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Roberto Santiago is a shrewd entrepreneur and businessman based in Brazil. At 58 years old, he is a healthy and fit man who is known for his passion for sporting and exercising. In fact, he is a pro at motor crossing and kart and has several trophies to show for it.

Like most entrepreneurs Roberto Santiago’s journey to success has been long and interesting. It began with his studies which have undoubtedly contributed to his success in business. His business studies started at the Pio X Marist College. He then proceeded to receive his degree in Business Administration Studies at the University Center of Joao Pessoa in Brazil.

His professional life, on the other hand, began at the Café Santa Rosa in the hotel and catering industry. However, it was not until he ventured into the cartonnage industry that his career kicked off. He invested in his cartonnage company that specialized in designing a wide range of utilitarian and decorative objects.

As an entrepreneur, Roberto Santiago owns one of the most contemporary shopping centers

in Joao Pessoa: the Mangeira Shopping Mall. However, he is best known for founding the Manaira shopping mall located in Joao Pessoa. Read more articles on

Roberto Santiago’s Current Business Endeavors

Roberto Santiago has dedicated much of his time and resources to the development of his Manaira shopping mall. It is reputedly one of the best malls in the city offering a bit of everything from fashion to cuisine and everything between. The shopping mall features several stores that sell a wide range of products and services. Here you will find everything including electronics, furniture, sportswear, books, and jewelry among others.

One of the most prominent facilities in the mall is the Cinepolis movie theatre. It not only airs the latest movies in HD and 3D but also features a serene and convenient stadium seating system that guaranteed comfortable, unhindered watching. The movie theatre is rivaled only by the Domus Hall. This vast hall hosts a wide range of fun activities including festivals, art fairs, and concerts. It is also a great place to enjoy cultural diversity thanks to its influx of tourists and locals.

Shoppers can also enjoy a meal or drink in one of the several restaurants in the mall. The restaurants vary in their settings ranging from fine dining to fast food eateries. Some of the dishes served include hamburgers, steak, pasta, Chinese food, and local delicacies. There is also a bar where revelers can socialize over drinks. Visit TripAdvisor to read more.

While Vijay Eswaran has made a really successful and huge business with the Qi Group, he has also found himself making a lot of impact in the lives of others with the initiatives that he has put forth. The central purpose of his business is to help others. He wants to give to the less fortunate so that they will have a better chance to succeed and make life better for the next generation. He has carefully picked out every product and service with the sole purpose of making things better for different cultures and individuals.

Another central purpose to Vijay’s career is helping people grow to greater levels of being. He is also very spiritually inclined and is willing to help people recognize and appreciate the spiritual values such as service and leading by example. He wants people to have the opportunity to actualize themselves. One of the ways they can achieve this is by taking time to get to know themselves. At the same time, they can provide services to others so that they will not only benefit others, but improve their sense of self worth. Offering and providing services for others is one of the best ways to improve one’s own sense of self worth.

Vijay Eswaran is also a public speaker. For one thing, he has a lot of insights that could help people take their lives to the next level. One issue that people are faced with is many different emotional issues that could bring their lives down. However, contributing to the improvement of other people’s lives is something that could help bring forth the needed change in one’s sense of worth. Vijay also offers people opportunities for earning money by participating in the direct selling opportunities. Vijay wants to encourage people in living in ways that fulfill everyone.

Brazil is the fifth biggest net buyer and ranks at number nine on the list of world economies by size. It is the largest country by size. Recently, Brazil has been in the headlines for sports including hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2014. They later hosted the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

Big things are synonymous with Brazil having a massive infrastructure and a developing market-based economy. Banking and investment opportunities are also big. Giving finance and investment advice in his native country gives Igor Cornelsen great pleasure.

An experienced and retired banker, Igor Cornelsen has gained knowledge and skills that are essential for new investors in the Brazilian economy. There are also a few things to know about the financial sector in Brazil.

First, in such a big country, mainstream banks are less than ten with Citi being at the top. These have strong positions and very competitive products on Facebook.

Secondly, the financial industry in Brazil is ready for long overdue economic policy reforms.

The current administration is poised to deliver that like the recently appointed Finance Minister Joaquin Levy, is considered economy friendly and with a better understanding of the dynamics of the world’s ninth largest economy on Tumblr.

Thirdly, China is a household name in Brazil as well as its largest trading partner. It’s important to understand the interactions properly at Lastly, it is highly believed that the currency is over-valued. In addition, there is foreign currency handling restrictions that are considered a tad bit tight so be ready.

As an investment banker, Igor Cornelsen is passionate about sharing his experiences in the local market. Igor Cornelsen is also a writer with a blog about investing in Brazil here. Some of his popular tips are shared here. First, make networking your number one priority if you hope to maximize your investment in Brazil. Fortunately, as an entrepreneur, you are in great company because up to a quarter of the population is made up of budding entrepreneurs. Secondly, find a way to work with the system and make it work for you. There is no end to the amount of red tape you can run into if you are not careful so be diligent and do your part.

Newswise just published an article on a New Jersey real estate developer’s decision to support cancer research. Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey has recently announced the creation of a new endowed chair in Genomic Science named for Omar Boraie, a New Brunswick real estate developer who made a $1.5 million contribution to establish the professorship at Rutgers. The new endowed chair is part of a plan by the university to establish 18 such positions at the institute, with an anonymous donor matching each $1.5 million contribution. The university hopes to raise $3 million in total to fund each of the 18 chairs.

The Cancer Institute at Rutgers, the only comprehensive cancer center in New Jersey, is taking genomic sequencing a step further. While there are many universities and research centers studying sequencing for research purposes, Rutgers is one of the first facilities to use it to provide customized treatment to cancer patients. Genomic sequencing has helped to improve the prospects of survival for rare cancers and cancers with high mortality rates. It has also been of great benefit to those who have not responded to other treatment modalities.

According to NJ Biz, these advancements now make it possible for physicians to subdivide cancers into groups based on genetic differences between patients in order to provide a targeted treatment. This approach is vastly improving outcomes in cases that would have been virtually impossible to treat in the past.

According to Mr. Boraie’s statement on NY Times, his motivation for making the donation was the realization that if the precision approach being pioneered at Rutgers were available to all cancer patients, countless lives would be saved. Boraie, who is trained as a chemist and has had a lifelong interest in cancer research, said that just as the anonymous donor who is matching the $1.5 million donations inspired him, he hopes that others will be inspired by his contribution to support the research at the Rutgers Cancer Institute.


Securus Technologies made an announcement in which it proposed to challenge its main competitor GTL. The plan was to have an independent judge determine which company was doing better, in areas such as the sophistication of the telephone platform, product set, and customer service. Richard Smith, the chief executive officer of Securus Technologies, said that GTL lied when they claimed that their technology and customer service was as good as Securus’. He stated that the comparison was unfair because they had done so much to better their company in the past four years. In that period they invested $700 million to acquire companies, develop products and design a state of the art technology center.


Smith added that GTL had done so little to merit the same stage with Securus Technologies. He said they know all about GTL’s products and technology. When compared, Securus Technologies has a larger product set. It also has its employees while GTL mostly outsources, meaning that the customer service they offer is in most cases poor. Many former GTL facility customers who left GTL for Securus said that the latter offers superior customer service and technology. Mr. Smith concluded that it would be best for GTL to decline the challenge and live with the fact that Securus is the customers’ choice.


Securus Technologies is a leading prison-technology company which has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company was founded in 1986, and some of its regional offices are located in Georgia, Allen, and Texas. It has around 1000 employees, and they work with 2600 correctional centers in the U.S. All these correctional facilities depend on easy to use technology solutions offered by Securus. The company has designers, engineers, and technologists who ensure that they provide the best solutions to their customers. Some of the services Securus offers include: connecting the incarcerated to their loved ones, solving investigative puzzles, information management, and inmate self-service.


Investment banking is one of the banking services that are being offered by investment banks all the world. Most of the investment banks are private financial institutions. Investment banks distribute financial products as well as services to various clients including individuals, governments, and corporations. Investment institutions deliver financial related goods and services which include financial capital by underwriting or even acting as an agent to their clients in the case where security is issued. The institutions also help other organization during acquisitions and merging process. They also provide other services such as equity securities, market making, and trading of derivatives.

Unlike commercial banking and retail banking, in investment banking, the institutions do not take deposits. Over the years investment banking has been expanding and changing and the organization can be split into two section private and public sections. Investment institutions offer the following services to their customers.

  • Provide advice: their duty is to give their clients advice on selling and buying of firms, economic risk management, how to purchase financial products, arranging their financial associations as well as raising capital.
  • Finance Provision: investment banks offer loans to corporate as well as buying their shares, and they also help the corporate to find partners to do the same.
  • Trading: the institutions buy sand sell shares, commodities and derivatives and other associated products on behalf of their clients.

To operate as an investment bank, the institutions need to be licensed. There are several investment banks and investment bankers who are well known in the world. Some of the prominent investment bankers include Martin Lustgarten. Martin can be described as an outstanding investment banker who has been very successful in the investment banking field. Mr. Martin who is based in Miami is the Chief Executive Officer and the founder of Lustgarten Martin an investment bank located in Florida. The financial firm is also among the best investment institutions in America’s history.

Martin Lustgarten has been serving in the investment banking sector for a long period and has gained vast experience in various fields including equity trading and exchange of security. Martin is a hardworking individual who has also invested in other nations. He is a major contributor to the investment banking industry and also a great contributor.

There is an interesting problem for millions of Americans who simply cannot cell phones. They may have quite a problem with their communication because they do not feel safe, cannot access the Internet and have no way to keep in touch with loved ones. This FreedomPop review explains how the service has offered something back to the community that helps to safeguard it. Everyone who needs a cell phone will find it when they come to FreedomPop.


#1: How Are The Phone Plans Structured?


Everyone taking a phone plan from FreedomPop will use the phone for free unless they wish to use more than the capped amount on the plan. The company has levied caps on their free plan, but they allow customers to pay more if they wish for extra data, minutes or texts. The plan is quite simple as it allows the customer to choose how much they will pay, and they may keep their plan free if they wish.


#2: How Does The Customer Pay For More?


Someone who has a few dollars to pay for a bit more data may choose the 1GB or 2GB plans from the company which are quite a lot cheaper than the traditional phone companies. FreedomPop has aimed to remain as separate from the rest of the industry as possible, and they are proving so with the plans they offer. The customer who wishes to pay more may not use much data in a certain month, and they will not pay more during that period.


#3: How Does The Company Keep Costs Low?


FreedomPop uses much of their funds to ensure their service is cheaper, and they use their fundraising rounds to ensure they are growing a volume business. They have plenty of customers who are paying, and they wish to pass savings on to those who cannot pay. Their dedication to the pricing plans of their customers is much greater than any other company, and they are showing how simple it is to maintain low prices in the industry.


FreedomPop has proven to be the finest cell phone company in the world. They are offering a cheaper service to every customer, and they are showing the customer how easy it is to manage their money with a cheap cell phone. The phone plans are free in many cases, and customers will find it much simpler to purchase and use phones that were made for their small budget.


Makari (aka) Makari de Suisse is at the pinnacle of the skincare industry thanks to it’s positive brightening affects. People of color now have a “go to” product that produces each and every time of use unlike the products of the past. Makari is setting the industry on fire as it gives you skin that is radiant to the naked eye. This glowing effect comes from the use of fine ingredients such as caviar, carrot oil, argan oil, mulberry root, licorice, citrus, and more.

These are proven ingredients that have been used before and are known about in most black communities. Makari products are designed to give you lighter, more brighterskin without the use of dangerous chemical additives. Users will unlock their beauty, which will give off a sense of confidence. A person’s self esteem comes from how one views his/herself. When your self esteem is high, so is your confidence.

Implementing these luxurious products into your daily routine will create some of the best possible results for brighter skin that lacks age spots, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, and discoloration. Makari is truly the best in a cluttered business.


USHEALTH Group Inc. is a company that aims at giving not only affordable health care that is secure and flexible but health care that meets your specific needs. To offer that tailor made health service USHEALTH utilizes its subsidiaries, the subsidiaries are National Insurance Life Foundation and Freedom Life Insurance. Health cases range from specific diseases/ sickness, accidents, disabilities, dental diseases and USHEALTH comes in with a solution for both families and individuals. The company promises to deliver tailor made plans for its more than 15 million patients as it has always done for 50 years.

It is through understanding that customers have a different need that USHEALTH Group has very unique products offered to them. This is a company that believes each person should have a choice on what is best for them that is why they are so keen in the provision of variety. The company has a large portfolio coverage that promotes customers choice. The designs made by USHEALTH Group through their family of companies show uniquely they are qualified to address individual customer’s needs with an aim of ensuring affordability, reliability as well as flexibility in insurance cover selection.

Customers may have the same need but a very different budget and with the help of the company both customers are guaranteed that product that suits them. Those customers with a budget that is limited the company offer an innovative portfolio product that gives benefits that are the first dollar for those services that are covered and through a broad spectrum offer discounts using substantial networks. This is normally a very unique product for this customer that is afraid of high annual deductions before any benefit is given to them from their insurance plan. The plan offered by USHEALTH is one ensuring a plan that is comprehensive, that still gives first dollar protection and gives what an assurance that is limited would offers.

The POP that is Portfolio of Plans offered by USHEALTH is a portfolio that is not only affordable but flexible. It this portfolio that comes in handy to give customers tailored made products that ensure customer satisfaction.

USHEALTH is a company that not only offer great insurance plans but guarantees a well-organized claim process that is an envy to other health insurance providers. The mission of this great organization is HOPE which stands for Helping Other People Every day. Such a mission works well for the agents contracted independently, for the management as well as for employees. Having a mission that is practiced daily, a company can only achieve excellence and that is why the company has been recognized as one of the companies that give great services in America and indeed it is the trusted choice in America.