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The appointment of Shaygan Kheradpir to the position of CEO of the Coriant brand will see the company seek to continue its impressive rise with even greater profits. Coriant has only been established since 2013, but brings many years of success from the area of the business once owned and operated by the Siemens company. Siemens has been researching and producing the best in optical networking solutions for a number of years, but since Marlin Equity Partners bought the company in 2013 the growth has seen employee numbers top 3,000.

Marlin Equity’s Pat DiPietro has been working with Shaygan Kheradpir for a number of months in the completion of a review that has looked over the entire business of Coriant to seek the best ways of maximizing profits. DiPietro has been in charge of the Coriant brand since it was established, but is now returning to Marlin to take up his former position and pass on control of Coriant to Kheradpir. The experience of the veteran Kheradpir in the technology industry marks him out as the perfect option for leading the company into the future.

Coriant are hoping to continue to push forward the products they create in order to attract more clients than already exist in the more than 100 countries Coriant operate within. Kheradpir has worked in many periods of his career for some of the best known technology companies in the world, such as Verizon and GTE Labs; Kheradpir has spent much of his career creating new areas of success and industry standards across the technology, mobile communication, and financial industries.

Coriant has already begun to challenge the major brands within the optical networking industry and enter the manufacturers classed as the best in the business. The need to maximize profits is now of importance to Coriant as executives feel they have become established and must now look to progress to the very top of the industry; the appointment of Shaygan Kheradpir is designed to push the company to the very top of the industry under the leadership of this well known London born technology executive.

Coriant is a technology business leader offering its clients a wide assortment of networking solutions for various business sectors. They feature some of the world’s leading technology which is showcased by over 1,800 individual patents.

When it comes to innovation and exceptional service, Coriant more than delivers. The feature over 35 years of experience delivering tier 1 networking products and services. They also boast over 500 customers across six continents in more than 100 countries across the globe with R & D centers of excellence located in the U.S., Asia, and Europe. All of these feats would not be possible without valuable leadership.

CEO Shaygan Kheradpir has over 28 years of executive experience across a wide range of telecom, finance and technology industries. He originally began his rise to fame at GTE Corporation where he was appointed Verizon’s EVP & Chief Information Officer.

After spearheading the network development at GTE, Shaygan moved onto Barclay as Chief Operations and Technology Officer. Here he worked in a leadership role where he helped develop the TRANSFORM program. This program helped revolutionize the bank during the 21st century across 50 countries and impacting over 150,000 employees. Shaygan holds a PH. D., a master’s and bachelor’s degree in engineering from Cornell University and has many patents covering a wide range of business sectors.

The leadership team that Coriant employs combined with their industry leading technology make them a truly remarkable company. The technological feats that they have unlocked make them a prime choice for companies that are searching for innovative networking solutions, all while under a distinguished and experienced leadership team.


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Nobilis Health Corp. is a Canadian firm owns and manages ambulatory and acute care facilities. Formerly known as Northstar Healthcare Inc. (NHC.TO), they changed the company’s name to Nobilis Health Corp (HLTH) in 2014. This was to avoid any additional confusion with companies and funds using the ‘Northstar’ name on the U.S. Nasdaq Exchange.

The Company utilizes innovative direct-to-patient marketing and proprietary technologies to drive patient engagement and education, which increased surgical volume and made big returns to investors. Nobilis utilizes innovative direct-to-patient marketing and proprietary technologies to drive patient engagement and education.

Harry Fleming, the President of Nobilis Health Corp said that with the acquisition of Athas purchased at 34 million. They purchased Athas Health because it had a great deal of marketing expertise. They are able to select the type of procedures that get good reimbursements and also the type of procedures that they think are easy to market to the consumer. He believes they have a strong marketing team. They drive their revenues through the case flow through marketing efforts rather, online or through television ads.

On September 23, 2015, Nobilis acquired a 60% stake and management control of the joint venture entity which was formed to own and operate the successor Freedom Pain hospital located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Earlier in the same year, they also purchased the Victory Plano hospital. Nobilis has a strong track record when it comes to M&A with the fact that the company’s September 2014 acquisition of First Nobilis Hospital for $7.5 million in cash. They are looking to acquire small hospitals in Dallas and Phoenix. Nobilis Health Corp’s management is evaluating multiple acquisition opportunities, and will most likely make an announcement in the first quarter of 2016.



QNet is one of the top direct selling companies in the world. The tireless and motivated work of entrepreneurs contribute greatly to the company’s good fortune. QNet is working hard to increase the numbers of entrepreneurs in its fold. Specifically, the company has plans to increase its numbers of women entrepreneurs.

Per Gulf New 24/7, QNet has revealed it is celebrating International Women’s Day by talking steps to continue its plans to draw in many more female entrepreneurs. QNet wants to bring on scores of more women to become direct sellers for the company. QNet makes it clear that working for the company is, in essence, a form of working for oneself. 

Yes, there is a partnership in place between QNET and its entrepreneurs. Yet, entrepreneurs can plan out their own schedules, and they are also allowed to work as much or as little as they prefer. Direct selling is very appealing to people who are looking for a flexible schedule and the ability to earn decent money. Part-time and full-time workers can find a home in direct selling. 

QNet has many products that are purchased by women consumers. Drawing in more women to work as direct sellers makes perfect sense. Of course, women sellers can focus their energies on any customer base including several. The flexibility of QNet’s business model makes all this possible.

It all started with a dream. #QNET #SuccessTips

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For those not familiar with the concept of direct selling, the process entails selling something away from a retail location. An entrepreneur choosing to sell fitness products does not have to be limited to selling the merchandise in a fitness store. Mobility is awarded to sell the merchandise virtually anywhere.

“Virtually anywhere” is a good way to describe the places QNet is selling its wares. The company has offices in about 25 countries across the world. The Hong Kong-based company does have a strong presence in roughly 100 countries.



QNet is making huge inroads in India these days. Qnet is moving its manufacturing here, and is expanding its network of direct sellers while increasing its humanitarian aid efforts in the nation.

The decision to increase the number of women involved with QNet’s direct selling ventures is going to further expand the enterprise’s future success. QNet is a company on the move, and a company that is always innovating.. Continue to look for and expect even more interesting news to come from the QNet corporate offices. Learn more about QNet by liking their Facebook page.

Dog food continues to grow every day with new brands trying to beat out each other with new developments and product creations. New brands are trying to beat out one another just to stay on top of this industry. For Freshpet, you would believe their local manufacturing location is mainly for those wanting to receive food for adults, but the beauty of this brand is that they specifically offer dogs food. Their gourmet dog food options allow dogs to enjoy nutritional and gourmet food despite the high prices. This industry is worth billions of dollars, and there are countless people who are willingly able to spend even more on products within the gourmet-food realm for their dogs.

The one thing most people don’t know is the fact that other brands outside of Purina are doing this. Blue Buffalo is a brand that is taking their dog food options. The best part about this brand is that their whole grain food approach almost guarantees that you give your dog efficiently healthy food using natural and organic materials. The constant growth in the gourmet department is forcing dog food brands to kick their games up to deliver top of the line food results.

Beneful is by far one of the few brands that delivers some of the latest in this industry. Their food has always been top notch quality, but over the years, they have begun coming up with the latest tactics to help provide users with top notch quality food. Dogs are going to enjoy their quality food because of the taste and the genuine development of the taste it provides. Beneful has been trying to develop a new taste over the past few years, and they have been trying to amp up their food to appeal more so to the higher class dog owners looking for something unique to give their dogs.

The beauty about Beneful is that they are always delivering foods with great tastes and also true benefits. Whether it’s weight loss or losing plaque buildup in the teeth, you can be sure that Beneful can provide your dog with everything.


Skout has become the perfect site for people that are interested in building some Internet friendships. It doesn’t take much to utilize this app. It is free and easy to use. The app is available for Android and iPhone users. Most people that use the app are looking for something new, and many of them are finding great friendships with the simple app.

Skout has become the new social media hang out for the people that may have grown weary of all the other sites like Facebook and Vimeo. Teenagers can be very fickle; they want something that is new and exciting. That is why this app has become such a big hit. People can sign up in minutes and friendships are very easy to build.

There is a survey on Skout that reports that many people have friends online that they never meet in person. This has become the new way for so many people to meet friends that they can communicate with about life and their experiences. According to the survey posted on Skout as many of 3 out of 4 people have friends online that they have never met. That means that many people still have a need for friends online even when they have friends that they may have known all of their lives.

With Skout people have access to something new and exciting. It can be an incredible thing to meet someone and build up a new friendship this way. People around the world are getting these friends that can expose them to new cultures. They are getting access to people in other countries that can give them another perspective on their problems. This is something that can be enlightening for someone that may not have any friends that they can converse with about certain issues.

People that want to keep certain things private may have a desire to build these online relationships through Skout. This can give them the ability to express themselves, but it also gives them a greater sense of privacy. They don’t have to worry about their online friends and the dangerous of getting their information leaked to others. These private friendships give people an outlet to say what they want to say without having to expose themselves. Skout has made it possible to make friends and some friendships even lead to greater possibilities. Some friends on Skout fall in love.

In today’s world, racism can manifest through a wide range of venues. This is the case for several reasons, including the rapid increase of access to technology mediums such as mobile devices, the internet, and social media. As a result of these unfolding developments, it is perhaps unsurprising that social channels like Facebook and Twitter have become prevalent mediums through which racism rears its ugly head. As a group of individuals committed to raising awareness regarding the role that racism plays in dehumanizing people of color, the members of Woke Twitter are enthusiastic about acknowledging and dissecting manifestations of anti-black sentiment that surface through social media channels. Recently, group members became aware of a racist rant submitted by Penny Sparrow. Group members condemned the statement and, along with other progressives, are calling for conscious citizens to wake up to the ongoing reality of white supremacist thought and its resulting praxis. Read on to learn more about how this issue unfolded:

The Substance And Import Of Sparrow’s Statement

People looking for evidence of contemporary racism can stop their search with the Facebook account of former real estate agent Penny Sparrow. After observing black South Africans on a beach near her residence, Sparrow chose to publish a statement in which she equated the people to animals. Monkeys and apes, to be specific. This statement engendered intense outrage and ongoing debates regarding the ugly historicity of apartheid and whether its underlying racist premises would be tolerated amongst 21st century progressives. After Sparrow’s statement came to light, she was let go from her job and received angry text messages and e-mails from individuals who gained access to her contact information.

Brenda Wardle Summarizes The Issue

Like many progressives and equal rights activists, Brenda Wardle viewed Sparrow’s racist assertions in a decidedly negative light. Wardle also contextualized the woman’s comment in light of the law by noting that she violated free speech limitations by denying the dignity and humanity of black South Africans.

Basic Data About Brenda Wardle

As a passionate advocate and defender of human rights, Brenda Wardle is enthusiastic about drawing attention to the role that the legal realm can play in detracting from and/or contributing to the quality of life for people all over the world. Wardle is currently completing her coursework at Unisa – The University of South Africa.

Yeonmi Park did not know what freedom was while living in North Korea, but she definitely knew what hunger was. Life in North Korea was so difficult for the Park family that Yeonmi’s mother took her, a mere thirteen year-old child, on a journey that involved crossing a frozen river, three mountains and the daunting Gobi desert, just to reach freedom in South Korea. Park’s journey, as detailed in a article, tells of a harrowing two-year jouney, filling with sexual abuse, fear and the constant threat of being arrested by the Chinese police. North Korea denies life is so harsh for its citizens, however, Park insists her stories of a bleak life in the country are true. She points to the fact that she and her mother would not have fled North Korea if they had the food that people in Western nations throw away each day. Park has said that on some nights, she only had a frozen potato to eat for dinner. Hungry and desperate, she and her mother fled, while her father, who was ill, feared that he would slow down their journey. The two years Yeonmi and her mother spent in China were a hellish time of rape and human trafficking, nevertheless, both reached the Mongolian border and were able to get a flight to South Korea. Finding freedom at last, Yeonmi Park is free to speak out against the North Korean government on South Korean television, NK News and social media. She doesn’t hold back her disdain for the human rights abuses she witnessed and the starvation that is so prevalent in her former home.