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After a natural disaster has occurred, most people around the world want to know the details. Many individuals try to help by donating funds to provide relief to the individuals who were affected. However, after many months have passed, most people forget about what has happened and they follow the latest story. This is not true with Majeed Ekbal. He realizes that many people are still suffering in the country of Nepal. In April 2015, a 7.8 earthquake rocked the country. Many aftershocks followed throughout the month of April and on into May. Unfortunately, many individuals lost their life in this disaster. Others were injured, lost their homes, and have had their lives turned upside down. Even though many months have passed since the disaster, many people are still suffering.

Majeed Ekbal has set up a Go Fund Me campaign to help the individuals who are still suffering in the country of Nepal. It is his goal to raise $1 million for the victims. This will be contributed to a crowdrise campaign. The goal of this campaign is to provide disaster and medical help to the many victims who were affected by this earthquake. He has donated his own personal funds to the campaign. He is especially concerned about the suffering of the victims since many of his friends live in the country of Nepal.

Majeed Ekbal is well known in the Chicago area. He is a real estate investor. He also is a business owner. One of his recent business ventures was setting up a company that provides a grocery delivery service for business people. Individuals can use the Internet to choose grocery items and then purchase them. Majeed’s company then delivers these groceries. This is something that is helping many Chicago residents. It is also beneficial for individuals who would like to purchase from grocery store chains as well as small specialty shops in the Chicago area. His company delivers groceries via Federal Express to individuals who would like to purchase items from Chicago.

All funds that are donated to the victims of the Nepal earthquake are appreciated not only by Majeed, but also by the many victims who are still suffering.

New York City is a center for many industries. Many people from around the world come here to enter fields such as finance and the arts. They also come here to be part of the city’s legal law force. New York City is home to many fine law schools including Columbia University and Brooklyn Law School. Those who come here to complete their education often stay on in the city and be part of the city’s impressive law force. A career here can offer the lawyer the opportunity be part of a thriving law practice. Many of the world’s finest law firms have their headquarters in Manhattan, allowing the lawyer to get their start at a law firm that can truly help lead to them a career as one of the leaders in this field.

One such lawyer is Ross Abelow. Abelow is a graduate of Brooklyn Law School, one of the city’s foremost institutions of law. Since his graduation from the school, he has gone on to practice law in this area for many years. As a result, Abelow has developed a long list of grateful clients who are happy to have his advice in the legal field when they need a competent lawyer at their side.

Abelow practices many fields of law including matrimonial law and family law. This has allowed him to provide counsel for his clients that is based on multiple fields of mastery. Clients may seek out his advice in order to help them with a marital dispute or because they need assistance with a specific family matter. They know they can count on his advice as they seek to solve a legal problem. They also know that Abelow will do his best to make sure they get the best possible legal redress in the state of New York for their needs.

Laws in New York City are always changing. Many legislators seek to help make sure their local client’s needs are met. This may take the form of laws that are created to address a specific wrong doing or it may take the form of laws that are broader and meant to apply in many varied circumstances. A good lawyer in this part of the nation can provide exactly the right kind of counsel for their clients and enable them to keep with new legal developments that may affect them at the same time.

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RCR Wireless News recently reported on a new strategy from phone service provider FreedomPop. FreedomPop is a California based phone provider which has made low cost service a priority. One of the biggest sources of attention has come from the fact that they’re able to offer options for free phone, texting and data services. On top of which they’ve also been able to offer a variety of options to add additional service in for either a small fee or free methods of compensation. FreedomPop has been in operation using this business plan since 2011.

However, FreedomPop has recently been looking into all new methods through which they can expand service while still keeping costs down. The most recent method they’ve used is refurbished phones. These are a type of used smartphone which has been professionally cleaned, examined, and brought up to the same standards as an all new phone. But the major difference is the price. FreedomPop has been able to secure a supply of refurbished smartphones and they’re passing on the savings to their customers. In particular, the Black Friday savings have taken this already low cost and reduced it even further.

FreedomPop offered a Motorola E for only $40. This is an estimated discount of around $190. They also offered a deal on the Samsung Galaxy S4, with a total cost of $100. This is an estimated $350 discount over what one would pay if buying it new. FreedomPop also bundled an enhanced service option with the phones for the people who took advantage of the deal. They offered a full month of free voice service, text messaging, and an entire gigabyte of Internet data transfers. After the month is over customers will be switched to the normal service plan unless they choose to upgrade. But this still includes 500 minutes of voice per month, 500 text messages and 500 megabytes of Internet data transfers.

But this is only the beginning of FreedomPop’s expansion into the hardware business. They recently received an undisclosed amount of funding from Intel Capital. This support will be used to make vast improvements and changes on their line of phones. The biggest change will come with a hybrid Wi-Fi phone. This phone will operate in a hybrid manner between Internet based phone service and traditional service. If someone is near an open Wi-Fi point than the phone will instantly connect to it. At that point any call made or received with the phone will simply use a voice over IP system. If the phone isn’t near an open Wi-Fi point than it will make use of traditional phone service.

One of the most exciting aspects of these new phones comes from strategic partnerships which should expand the possibilities for open Wi-Fi points for the phone to use. For users this is significant because service using the Wi-Fi points won’t count against the number of minutes, data or text messages they have in their account.


Darius Fisher is the president and co-founder of Status Labs, which is an online reputation management and public relations company with its headquarters in Austin, Texas. The company specializes in digital presence repair. Two other office locations are in operation in Sao Paulo and New York. Up to this point, Status Labs has served over 1,000 clients in over 30 countries helping them to improve search results, PR strategies and digital marketing. Some of their clientele include politicians, executives and public figures. Darius Fisher has previously served as a political consultant and copywriter. He is reported to be doing well in spite of a resignation of a co-partner and an accusation of editing Wikipedia’s articles against the online encyclopedia’s rules.

Darius Fisher is originally from New York. In spite of the two controversies involving Status Labs, he has demonstrated high skill at maintaining the organizations reputation as a digital marketing and public relations firm. As Fisher has pointed out, search engine results don’t change unless the business owner sees to it that they do. His experience with upholding Status Labs’ reputation has made him a sought-out expert in online and digital management.

When asked what he believes that the biggest mistake he sees most of his clients making, Fisher says that it is lack of preparedness. A lot of business owners apparently don’t realize the importance or how much of an impact their digital presence has online and hence, the world. As a result, they inadvertently leave themselves open to attacks and bad reputations. Fisher says that it is important to keep a close monitoring on their web presence and to always be prepared for the worst. It is also important that their designs be interesting, otherwise, they won’t stand out and make it to the top of the search engine results.

It is common for companies to get bad reviews. No one or group of people is going to please everyone. Everyone has their own set of values that differ from one another. As a result, they may not be happy with some establishments that others are happy with. However, this doesn’t stop a bad review from taking away from the business of the small company. Therefore it is very important that a company owner like Andrew Gruel fight bad reviews. With poor online reviews, it is important that Andrew Gruel responds rapidly to the poor online reviews that he has gotten.

One set of reviews that he got about one of his Slapfish restaurants is that they charged too much for the portions that they served. This has prompted Andrew Gruel to contact his customers and have them return to the restaurant and adjust the prices and portions.

Another thing to do is to contact Status Labs. Status Labs is one of the companies that works with people on their reputations. They work on the reputations of businesses of various sizes so that they can continue to get customers. Status Labs understands the type of damage that poor reviews can do.

Status Labs has proven its public relations abilities with a fight against a bad review of its own. It was hit with an unsatisfied reviewed. They worked skillfully towards moving the bad review down with updates on the service. As a result, they have gained back their status as a good company. Status Labs has proven that the professionals are equipped to improve the reputation of any given person or business with the use of many different techniques which include presenting optimized content and having some bad reviews moved from online sources so that they don’t cause much damage to the company.

Gruel’s tactics are also helpful. He makes amends with unsatisfied customers in order to help the company gain better reputation. If the unsatisfied person walks away satisfied, then this will improve the reputation of the company. Also, the fact that the company owner goes after the unsatisfied customer in order to make things right shows that he really cares about his customers.

Google creates a person’s character. Well, that is not entirely correct. The listings in the search engines, whether they are true or not, create a perception about persons, places, and things. When there are extremely troubling things showing up in the Google search engine results, steps have to be taken to address the problem.

Darius Fisher, the president of Status Labs, knows a lot about correcting problems with search engine result. His reputation management company has helped roughly 1,500 clients in 35+ countries fix internet reputation management woes. In a recent interview, Fisher pointed out a very inconvenient fact. Google results won’t change on their own. Someone has to be very proactive when trying to fix the damage that can occur.

First, clear out all cookies and run name searches. A person should run his/her name, various aliases, and business or company names through Google. This way, any troubles with Google are then immediately revealed. Only when a problem is discovered will steps be taken to address it.

How the problem is to be addressed depends on various factors. Information related to data brokers can be fixed by requesting the brokers no longer make private information public. Bad reviews, however, are harder to deal with. Creating a significant amount of new content and publishing the material online could help mitigate the problem. A series of new good reviews are going to help hedge against the bad ones. Publishing totally new websites and social media profiles would be other examples of creating a new online persona.

Darius Fisher understands how to go about these steps and he has noted they are rooted in concepts of digital marketing. Fisher knows digital marketing. He was named on PR Week’s Innovation 50 list of top digital marketers. Through an effective campaign the search engine results can basically be re-mastered.

Multi-family units are greatly in demand in NYC Real Estate as per a recent article which indicated a sharp increase in the price of these homes. In September 2015, multi-family home sales were $1.7 billion which is over a 90% increase in the price from August 2015. This was at least partly as a result of seasonal variations in sales as prices had actually decreased by about 5% from the prior year with Manhattan leading the way. Some of the outer boroughs had a slower movement than in Manhattan with Queens and the Bronx having lower sales.

Overall, 60 transactions were made during September in which approximately 140 multi-family units were sold. This trend is expected to continue into the fourth quarter of 2015. Some larger sales skewed the marked in November, with a $90 billion transaction consisting of 24 buildings that was purchased by Blackstone Group and Fairstead Capital.

As we have seen there is a limit on the number of multi-family homes on the market in New York City and they are greatly in demand. While this can lead to higher overall prices, high real estate prices provide an advantage to those who can obtain financing and can rent out the property to others looking for rental properties. Finding one of these units is difficult but the right real estate broker can help you to find the right multi-family home in e borough of your choosing. Town Residential Real Estate is a trusted real estate agent with extensive experience in the New York City market and can help you to find a multi-family unit that meets your needs and can help to refer you to a lender who feels comfortable in providing loans for multi-family units.

Multi-family units are significantly more challenging than traditional homes for buyers, brokers, and lenders. Town Residential Real Estate can help a buyer understand the process of owning a multi-family home and to work out what is typically involved in the typical purchase of one. There are many nuances associated with the process such a understanding any existing leases or liens on the property, working through landlord insurance policies, and obtaining financing for the purchase of the multi-family unit. Having a real estate agent like Town Residential Real Estate that has a lot of experience in the industry can greatly streamline your process and ease many of the challenges that you have in owning a multi-family home.

Are you dealing with a dispute, conflict or other legal issue? Want to get the best possible outcome in your situation? Many people face legal problems from time to time, and there are lawyers to help address these issues.

If are getting frustrated and stressed out because of your legal problems, don’t fret. Help is available but you need to choose wisely. There are many lawyers in Brazil that can help resolve whatever personal or business law issue you are dealing with.

Choosing the best business or corporate lawyer or a lawyer for personal legal issue, is a matter of having a good understanding of your own situation or circumstances, then finding a legal professional whose expertise aligns with the particular situation you are dealing with. Finding lawyers who can help you is not normally difficult.

Not having an attorney may really cost you more. There is a lot at stake. If your case involves a criminal charge, you run the risk of hanging out in jail, while a case involving a civil matter could lead to financial loss. Many civil attorneys don’t charge their client unless they obtain a settlement in the case. You will benefit significantly by employing a proficient lawyer like Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, one of the most recommended litigation attorneys in Brazil.

Mr Ricardo Tosto acts on behalf of various corporations, large companies and other high profile institutions and individuals in disputes and regulatory actions. His clients and peers respect him for his outstanding litigation and negotiation skills. A number of his customers are always making positive statements about his capability to resolve a lawsuit or use his excellent litigation methods to get them the finest decision in their case.

Clients enjoy having the smart and hard-working Ricardo Tosto on their side. Mr Ricardo Tosto has a successful law practice and has over 22 years of experience representing clients in a wide variety of litigation cases. Client full satisfaction is his top priority, and Mr. Ricardo Tosto has made a habit of instantly returning phone calls, and following up to ensure complete satisfaction.

The life of Jon Urbana has taken many twists and turns, with his business career taking in areas as diverse as his own lacrosse camps and a Laser based hardware equipment company. Urbana has made a success of the business career he has carved out for himself, but the entrepreneur has also been looking to develop his own interests in the creative arts to show off the many different sides of his personality. Urbana has become an expert in the use of social media to publicize both himself and his work to people around the world.

Social media has become a major part of the online presence of Jon Urbana, who has begun using his website and many accounts to create a presence for both himself and his charity work on the Internet. Urbana has looked to extend his social media presence beyond the best known platforms to include many of the different social media areas that can best publicize himself and his variety of work options in crowdfunding for stray cats.

Social media use has led to the photography work of Jon Urbana becoming a major part of the social media posts and blogs he produces on a regular basis. Jon Urbana has developed his own niche as an accomplished food and nature photographer who has uploaded his best work to Imgur and many different areas of the Internet. The blogs produced by Urbana detail his adventures in photography and give an insight into the artists who have influenced the work he produces on a regular basis.

Taken during the summer harvest 2015.

The athletic side of Jon Urbana is not limited to his role as a photographer, but also includes the work he produces as a musician. Urbana has developed his skills from being solely a guitar based musician to a well known electronic performer. The work he has uploaded to MTV and Soundcloud are remixes and original songs that have stretched the creative life of Jon Urbana to a new level.

To learn more about how you can support Jon’s crowdfunded charity pushes, watch these videos.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Nashville is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the new south, and Scott Lumley is leading development in the city. Scott’s Resolve Financial office works on development projects around the city, and his company can be credited with much of the growth in the city. Nashville had to make changes in some of its most downtrodden neighborhoods, and Scott Lumley has ensured that the city will continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

#1: Scott Has His Hands In Many Projects

The projects under construction around the city are operating under the watchful eye of Scott Lumley, and his office manages many projects that change old neighborhoods into something new. There are many parts of Nashville that fell after the loss of industrial jobs in the area, and developments provide new jobs for people in these communities. Residential units, retail units and commercial units come together to help people get back on their feet.

#2: How Does Scott Attract New Developments?

New developments in Nashville are pulled together by Scott with his amazing sales skills. His company works with retailers and residential managers to build communities that are made up of many different units in one place. Scott knows how to bring in retailers who want to sell to the people in the area, and Scott knows how to work with commercial companies who can provides hundreds of jobs each.

#3: How Are Prices Impacted?

The average real estate prices in Nashville rise with every new development created by Resolve Financials. The company continually works on new projects, and the value of each project pushes prices in the area up more and more. Scott Lumley is directly responsible for making Nashville is a powerful real estate market, and his vision will continue to grow the city. There are many communities that need development, and Scott has the funds to create many more developments.

The city of Nashville has Scott Lumley’s fingerprint in many different communities, and his abilities have helped real estate rise to new heights. His company helps the people of Nashville get new jobs, new places to live and new places to shop.