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Ara Chackerian founded TMS Health Solutions as an answer to the epidemic of resistant depression. The company was formed to address the specific needs that comes with a condition that affects thousands of people. Chackerian is a successful entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist who has many projects at play. He is the managing partner at ASC Capital Holdings. He and his partners invest in early-stage healthcare companies.


Chackerian has been an important figure in the healthcare industry his entire career. He studies the business of it very closely and looks for opportunities as an investor. Ara also takes the chance to make positive changes were they are needed. His efforts to combat resistant depression led him to form TMS Health Solutions. The organization was created to bridge the gap that has formed between physicians and patients on particular issues.


It is notoriously difficult for some patients to get treatment due to insurance problems. Chackerian and TMS Health Solutions have worked to get the answers. The company has expanded to seven clinics working out of the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento areas. They are designed to provide a comfortable environment that will make patients feel comfortable about entering the facility. There are consulting offices as well as treatment rooms. Chackerian is counting on this concept to catch on as a brand and attract more clients.


Ara Chackerian aggressively pursues his day and allows the events to unfold in front of him. He does not enslave himself with to-do-list that bog down a schedule. Ara remains active in his philanthropic work and balances it with business and personal affairs.


Ara Chackerian takes careful notice of the type of people he partners with in business. His experience has told him that it is not in his best interest to conduct business matters with people he has emotional connections with. You can visit their Twitter page.


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