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In 2009, Sharon Prince established the non-profit venture known as the Sharon Prince Grace Farms Foundation in order to support victims of abuse by helping them connect with the environment and the arts, as well as with a faith-based community. The organization opened its first facility in 2015, and since then has come to be known as a peaceful and safe place for all who enter it seeking understanding and care.

As a humanitarian, Sharon Prince has a big focus on ending global child exploitation and human trafficking, along with violence against women. In partnership with her husband Robert, she also contributes to programs that assist with treatments for terminal health conditions, one being Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery, which researches different medications to try to combat the mental illness. Because of their organization’s philanthropic efforts, the couple has had a number of awards bestowed to them, such as the 2017 AIA National Architecture Honor Award.

The Sharon Prince Grace Farms facility is located in New Canaan, Connecticut, and it sits on 80 acres of land, and includes a church and a great view of the surrounding natural landscape. When having the center built, Sharon Prince wanted it to have the type of appeal that would make its visitors want to take their time walking around and exploring the property while taking in its beauty.

The University of Tulsa graduate, who majored in Business Administration, has both an MBA and a BBA degree, and in addition to being the Founder and President of the Grace Farms Foundation, she is a member of the board of an organization called “Unchain: Freedom Needs Fighters”, a worldwide media campaign she partnered with Geometry Global, J. Walter Thompson and Shazam to develop. Through this venture, she hopes to play a big part in ending modern-day slavery all over the world.

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The Grace Farms Foundation’s Chair and President Sharon Prince was proud to welcome a new performance artist, Carrie Mae Weems, to its 80-acre property.

Sharon Prince is the founder, Chair, and President of Grace Farms Foundation. Grace Farms aims to nurture a healthy community and environment through nature, thought sharing, arts, and justice. She founded the non-profit Grace Farms in 2009 and has contributed to its development including the commissioning of its River building.

Sharon Prince is passionate about social justice, environmental justice and creative art forms. Sharon Prince is one of the few individuals who stands up for creativity.

Chronicle Week’s article entitled “Sharon Prince Leads Vision for Grace Farms, a New Kind of Public Space”, discusses how it’s possible that this innovative way of bringing the ideas of community centers, town squares, and libraries forward can set a new model for the next generations to come.

Grace Farms uses this property to promote the areas of art, community, nature and justice. With the help of their current artist, Carrie Mae Weems, The Grace Farm Foundation attempted to bring together the global community.

Carrie Mae Weems

Carrie Mae Weems is known from a past installation called Grace Notes. Ms. Weems’ installations are a collage of performance, text, film, video, image and photography design. With the use of these media, Ms. Weems addresses issues of power structures, social injustice, and cultural identity and seeks to understand the present by examination of the past. Her work is collaborative, complex, and earned several mentions and awards. Her current installation is called Past Tense. Refer to This Article for additional information.

Past Tense

This installation examined Sophacles’ Greek tragedy Antigone through the combination of music, video, projection and text displaying dance, poetry, and singing. There were several artists whose work contributed to this installation. There was dancer Vinson Fraley and poet Carl Hancock Rux. Also featured were musicians Calvin Jones, Adam Klipple, Tony Lewis, Craig Harris, James Brandon Lewis, and Eddie Allen, and there were singers Eisa Davis, Francesca Harper, and Imani Uzuri.

Through these artists collaborative efforts, the audience was be able to examine the past with Ms. Weems to understand their present. The installation showed on March 23, 2019 at the Grace Farms Foundations 80-acre site located at 365 Lukes Wood Rd in New Canaan CT. Ms. Weems also gave a lecture on the work on March 15, 2019. Find about more on the Grace Farms Foundation’s website

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Based off of the merits of her career and philanthropic endeavors, Sharon Prince is a woman whom others would describe as being most passionate about establishing peace and preserving beauty within the world. Through Sharon Prince’s occupational involvement in both the fulfillment and protection of human rights and needs, Sharon Prince has indeed played a huge role in improving the overall lifestyle of individuals and social well-being of communities on a grand scale.

Post her educational studies at the University of Tulsa to receive her BS/BA and MBA, Prince pursued a series of occupational milestones that inevitable led her to become the President and Chair of Sharon Prince Grace Farms Foundation—a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing lives via community, arts, nature, justice and faith based social engagements.

Moreover, in conjunction with her executive obligations as President of Grace Farms, Sharon Prince has also dedicated and invested a substantial amount of time and effort into fighting to end human trafficking, child exploitation, and violent offenses committed against women all over the world. See This Article for more information.

Nonetheless, in spearheading the operations of Grace Farms via the implementation of philanthropy, Sharon Prince has not only enabled herself to receive several awards for her passionate humanitarianism, but she too is accredited for enabling Grace Farms to be the recipient of several awards for upholding a reputation of being a place of natural beauty, peace, and grace.

The New York Times’s article entitled “The Spiritual and Spectacular Meet at an Ultramodern Community Center in Connecticut”, talks about a facility which is a nature center, gym, hub for social justice groups, community garden and a part-time ecumenical chapel — and that is only a partial list.

For individuals living both within and around the New Canaan, Connecticut area, Grace Farms is a place that openly invites community members to actively engage in its many nature-based programs. The establishment is free to the public and open seven days a week.

During the warmer seasons, Grace Farms offers access to walking trails on its 80+ acres of land, catch-and-release fishing, pick-up games, community gardening activities, and Earth Day festivities that allow visitors to comprehensively interact with nature through exploration and restoration activities. During the fall and winter seasons, Grace Farms provides foliage tours, bird-watching, and hikes to view the beautiful scenery.

Alongside its numerous activities, Sharon Prince Grace Farms stands to be a place of significance to the environment because it has contributed to the preservation of wildlife in the area via its restoration of 70% of land that was formerly mowed down to the native animal species. Today Grace Farms has provided a home for over 80 species of birds, bees, and butterflies.


Isabel dos Santos is a female leader for all women. She is an entrepreneur, has a successful business mentality, and is known as the richest woman in Africa. She has over twenty years of expertise in the business world. Isabel  has designed successful companies all over the world, especially in Africa. As a young girl, Isabel dos Santos began to sell chicken eggs for extra money.

Her love for business and hard work began to grow, as she attended Cobham Hall, a boarding school located in England. There, she studied science, and then went on to studying engineering at the University of London. Isabel dos Santos earned her bachelor’s degree from London, with a esphesis of science and engineering. When she finished her schooling, Dos Santos returned to her roots of Angola. She started working as an engineer and manager.

Isabel dos Santos has seen hard times and good times within her career, but she always has honored her father and mother, who have supported her and given her inspiration to become a businesswomen for her African community. Jose Eduardo dos Santos was her father, and he was the former president of Angola people (Affliatedork).

Isabel dos Santos is known to travel the world, speaking mainly for African peace and women rights. YAAPD stands for African Peace and Development, and the invitation was given to Isabel dos Santos for being a successful businesswoman, while trying to improve the condition of her community. The organization is hoping to engage others to improve the continent, but also to encourage the African and Angola societies.

Recently, Isabel dos Santos spoke at the UN Conference about equal rights for women. She began to campaign for more opportunities for women, including education, future and present employment, and ending discrimination. Her loyalty to women is true to heart, as she has recently created an agricultural strawberry farm in Uganda.

This was created with her own funds, in order to employ women, and currently 120 women are employed there. Isabel dos Santos is also an inspiration to Africa’s young women, while providing a light of hope, and helping young women to focus on their goals and education.

Find out more about Dos Santos´international speeches at

Sharon Prince is the president and chair of Grace Farms Foundation; a revolutionary private operating firm that seeks to enhance life through nature, engagement, justice, faith, arts and community. Having seen the deterioration of human life courtesy of poor environmental management and lack of interaction, Sharon Prince was determined to make a difference.

Sharon created a new kind of public space that will see community members interact with nature freely and appreciate the need to have more natural space around them.

Through her great initiative, Sharon has helped end some of the society’s ills like human trafficking, child exploitation and violence against women. She has managed this feat on both the local and international level thanks to her ability to spur conversations and appreciate nature. View Additional Info Here.

In 2016, Sharon co-hosted a convention with support of the United Nations University where she tackled the topic of Human trafficking. This convention would later turn out successful and led to the publication of a report to the UN Resolution 2331 and the United Nations Security Council.

In collaboration with Grace Farms, Sharon is currently on a media campaign dubbed Unchain. This campaign is expected to help end modern day slavery and help sensitize the world on the need for freedom and adherence to human rights.

Sharon Prince is also part of the Next Generation Nepal. This is a charity organization that aims to reunite child exploitation victims with their families. Based on the impact she has caused through her noble causes, Sharon has received several accolades, recognition and awards.

By creating Grace Farms Sharon, Prince hopes that people can have the chance to meet interact, share and appreciate nature. Her 80-acre farm serves as a community center where members of the community can come and participate in various activities that ultimately lead to making their lives much better.

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Many strides have been made in the fight against sexism, but it is still prevalent. One place to make a difference daily is through our voices. Language has long been used as a building block to sexist power structures. By using gender identifying words such as “Mrs.” without there being an equivalent word for married men, language has given power to men while lowering the status of women.

Sharon Prince has dedicated herself to calling out gender discrimination in language whenever she finds it whether in the boardroom or on the street. Practicing this by calling out discrimination in the moment helps to break down those power structures and the biased language that supports them.

Sharon Prince is passionate about social justice, environmental justice and creative art forms. Sharon Prince is one of the few individuals who stands up for creativity.

Sharon is also involved with Next Generation Nepal, which is a charitable organization that helps reunite victims of child exploitation with their families.

By beginning the practice of calling out these sexist language barriers early, we learn to be capable and confident in our arguments. Together the impact will be stronger.

Sharon once asked a private equity investor why he didn’t have women on his board of directors. After all, half of his clients were women. Years later she found out that he had remembered that statement and happily shared with her that he now had gender parity in his board. Go To This Page for more information.

Now in her 50’s she has been practicing using her voice for many years. In her role at Grace Farm Foundation, she uses her voice and her position to advocate for victims of modern day slavery.

Part of the mission of Grace Farms is to remove the barriers that divide people to find understanding through shared perspectives. This is done by creating teams of people of various genders who can work together to fight the epidemic of modern day slavery.

Our voices are our most potent weapon. By sharing them with the world, we can create the change we wish to see. View her channel on

Most urban people rarely enjoy serene environments due to traffic noise, busy offices and noisy streets. There is a lot of stress and weariness with everyday hustles and thus came Sharon Prince’s idea of creating Grace Farm for the community of Fairfield County.

Sharon Prince Grace Farm offers a natural, serene environment situated in more than 80-acres of land. Grace Farm allows people from diverse backgrounds to come together and through activities, socialize to create a positive community. The farm is free to the public, and some of its most picturesque sceneries are observing the seasons of; autumn, spring, fall, and summer unfold. At summer, for example, people can enjoy activities such as unstructured nature tours, and casual games.

Grace Farm has restored the native grasslands in over 70% of the area that the meadows once flourished. The prairies have now become the habitat of many species of bees, butterflies and birds that once lived there. The farm has more than forty bird species including the Chipping Sparrow, American Goldfinch, and the Yellow Warbler for the community to see.

Apart from offering the beauty of nature, the community enrolled at Sharon Prince Grace Farms can engage in gardening activities in the Community Gardens. From planting, the community can witness its produces donated to the needy. Grace Farms Foundation has given 500 pounds of fresh produce every year. Grace Farms also celebrates Earth Day annually in festivities with activities that suit all ages or background diversity.

Grace Farm’s current President and Chair, Sharon Prince, has been on the leading end in fighting for gender equality and against child exploitation, and human trafficking. Sharon Prince has successfully advocated for some Fortune 500 companies to create a 50-50 gender management board. Through the Grace Farms Foundation, Sharon is able to speak out for the oppressed in the community. Her foundation began a worldwide media campaign named “Unchain: Freedom Needs Fighters” to stop slavery.

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