy sourcing, and at the same time, bring in the world’s top leading companies such as Microsoft and tesla. The companies will help in a lot of positive changes in the country’s economy. They will offer jobs, improving the lives f people. The companies actually believe that clean energy is the only way to a bright future.
This was an op-ed that was published through the Reno Gazette-Journal by Andy With. Check more information here.
Andy Wirth is a major contributor to the environmental and community institutions that serve in the Lake Tahoe area. He is mostly focused in providing the area with improved facilities for people of all ages. After a serious skydiving accident, he started a team known as the wounded warrior support. The team has been raising funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation since it was started. Currently, he is the President and the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings.

Bernardo Chua has expanded his gourmet coffee company into Turkey. This will be the 39th country that sells OrganoGold. Chua founded OrganoGold in 2008 in Vancouver, British Columbia. This coffee is different from other gourmet coffees because it contains Ganoderma Lucidium an anti-oxidant rich mushroom. This company has had a huge success with their network-marketing corporation.

Chua goes on to say that opening the branch in Turkey is a significant operational achievement. Turkey will unite the company’s Asian, European and African operations. This will allow OrganoGold to better serve customers and distributors.

Turkey not only offers a great location to unite operations, it also introduces OrganoGold to the birthplace of the first coffee house. Historians believe that the first coffee house was opened in Turkey in the 15th century. Coffee is an integral part of the Turkish culture and a natural fit for the OrganoGold brand. Turkish people also have a desire for healthy products, making this an even better fit.

Ganoderma is a mushroom known in ancient Chinese medicine. The most renowned doctor of the Ming Dynasty once said Ganoderma will ensure health, strength and a long life. The anti-oxidant rich mushroom slows weight gain and helps prevent inflammation. OrganoGold uses only organic Ganoderma that is gently dried, sterilized and processed. The result is added to OrganoGold coffee, tea and nutritional supplements. This combines the power of Ganoderma with the power of coffee, creating a healthy beverage.

Paul Jarvis, who Facebook points out is the current Regional vice President of Europe, CIS, and Africa will manage the company’s Turkish operation. Brands included in the Turkish line are Gourmet Black Coffee, Gourmet Mocha, Gourmet Latte, Gourmet Hot Chocolate, King of Coffee, Espresso UNO, Espresso DUE, and Espresso TRE. This should be enough to satisfy the Turkish hunger for healthy coffee and variety.

Bernardo Chua is a Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal recipient. Chua had the foresight to know that leading by example was the best way to sell. That is why his network-marketing corporation has had such success. OrganoGold is a great product, and with consumer education the need for this product becomes evident. Through Chua’s guidance, OrganoGold has achieved amazing success through its multi-level marketing strategy. This story was originally reported on PR Newswire.