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The responsibility of being the head of an organization or any group that is making impacts globally is not easy having in mind that the eyes of your employees and market are on. The greater and famous the company is, the greater the task and expectations of the business community. Flavio Maluf being the President of Eucatex, is at such a position and his unwavering efforts to see the company better seem to be yielding some ripe grapes after a major acquisition and expansion of their production activities. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Blog do Ronco

Eucatex and Duratex have come to an agreement of exchanging farms with each other so as to suit their operations. Flavio Maluf confirmed that they are going to have Botucatu farm which they are going to use in the production of thin sheets of wood. In exchange, they have decided to give their farm in Capao Bonito to Duratex. The farm being acquired by Eucatex has a population of over 280 employees and over 200,000m3 every year. This will be a major boost in the operations and production of Eucatex in increasing the human resources and labor in the company.

Duratex will reopen their factory at Itapetinga for more productive purposes. In his statement, Flavio Maluf informed all his employees about the move they are about to undertake especially after CADE has approved the whole business transactions. The acquisition will increase Eucatex production capacity of paint by 30%, paper printing by 40 % and fiber sheets by 70%. This will place the company to being one of the best-performing companies in the country.

The super move of Flavio Maluf will enable the institution deal with some losses that were from the sales and consequently expand their operations in other places they have not been both in Brazil and globally. Nevertheless, for this to happen there must be a collaboration of management and employees so as to enhance teamwork spirit. Maluf did Mechanical Engineering at FAAP and other specialization short courses. He has served in Eucatex SA as the Chairman of the Board, President, and Director. He has served as Vice CEO at Eucatex Trading and CEO at EucatexQuimica e Mineral.

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