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Missouri resident, Ronald Fowlkes is a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran and former law enforcement officer. After a combined 13 years in the field, Ronald began a new career as a business development manager. But, it was while working for the St. Louis Department of Police that he acquired extensive experience in combat arms, weaponry and warfare tactical and rifle tactics. He now utilizes this experience in his position as business manager for Eagle Industries Unlimited, Inc. The company is an industry leader, providing high quality tactical equipment for armed training enthusiasts and high risk situations such as military battle zones, gang violence and for SWAT combat operations.


Ronald Fowlkes’ career experience also includes working as a Military Products Sales & Business Development Manager for IWT Group. With Eagle Industries, he serves clientele nationwide, introducing them to the product line and leading information classes on military grade, commercial arms equipment. As a business manager, Ronald does more than act as a traveling salesman. Besides his professional involvement with Eagles Industries, he is co-owner of FirstSpear, where he also serves as the Director of Business Development. Headquartered in Fenton, Missouri, Eagle Industries is a financial partner of FirstSpear.


FirstSpear was a name that Ronald continually noted on his combat gear while serving in the Marines. He said the quality and durability of the equipment was superior. This initial impression never left him. Eventually it lead to him becoming co-owner of the company. FirstSpear is different from Eagle Industries in that their products are used by the military and the Defense Department. So, instead of traveling to develop new business, Ronald says that they rely on “word of mouth” recommendations from satisfied users.


When Ronald isn’t traveling for Eagles Industries or working with FirstSpear, he leads training for military troops. In field battle action requires instant response to fast paced, ever-changing situations. Eagle Industries and Ronald Fowles offer hands-on demonstrations for training clients and potential clients to allow them to fully engage and actually see how the equipment fits with their tactical gear needs. So, this is how the two business components flow together for Ronald; on the one side, he demonstrating the correct use of tactical gear and weaponry to a mixed customer base, some professional and some enthusiasts. But, with FirstSpear, the gear is aimed more so towards those already actively engaged in combat or wartime environments.


To find out more about Ronald Fowlkes, one only has to read his Medium blog. The blog topics provide a more relaxed view of Ronald. He reveals his love for hockey and the Marines. In his free time, Ronald is a youth hockey league coach. He has three children and still resides in St. Louis, Missouri full-time.