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Build it and they will come, right? That’s exactly what Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, founders of the classroom communication platform Class Dojo, did. After several conversations with teachers, students and parents, the idea was born. The tool, currently used in 2 in 3 schools in the US and in 180 other countries, fosters effective regular communication between parents & teachers about how students are behaving and performing in the classroom. And it’s changing the game from the ground-up.

Founded in 2011, the free app – that’s right, free – is effectively creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools. In its infancy, the app’s primary focus was on communicating with parents about students’ behavior – awarding children with points when they behaved well or put a new skill into practice. That has since evolved into teachers being able to send photo and video messages to parents of activities going on in the classroom. This idea of daily communication between parents and teachers, versus the once a semester parent-teacher conference, is one that makes you wonder, “why didn’t anyone think of this sooner?”

As a parent that has actually experienced Class Dojo firsthand, I have nothing but praise for it. And my experience was about 2 years ago – before the sharing of video and photo messages. Nonetheless, I checked the app every day to see what kind of day my son (6 years old at the time) was having – and he knew it. Not only was I very much engaged with the app, my son was too. He would get excited when he had a great day and asked me to check it when I picked him up from school. As a better alternative to email, Class Dojo was a quick and easy way for his teacher and I to communicate. The sense of connection, as well as empowerment, that it creates between teacher, student and parent is unmatched. So much so, that this school year I found myself missing it when my son moved to a school that does not currently use it.

Since its inception 5 years ago, Class Dojo has not only increased parent engagement but that of students as well. That increased engagement has led to the introduction of a series of animated videos on growth mindset, which aims to affect students’ perceptions of themselves as learners. Helping them develop and strengthen their intelligence and their ability to learn, and dispelling the notion that either you’re “born smart” or you’re not. A concept that speaks to the passion the company was founded on: to make education better around the world. Chaudhary and Don, I think you’re onto something.


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IAP Worldwide Services is a pioneering global logistics company that provides private and public sector services all over the world.

Since 1953, IAP Worldwide Services has provided a professional support staff to arrive at a moments notice to battlefields, military bases and other areas where chaos exists. Today, over 1,600 employees provide governmental services, infrastructure services, power solutions, aviation engineering and IT communications.

When disaster strikes, IAP is there to manage, maintain and coordinate every step of the way. Not only does IAP deliver the people but the tools to succeed. Technology and program support is the number one priority. The largest problems are solved by using prove and time-tested methods.

IAP has had a number of milestones over the years. In 1989, new methods of energy efficiency were created by innovative methods. Other history-making services include providing support for troops during Desert Storm, holding over $370 million in government contracts and acquiring the British engineering 3G Systems.

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IAP’s mission relies upon focus, agility, capability, commitment and values. The company offers expertise and is dedicated to sustainability and readiness. The company is dedicated to treating customers in a fair manner and helping communities regain wholeness. IAP has a strong commitment to veterans and hires them regularly. In fact, about 30% of the company’s workers are made up of veterans. IEP trains veterans, and the company is also the perfect vehicle for them to utilize their military skills.

One example of IAP’s community dedication is the partnership with United Way and other charitable organizations. They have initiated food drives, literacy programs and fundraisers to help local citizens.

IAP is environmentally conscious. The company relies heavily upon green energy and uses natural resources when possible. Buildings are constructed with LEED materials, which prevents carbon emissions from going into the atmosphere and causing damage.

IAP’s corporate leadership consists of 12 highly-trained and trusted professionals who oversee administrative duties, global support, engineering, legal counsel and additional support staff. IAP partners with a number of suppliers and corporations that are equally committed to solving the often complex problems of clients. The additional services and expertise are highly valued.

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I have always been interested in social apps because I do not really like meeting people in person. I do feel I am a social person but, like others, I do tend to be a little shy at first. Some social apps (the better ones at least) have helped me tremendously, but I always felt like something was missing; then I found Skout. It felt like the people behind the app were reading my mind. I have to say that I was very excited about finding them, especially now that I am heading off to college.

The idea behind Skout is kind of cool. It basically lets you connect with people wherever you are. There are a lot of people who are already using the app. A few options on the app help you find people who are near you like at a party or club. You can chat, exchange notes, or even pictures to feel the person out a bit before making a physical connection. The app separates adults from teenagers to keep things at the right age range, too. It pretty much takes care of keeping a meeting safe, and it really makes it easier for people like me to meet people where ever I am.
I am especially excited about using this app for college. I know that many people meet new friends at college. In fact, I read that 72 percent of college students met good friends during the first week of college. I am not sure that I am going to be one of those people. I think I belong to the 59 percent of students who are a little worried about making friends during their freshmen year of college. Keep in mind that I know no one at this college. I know that I am not alone, as I did read that many people go to college without knowing anyone, but that does not mean I am not scared. I’m glad I found Skout, which I downloaded almost immediately.

One thing that was great to read was Skout just took out a study regarding some of the friendliest schools around. I was a little worried because I had already chosen the school that I was going to attend, but thankfully the school I am going to is in Boulder, Colorado, and it turned out to be one of the friendliest college towns according to Skout. There are others of course that include San Francisco, California and New York City, New York just to name a few. I am definitely excited about this new chapter in my life.

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For over thirty years Michael Zomber has been a historian and a gun collector. He has also featured on the Gun Series, History Channels Tales, sharing his knowledge and expertise. The series had episodes that touch on his areas of knowledge like Guns of the Orient, Guns of The Famous, Dueling Pistols, Automatic Pistols, Shotguns and a Million Dollar Guns.

Michael Zomber is also a recognized authority on the Japanese Samurai swords. He has even produced a documentary film on the same called Soul of the Samurai where he speaks about some of the Samurai practices and customs. Michael and his wife Andrea own a producing company Renascent Films LLC, where they together made the film.

Zomber is also a great story teller. He has written seven screenplays and published four novels. His writings Sweet Betsy and Son of Kentucky are about the old war times. Zomber talks about the history of Japan in the 17th century, in his book, Soul of the Samurai. Park Avenue is an exciting look into the highly developed world of art and business among the powerful and the richest. The novel Jesus and the Samurai gives a brief history of how Christianity was originally received in Japan.

Shogun Lemitsu is a book that looks into War and love life in the 17th century in Tokuwaga, Japan. As a historian, Zomber has vast knowledge on the painful experiences of war. This has led to his steadfast support for organizations like Doctors without Borders, UNICEF, Global Exchange and Amnesty International, whose mission is to preach and embrace peace.

Michael Zomber graduated from the University of Illinois with a Degree in English and Psychology. He later did his Masters in English Literature at UCLA. Zomber’s wife is behind his screenplays as she played a big role encouraging him to write and this is how he ended up writing several novels.

Apart from novels, Zomber has produced a full-length documentary film; he Soul of the Samurai, and written a television series and full screenplay; Shogun Lemitsu. Michael and his wife Andrea have two children Gabriella, and Christopher. They reside on the outside of Philadelphia along the great Chesapeake Bay. Zomber is a native of Washington DC.

Beneful is a brand of dog food from Purina. It is a popular brand among all dog owners everywhere. Known for it’s exceptional quality and health benefits for dogs and puppys, Beneful is made with high quality ingredients. Dogs enjoy the many different tasty flavors that Beneful has to offer while benefiting from it’s health benefits. Beneful has different types of dog food available in it’s line of products. They make dry dog food, such as “Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals”. This Amazon available brand in particular comes in a varieity of different flavors and ingredients that dogs are sure to love. Among those in this product in particular is the chicken flavored, which is made with real chicken from farm raised chickens and blended with healthy whole grains as well as vegatbles like carrots, tomatoes and avocados. A similar dog food that Beneful offers from it’s brand of dry dog food is the “Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals” made with real salmon. This product offers a twist to the similar chicken flavored dog food and has similar ingredients but is made with real salmon instead of chicken. The salmon is comined with other healthy ingredients such as sweet potatoes, green beans and carrots making it an extremely healthy choice that dogs can benefit from. Beneful produces a wet dog food product as well, one of those being “Beneful Wet Dog Food Incredibites”. It comes in a variety of flavors, one in particular is made with real beef offering great flavor that dogs love. Besides real beef as a main ingredient it is combined with tomatoes, carrots and wild rice as well. Other flavors in this line of product include salmon flavored Incredibites which is made from real salmon, tomatoes and wild rice. Another popular product that Beneful has in it’s wet dog food brand is the “Beneful Wet Dog Food Chopped Blends [click here:]”. It makes a great choice for dog owners who feed their dogs wet dog food, it is made with a savory blend of beef, carrots, peas and barley. These products offer high quality ingredients and are packed with flavor. Beneful products can often be found on leading supermarkets like Wal-Mart.



Every day I find myself googling Donald Trump. It’s not that I think he’s going to be this amazing president some day but it’s because I am always curious about what crazy things he has to say. Every day something else he has said pops up in my news feed and I find myself shaking my head simply because I can’t believe someone would be so willing to say such crazy things on such a huge platform as potential president of the United States. It’s unbelievable at times how he has no filter and doesn’t care what it does to his reputation.

I actually think many online brand reputation sites were created to help people just like him. People who talk entirely too much. Who can’t seem to stay out of trouble and who most importantly can’t seem to keep themselves out of the negative news because they are always willing to say whatever comes to their mind first, it’s sad actually but that’s who Trump is and that’s how many arrogant business owners today are and they don’t for a moment think twice of how it can impact their bottom line.

Recently, a new company came to the forefront to save the lives of people like Trump who can’t seem to stay out of the media. Meet BBA or Bury Bad Articles. They do just what their names says, they bury bad articles. They don’t delete them they just make sure that whatever negative articles are out there will be instantly buried in the search engine if hired by your company. A dream come true online.

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With a wide variety of products sold on Wal-Mart at affordable prices, Beneful Dog Food and Treats by PurinaStore are a must for any doting dog owner on a budget. Let’s go over just a few of their products:
Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals with real beef: This dry dog food is a great staple in any dog’s diet. It includes all essential nutrients determined by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). Not only are you guaranteed to give your dog ample nutrients, but nothing can beat the strong flavor of real beef to satisfy your dog’s palate.

Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Weight with real chicken: There are many reasons why a dog can become overweight. Swapping out your dog’s regular dry food for specially formulated Beneful Healthy Weight is the perfect addition to a canine weight loss plan. Plus, with the real chicken flavor, your dog won’t even miss the old kibble. In fact, you may find that they gobble down even more!

Beneful Wet Dog Food Beef & Chicken Medley: Many owners find themselves searching for some wet dog food. But how does a doting owner decide on which delectable meat to choose from? With Beneful’s Beef & Chicken Medley, you don’t have to choose! As part of the Prepared Meals collection, this delicacy comes in a 10 oz resealable container perfect for smaller pups or owners who want to spread the treat out over a few meals.

Beneful Dog Treats Baked Delights Hugs [] with beef and cheese: Every dog deserves a little treat now and again. But like all other things that their dog eats, doting owners want their dogs to get the highest quality. Beneful Hugs are a great way to give your dog the little bonus they deserve with real ingredients and the delectable taste of beef and cheese that any pooch will love.

With a wide variety of products, it’s clear that Beneful dog food products help owners satisfy all of their dog’s meal needs while filling them with real ingredients and beneficial nutrients.


No matter what type of business you have, no matter what products you are selling, this presentation presented by CEO and Founder Bob Reina will help you on your way to success. When it comes to your business, every business needs customers and a way to market your products to those customers. If you are looking to improve your marketing strategies, Talk Fusion products will help boost your sales and help you make a profit. Talk Fusion’s products will help bring your ideal customers in and keep them coming back.

Talk Fusion is an all-in-one video marketing solution. The products at Talk Fusion are inexpensive, user friendly, and will help put your brand out there for others to find. Talk Fusion offers such products as video email, video newsletters, video chat, and live meetings. These video products helps potential customers see who you are and what your products are all about. Talk Fusion products are a great way to connect with your customers around the world and keep them coming back for more. You can promote your products, mention sales and promotions, and even send a video thank you email. It is all about those little touches that make your customers appreciate the time you take to make them feel special.

Bob Reina’s vision is to help make business owners more successful by providing easy to use products. Bob strongly believes that the harder you work, the greater your responsibility becomes. Even though you might have to work hard to keep up and maintain your business, the process should be made easy with Talk Fusion products. Bob wants to see every business become a success, which is why he provides these user friendly products. These products are also compatible with mobile devices.

Bob also believes in the power of giving back to communities, charities, and even friends and family. He has donated to his local animal shelter to help give animals a second chance. Bob is passionate about helping others out and will do all that he can to make sure they are taken care of in the best possible way.


Shaygan Kheradpir is a coveted business guru especially on matters concerning information systems. His reputation in this industry precedes him. Consequently, various firms such as Coriant have hired his expertise, knowledge and experience in steering the operations of the company to better and innovative heights. Fiercetelecom released the appointment news stating that Kheradpir had moved to Coriant after developing close ties with the top management team during his early days as an Operating Partner of the Marlin Equity Partners.


Coriant has established itself as a global networking solutions provider. It mostly deals with IP and Optical transport systems. The Marlin Equity Partners is credited for forming the networking giant through the integration of diverse networks, which include Nokia Siemens optical unit, Tellabs, as well as Sycamore Networks.

The company currently boasts of an overwhelming customer base, which exceeds 500 across the globe in terms of service providers. The customers include government agencies, data and cloud operators, utility companies as well as financial institutions. With the increased number of competitors in the market, Coriant has sorted the best in the industry to help it grow further in comparison to its competitors. Some of its competitors include Infinera, Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, and Ciena.

Shaygan’s Role in Coriant

Shaygan appointment into the position of CEO and Chairman of Coriant’s Boards comes as a move to succeed Pat DiPietro. In this post, he is expected to boost the sales of various services and products such as packet-optical systems to different top carriers across the globe. This also includes promoting the performance of the company in international markets. The information was mentioned on BC Exploration

Reasons why Kheradpir was Suitable for the Job

Shaygan Kheradpir has an incredible resume that spans more than 28 years in executive capacities. His experience revolves around various sectors such as the financial service, telecom as well as technology. He has served in diverse companies such as GTE Laboratories, where his career took shape. In GTE, he worked in the management and network routing department before Bell Atlantic and GTE merged to create Verizon. His roles in Verizon are reminisced to date, as his team was responsible for branching out Verizon’s offerings such as automation services and new telecommunication.

Kheradpir has also served at Barclays where he helped to develop the Pingit mobile payments service. Further, he boasts of an impressive academic record that includes a bachelors, masters and doctorate in electrical engineering from Cornell University. He also owns various telecom and media industry patents. In the past, he has served in distinct boards such as the Cornell University Engineering Council.

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