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As people age, they may need to seek out help in various ways. Help may mean having a cleaning lady on hand to provide them with assistance each week. It may also mean moving to a facility that allows them to be assured of getting their needs in other ways such as having someone on their side to offer them medical assistance. An assisted living facility can be useful in such an instance. This kind of facility is ideal for the resident who needs to have somewhere to live but still wants to retain their independence as much as possible at the same time.

A good assisted living facility of this kind will be one that offers multiple lifestyle options for those who choose to move there. The right kind of living facility will often be one that offers potential residents may kinds of potential options to pick from including the option of living in a space that has access to care at all hours or one that may offer assistance as needed. Many facilities, such as that of The Manse on Marsh, let people decide what is right for them. They may also help a caregiver figure out which particular option is best for a resident by walking the caregiver through the process of figuring out how best to serve the needs of a loved one with their help.

At places such as this one, the emphasis is often on providing many kinds of choices that let any given person find the right kind of lifestyle that allows the resident to enjoy life as much as possible even with possible medical limitations. The blog shows that such facilities aim to assist residents as they live there with all kinds of help including on site classes as well as trips to many nearby places. An active life can be one that helps people live longer and retain their skills more easily even in the face of aging.

Campus amenities such as rooftop patios help encourage people to socialize and interact with other members of the community as well as be in the great outdoors. Residents who are able to get outside will find this allows them to soak up the sunshine in the region and feel the joy of having the wind in their hair and the sun on the faces. Time spent this way can be refreshing, especially as residents enjoy the opportunity to sit on comfortable seating and admire wonderful views as they have a cup of coffee with friends who are also with them. A setting such as this one in San Luis Obispo can be ideal for those who really want to spend their days in a very mild climate.  Follow them on Twitter for further information.

If You Love Your Dog We have waded through the aisles of the pet store to determine the best foods to give to our dogs because they are important to our family. We can’t live without them, so we want them to live healthy lives, so they will hopefully be around a long time. I feel that they will be around longer if we feed them the healthiest premium dog foods, which is why I always pick up Beneful from the pet store. It is the best food I have seen for dogs. Beneful has 8 kinds of dry foods, including puppy food and healthy weight food. Beneful also has some sweet selections of dog treats, which is a great way to pick up your dog’s spirit. I also like to get their dog treats for other reasons. Beneful makes a type of dog treat that is specifically designed to help your dog keep health teeth, which was always a concern of mine. I like our dogs to have fresh smelling breath, and I want them to avoid having dental problems in the future. This is why I pick up Beneful Dental Twists from Amazon when I buy their dry foods. Beneful also makes a treat called Baked Delights, which is a tasty blend of all kinds of good smelling ingredients that your dog will certainly enjoy snacking on when you go for walks. There is an article by the Daily Herald that recently caught my attention, and I think it really left an impression on me and my family. It talked all about what pet foods were good for dogs, and I found that premium dog foods are made in special places. They are made by manufacturers that care about what products they make, and the products actually are tested for their quality. I like that these manufacturers put so much effort into the products that they are making. It really makes me feel proud to be a responsible pet owner. My dogs love the food I buy for them. If you want to check out the article, here is a link.

From the 1970s until now, George Soros has built a multi-billion dollar empire. Therefore, many investors turn to him for investment advice. However, not all economists agree with his latest prediction.
Soros speaks of signs that another recession like the one that took place in 2008 might occur. For instance, Bloomberg reports trade halts and declining currency value in China. Furthermore, the Dow Jones Industrial average fluctuated drastically since October before reaching its -392.41 crash on January 7, 2016. According to The Daily Mail, plummeting stock values were the lowest they had been in about three months.
Asian stock market indexes also declined within the first week of January. Likewise, evidences of possible global economic fallout were also prevalent in NASDAQ and S&P 500 indexes during this same period. Economists are still investigating this matter, but currently the main cause seems to be the devaluation of the Chinese yuan. In fact, this country had stopped trade twice during the same week as the January 7 crash.
It’s times like these that often make investors nervous. As a result, George Soros started warning people that another 2008 market crash could be coming. However, is there really enough evidence to support another possible recession? Determining this usually requires looking at several factors that could trigger a sudden economic change.
For instance, The Economist reports that the United States manufacturing ISM index right now reads at about 48.2, which is not far from the standard 50-point level expected. However, it seems that economists would be more concerned if this number were to drop to 45 or less. Currently, a more important concern is the fact that China’s debt-to-GDP level has risen by 50 percent within the past four years. The fear that other Asian countries will also devalue their currencies also seems to be very real right now.
On the other hand, it seems that the services sectors in the United States are doing quite well. There is even signs of increased employment in these fields. Furthermore, Germany experienced a modest 1.5 percent increase in new orders in November. In addition, there is now an increased awareness of the reckless spending that took place in 2008 as related to obtaining loans for various reasons despite credit history.
George Soros might be onto something – that investors need to be cautious. His hugest concern is not necessarily what will happen, but rather he is keeping an eye out for what could happen. As a world-renowned hedge funds investor, his opinion on the economy seems to be well-respected.

Sanjay Shah is the brain behind Autism Rocks campaign that seeks to raise funds in support of research into Autism. He started this campaign four years ago and has taken it to great autism awareness heights. For the three years, he has been in operation, Sanjay has helped raise over Dh15 Million that went to support the autism research trust (art) that in turn channels these funds to over fifteen ongoing research projects by the autism research center (arc) at Cambridge University.
How did this start?

Source: Learning When To Accept Technical Debt, And When To Pay It Off

Sanjay Shah has always been contributing to kids in India through plan international, but that was as far as his charity stretched before 2011. However, the diagnosis of his four-year son with the autism condition in 2011 and an unexpected visit by the king of rap, Snoop Dogg, at his Dubai home would change everything. After these two events, Sanjay decided to get back to music and specifically organize invitee only concerts with some of the industries finest including Prince, Lenny Kravitz, and Drake, where all the funds raised therein, go towards the autism rocks campaign.
About Sanjay

Sanjay Shah is a British-born entrepreneur that recently moved to Dubai from the United Kingdom. He is the founder of the solo Capital hedge fund that he started in 2010 in the United Kingdom. He is a former musician, and this is the trade he has turned back to in promoting the autism rocks campaign. In all these shows Sanjay has been bringing together some of the most famous names in the music industry and staging concerts in their name.
Though he graduated with a medical degree from King’s College, he didn’t want to be a doctor but instead took to accountancy. In his entire career life, Sanjay has been a banker until he was laid in off in 2009 at the height of the financial crisis. During his career, he worked with some of the biggest names in the financing industry including Morgan Stanley, Credit Sulsse, and the Dutch Bank Robotank.

She was notified by the Human Rights Foundation that they objected to her doing the concert for Unitel, because it is wholly owned by the Angolan President, José Eduardo dos Santos. They asked Ms. Minaj to cancel the concert because dos Santos has proved to be a oppressive despotic dictator with a horrible human rights track record. He has been cited as an evil villain by the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Organization.

Some of the details were reported about the group’s request that Nicki Minaj break her contract in protest. The letter they sent Nicki Minaj actually stated: “the payment you are receiving from your Angolan sponsors is the result of government corruption and human rights violations.” It went on in some detail: “During their brutal three decade authoritarian rule, the dos Santos family has exploited Angola’s diamond and oil wealth to amass an illegitimate fortune while maintaining control over all branches of the government, the military, and civil society. Dos Santos has made it his policy to harass, imprison, or kill politicians, journalists, and activists who protest his rule.”

News of the controversial performance hit the gossip sheets and the buzz has been a big boost for her music’s profits. When this group asked her, very seriously, to take a hit in profits for the sake of principle and to make a very public statement against the dos Santos regime, she did not miss a beat. She packed up the band and traveled along with her backup vocalists to Angola, Africa to honor her contract and perform the concert.

It was Thor Halvorssen who founded Human Rights Foundation in 2005. He is a real activist, champion of human rights, and an ardent producer of movies and books that make a difference. He grew up fighting the super racist apartheid South African government in the 1980s. Venezuela had abducted, beaten, and tortured his father; a very high ranking official, as ambassador at one time. He grew up in an environment of despotic governmental terror and threats from thug squads.

Thor’s father had no hope of survival and freedom until the International Society for Human Rights, called Amnesty International, and also many other human rights groups and several public figures got involved in his case. Mr. Halvorssen’s mother was murdered while at a peaceful meeting in public by the government security goons. This was in 2004. She was a child psychologist and the violent bloody attack was broadcast on live television.

Beneful brand dog food is just one of many dog food companies that are jumping on the eat-like-your-owner train and producing fresh gourmet meals for pets. The Freshpet Inc. factory in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is the only factory in the U.S. to produce refrigerated pet foods on the industrial scale on the market and is among a rapidly-growing group of innovative products responsible for a $10.5 billion surge in gourmet pet foods since 2009; more than half the market is now comprised of premium dog food sales. Small companies such as Blue Buffalo once cornered the market for fresh dog foods that contain fruits and vegetables but now big brands are climbing on board. Merrick Pet Care is the most recent acquisition by Purina, a brand that was the first certified organic wet and dry dog food. Beneful brand dog food is another large brand that has an innovative and delicious line of foods for dogs on Amazon that contain quality ingredients that are easily identified. Beneful Wet Dog Food comes in Chopped Blends and a variety of Medleys that are made from visible chunks of meat, whole vegetables, and whole grains such as brown rice. Their dry kibble is manufactured from the same quality ingredients and are produced in a way that preserves the flavor as well as vitamin and mineral content and is a high quality food. As the eat-like-your-owner trend continues, large brands will continue to try and match the quality of smaller companies food which will mean a higher quality food for pets everywhere. Premium and gourmet dog food sales have climbed 45 percent since 2009 and are expected to keep rising according to Freshpet Inc. CEO Richard Thompson. “If your family is into health and wellness, and you treat your pet like family: bingo.” says Thompson of the recent report that said using fresh meats such as chicken and beef is too expensive to remain profitable. People are willing to pay more for the peace of mind of feeding quality food. More on this can be read at the Daily Herald.

In 1991, Dick DeVos became the President and CEO of the Orlando Magic basketball team. He oversaw the boon of an era; the Shaquille O’Neal era. He brought excitement to the league and the popularity of the Orlando Magic surged. Soon, the team would see record attendance, profits and media coverage. But that part of Dick’s life is just a footnote.

Dick went to high school in western Michigan and graduated college from Northwoods University. Later, he would become the head of Amway International and then the Orlando Magic before returning to re-pursue his career Amway International, leading the company to record profits and sales. Dick left Amway again to create his own business, the Windquest Group. His resume is littered with an astounding amount of accomplishments throughout his years, which you can find on his LinkedIn.

Dick’s wife, Betsy, is also a Michigan native, and has been an active part of the conservative political scene her whole life. Their union in marriage is a bond in conservative values, and those values have led the DeVos family to donate a tremendous amount of their wealth to charity.

Almost two-thirds of their donations have stayed within their home state of Michigan, and those donations total a little over $60 million in 2013. That means the DeVos family has donated over $90 million to charity throughout 2013.

Where they donate money is important to the DeVos family. They strive to support charities that are rooted in conservative values. The DeVos’s run five different family foundations — the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, the Daniel and Pamella DeVos Foundation, the (Cheri DeVos) CDV5 Foundation, and the Douglas and Maria DeVos Foundation — and through those foundations they donate to many different types of charities. Education makes up almost half of their donations, followed by health and community services, arts and culture, and faith-based charities.

This has led to Forbes Magazine ranking the Devos’s as its 20th most charitable entity, and Forbes magazine doesn’t even count some of the family’s giving. Forbes does not count donations that go to political causes as charitble giving. If the money magazine had counted those donations, the charitable giving of the Devos family would be well over $1 billion per year.

Whether or not you agree with the political leanings of the DeVos family, you cannot argue with the fact that they are a very charitable family. It is inspirational to hear Dick DeVos talk about his charitable giving and how he hopes it inspires others to give. Perhaps we could use some more Dick and Betsy DeVos’s in this world.

Click the following link to learn more about Dick’s career and his charity work:

When people become fed up with the cost, service, or limitations of their cell phone providers, they often consider switching to a new carrier. Many are deterred from doing so because the process can seem overwhelmingly daunting, so much so that even knowing where to start can be difficult. But the process is remarkably easier than many people realize.

Logistical things like the costs associated with breaking contracts and paying off phones, as well as whether or not a phone and phone number will transfer to the new network, are important details consumers must consider before cancelling their old service agreement. With some research the answers to these questions become readily available and you find that carriers have convenient solutions like contract buyouts, fee reimbursements, automated phone number transfers and cloud device storage to save files in the event that switching phones is necessary.

One alternative service provider is FreedomPop. This company is customer oriented and looks to make the necessity of having a smart phone or tablet affordable and accessible to as many people as possible. They offer a bring your own phone program and allow customers to transfer their phone numbers without a hassle. In fact the entire process of switching to this carrier can be carried out online from the convenience of home; that’s how simple it is.

FreedomPop is a no contract carrier which allows for flexibility and the company also offers free mobile service and data options to their customers. They do not require that you buy their phones but do have affordable phones available for those customers that have to switch for reasons of compatibility or others. The company provides service at 80-90 percent lower cost than what major carriers charge. This brand is innovative and with its free service options and many opportunities for customers to earn additional free data that rolls over to each month paid, FreedomPop stands out easily amongst its competition, while making joining their network a simple task.

Jon Urbana currently lives in the Denver area where he serves as a business professional to multiple functions serving the community. He is the Head of Business Development for Ellipse, USA, which is a privately held IPL and laser business provider.

Jon Urbana is a Villanova lacrosse player who founded a company by the name of Next Level Lacrosse with Lou Braun. He wanted to create an environment that would allow himself and professionals to continue with their skills and keep up with the competition. The camp allows players to build their specific skills and refine them amongst some of the best players in the game of Lacrosse. You can read more here.

Mr. Urbana is also a certified pilot who has been awarded the FAA Airmen Certification. The recognition is for pilots who have met or exceeded the higher education for pilots and have also completed a higher level of medical standards. Jon has completed both, and has also completed licensing established by the FAA. More information on John and his aviation information can be found here.

Jon Urbana has exceedingly expressed his concern and love for the environment. He grew up in one of the most beautiful states in the country, and wants to continue to keep it that way. He started a GoFundMe campaign for Earth Force where he’s placing his hopes and his passion into preserving and shaping the younger generation for a healthy environment. The fundraiser was inspired by the youth he has worked with at the Jon Urbana summer camp, and he would like to continue to spread the news for a cleaner, healthier environment by sharing the information about his campaign here.

He has many hobbies and one particular hobby that he loves happens to be photography. He has taken many pictures that show his talent with the camera. The quality and expertise in each well taken photo. You can find more information on his photos and his unique talent here.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Jon Urbana’s career has many different interest and many different business venues that he handles. He has worked very hard in getting at achieving his dreams while making the future youth and environment a better place to live.

Oscar Pistorius was sentence to serve a three-year sentence in the trial of the murder of Reeva Sttenkamp. He was found to have committed culpable homicide instead of the murder conviction. There were also gun related offenses that he was guilty of. The case was widely publicized because of the intricate details that surrounded it. Brenda Wardle, a legal analyst has written a book that details the case and the trial in great detail. The title of the book is To Kill A Fragile Rose – The State’s Case Against Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius. Her law education and experience lends to her expert writing for this particular piece giving an impressive overview of the specifics that entailed during the case and the trial.

Besides writing the To Kill A Fragile Rose – The State’s Case Against Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius novel, she has also written another novel, Odyssey of A Woman. Being a South African woman, Brenda has written about her experiences in the legal community and detailed her education in the book.

Brenda’s law background is impressive. She has three different law degrees. They include an Intermediary Degree Qualification in Criminal Justice, a Master of Laws Degree and also a Bachelor of Laws Degree. Having this educational background allowed her to enter into and excel in her chosen field. She understands the legal and criminal justice fields, and is regarded as an extremely knowledgeable person about both of them as she proceeds forward in her career.

Adding to her many accomplishments, she is also the CEO of the Wardle School of Law. She is a legal analyst for South Africa and has helped to pave the way for many to learn the different aspects of the legal field.

She is an impressive woman that is held in high esteem by many experts in the legal community. This is regarded as a huge and impressive accomplishment for woman in the industry. As she continues to write about and analyze different cases, her name will become even more well-known and respected for her knowledge and expertise.