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More people are demanding creativity from fashion. However, being creative is often very risky for companies because there is a chance that the new items are not going to sell for any reason. Therefore, the fashion retailers have a dilemma that they have to face. Fortunately, there are ways to tell which items are going to sell. Among the ways to tell whether or not an item is going to sell is by looking at the analytical data on This is very powerful for business in that it clues people in on what types of items they can offer to their customers without worrying about a lot of leftover items.

Among the people that are passionate about making sure that the items are selling in the TechStyle company is Adam Goldenberg. He is the one person who handles all of the technical aspects of his company so that he can maximize the profits of his company. When all is said and done, he is the one to thank when a product line sells well. Goldenberg’s company has been credited as one of the most successful and efficient companies when it comes to selling every item that is offered to the customers.

Another thing that Adam Goldenberg does is make sure that he has a business model that is going to last his business a long time. Adam Goldenberg has looked at the markets and decided on a business model that is going to bring the company into the future. One thing that he has noticed is that a lot of the companies are not taking advantage of the internet world. Therefore, they are not making a lot of money. As a matter of fact, they are losing relevance. Fast fashion companies like H&M have been valuated as dinosaurs. However, the business practices of TechStyle have granted brands like Fabletics a valuation of unicorn.

One of the good things about bring valuated as a unicorn is that it improves the reputation of the company. Therefore, more people are going to want to get involved with the brands and the business models of the brand at

Julia Jackson was born in San Francisco in 1988. Ever since she was a little girl, she remembers her father making her and her siblings pick and sort the grapes that would be used in the family’s quality wines. The family did the work in extremely hot weather, while Jackson’s father explained the value of hard work. Julia says that her father wanted to make sure that his family appreciated their success and never forgot to put in the time and effort it took to achieve professional goals.

Julia also remembers always being interested in wine. Even as a young girl, she enjoy being surrounded with wine and learning about the winemaking process. During the summer and after school, shse worked at many of the Jackson family wineries, and formed a lifelong friendship with the French-speaking daughter of one of the vineyard employees. This friendship motivated Julia to learn more about French culture, and she ended up spending a summer in Bordeaux, where she was able to immerse herself in the process of French winemaking. She also became fluent in French and took a position teaching sixth-graders French while she was in college. Visit to know more about Julia.

Julia now works with the Jackson Family Wines international sales team. She helps to introduce the flavors and notes of wine varieties to a young generation of potential wine enthusiasts, and is happy to continue the family tradition of presenting a top-notch product to consumers.

Early last year, India’s Vision World Academy honored Sheldon Lavin with the Global Visionary Award. The chairman and CEO of OSI Group was honored in recognition of his successful efforts of turning his OSI vision into reality. The awards ceremony was hosted by the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Gujarat, India. The Vision World Academy established the awards in 2011 with the aim of not just recognizing legendary visionaries, but also encouraging the new crop of visionary entrepreneurs.

A Deserved Award

Vision World Academy got everything right by awarding Sheldon Lavin. Now an old man, Sheldon spent his youthful days pulling strings and laying the foundation for OSI Group. He had joined the meet processing firm with an impressive record as a financial expert, but with no background in the food processing industry. Sheldon had joined this industry with a clear winning mentality, and he was prepared to do everything in his power to succeed in the industry the same way he had succeeded in the financial sector. Many critics wrote him off and tried to water down his vision and ambition, but he stood his ground. Over the years, Sheldon managed to grow OSI from a small American domestic food company into the global food processing firm.

OSI in India

Today, OSI Group operations in over 60 cities in over 16 countries across the globe. Since guiding the firm in making inroads in India 22 years ago, Sheldon Lavin has led it in opening branches in eight locations across the vast nation. On top of providing processed meat products for its Indian market, the firm also offers packaged vegetables and fruits.

Other Awards

Sheldon Lavin is an active philanthropist. He is a trustee for Ronald McDonald House Charities and a recognized board member of the eminent Rush University Medical Center. He has received several accolades in recognition of his efforts of improving other people’s lives.



If you are looking for a business model for your startup business, the one created by Rona Borre would be a good one to follow. She is the founder and CEO of Instant Alliance, a Chicago staffing and recruiting firm that has set just about every growth and production record there is on the books.

Borre doesn’t waste any time wondering what to do next. She focuses on the path to results and works very hard doing just those things that will bring results. Too many people get involved with the minutia, and she says that if she specializes she will achieve the results that matter and the minutia will always be there anyway. Related article on

The primary reason for the success of Instant Alliance is the focus that is placed on hiring mainly financial and technological professionals because these types of people are always in demand. Companies which are wanting to grow will always need financing and technological skills to keep track of everything if they are to make it to the next level.  For more of Instant Alliance and Borre, visit

Borre spends a great deal of time getting to know the leadership team at the hiring company too. She wants to know everything about how they think, work, and what type of individual they want to hire. The new candidate must fit into the organization, or it won’t be a successful placement.

Be sure to click on, to have some insight of Borre’s mind.

This system works well as there is only a one percent falloff rate of new hires since Instant Alliance was started as a company.

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Music streaming is considered to be one of the big businesses in the world. People in business in this industry make millions of dollars. Tidal, one of the companies in the industry has been the underdog for a long time. However, Desiree Perez, the executive of the company is working hard to change that. Perez has made it clear in several platforms that the company will be around for a very long time. More articles on

The management in Tidal has changed several times. Most of the executives in the past used to step down. These actions did not deter the founder of the company, Jay-Z. Most people thought that he was going to freeze, but he has continued to operate his business. Things got worse when the members and leaders in the management positions stepped down several months ago. The famous singer decided to come up with a different plan to ensure that his investment was safe.

With the help of the new executive of the company, Jay-Z is working hard to make sure that Tidal thrives with new memberships and fans. Desiree wants to make sure that the business gets new customers. However, the first thing is to make sure that the new customers are interested in the company.

Desiree Perez and Jay-Z have been working in different angles to make sure that everything runs smoothly in the enterprise. Experts in the industry, however, say that the decision to employ Desiree was the best for the company. Many say that she will help in finalizing multi-million contracts for the institutions. This is because she has a lot of expertise in the industry. Since she joined the company, it has started shining.  For more of Dez recent timeline activities, hit on

Although Jay-Z owns Tidal, he doesn’t understand the business like Perez. The successful businesswoman knows how to successfully finalize deals that are going to be profitable for the firm and the artists involved. This has made many clients sign up for Tidal in the recent past.   Additional article on

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The world is fast moving into becoming a global village, and one of the reasons it is happening so seamlessly is because the countries across the world are making integral changes in their legal systems. It is a well-known fact in the law and political fraternity that every step that the government makes needs to abide by the national and international law, and the legal systems followed through decades should permit it. However, globalization that is taking place world over is forcing the countries to modernize their law and adapt to the changes happening globally. And, it is where the importance of comparative law comes in.

Comparative law studies the broad range of differences, similarities, and loopholes, as per the current world situation in the legal systems and suggests the changes needed going forward. At any given time, the countries around the world are working on making amendments with their legal system and constitutions, and ensuring it is done with an angle to accommodate globalization easily; the comparative law is highly relevant.

Sujit Choudhry is one of the most sought after personalities on the topic of comparative law and is a highly reputed speaker and writer on the subject. Sujit Choudhry has spoken extensively on the subject of comparative law and its importance in today’s world, in many different countries.

As a foreign constitutional expert, Sujit Choudhry has also helped with building the constitution of many countries, including Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, South Africa, Libya, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, click on for additional article..   Sujit Choudhry believes that comparative constitutional paves the way for solving many national and international conflicts peacefully, including ethnical issues in various countries, sectarian issues, decentralization, semi-presidentialism, minority group rights, the transition to the government from authoritarian to democratic, and more. To follow his recent timeline activities, hit

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Sujit Choudhry is also one of the founding directors of one of the most prominent think tanks on comparative law, Center for Constitutional Transitions. Sujit Choudhry is also the author of over 90 book chapters, review, reports, papers, and articles on the subject of comparative law, check this on Currently, Sujit Choudhry is the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at Berkeley Law College and was previously the Cecilia Goetze professor of law at NYU Law School.  To learn more about Sujit , head over to

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Instant Alliance, the staffing company that Rona Borre started in 2001, continues to grow and prosper in Chicago, Illinois. Located in the financial district of the Windy City, Instant Alliance is one of the fastest-growing staffing firms in the nation, and it bills millions of dollars out each year.

Borre started the company in a spare bedroom of her Chicago condo and had built it into its current state by lots of hard work and the hiring of good employees who share her entrepreneurial desires.  The staffing industry is indeed very competitive, but Borre and her associates have risen beyond the fray by the utilization of a principle that many other companies have let slip by them.

Have an insight of Borre’s mind, click this important article.

While many competitors feel that they have to hurry through the examination of hundreds of resumes, the folks at Instant Alliance have perfected an interviewing technique that is designed for really getting to know the hiring executives of a client company. Borre wants to know everything about the company culture and what it is going to take for a new employee to be successful.  Click on to read more about Borre.

Once these questions are answered in detail, Borre and her staff can comb the hills for that ideal candidate. The results are outstanding as evidenced by the 3:1 interview to hire ratio and the mere 1 percent attrition factor over the past 15 years.  Additional article on

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Beneful is a brand of Nestle Purina PetCare that produces dog food products that includes dry food, wet food and treats. It is currently one of the most popular brands that produce dog food. It was introduced in 2001 and has since grown into a premier, respectable and profitable brand. It is highly innovative and caters for different wants of dog owners. All feeds from the brand abide by AAFCO rules and regulation for nutritional values.

Dog Food Varieties

1. Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals (Real Beef)

This is a dry dog food variety that is filled with nutritionally rich antioxidants. It comes in tender, crunchy bites that are packed with nutrients and rich taste. It contains beef and is accented with carrots, spinach and peas.

2. Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Weight (Real Chicken)

This dry dog food variety helps to maintain healthy weight. It is a calorie-packed food that also comes in crunchy bites. Pet owners use this product to maintain the weight of their pets and ensure that the animal is healthy. Its ingredient includes real chicken meat and is richly accented by green beans, apples and carrots.

3. Beneful Dry Dog Food Playful Life (Real Beef and Egg)

This dry food contains protein packed nutrients like egg and real beef. It has 100 percent nutrients that allow the dog to thrive. It is accented with spinach and blueberries. This meal is formulated to fully meet all nutritional levels set by AAFCO.

4. Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals (Real Salmon)

This meal is power-packed with omega-rich nutrients that are essential for proper growth and development of the animal. Furthermore, it ensures that the dog retains a shiny and healthy coat. It is an everyday feed that contains salmon meat. It is also accented with ingredients like potatoes, carrots and green beans. It meets the nutritional content value set by AAFCO.

5. Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Puppy (Real Chicken)

This calcium rich formula is specially formulated for puppies to help them grow and develop healthily. It contains DHA to support brain functionality and vision development. It is packed with tasty chicken meat and accented with vegetables like carrots and peas.

Human rights are constantly violated but it is not something that should ever happen to anyone. The point of creating something like the constitution is to protect people and their rights to be able to live and to be able to get what they need from different situations. It is important that people recognize this and that they do what they can to make sure that they are helping others out so that they will be able to get more out of the situations that they are constantly put in. For Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, it is something that is near and dear to their heart so they constantly work to make sure that they are helping people out who have had their rights violated.


It is a good idea to note that the two of them were once arrested and had their own rights violated. That is because they were put into a different situation and that they were violated against because of the options that they had that were not related to the way that they could do things. For Larkin and Lacey, doing things to help other people out is just another aspect of their life and is something that they do willingly so that they can make sure that others don’t have to go through the same problems.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were both investigating the sheriff’s department in their hometown. They wanted to find out more about it and learn what they could about the evasion practices that the department had been doing. They were simply using their constitutional rights of free speech to be able to help other people out and learn what the sheriff’s office was doing. It was all legal and they were just doing their job to report crimes that were going on.


The sheriff’s department did not like that. They came into the homes of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin to arrest them and they put them in jail for the things that they had said about the sheriff’s department. What the department didn’t realize, though, is that it was Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin’s constitutional right to be able to talk about the sheriff’s office no matter what they were saying. It was something that they were allowed to do and something that they had to make sure that they were doing the right way to show people.

Duda Melzer is a Brazilian entrepreneur who’s not only well respected in his home country, but in the US as well. He is the CEO and Chairman of the board of directors at RBS Group, the third largest media company in Brazil. Duda is the third generation of leaders within his company. He also started e.Bricks, which is a venture capital company dedicated to digital media. The company has invested 300 million in companies that have great potential to be successful.

Duda Melzer’s success is the result of much hard work and dedication. He attended college in Brazil receiving a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He continued his education to include the prestigious MBA from Harvard University. Duda worked in the US as a financial adviser and also for a media company as a director. His leadership was also present in his family business, as he represented the US sector helping to further their agenda.

Duda’s efforts have paid off immensely. He’s won many awards and has received tons of recognition over the years. Awards for management, communications, and entrepreneurial leadership are just a few. He’s also been recognized by several organizations for his entrepreneurial skills in family business. Duda believes that family is one of the strongest reasons his businesses have been so successful.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer also believes in corporate social responsibility and sustainability. His family has been involved in charity work and raising social awareness of family issues affecting children and teens for over 35 years. They take it a step further by staying in touch with the government and private sector to spread their message to increase its effectiveness. As per Clicrbs, the company is rather transparent in its communications regarding their corporate involvement and make reports readily available to the general public. They also show the projects their charity has been working on over the years. Duda Melzer is certainly a rising star in business and organizations are right in stating he’s certainly an executive to look out for.

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