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Impossible Foods Partnership with OSI Group

Impossible Foods is a company that has been blowing up with the demand for their most popular product, the Impossible Burger. So many different restaurants and fast-food chains have requested stock of the Impossible Burger that the company has had to drastically limit their sales simply because they haven’t been able to produce enough product for everyone. To help meet this increasing demand, Impossible Foods started looking for food producers that could help them make more product and so they chose OSI Group to work with.

Through the partnership with Impossible Foods, OSI Group has worked out plans to start production immediately to help increase the production of the Impossible Burger. Additionally, plans have been set in motion to make this not only short-term but a long-term deal that will have OSI Group increasingly adding more production lines over the next few years to facilitate demands. Impossible Foods knew that they could hire OSI Group to help them as the company has more than 65 facilities all around the world which would let them spread out product easily through different countries.


Impossible Foods was first founded in 2011 by a biochemistry professor and pediatrician who was interested in creating new food substitutes out of plants that would not only be more healthier but would help restore many of our ecosystems that have been damaged through meat production. Since launching the Impossible Burger, the company has tripled its production rate in their Oakland plant since early 2019. At around the same time, the company decided to hire Dennis Woodside as the President to supervise and improve the ways the company can expand through. Woodside was chosen as he has had experience as the CEO of Motorola before working at Google after its acquisition of the company. Having this type of experience on their team lets Impossible Foods expand the way they are doing through partnerships with leading food processing companies all around the world.

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Evolution of Smooth (EOS) is a skin care line that focuses on reducing its overall carbon footprint. Their product line includes a variety of items that include lotions and shaving cream. Perhaps the most popular item for sale is EOS’s array of fruit flavored lip balms that are created with all natural and chemical free formulas

EOS balms negates the inclusion of petroleum jelly in their ingredient list which is commonly used in lip balms by its competitors. Instead, they include jojoba oil along with shea butter and Vitamin E. These natural ingredients create a barrier on the lips that keeps moisture within the lips. In addition, each balm’s name comes from the fruit flavors that are naturally infused within the formula

The EOS has pioneered the industry with product lines that contain a social awareness and environmental sentiment that appeals to cosmetic consumers. Celebrated by celebrities as well as the general public, these EOS lip balms come packaged in small spheres that fit in a small clutch purse.

The packaging is fashionable as well as practical; providing consumers with an easy and efficient way to apply balm to your lips. For those looking for an environmentally friendly solution to dry, chapped lips; EOS lip balms are the perfect solution.

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Isabel dos Santos is a highly regarded Angolan female entrepreneur. She has built multinational conglomerates invested in industries like telecommunications, financial, natural resources, real estate, and media. Roughly half of her financial investments are in Angolan companies, with the remainder mainly invested in Portuguese firms. She is also an advocate for women’s rights and gender equality. One of her companies, Unitel, has built a telecommunications network across Angola. This has helped remote villagers connect to the internet and in doing so has created new business opportunities. The average Angolan earns just $2 a day and having internet access is helping them increase their earning power.

Isabel dos Santos, a successful billionaire, has also helped build educational opportunities in Angola, address malnutrition, and advocate for positive change. Isabel dos said that doing things to help Angolans get well-paying jobs is a high priority. As she puts it, by helping someone that person can pay for their child’s education. That child might become a doctor who helps countless other people. It’s this that motivates her and is what she regards as fun. She finds it more rewarding than heading to the beach to frolic with her husband and three children. Putting words into action, she funded a strawberry farm project in Angola’s province of Huila.

This project in the Humptata village is known as “Planting the Seeds”. About 120 women now work at this farm and are earning a living. The local business community benefits from the increased economic activity and additional supply of money spent on their goods and services.She attended King’s College in London. Isabel dos Santos was one of just two women who were studying electrical engineering. She already had an inkling of what it was like to be in a male-dominated society, but this experience drove that truth home. Often during her professional career, she has been dismissed by men who feel they know better. She fights back by using her leadership skills and business acumen to demonstrate she is a strong businesswoman who knows what she is doing.

Luke Lazarus is considered the go-to guy when you can’t figure out how to progress forward in your start-up business. Luke comes up with a business plan that involves a story. He believes the story is the key to making his client’s business succeed.

Luke also makes sure his clients perform market research before they startup. He takes no chances and identifies the client’s segment market for them. He shows his client how to scrutinize the market and consider potential buyers.

Many businesses fail in a year. They often can’t cut it in the business world because of certain factors, and one of those factors deals with the current economy.

Despite the risk, some entrepreneurs are successful. They’re called serial entrepreneurs. Some grow so successful that they want to help others, and they use their knowledge to help others learn to handle the steep curve in business.

Luke Lazarus is one of the few serial entrepreneurs. Born in Melbourne, Australia, he started his first business at the young age of 8. In high school, he was a straight-A student all the while playing several sports. His talent grew by the time he attended college in Australia. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO | Dougsandleand Luke Lazarus | Medium

Offered a full scholarship in the United States, he didn’t take it, choosing instead to stay in Melbourne. Never one to do things easy, he didn’t just start one company but launch four in ten years. He sold these companies and by the time he was 35 was a millionaire.

Realizing he loved helping others start their own business, he decided he wanted to help others turned into super entrepreneurs like himself and dedicated his time to becoming a consultant. Some criticize Luke’s style, but he found his way of business work well for him.

Believing clients needed to be prepared for brutal honesty, Luke helped his clients shape their operation and books after noticing a trend that most entrepreneurs didn’t know how capitalism works. Luke showed his clients that they need to do more than talk if they want to attract investors.

Lazarus uses his experience and expertise to give his clients a sense of purpose. Companies grow because of Luke Lazarus, and they connect with stakeholders.

Luke Lazarus is a graduate of Melbourne business school. Earning an MBA at the age of 24, he sold four firms at 33. His typical morning starts with meditating, checking his email, walking his dog, checking his mental making-to-do-list, going to the gym.

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Aaron Lupuloff serves as Senior Executive Director of the Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) Foundation to further his passion for cultivating student success and nurturing future leaders. The Foundation works to keep students successful, fund scholarships, innovate new ideas in education, support teaching, foster leadership, and finance programs to build future success. It seeks to build strong schools for the Gwinnett community.

Mr. Lupuloff is a Norcross native who has worked for a wide number of educational institutions in the area, serving as the President, Vice President, and Treasurer of the Norcross High School Foundation for Excellence, which supports high school academics, arts, and athletics. He also worked as a booster club officer, and member of multiple sports teams and clubs. He and his wife have been inducted into the NHS Hall of Fame.

Aaron Lupuloff was a founder and sometime board member of the Georgia Tech Parents Advisory Board. He and his wife currently sit on the University of Georgia Student Affairs Advisory Board. They support a wide range of scholarships and charities focused on Georgia education.

Mr. Lupuloff has a background in finance and decided to get involved in education as a way to give back to Georgia. “It made me believe that with the GCPS Foundation we could help Gwinnett’s 180,000+ students if we just rolled up our sleeves and went to work,” he said in a recent interview. His goal is to promote student success throughout the region. “We encourage, embrace, educate, excite, emblazon and empower all of our students and teachers.”  To know more about Aaron you can visit his facebook page.

Aaron Lupuloff is an outside thinker whose passion for education is linked to the maverick spirit that underlies his success. “Don’t be afraid to fail and fail often!” is his slogan. He insists that failure can be a great teacher, as long as one is honest and forthright in one’s business dealings and adequately communicates with all stakeholders. Explaining where the money goes is his key to successful leadership in business and philanthropy, and part and parcel of the values he seeks to instill in young learners. To see more about Aaron you can visit

Isabel dos Santos is a big part of the business world in Africa at this moment. She’s a major part of the global business scene simultaneously. Who in the world is this gal? She’s a respected businessperson who has a background that spans both Angolan and Russian heritages. Her dad comes from the African continent’s Angola. Her mom, at the other end of the spectrum, comes from Russia. The former’s name is Jose Eduardo dos Santos. The latter’s name is Tatiana Kukanova. Jose Eduardo dos Santos is a widely known faces all over Angola and in Africa overall. He was the Angolan President from the seventies all the way into 2017. People in Africa embrace him.

Isabel dos Santos had juggled all sorts of tasks throughout the course of the last two decades or so. She’s functioned as her managerial position for all sorts of businesses that were part of stock exchanges in Europe. She spent quite a bit of time in London in England several decades ago. She came back from the bustling Western European metropolis in the beginning of the nineties, too. Her objective in doing so at that time was to team up with her dad. She commenced functioning as a persevering engineer and project manager. This was for a part of the Jembas Group that was referred to simply as Urbanas 2000. Urbanas 2000 had scored a deal that enabled it to work on sanitizing Luanda. Isabel dos Santos did something rather ambitious after that.

She put the energy into establishing a new company that revolved around trucking matters. People commenced utilizing technological devices that enabled her to enter the telecom realm. Isabel dos Santos created the Miami Beach Club back in 1997. That was her debut business effort. It was among Luanda Island’s debut nightlife destinations. It was a dining establishment that had a vibe that was reminiscent of the beach. This woman knows exactly how to address all sorts of concerns that involve telecommunications. She’s not only a telecommunications wizard, either. That’s because she knows so much about everything from energy to retail and media.

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james reese tigerswan

TigerSwan is a North Carolina-based security and consulting company that helps companies effectively manage risks. James Reese, the founder and CEO of TigerSwan, created the company with the goal of providing veterans with an opportunity to utilize their valuable leadership skills to make contributions in the private sector. When James Reese retired from the military in 2007 he was in that same position of having exceptional skills that now needed to find useful space in civilian life. Reese had reached the pinnacles of the military profession as a decorated combat leader, a Lt. Colonel, and a member of the famous “Delta Force”. Reese considers himself a “Servant leader”, which he defines as someone who uses his leadership skills to serve others. This philosophy guided his approach to becoming a small business owner.

James Reese came up with the concept for TigerSwan in 2007 while finishing his final rotation in Iraq. He launched the company, using his own capital, and soon received a major contract from the United States government. TigerSwan was selected as part of a program to support Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned, Small Businesses (known as SDVOSB). This much-needed influx of capital was then re-invested into the business, allowing TigerSwan to grow to the mature company of today. With 300 employees and projects in 40 countries, TigerSwan is now a significant force in the lives of many people.

James Reese Tigerswan
James Reese Tigerswan

When Reese reflects on the many differences between being part of the military and being the owner of a business, he points out leadership is easier in the military. Military leaders are given a team that has already been vetted, developed and is ready to perform at a high level. By contrast, leaders in the private sector have to make tough decisions about what qualities they need and what they can realistically afford to pay for those qualities. Reese argues that finding a balance between getting the best people and not going over the budget for payroll is only the beginning. Business leaders also have to mentor each member of the team to help them develop the qualities they need to succeed. Reese is motivated by feeling personally responsible for the success of every member of his team. Employees depend on TigerSwan to help them pay their mortgages, put their children through college and meet other financial obligations that will hugely impact their lives. Reese observes that navigating these challenges is actually harder than being part of Delta Force, but also that it’s his military background that makes him uniquely prepared for tackling the challenges of running a business.

TigerSwan gives former military members the opportunity to thrive in the private sector. Reese believes his business has benefitted from the sense of “Mission First” that former military members possess. This culture of cohesive teamwork is uniquely effective at accomplishing important tasks, to the benefit of clients who rely on TigerSwan to help them manage risks. Ultimately, James Reese considers it a privilege to be able to watch his business grow and make a positive difference for so many people.

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OSI Group McDonalds is a premier global food provider who provides quality food products throughout the world. They have been recognized on multiple platforms for providing extraordinary services and making their customers happy with their services. They have gone global and have made a name in every part of the world they have entered. Recently, they have taken over the Baho foods which is a company in Germany. The president of the OSI Groups, David McDonalds, said that they have expanded in Germany by taking over the company so that they can make a name in Europe and make people feel about their presence. The goal of McDonald and OSI Groups has been the same to provide services to more customers than any other company. In an interview, McDonald has answered some questions so that people can understand how the OSI Group McDonalds has grown globally.

He said that we have trained our employees so they can meet and increase the expectations of our customers and make them happy on every platform. He added that as a private company we need to be flexible with our solutions offered by the company. We keep our focus on the long term goals and adjust our short term goals so we can achieve the long term goals. McDonald also told that every partner of OSI Group McDonalds is in close relation with the customers of their region. This has allowed the company to make an influence on all the decisions and expenditures.

McDonald also told that the key to enter a new country is that you need to think as an individual of that country. This provides you a benefit to understand the particular market better than the individuals of the other countries. The President told that they have made themselves available to the customers and have been listening to their needs which builds trust in the customers related to the company. He further told that all the innovation in the company is driven by the customers and the OSI Group McDonalds feels it important to meet the customer needs.

David McDonald: From Iowa Farm to a Global Leadership Position