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The US Money Reserve is the largest private distributor of precious metal products like coins and bouillons that are issued by the government of the United States.

The company was established in 2001, and through the years, they continue to become the top-performing company in the industry. The US Money Reserve has seen numerous chief executive officers leading the business to success, Angela Koch being one of them.

Her role as the chief executive officer is significant because she is the only woman who holds such a position in an industry dominated by men. She is doing everything to make sure that more people will invest their money in buying precious metals.

As of 2019, the company assisted thousands of individuals who can’t decide on the right precious metals to invest.

Why CEOs should take care of their employees?

As a CEO, Angela Koch needs to determine the challenges faced by the company. Through the years, the US Reserve faced different issues, but she was able to resolve all of it because she trained the employees to execute decisions that would be beneficial for the business.

The employees working at the US Money Reserve love the way Angela Koch leads the company because she always prioritizes the welfare of the employees. She gives them benefits, trains them, and encourages them to become better.

Angela Koch said that the reason why she is putting a lot of emphasis on the growth of the employees is because of their importance in generating more profit for the business.

When an employee grows and becomes more familiar with how the company operates, it will be easier for them to make decisions even if the CEO is not around.

This is what happens at the US Money Reserve today – even if Angela Koch is on a leave, she is confident that the company works perfectly as planned because the employees know which decisions to take. This setup benefits the company while at the same time, develops the employees to become more competitive.

How Angela Koch made became the CEO of the US Money Reserve?

Even Angela Koch herself cannot believe how her career shifted from being a financially struggling young mother to a financially stable CEO. Before she joined the US Money Reserve, she had to work for different jobs to earn money.

She used to work for a pharmacy, an electric company, and even a Jewish Foundation. Her employment at KLA-Tencor paved the way for her to become an employee at the US Money Reserve.

She stated that one of the things that companies wanted from an employee is their dedication to succeed.

She has always demonstrated that she is willing to help the company succeed, providing ideas on what they should do to reach new heights.

In the end, she was entrusted with the position as the company’s CEO, and she keeps on proving to this day that the decision to choose her as a leader is worth it.

The future of the US Money Reserve

Angela Koch stated that the company’s future will focus on expansion.

Many people who worked with them in the past are satisfied with their services, and she stated that the company will try to reach out to more people who wanted to invest in precious metals.

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