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Gazprom International prospered under Boris Ivanov’s leadership. His journey as director and principal started back in 2007. With his business acumen, the gas mining holding bought into lucrative deals, including the billion-dollar energy plant contract involving Namcor back in 2009. The transaction entailed developing a new, robust energy plant to supply South Africa and Namibia, where Namcor has its base. It was an advantageous alliance for both energy giants; since Gazprom had long sought an opportunity to tap into the booming Kudu gas reserve. What is more, Kudu remains the primary commercialized gas field in Namibia.

That same year, Gazprom entered into a four billion dollar natural resources contract with Venezuela. It was another high-profile transaction for the monopoly gas export powerhouse, handled by its top executive, Boris Ivanov. What was the end goal for both parties? The deal had numerous motives, but the primary objective was to explore mineral development for commercial gains.

A year later, it made a historical discovery, establishing its first-ever commercial gas field in Algeria. At the time, Boris Ivanov headed the global exploration/production division. With this industry-defining revelation, the energy powerhouse had access to untapped European regions; and the resource to realistically increase profit margins across Portugal and Spain.

Boris Ivanov got his initial start in the productive oil and gas sector while working at Unibest Bank. He served the financial services giant for seven long years (1993-2000). A decade earlier, the former foreign affairs minister was handling responsibilities that revolved around US-Russia relations. Following the end of his political career in 1993, he pursued mining and investment banking. It led to him joining the Unibest Bank family, where he assumed evolving executive roles.

While at Unibest, he served as VP, which involved overseeing various oil/gas projects. He eventually launched his own oil/gas mining company in 2011. Mr. Boris Ivanov assumes the role of managing director. He is a graduate of MGIMO (Moscow State Institute of International Relations) university in Russia, where he got his Masters. With his success in the mining sector, he continues to propel forward as an industry pioneer and entrepreneur.

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Many people commonly suffer from different types of psychological and neurological issues that impact their mind and body. Conditions such as seizures and insomnia fall into these categories.

Suffering psychologically and neurologically impacts a person’s quality of life and doctors normally prescribe benzodiazepines to alleviate this problem. However, the American Addiction Centers warns medical professionals and their patients that this might not be the best option.

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American Centers is a nationally recognized drug and mental health treatment organization. It is a system of hospitals that treat patients struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

The organization also researches the latest trends and developments with narcotics, alcohol addiction and pharmaceutical drug use.

Dr. Lawrence Weinstein is the organization’s chief medical officer. He has been with American Addiction Centers for many years. After AAC researched and discovered the impact of benzodiazepines, they concluded that this drug has some potential downfalls for patients.

Dr. Weinstein states that doctors and their patients should only use benzodiazepines as a secondary drug or as the last resort. Their first option should always be a less potent drug that will help to treat the condition that a person is experiencing. Many doctors often prescribe the strongest drugs first. This action is usually taken to help patients to immediately manage their condition.

The negative side effects for many drugs can be dangerous. When it comes to benzodiazepines, this is the case. Benzodiazepines are very addictive. People will often take them without realizing how addictive the drugs are. A person can take benzodiazepines and become addicted to them within a few months.

Another drawback to this drug has to do with cognitive impairment. Long term could even cause a person to develop dementia. Temporary memory loss and short loss of cognitive function could also result from the use of benzodiazepine drugs. Dr. Weinstein knows that benzodiazepine drugs are widely prescribed but he recommends using some other lower-risk drugs for treatment.

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Patients should also be aware that benzodiazepines withdrawal can lead to anxiety. This in turn will influence former benzodiazepines patients to start taking the drug again to get rid of their anxiety. However, this is not a good idea since the drug could lead to overdose. American Addiction Centers and Dr. Weinstein encourages patients to cautiously use these drugs.

Dr. Weinstein also informs patients that their physicians should only prescribe this drug for a limited time.

Ultimately, people who are prescribed benzodiazepines should make sure they are using these drugs responsibly and are not doing anything to jeopardize their mental health or their life.

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Jack Plotkin

It can be difficult for a physician to diagnose their patient’s problem when only spending a few minutes with them during a doctor’s visit. The symptoms a person is experiencing may not be noticeable at the visit. Technology has closed this gap of what a person experiences on a daily basis and what the doctor is able to observe during a short visit.

Telehealth Technology Improves Doctors Ability to Help Their Patients

Telehealth monitoring systems allow for the collecting of daily data of a patient as they go through their daily routine. This monitoring allows a physician to observe the symptoms their patient exhibits in the hours, days, and months between doctor visits. With early symptom information, a doctor can take immediate action to remedy the situation instead of waiting for a disease to progress.

Wireless technology has made monitoring systems more convenient to use. They can either be worn or placed somewhere in the home to do the monitoring. Data collected includes a patient’s vital signs as well as their habits, such as how many times they get up at night to use the bathroom. Since the prices of these monitoring units have dropped in recent years, their use has become more economical.

Jack Plotkin notes that the area that advancement needs to be made is the coalescing of how data is collected with how electronic medical records are stored. The difference keeps the physician from seeing the data collected with the telehealth monitoring system and the telehealth nurse from seeing the data collected during a doctor’s visit. With the data being kept separate, then a collaborative effort inpatient care is being thwarted.  Jack Plotkin is the Chief Technology Officer for Virtual Health. He has spent his career helping businesses use technology to make advancements in their industry. With his work in the healthcare industry over the past about 20 years, he has become an industry leader in helping technology to become more integrated with healthcare.

Managing a company means taking many factors into account. It’s important to be aware of the many factors that may influence business efforts. One company, GPB Global Resources B.V., continues to aware of the need to engage in global business efforts. It is this understanding that has helped GPB Global Resources B.V. make decisions about the best way to move the company forward. GPB Global Resources B.V. is a Russia based company that has many interests all over the globe. One area that has been of particular interest has been investing in other nations. Gas and oil reserves all over the world have caught the attention of company officials in varied places. One area of particular interest for them has been the nation of Venezuela. Venezuela has long been a nation with a great many oil resources. Given this, it is not surprising that has it has attracted the attention of GPB Global Resources B.V. officials. At the same time, it is helpful to know when it is a good idea to pull back from investments and look somewhere else. Learn about GPB Global Resources at

Leaving Venezuela

Russia has long been a serious investor in this part of the world. At the same time, officials here have come to realize that it might be time to pull back in response to changing conditions. Changing conditions have rapidly overtaken Venezuela. Many nations have responded to the changing government in this area. As a result, there have been real issues with economic instability for the government and the state’s residents. Given such issues, it is not surprising that the Russians have decided that it might be better to pull out of this area. The company has confirmed to officials that it has decided it might be better to quit the Petrozamora venture that it has been engaged in in recent years. They had a minority stake in the firm of about forty percent, making them a major shareholder and one of the company’s chief investors. The decision to move on frees up funds for the other ventures that they have in mind for the future.


Students need great teaching which is vital to student success. This is the key reason the Teach to One program should be used in the classroom. Not only does it leverage a teacher’s talents it also enables professional experiences that are more sustainable than the traditional model used in a classroom.

Teach to One offers collaborative teaching. This means that teacher teams teach more students than one would find in a traditional model. The teacher needs to align around key instructional practices, expectations, and systems while joining together to share in the accountability for the learning of each student.

In Teach to One each teacher receives a daily personalized schedule. This allows them to work with groups of students. Each group has its own needs. The schedules tell the teacher the students they will be working with as well as the Learning Modality which they will facilitate. It also includes the targeted skills each group will work on. Finally, the schedule tells them the location, in the Math Center, where teaching will take place.

Multimodal Instruction is also included in Teach to One program. During the school year, teachers will lead different learning modalities. These include such things as independent learning, small group collaboration, and live investigation.

Teach to One includes around 9,000 lessons. Each one is of high quality. It has been carefully reviewed and chosen from a pool of more than 80,000. There are nine different learning modalities. This allows each student to explore multiple approaches to meet their learning needs.

Each participating school has a support team. This team includes technical, operational, and instructional specialists. They provide support, on-site, to administrators and teachers during the school year. Schools have the choice of reducing the support team as they become more self-sufficient in the following years.

Teachers using Teach to One have access to all up-to-date information needed in order to track learning progress, to review performance history, and to set future goals.

 Being a leading highly Diversified Investment Group, Fortress Investment Group was recently investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Ex ceo Dan Mudd Is being accused of misleading investors after having Insider information while he worked at Fannie Mae. Mudd is also being investigated by the FBI. Because of this, Mudd stepped down as CEO of Fortress Investment group. He was replaced by a man by the name of Randal Nardone. As the new CEO, Randal Nardone immediately had a lot on his hands. As of late 2011, when Mr. Nardone took over, Fortress Investment Group had over 43 Billion in assets under his strong management.

At one point as the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, he was worth approximately 1.8 billion dollars. Nardone has a very impressive background, he graduated from University of Connecticut for his Bachelor’s degree. He then got his law degree from the Boston University School of Law. He started his professional career as a lawyer at the law firm ThacherProffitt and Wood. Nardone spent time at the investment firm UBS financial, as well as Blackrock financial group. He then was a co founder of Fortress Financial Group LLC along with Wesley Edens and Robert Kauffman in 1998.

Fortress Financial had a couple of very good years between 1999 and 2006 where the their assets under management gained an average of 39.7 percent average per year, which is outstanding. Especially when they pay themselves 2 and 20, 2 percent of the assets under management and 20 percent of the gains.Due to his financial knowledge, he has also consulted for many large companies, helping them increase their revenues and profits. Overall Nardone is a very smart and a successful person. He is a hard worker and has a lot of responsibility. Nardone originally started his career in law but then moved into Finance and is very successful in both fields.

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Igor Cornelsen was born in Brazil and thought that he wanted to be an engineer when he started college. He was at the Federal University of Parana for a couple of years before he decided that economics was what he wanted to get into instead of engineering. He graduated and started working at a bank, and the reason he believes he quickly got his first job was because of the math skills that he had. He learned how to work in investment banking and did well in it. He got promoted not long after starting at the bank and he continued to work his way up in it through the years.

Igor Cornelsen worked with several other companies during his long and successful career and did well in all of them. He knows a lot about how to invest in stocks and how to give good advice to those who are thinking about investing. He prefers to invest in businesses that are performing well but he gives different advice to his clients. He tells them that if they want to buy stocks at a low price, then damaged stocks are a good investment.

Igor Cornelsen loves his home country of Brazil and knows all about the investment opportunities there. He encourages others to invest in Brazil and does much of that investing himself because he believes that the market is so much different there than in other countries. He also talks about the currency exchange rate and has a lot of advice to give to investors because he spends so much time thinking about investments. Igor Cornelsen has much experience in the world of investing and has gotten inspired through the time that he has spent in it, and he has many good ideas for investing because of his experience.

It’s never easy to excel in the world of business but that certainly never stopped Marc Beer from attempting to thrive in that field. From an early age, he knew exactly what he wanted to be and that entails becoming a philanthropist, businessman, and entrepreneur. So how has he maintained his enthusiasm throughout his career? Well, he recently sat down to discuss these matters. When he first began his college career, he wasn’t sure what direction he wanted to take it in but soon discovered his affinity for the world of business. He later excelled in his college courses and ended up graduating from the university four years later with his bachelor’s degree in hand. Once he had finished his academic career, he was offered the opportunity to work for Abbott. 

He graciously accepted and spent the next six years working with their sales team to help promote their products and raise their profile. He went on to work for a few other companies after he left that position such as Biostar Inc and Genzyme but, through it all, he never lost sight of his entrepreneurial aspirations. As such, May of 2000 saw him finally becoming his own boss as he opened Viacell, a company dedicated primarily to helping patients by finding as many vaccines and cures as they can. They do this by studying the cells of people who are sick and trying to find a way to reverse engineer those results so they can help remedy these illnesses. Learn more:

While the company did prove to be a success, it didn’t last too long. No one really knows why but seven years after the company was established, he decided to sell it and move on to his next business venture. However, before he had the chance, tragedy struck home as his wife passed away from a pulmonary embolism. After taking the appropriate amount of time to grieve for his beloved, he decided to stay home with his kids for a while to console them and take care of whatever needs they may have. After a while, however, he realized, with some help from his children, that he needed to return to the business industry and continue his efforts to help people. So that’s exactly what he did. In August of 2016, he started a new business called Renovia.

The goal of this new company is to help as many patients as he can by developing devices that will help treat their conditions. As you might imagine, this new enterprise has turned out to be quite the success and the company is already worth upwards of $50 million with these new products consistently flying off the shelves. In fact, one of their products recently became FDA approved, the first of its kind. In the future, he hopes to expand on his work to reach as many people as he can and he told future generations to always put their philanthropy first, be strategic and focus on the success of the company.

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James Dondero has an interesting story behind his success. He received degrees in both accounting and finance from the University of Virginia. After graduation, he chose JP Morgan to launch his career. His JP Morgan tenure helped him develop his investment expertise. After a four-year tour with JP Morgan, James Dondero went to work for American Express where he managed fixed income funds and learned a great deal about alternative investment strategies.

Jim Dondero made a big name for himself at American Express. So much so in fact that American Express promoted him to the position of CIO. In 1993 Jim Dondero decided it was time to go into business for himself. He started Highland Capital Management. The company’s headquarters is in Dallas. Of course, Dallas is the type of city that easily attracts large companies and those that like to make and spend money. The Dallas-Fort Worth area is a sprawling metropolis with over $7 million people.

Highland Capital Management is one of America’s biggest investment firms when it comes to assets that are under management. The successful company of Jim Dondero operates offices in Singapore, Sao Paulo, Singapore, and New York. His company’s investment specialists are some of the best in the business. They have the skills and experience to stay out in front of emerging trends. The company’s portfolio is greater than $17 billion in assets.

James Dondero is also a philanthropist who works with Dallas non-profits. As such, there are a number of non-profits that do not have to worry about the source of their next donation. He supports the University of Texas, Southern Methodist University, the Family Place, the Dallas Symphony, and other notable non-profit organizations.

Highland Capital has a reputation for leading the way as a social leader in the city of Dallas. However, James Dondero does not take all the credit of what his firm accomplishes for himself. He sees the mission of his firm as being an integral part of its community. See This Article to learn more.

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Digital technology is improving virtually every industry in areas of efficiency, accuracy, costs and integration. Smart technology and the internet allow personnel and machines to interact in real time across the globe. Boris Ivanov Gazprom is bringing this reality to the oil and gas industry. Since 2011, Gazprom has worked for TDE and its ProNova monitoring system. Starting as a data processing analyst, Gazprom now promotes the drilling operation monitoring system, educating drilling contractors on the system’s benefits. His primary targets as of 2019 are Russian drilling companies.

TDE has focused on introducing and implementing the ProNova system to Russian drilling companies for the past 5 years. However, the company has a 15-year history of providing drilling operation optimization worldwide. The system uses sensors to produce data related to key performance indicators during the drilling process. Sensors monitor processes such as tripping pipe, drilling and casing. ProNova not only records productive and non-productive time but also produces a detailed per-second analysis of the operation’s efficiency. Boris Ivanov Gazprom explains that drilling service contractors are reluctant to use the system as oil well operators pay those companies per day. Therefore, slower drilling times benefit drillers’ bottom lines. Turn-key contracts that require service companies to deliver producing wells before receiving payment benefit from ProNova as those companies require efficiency. Unfortunately, most Russian oil companies still use separate service contractors, Gazprom notes.


Boris Ivanov Gazprom is focusing on Russian oil production engineers who are working with European engineers. Currently, the collaboration has analyzed more than 10,000 days’ worth of Russian drilling service companies with the potential to analyze data in real time from more than 100 rigs located worldwide. This collaboration is based in Samara, Russia, at the Real Time Operational Center.

Low crude oil prices have caused a current lag, which has cost the industry experienced workers, supply chain connections and development. Turning the industry around, Boris Ivanov Gazprom predicts, will depend on the industry’s willingness to embrace technology such as the ProNova system. Gazprom states that digital innovations will outweigh industrial mechanics in future business successes.

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