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At New York City’s VeronisSuhler Stevenson, the respected private equity fund puts ints focus on investments within sectors such as media, information, and education, among other lucrative fields. The business model at VSS is guided by the expert leadership provided by Managing Partner/Co-CEO Jeffrey Stevenson. His educational background is in the field of economics and he did his studies at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. He has been with VSS since 1982. This was shortly after the firm was first established as a merchant bank in New York. By 1987, Jeffrey Stevenson had made a major impact on the trajectory of the firm and he put tremendous effort into launching the firm’s first private equity fund. From the start, this fund had $57 million injected into it as capital. These days, VSS is on the fourth of these funds and Jeffrey Stevenson has played a vital role in all of them.

The is generally always a great team behind the actions of any strong executive leader. This is the case at VeronisSuhler Stevenson as Jeffrey Stevenson heads up an outstanding team of senior leaders that act in the capacity of Managing Directors. The team is composed of David Bainbridge, Patrick Turner, and Trent Hickman and they are under the direct leadership of Managing Partner Jeffrey Stevenson. This is a team of true industry professionals and they all have impressive professional backgrounds that have helped to turn them into the outstanding investment leaders that they are today.

The telecommunications sector and the media sector have been big points of interest for the private equity work done by VeronisSuhler Stevenson over the years. This continues to be true and Jeffrey recently provided some insight into where these sectors are currently headed as far as the investment forecasts. A major point he emphasizes is that the traditional outlets for media that have been the standard seemingly forever, such as print media, are not garnering a lot of investment interest. Newly growing digital media and areas such as marketing and education in the media scope are gaining a lot of attention from investors.

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One look at Fortress Investment Group’s investor type, listed as other, lends the idea that this firm deals almost exclusively with accredited investors. It is a private equity firm that has called New York City home since its inception, in 1998. Private equity could not be more exciting. Dealing with private companies, and investing in those companies, is where Fortress has made its mark. The other side of private equity, the buyout side, scours the markets for distressed companies and essentially buys them out, forcing a delisting and tucking the remains into their private fortress.

The firm has 50 active employees running 49 different portfolios of over 200 varied investments. They run the gamut in industry sectors, from transportation to financial, healthcare, real estate and telecom. The firm could be characterized as a private hedge fund specializing in leveraged buyouts (LBO). Leveraged buyouts serve a very good purpose in that they collect the salvageable remains of a company that is in need of solutions during a critical downfall. An LBO gives those companies and exit strategy, so the benefits of this activity cannot be overstated.

Assets under management total nearly $41 billion. Fortress has 3 locations in addition to their New York headquarters, in both London and in San Francisco. They employ over 500 people across these 3 locations. The goal of Fortress Investment Group is to successfully assume and manage risk to develop strong returns for their clients. Their investments know no borders and they have are invest across many sectors to keep driving investment performance. They sought to cultivate and develop relationships with both sophisticated institutional investors as well as private clients, and they successfully accomplished that goal.

One of the most important assets of Fortress Investment Group is their intellectual capital. They compiled a team that is second-to-none. All seasoned professionals, combined they brought decades of success to this firm. Founded at a time when the markets were on the precipice of one of the most tumultuous decades in the history of our markets, Fortress survived and thrived. Largely attributable to the great minds that work for Fortress, they weathered storms that put giants out of business and swallowed up industries in days. Fortress Investment Group was a well-chosen name.


Robert Redick, a founding partner of Ohio law firm Kisling Nestico & Redick, announced recently that he is retiring. Robert Redick founded the firm with his partners in 2005, and, since then, worked tirelessly to help accident victims obtain compensation for their physical and emotional injuries. While Redick will be missed by his partners and the firm’s staff, part of his legacy is the substantial amount of time he spent mentoring those new to the organization. Graduating with a double degree from the University of Miami in 1985, Redick went to work as a claims adjuster in the insurance industry.

This experience was invaluable when he began advocating for accident victims because he knew exactly how to get what they had coming. He also gained a profound understanding of the personal injury claims process. During the 1990’s, he worked as a case manager by day and attended law school by evening, and once he became a lawyer he set out on his mission of obtaining full compensation for accident victims. After gaining valuable experience as a lawyer fighting to get every penny for his clients from insurance companies, he founded Kisling Nestico & Redick with his two partners and helped lead the firm until his retirement.

About Kisling Nestico & Redick

Not only is Kisling Nestico & Redick seen as one of the most effective law firms in Ohio, it is known for its commitment to the community in the form of a number of charitable initiatives. Kisling Nestico & Redick handles accident compensation cases, and they know the legal ins-and-outs of the claims process. The firm’s “KNR Cares About Kids” initiative has been going for a long time, and, recently, Kisling Nestico & Redick gave away 200 backpacks filled with school supplies to deserving children throughout Ohio.

 Sudhir Choudhrie was born in India and he is a successful entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and he also played an important role in politics and diplomacy. He is now living in London but he spent his early life in India. He had graduated from the University of Delhi. He started his own company called Magnum International Trading Company in 1975. The focus of the company was to find international clients and establish a good relationship with them for the growth of the company. The company advanced a lot in the upcoming years and Sudhir was very dedicated and worked actively for the development of the company.

 Sudhir Choudhrie also started investing in many successful businesses later in his life. He invested his time and effort with Taj Resorts in building Taj Kerala and four other local resorts. The whole venture was a huge success. He also in 1995 launched Adidas Indian Trading Company and introduced the brand to India. He partnered up with Adidas AG to launch the company and he opened 180 stores in India to distribute the high-quality products to the customers. He invested in Air Deccan which was the first budget airline in India. The company grew unexpectedly and within 2008 was carrying 7 million passengers on a daily basis.

 Sudhir Choudhrie joined C & C Alpha Group which was situated in London and he used his experience to develop the various subsidiaries of the company. He dealt with clients and helped in finding new clients and making strategic plans with them. The company grew very fast because of his hard work and dedication. He became a British national in the year 2010 and is now living there in London with his family.

 Sudhir Choudhrie is a very influential blogger and his blogs are posted in HuffPost which is a popular American blogging site. His blogs are mostly related to business, politics, and heart patients. He had a heart transplant operation in the year 1999. He is also a philanthropist and he actively participates in many charitable programs. He contributed a lot to the welfare of the people in India, the UK, and the USA.


Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Jack Ma are three businessmen who come to mind when we think of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.

However, just because you might not recognize the names of other highly successful entrepreneurs who have made the modern world of commerce their playgrounds, doesn’t at all mean that they’re not as skilled as the three entrepreneurs listed above.

Seymour Segnit is one of these super-powered businessmen who you might not have heard of. Segnit is one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs around these days.

He is the founder and CEO of MAGFAST.  Seymour Segnit doesn’t head MAGFAST without strong reasoning, either. MAGFAST is a business that revolves around the fast-paced wireless charger track. People who want to find out about all of the latest and greatest options in wireless chargers often make the decision to look into MAGFAST and its technological approach.

Always Try to Learn Things from Others

Most of us realize that we don’t, in fact, know it all after we grow out of our teenage years. However, not all of us actively try to pick things up from other people that could help us on a lifelong basis. See This Article for additional information.

Seymour Segnit, His Time at Oxford University, and That Photo Lab

Oxford University is one of the leading institutions of higher education throughout the United Kingdom – it’s safe to say that Oxford is one of the best throughout the entirety of Western Europe, if not the world at large!

This is where Seymour Segnit went to college at. He studied engineering here, then worked at a pair of advertising agencies for a few years.

Regrouping Is Key

We all need to get back in touch with ourselves from time to time to settle on what means the most to us.

After Seymour Segnit left these two world-class ad agencies, he worked at a ski resort one summer – there, he also worked at a photo laboratory. Find Additional Information Here.

Put simply, he learned a lesson in developing photos of vacationers at that ski resort that still stays with him today. Sourcing higher-quality inputs are inherently important for keeping customers as satisfied as they possibly can be.

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The city of Chicago recently announced that October 2 would be known as Mahatma Gandhi Day. Gandhi is celebrated around the world but in particular, he is recognized for the good deeds he did during his life in India. Among the people who had the honor of announcing the dedication was Smita Shah, an Indian-American entrepreneur who resides in and does business in the city. She stated that not only was her community honored for such an important figure from their culture to be recognized in the United States, but it was also an honor for her to be personally involved with the event. What makes this day in 2019 so special was that it was the 150th anniversary of the birth of Gandhi.

The day was recognized during a luncheon honoring the Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi. What makes Chicago such a fitting city to celebrate the life and legacy of the civil rights leader is the fact that it is a sister city to Delhi, India. Smita Shah is well-known throughout Chicago beyond the Indian-American community as a civic leader and strong businesswoman. She has earned multiple degrees as well as finishing a Management Studies Post Graduate Certificate from the University of Oxford that she completed in 2007. Smita Shah is a recipient of a Bachelor of Science from Northwestern University in Civil Engineering as well as a Master of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that he earned in 1994 and 1996 respectively. Learn more:

The Mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, and Senator Dick Durbin joined Smita Shah to honor Gandhi at this year’s event. Smita Shah currently serves as the Chair of the Chicago Sister Cities International Delhi Committee and notes the impact that the activist has had on the city of Chicago and beyond even years after his death. Many different communities are part of the city of Chicago and she wants each one of them to be honored without any of them being excluded. She is also the Chief Executive Officer and President of the engineering and construction firm SPAAN Tech.

The sister cities program is meant to be able to recognize the impact that the Indian-American community has had on Chicago and how much could be done if all of the communities of the area worked together to make a positive change in the world. India and Chicago have had a strong relationship for years and this program recognizes this as well. Smita Shah is actively involved in the community of Chicago in many different ways and is known for contributing through various acts of philanthropy. As a woman in business, she enjoys being able to support other women who would like to become entrepreneurs or part of the executive team at a company. Her city is known for celebrating the culture of the communities that are part of it as well as for being welcoming to others and what they have to contribute to the city and the world.

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Angela Koch is the only female CEO involved in the industry of precious metals. She is the CEO of the U.S. Money Reserve.

The company is the largest private distributor of platinum, silver, and gold coins issued by the U.S. government. It is her responsibility to oversee every aspect of the operation. It is also her job to set the culture and pace for the entire organization.

Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Inc. |  Better Business Bureau; Profile

Through the years, more than 500,000 people have been helped by the reserve to make essential decisions about precious metals. Koch explains that she operates a sales organization, and many of these groups concern themselves with sales and marketing.

Unfortunately, these businesses only want their customers to sell. They are not interested in helping them to learn more. This is what she wants.

Koch believes in taking care of her employees. She encourages each individual’s growth as well as participating in personal and professional development. She knows this will eventually benefit the company. She says she is not so concerned with the dollar as she is with taking each employee and moving them up.

This results in making the business better. She believes that if you are doing this for the business that the company will grow strong. As a result, employees get better.

With all of her business ideas in mind, this is one of the reasons it has led the company to receive the AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance. This rating comes from the fact that customers can buy with confidence.

The U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest distributors of U.S. government-issued coins in the country. They strive to give their clients the highest level of service.

They also work to offer the most exceptional gold coins available on the market. Together the company works with the client to select the highest quality metals for their portfolios.

Koch reached her present position at U.S. Money Reserve in an unusual way. Due to personal circumstances, she dropped out of college. Not long after this, she married and had her first child.

Her husband, who is now her ex, was a golfer. He was enrolled in classes to become a club pro. This meant that she needed to work. It was up to her to pay the rent and utilities.

Since she didn’t have a degree, she needed to figure out how to make it work. Instead of one job, she worked two or three. She made it a point to learn everything there was to know about each position. No company was too big or too small for her.

She worked at a variety of jobs. Eventually, she landed at her present company. She proved herself and moved from one position to the next. In each role, she learned every detail of the job. She eventually moved up to head the company. The rest is history.

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The U.S. Money Reserve, with its AAA rating from BCA, makes the customers’ satisfaction their top priority. They provide the experience, support, and resources each customer deserves. They strive to create a long-term relationship with each client.

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Maarten De Jeu is not a new name in the global investment industry. For many years, the financial advisor has helped many consumers to make profits, even when the economic situations are tough. While serving as a strategic advisor for an institution called Fortune 100, Maarten de Jeu became very popular because of his accomplishments. Maarten gives excellent insights to all investors who want to invest in profitable areas, especially commercial real estate. With advice from this business leader, people can make decisions concerning short and long-term investments. Commercial real estate investment is becoming a popular investment opportunity for millions of people in the world. Before starting your journey in real estate, it is essential to consult a professional. This lucrative industry can turn into huge losses when an investor does not get the assistance needed. In the past, ordinary investors could not make any real estate investments. This is an industry was only available for individuals who have so much wealth under their belt. In recent years, average investors are starting to make their wealth by investing in this competitive industry. 

Maarten de Jeu wants more investors to benefit from commercial real estate. Residential properties and commercial properties are entirely different from each other. Residential properties are for housing, while commercial properties are for profits. Office buildings, warehouses, industrial parks, retail spaces, and multi-family housing buildings are commercial properties. Unlike residential properties, commercial constructions are bigger, and they are always costly to acquire. Many investors do not like investing in commercial buildings because of the capital associated with it. However, there are some great changes in the law allowing people to own properties as a group. If you want to make money and live a good life, then it is time to start investing in commercial real estate. According to Maarten de Jeu, there are many benefits to commercial real estate. Every investor should take advantage of these benefits and invest in this industry. Learn more:

In traditional times, people believed that investing in bonds and stocks. With time, however, everyone started to realize that they could increase their wealth when they venture into real estate. The stocks and bonds would change their prices when there was a problem in the economy. With commercial real estate, investors do not have to worry about investment fees. There are no management fees for investors in this department. In real estate, consumers are safe from inflation compared to all other investments in the market. Even when the economy has significantly gone down, it is difficult for real estate investors to earn losses. The property rates of many commodities keep going up in all parts of the world. This means that investors will always sell their properties at profits. Maarten de Jeu loves helping his clients in tough financial times. Instead of wasting their capital in other industries, the wealthy financial officer advises everyone to venture into real estate so that they can accumulate wealth and live a happy life. Maarten de Jeu is also an expert in international investments.

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The term social consciousness has been a buzzword throughout the 21st-century with many many businesses deciding the time was right to develop their own socially conscious funds and programs. The Grupo RBS media brand from Brazil has been working in this area since the early 1980s when the founder of the Rio Grande du Sol-based media brand, Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho decided to establish what was originally known as Fundacao RBS. Over the course of the life of the Grupo RBS brand, the social fund of the company has been building its importance with a name change recently completed to honor the founder of the brand. To know more about RBS visit

It was Mauricio Sirotaky Sobrinho who identified the needs of the people of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande du Sol and decided to address them with a charitable fund that would raise awareness. The awareness of social issues has been growing over time with the founder of Grupo RBS looking to focus much of the work of his philanthropic fund on the lives of children and young people.

One of the most important campaigns undertaken by the Grupo RBS brand was addressing the drug problems facing young people across Brazil by 2011. In that year, the social justice fund of Grupo RBS, now known as the Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho Fund began its nationally acclaimed crack abuse awareness campaign. The “Don’t Even Think About Crack” campaign became so effective it was broadcast far beyond the traditional broadcast regions of the Grupo RBS brand. The effectiveness of the Grupo RBS campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of crack use throughout Brazil led to the establishment of the Instituto Crack, Nem Pensar, or the Don’t Even Think About Crack Institute. The power of the messages being pushed out by RBS showed how an effective campaign can be created over the course of the campaign and in the years ahead.