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Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a plastic surgeon in Dallas, TX who specializes in the Brazilian Butt Lift and other Butt Augmentation surgeries. The name Brazilian Butt Lift comes from the fact that Brazilian women are known for their curvy buttocks.

Dr. Jejurikar knows how to perform the best type of desired plastic surgery for both men and women. The way how this works during surgery is that all the fat that is removed from your waist is then injected into the buttocks to increase the size of it.

Prior to surgery, Dr. Jejurikar does a consolation on you to see if you are good enough for the surgery. He is regarded as one of the best and most talented plastic surgeons in all of Dallas. Dr. Jejurikar not only is an expert at doing plastic surgeries on the buttocks, but he also has experience in performing surgeries on the face, eyes, nose, and breasts.

He also travels to Bangladesh annually to help impoverished children with the organization Smile Bangladesh. One of his abilities is his caring and flexibility when it comes to dealing with patients. He has a 4.9 review on google reviews so he comes across as a reliable doctor.

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Founded in 2005, ViSalus is a worldwide healthy lifestyle company known mostly for its Body by Vi Challenge. Through the provision of simple products, the company aims to help everybody to transform themselves in just 90 days. It has its headquarters in Los Angeles, CA, and also has a branch in Italy.

The company has been known to provide different weight loss programs that enable people to among other things, build lean muscle, shed pounds, boost metabolism and help you satisfy your hunger. Find Related Information Here.

Their website is well laid out to make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for. The different products are included with their images and prices. Throughout their page, there are pictures before and after pictures of people who have used their products to get a better, healthier and leaner body. And the complete body transformation takes just 90 days! Visit This Page for related information.

Some of the products they offer on their website include Balance Kit, Shape Kit, and Transformation Kit among others.

Charitable Work

ViSalus has been engaged in various charitable initiatives through Vi Cares. It has helped communities and charities by bringing together employees, customers, and Vi promoters to support different causes, programs and events. Their charity comes in different shapes and forms like donating nutritious meals, providing a moment of hope or a helping hand. The aim of the program is to promote a tradition of giving back to society.

Vi Cares connects people in need of help with those who want to help. At the same time, it promotes good nutrition and good health through stellar work in communities we work and live.

Rewards Program

ViSalus also have a rewards initiative through their Vi Prime program. The program’s aim is to help customers enjoy their favorite Vi products easily and to get the most value of their monthly delivery orders. The program also entails free shipping and enables customers to earn special perks and great rewards.

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Fast-food chains have been clamoring to add meat alternative options to their menus. Veggie burgers, “chickenless chicken,” and other offerings are suddenly a common sight on the menu boards for various establishments. McDonalds has been lagging in the contest to win over a new segment of the market, but they are now prepared to change that.

OSI Group Forms A Strategic Partnership

The primary supplier of most of the meat that McDonalds uses is a company called OSI Group. They have had a long-term deal with America’s largest hamburger restaurant, and they are now forming a new partnership with a company called Impossible Foods.

Impossible Foods is a manufacturer of meat alternatives. A lot of what they create is known as a meat alternative. OSI Group has been in talks with the company about forming a partnership because they want to gain a foothold in the booming meat alternative industry.

The word is now out that OSI and Impossible Foods have indeed formed a business relationship and look forward to providing the capacity for McDonalds to offer new menu items. Read full interview of David McDonald at

Catching Up To The Rest

It is quite frankly a little overdue for America’s favorite fast-food chain to get in on this industry. They are falling behind as other brands such as Qdoba and even Del Taco have created meat alternative items on their menus.

Burger King had perhaps the splashiest reveal of an alternative meat item when they released the “Impossible Whopper” to all of their locations in the United States earlier this month. It has resulted in many people rushing over to Burger King to try it out.

Now is the time for McDonald’s to act if it is going to. Young customers are flocking to other fast-food chains where they can get meat alternative menu items. If McDonald’s doesn’t show that it can offer the same very soon, it could have a significant impact on their bottom line. Luckily for them, Impossible Foods is on board and working on ways to increase its manufacturing output as soon as possible. Read More:

Decade after decade, readers in Scotland have been pulling Always a Little Further off the shelves and finding it a fascinating and delightful narrative. There’s an inspirational quality to this classic of literature penned in 1939 by famed BBC broadcast journalist Alastair Borthwick. 

Always a Little Further is about adventures in nature. It tells of the experiences Alastair Borthwick accumulated during his many treks into the rugged Scottish Highlands and hiking remote regions of the British Isles. Borthwick’s uncanny ability to put readers in the scene and his engaging sense of humor makes the book still seem fresh 80 years after it was first published.

Alastair Borthwick is a native Scot, born in Rutherglen in 1913. He was raised in Troon and later Glasgow. There he attended Glasgow High School. At age 16 he made a move that would shape the rest of his life. He took a job as a copyboy with the Evening Times. Doing no writing at first, Borthwick soon talked his way into real reporting work. It became quickly apparent that young Mr. Borthwick had a knack for turning a fine phrase.

He moved on to the Glasgow Weekly Herald, working as a general assignment reporter. He began to contribute to a section of the paper called “Open Air.” This column featured stories of outdoor adventure, especially rock climbing and hiking the vast realms of the Highlands. Alastair Borthwick’s Open Air pieces were gobbled up eagerly by local readers. It would lead to his now-famous book, Always a Little Further.

Alastair Borthwick was destined to write another classic of Scottish literature, a book titled Sans Peur. This was the true account of Borthwick’s incredible experiences serving as a soldier during World War II. It was the story of Borthwick’s regiment as it fought across the battlefields of Europe. Sans Peur was unique in that it was written from the viewpoint of a junior officer. Once again, Borthwick’s command of the language and ability to enthrall readers made Sans Peur a national bestseller.

Alastair Borthwick died at the age of 90 after a long and successful career as a BBC journalist.

Oren Frank is a man who looked out into American society and saw a significant problem. It was millions of people suffering from mental health issues but with no resources to obtain help. The barriers were many, Frank observed. Cost was a major factor, but so was scheduling, finding the time to see a therapist, and perhaps most of all, the stigma associated with “seeing a shrink.”

So Oren Frank set out to create a way to achieve what he calls “therapy for all.” He saw technology as the answer. That’s why he created Talkspace, an online app that anyone could easily tap into to get connected with a professional health care therapist.

Check out to know more.

Talkspace was launched in 2012. It has since enabled more than a million people to receive mental health treatment via a texting platform or online face-to-face video application. Oren Frank says that getting therapy via one’s smartphone instantly eliminates those barriers he initially identified that were preventing people from getting the help they need.

The cost of Talkspace therapy is far less than traditional treatment with a therapist in an office or clinical setting. While seeing a psychologist might cost from $200 to $400 an hour in some locations, Talkspace offers a full month of texting therapy for about $100 with special first-time user discounts.

Additionally, anyone can access Talkspace from any location at anytime. No need to take time off from work, travel to a therapist’s physical location or juggle schedules. Talkspace is there when you need it. A client can conduct a session while riding the bus or just sitting in their own living room.

Oren Frank said that Talkspace makes anonymity possible, removing the stigma and “shame” some people associate with mental health treatment. A client need not give a name if they don’t want to. The payment is secure and private.

More information about Oren Frank:

Igor Cornelsen jumpstarted his career in the early 70s after graduating from the Federal University of Parana where he studied economics. For the first two years of his time at the university, he studied engineering, before shifting to economics, which was, and still is his passion. Through the years, he has demonstrated focus and commitment registering success after success to the surprise of his peers in the industry.

Igor Cornelsen’s unique talent in the calculation of complex math compound interests made him attractive to some reputable firms. He became a member of the board of directors at Multibanco and soon after the Chief Executive officer at the company. In addition to that, he also worked at Unibanco and Libra Bank PLC before moving to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank, London.

Bainbridge Group Inc.

As one of the pioneers of investment strategy, Mr. Igor today focuses on his investment firm, Bainbridge which he founded in 1995 to systematically offer his valuable insights and advice to other investors. His main aim is to provide solutions to investors in ways that are well aligned with their investment goals. As an analyst, he spends much time analyzing stock markets in a bid to middle market companies get a clear picture of the Brazilian economy, considering all the dynamics at play before venturing into the market. For people who need to invest in the stock market.

It also helps individuals who want to enter and diversify their investment portfolio in the stock market, Mr. Igor helps out with valuable perspectives as the investment manager at Bainbridge Investment Inc.

As he continues to run his business while building other investors, the Curitiba, Brazil-born Mr. Igor Cornelsen maintains a positive attitude, aiming higher to achieve even greater success and help grow the business and investment sector.

As the president of Riot Games, Jin Oh is making a name for himself. His success as an entrepreneur in the gaming industry is an example of how game developers should think about their games. The company’s classic League of Legends continues to attract new players, and the MMO scene continues to look at Jin Oh’s strategy for inspiration. Visit to know more about Jin Oh.

Innovation in the gaming industry comes from paradigm shifts in business. Riot Games is changing the way people think about game development. Jin Oh wants to continue bringing new ideas to the forefront. Riot Games is creating a culture of innovation other developers will follow.


JHSF Participacoes S.A. has expanded greatly since it was founded in the 1970s. The real estate has emerged as a leader in residential and commercial real estate. JHSF has benefited from chairmen that are knowledgeable in business and that have a vested in the real estate company as JHSF is a family-owned business. Decisions are made based on what is best for the real estate company. JHSF has been fortunate in having Jose Aurimo Neto, also known as Jose Neto and Zeco Auriemo control JHSF after showing promise when he was younger.

Though Jose Neto studied engineering, he followed in the family footsteps by working for JHSF after graduation. Jose Neto slowly worked his way to the positions of executive chairman and CEO of JHSF. Jose Neto’s initial success was a parking lot management company created by JHSF. The success of Parkbem led Jose Neto to look for new opportunities. It was then that JHSF to construct shopping malls. Jose Neto oversaw the construction of a mall in Santa Cru named Shopping Santa Cruz.

Jose Neto’s success led to more construction of shopping malls located throughout Brazil. To date, JHSF has constructed the Metro Tucuruvi, the Ponta Negra and Bela Vista complexes, along with the Cidade Jardin Shopping Center. JHSF has continued to succeed with commercial shopping centers and its most recent addition to its shopping malls is the Catarina Fashion Outlet which is very popular with the locals. Its popularity led JHSF to renovate the building and add more room to the mall.

Newfound entrepreneurs typically exhibit an amount of enthusiasm that would excite a rock. They want everybody to know how great of an idea they have, and in most cases, they take for granted that the idea is the next million-dollar project, and it is a matter of who will be coming aboard. It does not take long before they realize that the blood in any business is funding which is what Paul Saunders, CEO, and founder of James River Capital shares thoughts on how to secure.

James River Capital

Paul Saunders long had a deep affection for finance. This love guided Saunders to pursue a B.A and an M.B.A. from the University of Virginia and the from the University of Chicago respectively. He not only has a strong academic background but also practical experience that has prepared him for the success that he now enjoys. His experience includes investment banking, investment, and in trading along with a stint at Kidder, Peabody, and Co. where he served as the Director of Managed Accounts and Commodity Funds. Eventually, he joined KP Futures Management Corp as their President. These two moves were critical for Saunders because, in 1995, he purchased the firm and transformed it into an investment firm. Later, the name was changed to James River Capital Corp. where the focus was independent investments.

The new firm, James River Capital Corp. originated in 1995 when the two powers, Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt, merged their talents. The firm is officially recognized with the SEC as a Commodity Trading Advisor and Commodity Pool Operator with the CFTC and as an Investment Advisor. Located in Richmond, VA, the firm is noted to include equity strategies, multi-strategy investing, fixed income arbitrage, corporate credit, managed futures trading, asset-backed securities, and global macroeconomic strategies as their vehicle to success. Paul Saunders suggests that there are six ways entrepreneurs should consider acquiring funding. These six include Bootstrapping, Crowdfunding, Business Loans, Local Loans, Angel Investors, and Venture Capitalists. It is wise to pursue the source that fits your dream, and once you become a millionaire, always remember to give back.

Neurocore is a brand that helps individuals strengthen areas of the brain and help treat many disorders such as depression, ADHD, and more. They are proud that they are a drug-free program based off of scientific evidence. They are able to treat people through Neurofeedback, which stimulates the brain and taps into the ability to learn. Overall, Neurocore wants to eliminate the negative stigma around mental health and be another option for helping these individuals.

Neurocore utilizes exhaustive evaluations to identify the reasons for certain symptoms. Then the company will start Neurofeedback brain performance training.

According to their website page, they are able to treat a number of disorders such as ADHD, anxiety, migraines, stress, and other conditions. The website shares a step by step process of what the brand does that starts with a consultation to test areas of the brain and see what could need work.

Next, a customized plan is made to improve the regions of the brain. Neurocore confirms that they want people to improve and that they cannot heal everything. However, they do state that they do an assessment test at the very end to see what has changed for the better. It is important to state that Neurocore is mainly based out of Boca Raton, Florida, and Livonia, Michigan. View More Information Here.

According to an article from the Fox 17 news team of West Michigan, it summarizes how Neurocore was able to directly treat ADHD in young children. The article highlights a child named Jackson Pojeski, who was struggling mightily with the ability to complete his homework, be able to sleep, control his anger, and be able to focus. After undergoing treatments from Neurocore, the parent noticed a big change in Jackson with how happy he was, focused, and determined.

A specialist at one of the facilities named Rochelle Fintelman describes how the company helps out many individuals who are having trouble sleeping and cannot focus. They are able to improve these areas by using advanced technology and a brain training program. Other known professional athletes have even used their service to improve their game on the field.

Neurocore was founded in 2004 by a former neuropsychologist. Other parents have stated how they were able to break their child’s bad habits such as a common one of nail-biting.

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