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There can be few entrepreneurs and investment specialists who are willing to provide stock tips for the public. However, Ara Chackerian, the General Partner of Limonapa Teak and Director of TMS Health Solutions has recently revealed the top three pharma stocks he believes will be a great investment in the coming years. This comes at a time when the Florida State University Marketing graduate is looking at the expansion of his two most famous business interests, TMS Solutions, and Limonapa Teak.

Ara Chackerian is not a business leader one expects to see blindly following the well-trod path to find success as an entrepreneur. Instead, Chackerian has spent much of his time looking for ways he can build on his business success while positively impacting the world through his own work. Limonapa Teak is a good example of the success achieved through the development of a sustainable approach to farming and harvesting wood products.

A similar approach to finding new ways of developing entrepreneurial options has been undertaken by Ara Chackerian in his medical sector work. His successful TMS Health Solutions brand came about following a meeting with a physician interested in expanding the chain of radiology locations already existing in Northern California. The physician was interested in the ability of Chackerian and his business partner to find funding for the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy equipment. The success rate of this new form of therapy has changed the landscape for mental health treatments for depression and anxiety but has not been accepted by most major insurance providers.

Ara Chackerian believes any investor looking to enter the pharma sector should be looking to invest in Abbvie, the manufacturer of Humira which is projected to remain the top drug in the world for the next six years. Other solid stock options include Welltower and Pfizer, which combines pharmaceutical development with commercial real estate ventures.