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July 19, 2016, Miami PRNewswire/ Danilo Diaz Granados this summer presented yet another incredible entertainment event for super stinking rich guest in Miami. The event featured an elegant cuisine, helicopter rides, express reviews, sunset boat ride and a moment at the race track among other. Danilo is known for making creative events and has held many hyper-sensory events for distinguished guests.

Danilo states that he wanted to create an event that would be a lifetime experience full of beautiful memories. Further, says that men in Miami now have a place to check the most fantastic products and venues.

The hand-picked guests at this summer were privileged to have an affectionate breakfast at Dame Zaha Hadid’s One Thousand Museum Sales Centre. Here there were acknowledged on the highly anticipated residential building in the prosperous Biscayne area of Miami.

The primary goal and objective of the event were to offer an incredible opportunity to connect with art, cuisine, and entertainment worthy of extravagant lifestyle of Miami.

The guest enjoyed a 30 min helicopter ride accompanied by their host Danilo at Palm Beach Race Track. Here everyone had a chance to spin around the Track. Upon their return from the Track, they were received with a glass of Dom Perignon Champagne. Lunch later followed at River Yatch Club which was hosted by Dom Perignon.

The day was then wrapped up with a beautiful sunset boat ride in the bay. The guest also had a chance to test the newest boats sponsored by Van Dutch and Technomar.

The unforgettable day on land, sea, and air was organized by Danilo Diaz Granados with alongside his associates and their top companies. Some of the sponsors of this extraordinary event included Van Dutch Americas, Gryphon Racing, Air Commander Aerospace and One Thousand Museum.

Danilo Diaz attended Babson College in Wellesley Massachusetts, and he graduated with a degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship. Later on, Danilo decided to move to Miami and pursued his career by venturing into entrepreneurship. Danilo is a man with a mission, and he has continually hosted several affluent guests in Miami.

Litigation is when two or more groups or individuals (parties) are entangled within a legal disagreement where the parties wish to be compensated with a sum of money or a certain action/s instead of criminal penalties or custody. A litigator is a lawyer who is legally qualified to represent any of the parties at a courtroom in the presence of a judge or legal administrator. To become a litigator, an individual must fulfill some educational requirements. Litigators must first earn a credited Bachelor’s Degree. They must then complete a degree in law from a recognized law school. Finally, a litigator must be licensed to practice within the legal field. The license is permitted after passing a bar exam.

Litigation Process

The litigation process involves investigation, pleadings, discovery, pre-trial, trial, settlement and appeal. First of all, litigators conduct pre-claimed investigations where they may interview witnesses, gather evidence, prepare related notes, etc. The, on behalf of plaintiffs, litigators usually draft pleadings. From the defense’ side, litigators investigate complaints and create responses against them. For discovery, litigators assist attorneys with research and drafts and organizations, basically so that more can be learned about the case. In the pre-trial phase, litigators act as a communication link between the teams on trial and third parties.

During trials, litigators assist attorneys with maintaining important case related documents. They also help the court select jury members. During settlement litigators often handle settlement papers and deal with the proposed negotiations. Litigators are most helpful in identifying flaws or weaknesses in previous case verdicts during the appeal phase.

Karl Heideck – An Attorney with Specialization in Litigation

Karl Heideck Specializes in Litigation

Karl Heideck Litigation Expert

Karl Heideck is an expert attorney with specialization in legal areas of litigation, risk management review and compliance. Karl Heideck’s legal career had begun at the Greater Philadelphia Area. At a period of 8 months from January 2010 to August 2010, Heideck was an Associate at Conrad O’Brien. He began developing an experience in commercial litigation and complex litigation by representing esteemed corporate clients and noted figures. For three years and seven months since October 2010, Heideck served as the Project Attorney at Pepper Hamilton LLP. There, he had developed into a comprehensive, detailed oriented, exclusive quality control specialist.

It has been one year and ten months since Karl Heideck has moved to Wilmington, Delaware in the April of 2015. There, he is pursuing his current position as a Contract Attorney at Hire Counsel.

At his current role, Karl Heideck supervises discovery materials for banking related litigation involving securities, frauds, liquidity statuses, risk evaluations, acquisitions, and transactions.

View Karl Heideck’s Soundcloud for more information.

Many people wonder how they can control what other people see about them on the internet when Google makes the algorithms that determine how well they are seen. This is the wrong mindset to be in when you are thinking about your online reputation and visibility. Yes, Google determines how easily you are noticed, but that determination depends on you and how much of an online presence you have. You are in control of what is seen about you, and Google is in control, by way of their algorithms, of how it is seen.

So, focusing on what you can control is the first step in having a good online reputation. Depending on who you are, much of the content a person see’s online that is concerning you is a direct result of what you have done both online and off. explains that negative reviews or comments concerning you that were written by someone else, is obviously out of your control. What you can control is how easily that content is seen. You can control this by making positive reviews or comments about yourself, easier for Google to pick up and put on the first few results pages. There are two ways to do this, with one way being easier than the other.

First, when you start noticing the bad press about yourself or your business, start inundating the web with content that shows you in a more favorable light. If you see five instances of negativity, put up 10 articles, blog posts, advertisements, reviews, etc., that are positive in nature and make sure the content has keywords and images that are popular with Google. The second and easier way of doing this, is hiring a company that will “hide” negative press for you. Just let the positive aspects stand as they are while someone else cleans up the dirt.


A FreedomPop review may be tantalizing enough to a customer to get them to not only get purchase one service but several. A family who needs wireless services may not all want the same services from FreedomPop because everyone may have different needs. The child can use the free cell phone service because they may only need to be able to call their parents and loved ones. The parents who are always on the go can use the unlimited everything plan, which gives them all the data, talk, and texts that they need for only $19.99.


There may even be a teenager who can use the unlimited plan for $10.99 that comes with unlimited talk and text but has limited data. Even with the limited data on this plan, it’s still a great deal for anyone because it costs very little and can utilize Wi-Fi services as well. FreedomPop has so much to offer, whether it’s for a family who needs wireless services, or if it’s for a single person who needs services for their own reasons. The cell phone services offered from FreedomPop can be accommodated on a Sprint phone that’s transferred to FreedomPop or on any GSM phone with no network lock.


Anyone who currently has their own cell phone that they may have purchased from a different service provider can always use it on the FreedomPop network, but removing the network lock is imperative and must be done via a code or through the unlock application that may be installed in the phone. Once the phone is unlocked, the GSM phone can be brought over to FreedomPop, and a sim card can be purchased for the phone. FreedomPop is very accommodating with their sim card because it comes in several sizes.


Even though one card is shipped out, the sim card can be cut out into the size that is needed for any GSM phone, making it very convenient for anyone who has a smartphone that has a particular sized sim card. The sim cards are also cheap and may be purchased for as little as $0.99. Another great thing to mention about the sim card is the fact that it enables any FreedomPop customer to use their phone in other countries overseas, which means that they’ll no longer have to worry about roaming charges from the FreedomPop company when they use their phone plan.

Handy was founded in 2012 by Hanrahan and Dua. The two were driven by the need to come up with a practical solution to an old-age problem of finding qualified and trusted household service providers. Their common goal led to the establishment of Handybook, a platform to link individuals in need of home services with top-quality professionals. Handy takes pride of providing quality home services, quick booking process, secure payments, 100 percent money-back guarantee as well as providing thousands of qualified individuals with job opportunities. home-cleaning services demands are quickly increasing. The company holds its weekly meeting every Tuesday at its New York City headquarters. Being the CEO, Hanrahan is always afraid of Tuesdays since he is responsible to any failure recorded especially when the magical growth being experienced in the company. In early 2016, the CEO had recommended for a change in the way the company brought on new workers. Hanrahan had proposed that they implement an online on boarding process. However, Umang Dua insisted that it was not worth taking a shot since he felt that the applicants still needed some human assistance. Dua also thought that since the idea had been proposed back in 2014 before the company halted its expansion plans, it was not worth a second chance. But after a few considerations, the two co-founders decided to test their new online system in Miami and Washington D.C. The new project recorded positive results, and the two co-founders were on the verge of authorizing its implementation in all its markets when the company closed its $50 million Series C venture capital funding.

The closure of the venture funding resulted in a new capital which meant an additional financial cushion hence a form of relief. However, the closure also said some difficulties finding new investors. Faced with little funding, Hanrahan and Dua decided that rolling out online onboarding system would work best in solving the problem. According to the CEO, the online system would save the company millions of dollars a year. Hanrahan was right since, within a short period, the number of customers had surpassed that of their available pros. As a result, the company was forced to cancel thousands of bookings.

In 2014, the company had decided to halt its expansion projects and instead improve the already existing 28 markets. The decision was risky but when viewed in the long-run it was the path to significant profits. Currently, Handy has more customer density in the market due to the improvements such as the self-serve platforms and the chatbots which result to happy clients in the end. According to the two co-founders, happy customers means more referrals and hence more job opportunities for the qualified personnel as well as significant profits for the company. The two CEOs boldly agree to the fact that if Handy had not stopped its market expansion in 2014, the company would still be struggling to survive in the industry.