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Gold is one of the safest investments that investors can use to balance their portfolio on Over time, gold is a great hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty. A lot of people are worried about the current economic environment. With the price of oil hitting record lows, many companies want to reduce expenses and increase profits. Often times, this comes at the expense of workers. There are a lot of people who want safe investments to park their money. The great thing about gold is that it goes down when economic uncertainty is high. Over the long term, this is a great way to protect yourself from bad economic data.

Working With The Midas Touch

Investing in gold is a complicated subject that few people truly understand. Over the past few years, a lot of people have come out in support of investing in gold due to the policies of the Federal Reserve. With interest rates at record lows, there are a lot of people who will be looking for ways to earn a higher return. Low interest rates are great for people who borrow a lot of money in The Midas Legacy. However, when it comes to people who save and invest, low interest rates are not a good thing. Working with The Midas Legacy will allow you to understand how to invest in gold for your benefit. A lot of people do not realize all of the benefits of investing in gold. Working with an expert in your field is a great way to hedge yourself against economic uncertainty. Over time, there are a lot of people who have been able to earn a high return working with us.

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How to Invest in Gold

There are a variety of ways to invest in gold. Not only can you buy physical gold, but you can also buy stock of gold related companies. This is a great way to take the next step in your investing career. Many of these gold stocks pay dividends and allow you to participate in higher earnings as well. This is the best of both worlds for gold investors on, and it is important that you understand all of the benefits associated with this as well. Gold is a great place to invest your money if you are worried about what the market is going to do in the future. There are a lot of people putting money in this area as the stock market shows weakness.

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Steve Murray, the former Chief Executive Officer and President of CCMP Capital passed away on March 2015 after an illness. He was 52 years old. Before he died, Murray had stepped down from his position as the CEO of CCMP Capital one month prior to his death citing health reasons.

His predecessor, Greg Brenneman, expressed his sincere condolences to the Murray family on behalf of the entire company. In his short speech, Brenneman said that the entire firm was extremely saddened by the news of Murray’s death and passed his condolences to the deceased’s wife and sons. According to Brenneman, Murray cherished his family a lot.

Founding Partner of CCMP Capital

Steven Murray was a founding partner of the financial firm. He was a great and strategic deal maker and investor whose shrewd investment deals bore numerous profits for the firm. Murray spent a better part of his successful career working in private equity.

Murray worked for CCMP Capital and its predecessors for over 25 years. He gained immense experience and knowledge working in the financial sector. This experience became invaluable at CCMP Capital since its successful spin-off from JPMorgan Partners. Learn more about Steve Murray:

Education and Working Career

Steve Murray joined Boston College to study economics and graduated in 1984. After graduation, he successfully applied and got accepted at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation’s training program for credit analysts. Later in 1989, he graduated from the Columbia Business School with a Master’s degree in BA. In the same year, he secured employment at MH Equity Corporation. The company had merged with Manufacturers Hanover and had leveraged the later company’s finance unit.

After two years, Chemical Bank acquired Manufacturers Hanover, while chemical Venture Partners entered into a merger with MH Equity. In 1996, chase Manhattan Corporation entered into a merger with Chemical bank while Chemical Venture Partners became known as Chase Capital Partners. Read more: Stephen Murray, The Great Investor and Deal Maker for CCMP Capital

In the year 2005, Murray headed a group of partners that bought out of the then JPMorgan Partners. The spinout group founded a company called CCMP Partners. They chose the initials CCMP to represent the previous heritage of companies that came together over the years to eventually form JPMorgan Partners. In 2007, Murray was selected as the new CEO of CCMP Partners.

Steve Murray served on several boards of major companies and institutions including AMC Entertainment, Legacy Hospital Partners, Pinnacle Foods, Aramark, Generac Power Systems, Warner Chilcott, Cabela’s and Vitamin Shoppe.

Steven Murray supports several philanthropic ventures including Columbia Business School, Stamford Museum, Lower Fairfield County’s Food Bank and Metro New York’s Make-A-Wish Foundation.

If you have ever gone to apply for a job, network with others, or even just want to be seen in the public or private sector as someone who knows what they are doing, then you may just fear your past. Whether they are pictures from college, a bad weekend of a bachelor or bachelorette party, or even something as simple as the way you used to look with a funny haircut or when you had a different weight, once information about you and your past gets onto the internet it can be nearly impossible to hide from. That’s why you need to know the best strategy for getting rid of the prior results about your past and prior life.

The one strategy that many people have been using is Bury Bad Articles. Bury Bad Articles is not just an organization that specializes in specific tips and tricks in order to make your general reputation a lot better looking, but they are also an organization that understands people. When it comes down to the many times in life you want to keep certain information private, hide other information, and even make sure others is removed entirely whether for legal purposes or just due to the general embarrassment of it all, Bury Bad Articles completely understands how to work with people. Your information being locked up and your privacy being restored is the ultimate goal. And, while certain situations may need to have specific strategies involved, if you work with the professionals at Bury Bad Articles, then you can receive the long term results of protected information that you wish to have.

At the end of the day your privacy is your natural right. It doesn’t matter what the reasons are with respect to motivation. Nobody deserves to have your private info, and if you want it gone then you should have the ability to make sure it is either removed entirely or at least hidden. The most important decision you can make is to work with the professionals at a top organization such as Bury Bad Articles in order to make sure they are pushed down in search results and they are never found again.

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Malini Saba is an entrepreneur, businessperson, philanthropist, and investor. Malina has made her fortune out of many ventures she has done during her career. Saba has invested in a wide range of sectors across the globe. In the United States, Malini has invested in technology companies which are currently doing very well businesswise. Apart from that, she has also invested in real estate and oil and gas in many regions of the globe.

The amount of cash she currently owns has allowed her to take part in a number of philanthropic activities which have been of help mainly to women. She has started a nonprofit organization meant to help those women earning minimum wage to be able to afford decent lives for themselves and their children. The entity is known as “Stree: Global Investments in Women.”

The organization is operating in Africa, Central America, Eastern Europe and India. Many women have been empowered through this organization. Apart from that, she has also been taking part in other philanthropic activities which include the donation of $1 million to start the Heart research center in her homeland South Asia.

People do not know where Saba’s investment journey started. In the early 1990s, she started as a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley where she invested in many startups. She invested in more than 20 Ventures and a number of them became very successful after some years. A number of the firms that were very successful include PayPal. This is a money transfer company which offer its service to clients all over the globe. EBay recently acquired the entity. She also invested in Netscreen Technologies which was later sold to Juniper for roughly $4 billion.

Being an entrepreneur Malini Saba has been studying the market thus, being in a better position of doing wise investments which offers outstanding cash flows in the future. She has primarily majored in the commodity market which although she admits it’s sometimes risky she has never given up and she is always search for the next big thing. Saba currently owns thousands of hectares of farms with rice. The market base of this foodstuff has been growing every single day all over the globe. This has been catalyzed by the increase in the number of people getting into the middle class. Apart from her career, she is also a mother who cares a lot about her family and the local community.


If you went around and asked 100 hundred people if they were happy with their job, chances are you would get some very, very interesting responses, to say the least. I would go out on a limb and say that most people are not happy at their jobs. However, food isn’t going to put itself on the table, so they have to work the jobs regardless. Maybe when they were younger, they had big dreams and big aspirations. However, things didn’t work out the way they had planned for whatever reason. They wish they could go back in time and pursue what really puts a smile on their face and what really gets them motivated and excited to start each and every day.

With Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion, that is now a reality. Nowadays, it is not unusual or frowned up to work from home or have a job that requires you be in front of a computer with an idea and a passion project of yours. There is no need to hold back anymore and there is no need to hide it. With Talk Fusion, you can make that life goal a reality. Gone are the days where you have to pretend to be happy at your job or deal with a difficult or hard-nosed boss. You can do anything that you set your mind to thanks to video conferences and video emails.

It allows for easy communication and easy ways to spread the name of your brand. Here is the best news: you can be your own boss. You can set your own hours. You can spend more time with your family and you can enjoy them. You can work when you want to work and go on vacations when you want to go on vacations. Your life is now your life and you are in complete control of it and nothing can stop you or get in your way. That is the vision and the plan that Bob Reina had when he started Talk Fusion and he is beyond proud to see where it is today and where it will be years from now.




Who said it is impossible to be bold yet feminine? It is okay to be unique, totally unlike anyone else. Color is the epitome of fun and simply being care free. Entrepreneur, Doe Deere, has made this fact evident with her colorful cosmetic line, Lime Crime.
The seed for Lime Crime was planted in 2004 when Deere registered her eBay account for her new fashion line. Around this time, bright colors were almost non-existent, and she felt like they would coincide perfectly with her brand. She started out sewing cloths, and it was extremely difficult finding make-up to accompany them. Finally in 2008, the dream became a reality, when Lime Crime was launched.
Doe Deere’s cosmetic line specializes in beautiful, bright and vibrant colors. She is inspired by her unicorns, which is her customers. Unicorns embrace differences that make them unique. Lime Crime has bold lipsticks and awesome metallic eyeshadows. The line’s wet to matte lippy is very popular and in high demand because of her array of unusual hues. This line was not created just to enhance features but to have fun. It is for those who love to paint vivid pictures in expressing themselves. It encourages people to live out loud.
Her unusual hues are perfect for the online market and was launched at a time when it was unheard of. She was once told that it would never work due to women not being able to try the colors on. She was persistent and now, her company is well known. Deere was named Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine.
Deere was born in Russia and raised in New York. She stated in an interview that she was always a creative child. It seems that Deere never wanted to be boxed in. She believes that rules are meant to be broken when it comes to fashion and make-up. It is about what feels good in that moment.
Deere believes in empowering other female entrepreneurs. Her success is attributed to treating others like you would want to be treated and being appreciative. She remains optimistic in her business practices as well. She is always open to give advice and answer questions on Instagram from other entrepreneurs starting out.
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