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Brad Reifler is a successful hedge fund owner, Founder and CEO of Forefront Capital Markets Management LLC. He has over the years founded and grown businesses valued at millions of dollars. He started his business with Reifler Trading Company in 1980.He was with the company until 2007 when it was acquired by his grandfather’s older and more successful wing. It was a business that at 1st specialized in discretionary accounts. It with time acquired assets valued at $ 500 million but mostly remained a broker. It with time started dealing with selling information, economic research, derivative execution, and advisory services. By 2000, it was one of the most well-known financial companies in the world. He sold it to Refco and joined the new firm.

He then concentrated on his most well-known venture called Pali Capital. His Wikipedia shows that he led the company to have over $ 300 million profits per year from 1995 to 2008.He was a master broker in the equity market. He capitalized on hedge fund expansion to use innovative proprietary strategies to achieve the incredible growth. He would advise other hedge funds on best investment routes using well-researched data. It had offices in every continent with over 300 employees and around $ 1 billion in commissions yearly.

After the 2008 crisis, he founded Forefront in 2009.He started as an advisory before morphing into forefront advisory in 2011.It seeks to have the average investor be active in the stock exchange. His dream is to burst the 1% bubble in the stock exchange. His fund makes money only when the investor has made 8%.They also invest 3 % of their profits to veterans and military families. The structured products he sells to the public are low-risk high-yield types that require good trading procedures. All the investments are asset-backed and easy to liquidate.

The 40 act fund is focused on making Wall Street accessible in Birmingham Alabama. He also serves on various boards. He is a trustee of Millbrook School. He is Director of Sino Mercury Company and was formerly the director at Genesis Securities, EAIB, and foresight research solutions. He is a graduate of Bowdoin College where he studied economics and political science and graduated in 1981.

He is has shown a unique desire to share the secrets of Hedge Fund CEO to investors, He in a recent article on Reuters came with five tips for any investor, these are

• Do you due diligence on your investment. Do the right math and know risks, charges and expenses.

• Know where your money is

• Diversify your portfolio

• Know your hedge fund well

• Have a clear sense of why you are investing.

Since 2013, Coriant has been operating as an independent company. It operates on a technology initially from Siemens Optical Networks. The launch of the new name was announced in March 2013 when it became independent from Nokia Siemens Network which was by then under the ownership of Marin Equity Partners. The company is well known for offering solutions in software and hardware for optical transmission purposes that include data as well as mobile networks.

The company believes that the recent developments in matters technology and transport that offer better flexibility, configurability and scalability should be used to the maximum. When used with different intelligent multi layer packets, the technology advances enable network operators to have better tools for efficient and cost-effective services. The services are offered at a time when converged multi-service architectures are highly optimized for the hyper-growth era

Coriant has different top-notch and very modern solutions that it has been offering to clients in the communication and technology niches. For instance, it has submarine network solutions that are optimized for the hybrid terrestrial and submarine network applications. The solution is specifically built on the most recent platform that has the highest density and also the best when matters performance are concerned. It also has a network migration solution that takes care of all network migrating requirements.

Shaygan Kheradpir is the current Chief Executive Officer at Coriant. He has a wealth of knowledge in leading technology companies to the top. He is well known as a perfectionist and someone who is very keen on details. Born in London, he grew up in Iran but came to the United States for university education. With not less than 23 years experience when it comes to managing technology companies, he also holds a Ph.D in electrical engineering from Cornell University.

Throughout his career, he has managed to have multiple patents in different areas like payments, media and telecommunication. He made his career debut at GTE Corporation and went ahead to join other companies like Barclays and Juniper Networks. While at Barclays, he made history as the first technology officer to sit on the company’s executive board. He was also very instrumental in creating the TRANSFORM program that was a historical transformation in the bank’s transformation to offering services that are guided by 21st century technology. He is a well known team player who does not fret when it comes to making hard decisions that are aimed at driving the company forward.

Visual search and image reccognition is something new and different, and it is something that has gotten many people excited because of that. They love that it allows them to do things in a new and easier way than they have gone about things before, and when Pinterest decided to start using visual search many people got excited. They loved that the social media site was being so modern, and they loved that they would have the opportunity to use this kind of technology now more than ever.

Slyce has long been focused on visual search, and the company is a leader in regard to it. It knows what can and should be done in regard to visual search, and all of those who know about technology have come to have a respect for it for all of the smarts that it has. Slyce has done everything that it could to prove itself to the world, and now that everyone has come to love visual search for all that it can do for them, they can thank Slyce for all that it has done. They can be grateful to Slyce for working so hard on things and for getting visual search to be all that it is today. There is so much that can be done with it, and Slyce has done a lot to make good things happen.

Slyce cares about making a difference in the world of technology. It cares about making things different as people go about shopping for the products they want to buy. It wants to make the world a more modern place, and it wants to allow people the privilege to have more fun as they are getting on their devices. Slyce has worked hard to come up with all that it has in regard to visual search, and everyone who sees all that this brand is doing should be grateful to it.

Every pet owner is looking for a brand that they feel that they can trust when they go out searching for pet food, and Beneful is one brand that many feel is just that. They know that the brand will meet all of their pet’s needs, and they know that their pet will be at his healthiest when he is eating the food from this brand. People see what kind of ingredients are put into the food products that Beneful produces, and they are impressed. Beneful seems to truly care about the health of pets, and that is something that draws many in. Beneful has made sure to let everyone know what the company is all about through the years, and one of the ways that the company has shown that it cares is through the ads that it has put on TV. The ads on Petco created by this brand are super sweet, and many people have come to trust the brand just through seeing the happy dogs that it features on its ads. One of their recent ads features a variety of dogs all helping each other to run a Rube Goldberg machine, and it is the kind of ad that really draws the viewer in. Beneful has succeeded for many reasons, but the main reason behind all of the success that the company has had is the good, quality ingredients that it is determined to always put into its products. It is a brand that knows how important it is to do good things for the pets that it is serving, and it is a brand that will never let people down in that. When pet owners are on the search for a good brand of pet food, and when they see all that this brand is doing, then they know that they have found just what they were looking for.

The cut throat technology industry demands the best for all players. The firms that innovate new ways to solve continually rising problems make fortunes. Organizations in the industry must keep researching, reinventing and revolutionizing the way things are done.

Cipher cloud represents a classic example of such companies. They have taken the cloud storage sector by storm since their inception five years ago. The company specializes in internet security services especially cloud data. Most importantly, Cipher cloud’s compliance with regional, national and international data protection regulations allows it to operate without inhibitions.

The Cloud storage sector has grown by leaps and bounds with the increasing demand among enterprises to store data in remote servers across the world. When data is stored in the cloud, multinational corporations can seamlessly access the same data on different locations around the world. However, the main challenge with internet security today is the risk of loss of information, especially to hackers. When a company’s confidential client information leaks online, consumers lose their trust in the business that is bad for business.

By taking note of the growing gaps in the internet security sector, Cipher cloud comes up with innovative solutions. These solutions include real-time cloud data encryption, computing, data protection and insurance, residency, and privacy. These solutions are facilitated by the development of specially designed enterprise software. Their solutions are by far the most comprehensive internet security controls in the industry.

Cipher cloud’s mechanisms allow the company to monitor data activity within the cloud. By so doing, access to confidential information remains within authorized circles. Also, the firm acquired a sister company whose technology allows the screening of other applications used to safeguard the cloud for malware and other invasive bugs. Cipher cloud’s ability to transfer large volumes of information onto their servers without complications serves as a powerful tool for organizations to hire them.

It is also important to note that Cipher cloud’s services have attracted a very high demand. They already have Google and Amazon Web services on their client list. Investors around the world have consistently shown great faith in the Cipher cloud’s model of business. It comes as a no surprise that the company has been funded to the tune of around $80 million within five years.

Currently, their client ratings are higher than ever, and they handle tens of millions of files for hundreds of organizations across the globe. As a result, Cipher Cloud is in the process of expanding its operations for the second time since inception having acquired a $50 million capital injection. According to the management, the Internet security industry is only growing, and they intend to give Cipher cloud a huge global presence on all eight continents.

Chemical and Chase and JP Morgan Partners , commonly know as Stephen Murray CCMP Capital by the common folk has been and is still in existence since 2006. It is a private equity investment firm that seeks always on leveraging buyout and growth capital transactions. Basically it helps any body, any where in investments. Good right?

This company began from the ground up, anchoring itself and building a firm foundation through hard work and skill from one of the companies leaders. His name is Stephen Murray. This great and inspiring man, started the company years back. Then he had called it JP Morgan Partners. He later spunout of JP Morgan Chase which they had merged a few years back. In the year 2006 he had rebranded the companies name to what we all know of ” CCMP Capital“. This company is currently based in New York. The city of great innovations I should say.

Stephen Murray, born in the year of 1962, is a man who “shook” the world with his authenticity and zeal. His mind was set for greater things a head of him for he joined Boston and did a bachelors degree in Economic. He later had a masters degree in Business Administration in Columbia. Murray then became a credit analyst in a training program that manufactures handover corporation. Years later he became the co-founder of CCMP Capital.

Murrays generosity to the world did not stop there for he supported the ” Make-A- wish Foundation”. He served other companies as well, such as Aramark. Since 1989, this spirited soul had worked for CCMP and other predecessor firms. By the time 2007 clocked, CCMP was declared #17 among the world largest private equity fund. Talk about accomplishments. His offices spread wild like fire with over 50 offices in cities like new york and London. With all this accomplishments, unfortunately Murray met his demise at the age of 52.

I would say that this man started from the bottom and now he is way up. He entered the world as a winner and left it even better.

Susan McGalla on ireport.cnn is an American business person who is the former president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. and Chief Executive Officer at West Seal Inc., who hails from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. McGalla was born and grew up in East Liverpool, Ohio where she attended Mount Union College and too studies on business and marketing. She attained her bachelor degree from the same institution. Currently, she is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. McGalla has experience and is an expert in offering advice to clients on marketing, branding, operations efficiencies and talent management. She is an active board member of a public company HFF Inc. has interests in commercial real estate and property development, Allegheny Conference on community development as well as Magee women’s Hospital, a research and foundation institute. On top of this, McGalla is a former trustee of the University of Pittsburg.

The experienced executive consultant began her marketing and consultations career at Joseph Horne Company where she worked for eight years (1986 to 1994). There, she worked as marketing agent who could help to procure tenders for her employer and eventually rose to managerial positions in marketing. In 1994, McGalla got hired by American Eagle Outfitters brand to be a marketer as well as a brand managing assistant. Back then, the company had interest in the production and selling of men wear. Working as a brand and sales representative meant that McGalla had to travel a lot to meet with prospective clients and investors where she could showcase American Eagle’s statistics, but this did not put her down. Through her determination and hard work, Susan McGalla received a promotion to become the one in charge of designing, marketing the brand and merchandising.

At American Eagle, she is a testimony of pure culture change as the company was predominantly dominated by men, from employees to the board of management. She has held various managerial positions at the American retail and cloth line where she eventually rose to become the CEO and president of merchandising with more responsibilities such as being responsible for revenues amounting to $3 billion, responsible for P and L, e-commerce site as well as four brands. Her major achievement as a manager was the overseeing the launch of the company’s aerie and 77kids brand that most families buy for their children because the products are authentic and comfortable at a reasonable price.

After gaining enough experience in brand management and consultations, McGalla felt that there was need to start her own firms that specialized in private consultations for retail and financial investment industries. She quit American Eagle Outfitters Inc. in 2009 and became a private consultant. Due to her outstanding service, she received an appointment to serve as a director of HFF Inc. in October 2009. At that time, McGalla was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of West Seal Inc. in 2011 but quit to found P3 Executive Consulting Agency. The Pittsburg iron lady serves as Pittsburgh Steelers’ director of strategic planning and growth. She is also an advisor to the board of directors of her former college Mount Union College.