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Toyo Setal is a company based in Brazil that implements industrial enterprises. Their business is focused on the production and development of highly complex projects. All of their customers are offered strategic planning, innovation, values, and only the best-qualified professionals to give them the most comprehensive service solutions. Recently the company won a bid to complete the construction works of the Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical Complex or COMPERJ. Winning the bid was important for Toyo Setal so they could collaborate with Petrobras which is their largest customer.

Since their customer’s work had come to a standstill before they bid on it Toyo Setal sent in specialists to evaluate what had already been done and decide on the work needed to get the project completed. Petrobas in Brazil had been economically challenged leaving them with a small project portfolio. Now with Toyo Setal stepping in, they will be able to finally finish this complex project. The best thing is that this project will generate thousands of new jobs for people in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and will also contribute to the local economic recovery. So the project will benefit many different needs. To know more about the company click here.

Toyo Setal has a team of experienced specialists that are committed to focus on productivity, company goals, and guidelines. They are ready to step in and do all that they can to help Petrobas realize their project completion. The main idea of this project is to extract oil and gas from pre-salt superfields and get them processed. They have relocated to a refinery that has the ability to produce many thousands of barrels of oil products like gasoline and diesel per day. Therefore this will be a mutual job undertaking by both companies for the good of their own individual needs and for the good of their country.

Marc Beer is the President and CEO of Renovia, a thriving research company in the medical industry. The organization deals with the provision of medical solutions for rare diseases, which were traditionally untreatable. At the time of forming Renovia, Marc had been at the lowest moments of his entrepreneurship career. He had stayed out of work for two years following the demise of his wife at the age of 42. The most devastating aspect of this unfortunate event was that he was left with three young children, who required the presence of their parents for healthy growth. This made him leave his former company, ViaCell, and focus on bringing up his children full-time.

This was a challenging moment for him, and his career was at the brink of falling apart. Fortunately, one of his daughters, his firstborn, inspired him. She reminded of some advice he had previously given her about living a life with a purpose. In her submission to her father, she urged him to resume work so he could achieve his goals in life. This idea motivated Marc Beer and decided to get back to the industry. That was when he formed Renovia. After establishing the company in 2010, Marc continued pursuing his passion for providing solutions to the underserved patients, who suffered from the illnesses that had no known cure. The organization never picked up as quickly as he had expected.

While in his line of duty, Marc Beer received a call from a renowned Gynecologist, Dr. Ray Iglesias. This medical practitioner had been in the industry for more than 35 years. Throughout his career, Dr. Ray Iglesias focused on trying to provide solutions for women who suffered from pelvic disorders. Whenever a patient was diagnosed with the pelvic condition, they had to undergo surgery, a process that endangered their lives. This raised a significant concern to Ray and challenged him to seek a solution for the same. However, he had not been lucky to find one. Through his phone call to Marc Beer, Dr. Ray Iglesias proposed a partnership between the two, in the quest for the same solution. This would later become the success seed for Marc. Learn more:

In 2016, Marc Beer partnered with Dr. Ray Iglesias and embarked on research that was aimed at inventing diagnostic and therapeutic devices. These devices could help medical practitioners in treating pelvic disorders without having to perform surgery on the patients. In 2018, Renovia, under the leadership of the dual, launched its first product, a drug that was approved by the FDA. Later in the year, the two also managed to raise funds under the Series B funding, which would facilitate their research work. During an interview, Marc Beer said that he was very grateful for the people who contributed to the fund. This showed that they shared their vision of helping the patients who desperately need their services and solutions. The primary focus of Renovia is to transform the lives of women suffering from Pelvic disorders by eliminating the stigma that is associated with the conditions.

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