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HGGC is a successful private equity firm that is a leader in its industry. Due to its recent growth and profit, more qualified personal and promotion within the company was needed. Thanks to sizeable investment from a private donor, new hires and promotions were possible. A 2018 merger between My Web Grocer (MWG) a HGGC subsidiary, and Mi9, has brought large profits to HGGC.

Company Background

Located in Palo Alto, the heart of the Silicon Valley, HGGC was founded in 2007 by Steve Young, Bob Gay, Richard Lawson, and Gregory Benson. A venture capital financial services company that specializes in privately funded investments and mergers, this company has now $3.2 billion from 2 investment funds. Their investments are often in technology based companies, but they work with partners from all over the private sector and work to make their investors portfolio’s profitable and successful.

Hires and Promotions

On March 26, 2019 Dyal Capital Partners made an important investment that allowed HGGC to promote several of their internal personnel and hire some new employees. A few of the new employees promoted to partner include:

Harv Barinz sources new platform investments as well other duties within the company. Les Brown is Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Fund III investment. John Block is now instrumental in several investment funds throughout the company. Steven Leistner is active with investments for the company, especially with the Fund III investment. Lance Taylor serves as Chief Financial Officer for the firm and several investments funds.

Others promoted are: Kurt Krieger, Chris Schulze, Jay Tabu, Peter Cozzi, and Neha Vaidya.

New hires selected to join the company are: Lindsay Sparks new Executive Director, Greg Catabiano new Executive Director, Mo Gulamhusein new Vice President, Holland Reynolds new Investment Associate, and Chandni Shah new fund Accountant in the Operations Team.

On October 15, 2018 HGGC merged with Mi9 Retail. This merger now powers retail operations for brands like Nike and Levi’s, over 500 brands in total. This merger is projected to earn billions of dollars for the respective companies.

JD Logistics, an independent business sub-group of, is creating a new platform called an Open Platform for Digital Supply Chain.

This new platform by a sub-group of JD. Com is a combination of all their strengths and experiences so they could make a supply chain service that would be good for a number of industries.

The main goal of the new is that companies of all sizes and all shapes can get the benefits of a flexible supply chain. This new platform is expected to do two important thins. This new platform should enable a company to have an integrated, comprehensive supply chain to make its production, sourcing, purchasing, distribution, circulation, and consumption better. This platform is simply a clever technology platform. It should leverage a company to realize its full potential to do logistics, supply chain, intelligent planning, and production.

An auto company could benefit from using this new platform. With this new platform, an auto company could create a multi-warehouse layout that has accessories that are quite close to the offline auto services that will have this platform as well. By allowing accurate replenishment recommendations and integrating capabilities as intelligent inventory forecasting, the costs of fulfillment will be decreased. This is just the downstream part of the supply chain.

How does this new Jingdong platform affect the upstream part of the supply chain? It can incorporate many different kinds of data into the existing system of auto manufacturers. It can help them create automated facilities. This platform will also make their supply chain better by making sure that they are designed efficiently. believes that there are advantages to investing in a supply chain. They have made a deep commitment to making investments that will improve their business. They will up open their capabilities to their partners and other businesses across many different industries.

It is inevitable that a supply chain can go through many different stages of reform before can fully reap all its benefits. From improved coordination to vertical opening. An efficient supply chain is a good thing for customers and this platform can make a well-working supply chain possible.

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The Fortress Investment Group, led by Peter Briger, had a strong year in 2018. They were able to make headlines for over 20 years, and finally, in 2018, they had one of their most breaks through years ever by integrating with the SoftBank Group Corporation. The purchase was $3.3 billion. This set forward the ambitions of Peter Briger and the Fortress Investment Group. Whenever an investment firm likable to purchase with as much value as Peter Briger’s Fortress at $3 billion, it’s going to make headlines. Peter Briger was able to accomplish a lot through the integration. This is because SoftBank is a company focused on investing in data acquisition and use.

The integration of the two companies took a full ten years to accomplish, but now that it’s happened, this is now one of the most prominent combinations of anyone in the investment world. They are likely going to turn a lot of heads and get a lot accomplished within the timeframe set up for them in the future. The strategy for the group is going to be using Fortress and Softbank to largely continue to operate separately, but still, work together across their different long term tactical approaches. The idea is that they are likely going to go into private equity investment.

They are only even thinking about doing this because companies like Blackstone and Kohlberg are dominating it and it’s only the group’s newfound strength that allows them to make this workout. It’s a strategy that people are saying will be revolutionary. Softbank now has some of the best financial experts around. They are jumping up into managing assets and handling private equity, in other words. It’s going to be a combination that those interested in this field are going to want to pay close attention to as time goes by. According to Peter Briger still has a lot of tricks left.

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Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in Venezuela. The Venezuelan businessman holds various executive positions at O’Hara Administration, Pacific Exploration and Production Corporation, and Hawkers.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is an alumnus of the Suffolk University in Massachusetts, where he took a double major in Business Administration and Economics. After he graduated from university, he started to look for a job. He aimed to gain experience so that he can enter the best companies in the world. His first job was with a company operating in the energy sector. He was trained on how the industry works and guided him on how exploration and production are taking place inside the company. Later on, he transferred to Guruceaga Group, where he focused on international trade. He also worked with BGB Energy for a short time.

His major stint was with the Pacific Exploration and Production Corporation. In May 2015, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was able to purchase 20% of the company’s shares through O’Hara Administration. Three months after he purchased the shares, he was appointed to become the company’s director of the board. His promotion as the director of the board is a testament to the trust given to him by his co-workers, and he promised that under his leadership, the company would expand aggressively to penetrate new markets. He hopes that these expansion plans would help the company generate more profit. Another thing that he suggested was the entire restructuring of the company. This will cost the company $575 million, and the executives are thinking carefully about whether to approve it or not.

For Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, the most important thing in the energy sector is the ability of the company to cope with the changes. He also highlighted the importance of establishing new satellite offices in faraway places where oil and gas operations would thrive.

He is also working with Hawkers, a fashion company that specializes in sunglasses. The company was formed in 2016 after he partnered with Spanish entrepreneurs Hugo Arevalo and Feliz Ruiz. So far, the business is booming, and they are gaining a lot of new clients who slowly discover the products that they offer.

She became quite successful at such a young age so Smita Shah recently went on the radio to discuss how she managed to do so well for herself when she only was 24. She started out in math class in high school where she realized she was in the minority in terms of both gender and ethnicity which motivated her to become all the more successful when she grew up. As a college student, she found herself excelling in academics at Northwestern University and gradually rising to the top tier of her class. During this time, she discovered her love for civil engineering and decided to make it her major. After she had successfully obtained her bachelor of science degree, she relocated to Massachusetts to enroll in grad school at MIT. 

While she was in grad school, the opportunity to intern at the office of the white house chief of staff arose and she decided to take it. Once she had successfully completed her master’s program, she decided to take a job offer she received from a company called SOM. She served as their structural engineer for nearly a year before she decided she was ready to become the founder and CEO of her own business. As such, 1998 saw the birth of Spaan Tech, a company dedicated to connecting the world by constructing bridges, railroads, and highways. They also create the lighting for airport runways, lampposts and various other machinations throughout the nation. 

When she first started the business, she had no idea it was going to be a huge success but she knew that, even if she ended up failing, she could always fall back on the other companies out there. While she was initially reticent to embrace the full potential of the company, she later realized the necessity of keeping the company above water, especially due to the significant amount of employees at the office. Over the years, she has come to notice the distinct lack of females throughout the fields of math and science which is why she’s consistently encouraging women to be helpful and supportive of each other to help them get ahead in their respective fields. It hasn’t always been easy for her either as the head of her own business. Learn more:

She finds that some of the people who come through the front doors have often mistaken her for a level-entry worker as opposed to the head honcho but she has said that she does not let this type of misunderstanding bother her. Her daughter seems to be a bit more extroverted than her brother but she was never one to play favorites when it comes to her family or friends. Although she does think there is still a ways to go, she was proud to find out that the female student population at her alma mater is now up to 47%. They have now been in business for over two decades and are still going strong. We wish them the best of luck.

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Randal Nardone is a professional who has spent the last three decades as a lawyer, an executive and an entrepreneur. At the start of his career, he worked as an attorney for a law firm based in New York City. During his stint as a lawyer, Randal was responsible for handling legal matters for various clients. He was also involved in advising them about a number of important legal issues. At the end of his stint at the law firm, Randal became part of the committee of executives. Nardone later left the law firm in order to pursue career opportunities in the financial sector. After working at a law firm, Randal Nardone joined the startup firm BlackRock Financial Management.

As a member of BlackRock Financial Management, Nardone served s a principal where he was responsible for handling legal matters of the firm. He was also involved in managing the daily operations of the firm as well. After working at BlackRock Financial Management for several years, Randal decided to join one of the top firms in the industry called UBS. In 1997, Randal Nardone became part of the firm as one of its managing directors. As the managing director, Randal was involved in getting more clients for the firm. He was also involved in completing transactions that pertained to mergers and acquisitions.

While he was employed at UBS for only one year, his experience as a managing director allowed him to develop his managerial and leadership skills. Nardone would go on to become an entrepreneur after leaving UBS. One year later Randal Nardone started Fortress Investment Group. Fortress eventually established itself among the leaders in managing alternative assets and private equity. During the next two decades, Fortress Investment Group experienced steady growth and established itself as one of the world’s most successful investment management firms. Shortly after starting up Fortress Investment Group, Randal became a member of its management committee as well as one of its top executives. He is currently one of the CEO’s and principals of the firm. He manages the firm with fellow co founder Wes Edens and top executive Peter Briger.

The US Money Reserve is the largest private distributor of precious metal products like coins and bouillons that are issued by the government of the United States.

The company was established in 2001, and through the years, they continue to become the top-performing company in the industry. The US Money Reserve has seen numerous chief executive officers leading the business to success, Angela Koch being one of them.

Her role as the chief executive officer is significant because she is the only woman who holds such a position in an industry dominated by men. She is doing everything to make sure that more people will invest their money in buying precious metals.

As of 2019, the company assisted thousands of individuals who can’t decide on the right precious metals to invest.

Why CEOs should take care of their employees?

As a CEO, Angela Koch needs to determine the challenges faced by the company. Through the years, the US Reserve faced different issues, but she was able to resolve all of it because she trained the employees to execute decisions that would be beneficial for the business.

The employees working at the US Money Reserve love the way Angela Koch leads the company because she always prioritizes the welfare of the employees. She gives them benefits, trains them, and encourages them to become better.

Angela Koch said that the reason why she is putting a lot of emphasis on the growth of the employees is because of their importance in generating more profit for the business.

When an employee grows and becomes more familiar with how the company operates, it will be easier for them to make decisions even if the CEO is not around.

This is what happens at the US Money Reserve today – even if Angela Koch is on a leave, she is confident that the company works perfectly as planned because the employees know which decisions to take. This setup benefits the company while at the same time, develops the employees to become more competitive.

How Angela Koch made became the CEO of the US Money Reserve?

Even Angela Koch herself cannot believe how her career shifted from being a financially struggling young mother to a financially stable CEO. Before she joined the US Money Reserve, she had to work for different jobs to earn money.

She used to work for a pharmacy, an electric company, and even a Jewish Foundation. Her employment at KLA-Tencor paved the way for her to become an employee at the US Money Reserve.

She stated that one of the things that companies wanted from an employee is their dedication to succeed.

She has always demonstrated that she is willing to help the company succeed, providing ideas on what they should do to reach new heights.

In the end, she was entrusted with the position as the company’s CEO, and she keeps on proving to this day that the decision to choose her as a leader is worth it.

The future of the US Money Reserve

Angela Koch stated that the company’s future will focus on expansion.

Many people who worked with them in the past are satisfied with their services, and she stated that the company will try to reach out to more people who wanted to invest in precious metals.

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Are you looking to start building you next home in the Huntsville , Alabama area? If you are, Barbara Stokes is the lady in charge that you need to Contact. Barbara Stokes has over 20 years of contracting experience. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Ideamensch.

Barbara graduated from Mercer University in 2001, studying biomedical engineering and physics. . She also studied technical communication, structures, and thermodynamics. Barbara Stokes works at Green Structure Homes(GSH) where she is very dedicated in helping your family, turn your dream into a reality. Follow Barbara Stokes on

When Barbara Stokes isn’t working she’s spending time with her three children. Barbara Stokes is also a experienced leader in disaster relief construction contracting. She is a active member of FEMA missions. For all of your contracting needs contact Barbara.


Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors, L.P., is a Dallas-based financial firm. It offers ETFs and mutual funds to clients around the world. Their offerings cover a broad range of asset classes and fit into many investment strategies. This company is an affiliate of Highland Capital Management.

It was founded in 1993 by two entrepreneurs. These are President James Dondero and CIO Mark Okada. Highland Capital pioneered the leveraged loan market and then branched out into other asset classes.

The firm was responsible for designing the first software to electronically track loan portfolios, which is used by a majority of loan managers. They sold the software to JPMorgan Chase in 2003.

Both retail and institutional investors make use of what Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors offers. The types of assets investors can access through them include real estate, structured credit, public equities, private equity, and special situations, as well as sector and region-specific investments. See Related Link for additional information.

Highland Capital Management funds include closed end funds, alternative funds, fixed income funds, equity funds, asset allocation funds, and exchange traded funds. Alternative funds include energy master limited partnerships (MLP), long/short equity, long/short healthcare, opportunistic credit, and merger arbitrage. They also offer a socially responsible equity fund and a small-cap equity fund.

James Dondero has been in the financial industry for more than 30 years. Besides Highland Capital Management, he is also the chairman of the board and president of NexPoint Residential Trust, Inc. He is the chairman of CSS Medical, Inc., NexBank Capital Inc., and Cornerstone Healthcare Group Holdings, Inc. He is a board member of MGM Holdings, Inc. and Jernigan Capital, Inc. He is on the business executive board of the Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business. Go To This Page to learn more.

James Dondero earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Virginia. He graduated Beta Alpha Psi and Beta Gamma Sigma. He also graduated from the McIntire School of Commerce where he studied accounting and finance. His financial certifications include Certified Managerial Accountant (CMA) and Certified Public Accountant (CPA). He also earned the designation Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

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Gazprom International prospered under Boris Ivanov’s leadership. His journey as director and principal started back in 2007. With his business acumen, the gas mining holding bought into lucrative deals, including the billion-dollar energy plant contract involving Namcor back in 2009. The transaction entailed developing a new, robust energy plant to supply South Africa and Namibia, where Namcor has its base. It was an advantageous alliance for both energy giants; since Gazprom had long sought an opportunity to tap into the booming Kudu gas reserve. What is more, Kudu remains the primary commercialized gas field in Namibia.

That same year, Gazprom entered into a four billion dollar natural resources contract with Venezuela. It was another high-profile transaction for the monopoly gas export powerhouse, handled by its top executive, Boris Ivanov. What was the end goal for both parties? The deal had numerous motives, but the primary objective was to explore mineral development for commercial gains.

A year later, it made a historical discovery, establishing its first-ever commercial gas field in Algeria. At the time, Boris Ivanov headed the global exploration/production division. With this industry-defining revelation, the energy powerhouse had access to untapped European regions; and the resource to realistically increase profit margins across Portugal and Spain.

Boris Ivanov got his initial start in the productive oil and gas sector while working at Unibest Bank. He served the financial services giant for seven long years (1993-2000). A decade earlier, the former foreign affairs minister was handling responsibilities that revolved around US-Russia relations. Following the end of his political career in 1993, he pursued mining and investment banking. It led to him joining the Unibest Bank family, where he assumed evolving executive roles.

While at Unibest, he served as VP, which involved overseeing various oil/gas projects. He eventually launched his own oil/gas mining company in 2011. Mr. Boris Ivanov assumes the role of managing director. He is a graduate of MGIMO (Moscow State Institute of International Relations) university in Russia, where he got his Masters. With his success in the mining sector, he continues to propel forward as an industry pioneer and entrepreneur.

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