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Good health should be the priority of everyone in their life. This is because, without good health, it is not possible to fulfill any of our daily routines. Dr. Imran Haque of Horizontal Internal health understands this. This is why his priority is to ensure that his client’s health is on point.

Horizontal internal health offers a variety of services. Some of them include weight management, improving health and wellness. Through their primary doctor, Dr. Imran, they are also able to attend to diabetic patients. Some of the services of the Horizontal internal health include;

Weight Management

Weight struggle is a common problem in the western countries. Some people live all their life straining to shed off some weight and attain their desired figure. Many people have tried all of the means of medication, gym and diets without success. Dr. Imran has come up with cosmetic solutions, nutritional packages, and management treatments to assist his patients to achieve their desired shape and size.

360 Resurfacing

Our skin contributes a significant part of our outlook. Everyone wishes to have a tight skin with a good texture. Despite old age being a blessing, many people don’t appreciate the physical changes that come along with the changes. 360 resurfacing can only be done by specialized personnel. It is a laser treatment whose aims is to bring the natural beauty of the skin.

Dr. Imran is well equipped with the knowledge required in this field. He ensures that his client’s expectations are reached.

Diabetes Specialist

Dr. Imran is a certified in dealing with diabetes. The doctor is compassionate and works towards ensuring that his diabetes patients follow a good diet routine, to maintain a healthy lifestyle.Dr. Imran is very passionate about taking care of his diabetes patients and has made their health his priority.

Physical Examinations

As the saying goes ‘’prevention is better than cure’’.Dr. Imran runs a background check up on the body conditions of his patients. This is to make sure that nothing is developing unnoticed that may cause future problems. It is, therefore, important to go for checkups.