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According to financial expert, Jeff Yastine, the former news anchor of the PBS Nightly Business Report, the next big wave involving investments is in the mergers and acquisitions sector. In a recent survey regarding the prospects of Mergers and Acquisitions, Deloitte discovered that out of the 1,000 execs that participated, two-thirds of them revealed that, of the increased cash reserves that they have attained, they were seeking to invest in mergers and acquisitions. This is quite the change from recent years, as traditionally, the majority of corporations surveyed suggested that they were most interested in growing their business utilizing an internal approach by investing in organic stocks. Of those recently surveyed, a whopping 40 percent mentioned that mergers and acquisitions were not only on their lists of investment focal points, they were actually their prime concern. This seems to be a very telling trend, as these executives also mentioned that they are now willing to spend more than in previous years. In 2017, investing in mergers and acquisitions increased substantially as the year came to a close according to Dealogic – a company that has been documenting data on this process since 1995. In Jeff Yastine’s expert opinion, the best way to become involved in the mergers and acquisitions boom, is by investing in individual stocks, particularly well-established companies that are rumored to be the subject of impending buyouts. The stock of Akamai Technologies Inc., for example, has increased by an incredible 14 percent since talks of a buyout have begun growing traction. Read more on for more info.

Over the course of his career, Jeff Yastine has received a myriad of honors and awards, including an Emmy nod for his role with the PBS Nightly Business Report, as well as the Excellence in Financial Journalism Award, presented by the New York State Society of Public Accountants. During his time at PBS, which lasted from 1994 to 2010, Mr. Yastine interviewed a number of major influencers within the business world, including Michael Dell, Warren Buffet, and Sir Richard Branson. Most notably, during his time at the network, Jeff Yastine was one of the first experts to predict the bursting of the dot-com bubble, as well as the significant drop of the real estate market in the last decade. Currently, Jeff Yastine predicts that the United States will experience tax reform in 2018, which will help to create capital that has, until now, been dedicated to overseas ventures.

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Dr. Mark McKenna is the founder and CEO of OVME, a cosmetic procedure provider that is the first of its kind in the industry. Currently the venture has two retail location in Atlanta and Nashville, but there are plans to open more and turn OVME into a retail chain offering patients luxury aesthetic procedures in a more comfortable setting; sometimes in their own home.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s OVME permits patients and free lance aesthetic physicians to network and according to his vision it will make his company the Uber of Botox. In addition to OVME’s retail locations, an app is being developed to make it even more convenient and comfortable for patients to communicate with medical professionals. The app may not be complete yet, but his company still offers video consulting.

A graduate of Tulane University’s School of Medicine, Dr, MarkMckenna has become seen as a doctorpreneur. He combines his love of medicine and his love of business with great success. While working as a general Practitioner after Tulane, he founded and was Chief Executive Officer of McKenna Venture Investments; a real estate investment company that was located out of New Orleans. He also was CEO of both Uptown Title Incorporated.

Dr. Mark McKenna and his business did not escape the devastation of Hurricane Katrina when it hit New Orleans. Overnight McKenna lost millions in real estate and assets but he helped the ruined city rebuild by redeveloping affordable housing in the area. After helping rebuild, Dr. Mark McKenna saw the real estate market crashing and relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to be with his at the time girlfriend.

Upon arriving in Atlanta, McKenna established ShapeMed. Shapemed is an aesthetic based medical center that focuses on weight loss, hair removal, and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. After several years of success, Dr. Mark McKenna sold his business to a fitness chain called Life Time Fitness Incorporated. He acted as their National Medical Director for about a year and a half before he started developing OVME.

Dr. Mark McKenna has seen success in business and medicine and is one to watch. The potential for OVME and any future products is endless.

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Matt Badiali started out his working life as a scientist, but he eventually switched over to the investing side of his industry when a friend of his convinced him to team up with him. Badiali earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Earth Sciences while attending Penn State University and later earned his Master of Science in Geology while studying at Florida Atlantic University. He also studied at the University of North Carolina for five years where he worked towards a Ph.D. This was until his friend introduced him to the world of finance where Badiali found he had a step-up on other investors in the sectors he was interested in.

Matt Badiali created his newsletter, Real Wealth Strategist, under the banner of Banyan Publishing where he teaches his readers how to make money through smart investing. He has revealed that it takes the kind of person with a rare set of skills, like he has, to successfully write a newsletter in the field of natural resource investing. A lot of the experience he has accumulated to be able to communicate with novice investors comes from the fact that he writes his newsletters with his father in mind. Since his father always had a difficult time with investing, it helps Badiali to pretend as if he is speaking to him when writing. Learn more on Seeking Alpha about  Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali comes up with new ideas by reflecting on the journeys he has taken or by taking new journeys and traveling to the locations he will be writing about. While some people only do lots of research about their topics, he does plenty of research and combines that with real-world experience. He feels like it is this real element that is what really speaks to people. It also gives him detailed insights into specific types of investments that no one else could come up with if they have never visited a location.

Matt Badiali has been studying natural resources for more than 20 years, and his knowledge in the fields of energy, mining, and agriculture make him one of the top experts in these industries. He also contributes to Banyan Hill Publishing where he shares his knowledge and experience with those who are looking to make wise investments. A lot of the experience that Badiali has comes from the fact that he has been willing to travel to the locations of many of his investments. This has taken him all over the world where he has explored abandoned mines, worked on drill rigs, and has been the owner of oil wells. For more info, visit:


Shiraz Boghani is an entrepreneur that has his hands in the creation of a number of businesses. He’s best known as the founder of the Sojourn Hotels. He is also the managing partner and director of the Splendid Hotels Group. Still, not feeling fully challenged, he has added a partnership in the Sussex Healthcare Limited, a Sussex, England facility for the care of the elderly.

After 30 years in the hotel business, Shiraz Boghani is reaping the accolades that come from managing excellent organizations. He owns and manages 20 hotels in the United Kingdom. To applaud his efforts, he was honored in 2016 at the Asian Business Awards with the honor of being named the “Hotelier of the Year“. His hotels include a distinguish list of establishments:

• £121 million Hilton London Bankside with 292 bedrooms
• The Conrad London St. James
• The Grand Hotel & Spa, York
• Holiday Inn London-Wembley with 336 bedrooms
• The New Ellington in Leeds
• The Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel

Shiraz Boghani has always been a forward thinker. He was born in Kenya and moved to the U.K. in 1969. He began his professional career as an accountant at Chartered Accountants, a small accounting firm. He became a qualified charter accountant and from there, he moved to the large firm of Thomson McLintock & Co. (KPMG). Today, he has 15 of the U.K.’s finest hotels. In 1985 he was the founding partner for Sussex Health Care, a company that has grown to consist of eighteen care homes with a total of 500 beds.

His is a privately held business and in the 1990’s, it was one of the first in the United Kingdom to offer its patron’s limited service branded hotels. Boghani’s goal is to position his many hotels to become ‘the center of global excellence for hospitality’.

When Shiraz Boghani isn’t working, he’s volunteering helping the Aga Khan Foundation and the global Aga Khan Network. The foundation is a charity that helps communities of all races and religions in four areas: civil society, rural development, health and education. Its activities are focused on improving quality of life by fighting social exclusion, hunger, disease, ignorance and illiteracy.

Shiraz Boghani has spent his professional life in successful and prosperous endeavors, still he has had time to devote to the betterment of mankind. His is an example of what true have a truly entrepreneurial spirit means. He is a consummate entrepreneur: his efforts match every synonym of the word-organizer, manager, industrialist, producer and promoter.

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Ted Bauman works for Banyan Hill Publishing. His particular works are Alpha Stock Alert, Bauman Letter, and Plan B Club. His specialties are protecting assets, privacy, strategies for investing with low risks and international migration issues. All his expertise is always utilized in helping people. He uses his knowledge to guide people to get the right resources for what they need.

As a young man who was raised in Washington D.C, Ted preferred relocating to South Africa. He joined the University of Cape Town and studied Economics and History. For twenty-five years, Ted lived in South Africa and worked for non-profit organizations. He became their fund manager. During his work, Ted helped people in slums from various countries. The issue of housing has been an area of interest for Ted. He has researched urban planning issues.

In 2008, he traveled back to his home country, USA. When he first settled, Ted worked for International Housing Programs. It was a program for Humanity International. Finally, he decided to leave all those executive positions and just focus on research and writing.

Recently, Ted wrote a very informative article about bitcoin challenges. People are euphoric about the profits bitcoin trading is bringing nowadays. No one is talking about the problems of this currency and possible future outcomes. In his article, Ted Bauman points out the slowness of a bitcoin transaction. He compares it to other mediums such as Visa debit and credit cards.

In one second, only 6.5 transactions are possible for a bitcoin. On the other hand, Visa cards can complete up to 24,000 transactions per second. If the bitcoin’s decentralized technology is not improved, the future may have no place for it. One transaction is taking too long, and people will decide to use visa cards instead.

Another issue is the instability of this currency. Since it is not regulated by any government, a bitcoin fluctuates and sometimes becomes very unpredictable. People can only speculate the product. For some people, it is not an option to own bitcoin because they are trading at very high prices.

Resolving the speed of transaction could be done by reducing the amount of data a mining block is processing. Increasing the data blocks is also a suitable alternative. It will increase the amount of information being processed at any one particular time. In other words, these changes will ensure that transaction time is fast, and people do not have to wait for so long.

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