Betsy DeVos Combines Her Philanthropy with Her Politics

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Betsy DeVos has been working hard all of her life to be an education reformer. She started when she was young. Her mother was a public school teacher and talked about the issues she faced in the system. DeVos wanted to help students out of that system and gave them a way to do so through educational choice. Of course, it hasn’t been smooth sailing.


When DeVos was appointed to the 11th Office of the US Education Secretary, she hadn’t been expecting such a turn around. In fact, she had been working hard as the Chairman of the Republican Party in Michigan, trying to affect policies in her home state related to education.


She had even campaigned for the “Kids First!” Coalition bill in early 2000s. However, it didn’t get passed. She says that the biggest reason that these policies are overlooked is because people don’t understand them. In fact, many people believe that public funding will be used for private schools. DeVos says that just isn’t the case. She says that philanthropy has always been behind educational choice, not America’s tax dollars.


Still, it has affected how people have seen her movement as well as her as a person. While many believe that she isn’t an educator and doesn’t have merit to be the US Education Secretary, many beg to differ. Her policies are sound and help students get a better education. She has always put students first and continues to do so, despite that people have criticized her for not caring about students.


It’s actually these policies that are making a difference for students in those states where they have been incorporated into the education system. Not every state has educational choice options, but for those that due, it’s become a necessity for students to get out of failing school districts.


DeVos says that Louisiana and Florida are the most successful. However, Florida has everyone beat. There are numerous educational choice options, ranging from magnet programs to virtual schools to private schools. In addition, students can apply for a school and get into the tuition-based scholarship program if they qualify in Florida. This is the only scholarship program of that kind in America.


DeVos does hope for a brighter future for students and doesn’t believe that previous administrations really helped the situation. Common Core has been rejected by many students and parents who want a different curriculum, and No Child Left Behind hasn’t helped students get ahead either.


In addition to educational reform, DeVos has been working hard to make school campuses safe. She started implementing new policies in the summer of 2018 and continues to fight hard for guns to be kept off school campuses.


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