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Kevin Seawright is a financial and administrations operations leader and has found employment opportunities in the field since graduating college. His educational background includes attending Almedia University and earning a Master’s degree in Accounting and attending the Mendoza School of Business at Notre Dame and receiving an Executive Leadership Certificate. His strength in the industry is the strategic vision and his ability to achieve goals. As the Executive Vice President and CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC) he has worked diligently to create better opportunities for neighborhoods and communities along the East Coast. View Kevin Seawright’s full profile at LinkedIn

His expertise includes bettering business strategies that has led to more responsive finance and accounting decisions. He has the ability to incorporate efficiency into financial and accounting systems which, in turns, creates better and more responsible spending opportunities. His career accomplishments include formulating revenue enhancements that have allowed clients to forecast annual returns more efficiently and allow returns to increase.

The Newark CEDC is the springboard for economic growth through development in the state’s largest city. The entity works to attract business into the Newark area and creating real estate development opportunities throughout the city. Kevin Seawright’s background and level of expertise makes him the right fit for the position. With his strong background in financial management, the entity is better poised to complete goals in a more successful manner.

His employment background includes several departments for the City of Baltimore including Finance Director for the Department of Housing and Community Development, the Department of Parks and Recreation Chief Financial and Facilities Officer and the Deputy Chief Operating Officer for the school system. He also found employment opportunities with Tito Contractors as the Finance and Human Capital Director. His vast experience has given him a unique look into the small business development and real estate development industry.

Kevin Seawright is a member National Association for of Black Accountants, the National Forum for Black Public Administrators and the American Society for Public Administration. Seawright is also invested his neighborhood and community. He works with the youth of his community by coaching youth sports teams and he is an advisory board member for the Babe Ruth Museum.

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The Fortress Investment Group is an investment firm. It manages well over $10 billion in assets, and they have been in business since the late 90s. They provide their services to both private investors and institutional clients. In fact, they have over 1,400 clients around the world and they provide those clients with a range of investment services. With that said, here is some key information about the organization.

Involvement In The 2010 Winter Olympics

The Fortress Investment Group was involved in the 2010 Winter Olympics. They provided funding for building the Olympic village for the athletes. They were actually the main lender in the project, which was estimated to be at around $870CAD. After the Winter Olympics had concluded, Fortress Investment Group took over the village because it had become the official owners of it.

Core Competencies

Asset-based is one of the company’s main competencies. The company specializes in investments that is centered around assets. They have a tremendous amount of experience in managing both financial and physical assets. Operations management and capital markets are also their core competencies. Their other ones include corporate acquisitions and mergers.

What Do Employees And Former Employees Say

You can gather an idea of what kind of company an entity is by reading reviews from past and current employees. The Fortress Group has no shortage of reviews. One person wrote that they’ve gained valuable experience and they stated the benefits were good. In another review, the person who wrote it said there were great people who they’ve worked with. Another person pointed out that the company was huge and well-respected. These are only a few of the many reviews out there about the Fortress Group.

SoftBank Acquires Fortress Investment Group, Becomes Its Parent Company

The Fortress Investment Group was acquired last year. The SoftBank Group Corp. acquired the company in a cash deal worth just over $3.2 billion. Prior to the finalization of the deal, Fortress shareholders had to give their approval, which they did back in summer 2017. The deal also received regulatory approval.Are you interested in finding out how Fortress can help you? Maybe you want to apply for a career at the company. Regardless of which one you are interested in doing, make sure you visit the company’s official website. There you will find information about jobs at the company, as well as more about the services the company provides.

OSI Food Solutions Company

OSI food solutions is a private, Chicago, United states based company which is the largest privately held company that produces major and other labeled brand foods, custom food products, and ready to cook and ready to eat foods. OSI food solutions takes all the care and maintains the quality to make value- added food products. They are the global suppliers, to the world’s leading food service industry and retail food stores. A vast range of food products includes, Meats (beef, pork, poultry), Sea food, Vegetables, Fruits, Baked foods, Fried, Roasted, Pizza, Sandwiches and many more.

America’s top food supplying company

OSI foods, is one of the leading company because of the commitment for the food quality and safety. While food freshness is a major thing, OSI makes sure to maintain the proper food safety and best quality and of it’s products. Many of the largest food brands trusts OSI group, the team assures of the food quality and ensures the specifications, develop stringent tracking and tracing, arrangement of secure transportation, with best process control and assured supply practices.


OSI Food Solutions UK, has been presented with a prestigious Globe of Honour Award for 2016 from the British Safety Council for excellence in management of the environment, including health and safety risks.

Double Chicken Productions

In the recent expansion the OSI food solutions, Spain has double the chicken production, since the demand for chicken has increased over a period of time in the country, the decision to double the amount was taken. While the plant had an capacity to produce 12,000 tons of chicken annually, now it will produce 45,000 tons of chicken, beef and pork products annually.

Careers and employment

OSI believes that, employees drive success to the company. We invite you to join us, in our journey of 100 years of quality food product delivering service. Work in a environment of challenge, opportunities and passion to achieve the ultimate goal. Learn and grow to your full potential, we are looking for individuals, who can work in a friendly ambiance as a team to deliver services and solutions to our customers.

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When it comes to the business field and its many members, the most successful businessman and business experts don’t focus on or look for success, but instead, their achievements in the industry lead them straight to it. This is one factor that many business professionals today, fail to recognize and fall victim to. Because success becomes the overall goal of many business professionals, they fail to recognize that success will come by instead focusing on their business itself. By centralizing their efforts on making improvements and learning new skills in their business, the amount of success that they will naturally receive will be a direct result of the amount of hard work that they put in. This is important to recognize because it is professionals such as Jeff Yastine, that have managed to truly take advantage of this skill. As a business expert, Jeff Yastine has become an expert in every sense of the word. Put in other words, Jeff Yastine has become one of the leading businessmen by building a vast knowledge of how it works and, by also recognizing flaws that he can then take advantage of. Also, becoming an expert, for Jeff Yastine means that he has become a man of many talents in the business industry. With that said, here is more on the career of Jeff and the different ways he has let success naturally come his way. Visit to know more about Jeff Yastine.
Jeff & Success Coming His Way

There is no denying Jeff’s success in the business industry but, there is work needed in listing the many ways he has achieved this success. For starters, Jeff is a respected and well-known editorial director at a successful investment source company. In addition to that impressive role, Jeff has also established himself as one of the best financial and investing experts in the entire industry. It is worth mentioning that Jeff has let all of his work accomplishments do the talking for him. Because of his success, Jeff has achieved recognition such as becoming an Emmy-Nominated contributor, sought-after advice giver, and overall prominent working individual in the business field. Also, since this has been the main topic of Jeff and his working history, it is important to repeat that his recognition and successes have come naturally because of his focus on the business side of things. By not chasing success but instead working on improving himself as a professional, success for Jeff came in waves and continues to do so. Read:


What do you need to know to make the best decisions. The best AvaTrade Review can help you compare the features of different brokers. Compare facts and find a broker that you feel comfortable with.


Make Money Anytime

Back in 2006, before the Credit Crunch, AvaTrade was established. This early creation allowed it to gain prominence in the Forex industry. AvaTrade has lasted for longer than many other brokers.


You only need 250 units to open an Islamic, mini or managed account. You can customize the AvaTrade API, so you can complete trades faster. You can also link ZuluTrade to AvaTrade.


Do you want to trade anytime? Just use your smart phone to download the Meta Trader 4 app. Here some breaking news, trade a little.


Value for Money

Bitcoin was not very popular initially. AvaTrade added Bitcoin when it was still unpopular. You can also trade Ethereum at AvaTrade. There are 200,000 members at AvaTrade.


AvaTrade knows what it does well. It offer both the basics and some exotic CFDs. You are not really trading the underlying assets with Forex, you are trading contracts for difference.


Finding Forex Broker

The top AvaTrade forex review websites have a lot of good things to say about AvaTrade. It is very difficult to trick them all for a decade. AvaTrade must be legit. FX Empire gave AvaTrade annual awards for 4 years straight.


It all depends on what you want in a Forex broker. You have hundreds of assets to choose from at AvaTrade. You can plug and play with different systems. If you like Meta Trader 4, you can use it at AvaTrade.


You can always play with a demo account at AvaTrade to see how it feels. “Kick the tires” and see how AvaTrade performs with global asset trade execution.

Agora Financial is a privately held publications company whose focus is predominantly on the investment opportunities that haven’t yet gone mainstream. Founded in 1979 by Bill Bonner, it has helped its readers make money as well as retain a comfortable nest egg during economic downfalls. With over 20 publications, Agora Financial extends its help through printed books as was as emails and conferences. They specialize in finding companies with rapid growth qualities that haven’t yet been devoured by the majority of investors. In their publications, they provide secrets to generating income as well as strategies to ensuring least amount of suffrage, if any, during economic meltdowns.

Agora Financial is an unbias and independent research company, meaning they don’t receive funds from companies or investors in exchange for coverage or support. Its research team of experts consists of a Harvard trained Geologist, a self-made billionaire, and philanthropist, a world-leading bond expert, a Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist, a three times New York Times best-selling author, an award-winning filmmaker, an ex-hedge fund manager, and an ex-banker to presidents.

This team takes pride in its research so much that each year $1M goes towards its research. They commit their time to on-site investigations taking them from the oil discoveries in N. Dakota to the hidden gold mines in S. Africa, to the real estate boom in Mongolia.

Their records show them calling the rise of gold in 1999, as well as the prediction of the mortgage crisis and hike in foreclosures four years early in 2004, allowing its readers to properly prepare. Agora Financial’s team of experts also foresaw the spike in oil prices in 2007 which generated huge amounts of income for investors. Its research team investigated and reported the rise in personalized medications in 2008. These are just a few of the notable milestones in our economy Agora Financial has foreseen and published strategies on how to thrive with-in.

Have you ever thought about the ways to make something better? Maybe the cities that humans live in or the things that are in the city?


Boraie Development is a company that works on making something change owned by Sam Boraie. They work with other company’s to make sure that the ideas that are being talked about are coming to life just the way that people see them which is something that is important to the people. The people like to have the things that we have in the cities and enjoy having items that work with our needs. However just like everything else there comes a time when the buildings need to be updated and they need to be worked on. This is huge in keeping the buildings that are in the cities together and from keeping them from falling to the ground. Visit their website


The company also works with the ones who haven’t gotten a step in the door and are making sure that these people are able to work on the career that they want to work on. They don’t just work for the company but they are able to put in their thoughts when they are beside those that are doing the building for the projects. This company talks about the way 50 years of hard work has really paid off and how 50 more years is going to do something great for the world that we live in today. They are proud of the way the company works with all different people that comes into the company and works with them on the projects they are excited to work on together. However, without the help from the state these projects that they are working on would have never come to light so therefore it takes many different people to make ideas come to life. You can check out on



Boraie Development is a company this is not just like the other ones. They work hard all of the time giving the citizens 100% when they are working. This is not just to keep the people happy but keeping them safe as well which is important as well. According to Sam Boraie, this company likes to work with the other companies that understand that there is a deadline to make which is important in keeping the company going. With this being said the company has to make sure that they are working together on time to make sure that these deadlines are being met.



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The responsibility of being the head of an organization or any group that is making impacts globally is not easy having in mind that the eyes of your employees and market are on. The greater and famous the company is, the greater the task and expectations of the business community. Flavio Maluf being the President of Eucatex, is at such a position and his unwavering efforts to see the company better seem to be yielding some ripe grapes after a major acquisition and expansion of their production activities. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Blog do Ronco

Eucatex and Duratex have come to an agreement of exchanging farms with each other so as to suit their operations. Flavio Maluf confirmed that they are going to have Botucatu farm which they are going to use in the production of thin sheets of wood. In exchange, they have decided to give their farm in Capao Bonito to Duratex. The farm being acquired by Eucatex has a population of over 280 employees and over 200,000m3 every year. This will be a major boost in the operations and production of Eucatex in increasing the human resources and labor in the company.

Duratex will reopen their factory at Itapetinga for more productive purposes. In his statement, Flavio Maluf informed all his employees about the move they are about to undertake especially after CADE has approved the whole business transactions. The acquisition will increase Eucatex production capacity of paint by 30%, paper printing by 40 % and fiber sheets by 70%. This will place the company to being one of the best-performing companies in the country.

The super move of Flavio Maluf will enable the institution deal with some losses that were from the sales and consequently expand their operations in other places they have not been both in Brazil and globally. Nevertheless, for this to happen there must be a collaboration of management and employees so as to enhance teamwork spirit. Maluf did Mechanical Engineering at FAAP and other specialization short courses. He has served in Eucatex SA as the Chairman of the Board, President, and Director. He has served as Vice CEO at Eucatex Trading and CEO at EucatexQuimica e Mineral.

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