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Isabel dos Santos has already proven to the business world that she can handle the pressure of being an independent woman in business. She has been able to put her telecommunication and mining companies on the world map, and she continues to make inroads in various industries in Angola. She has achieved much success after overcoming prejudices and discrimination that women face in the business environment, especially in Africa (Instagram).

Besides proving to be a capitalist and a person who has an eye for profits, Isabel dos Santos has consistently proven to be a philanthropist and a person who has the welfare of the community at her heart. She is continuously involved in innovations and plans that are geared towards always helping the community. Any program that is aimed at improving the welfare of the community can quickly get assistance from Isabel dos Santos. She is highly interested in changing the society. 

To show her dedication to philanthropic activities across the country, Isabel dos Santos has introduced departments that take care of all the programs concerned with helping or improving the welfare of the community. All the companies owned by Isabel have a social welfare division that does not only help employees and their families but also other individuals in the community. Most of these departments are tasked with handling various charitable programs and initiatives.

Additionally, Isabel dos Santos notes that she is also involved in corporate social responsibility activities that are all targeting members of the society who have various needs. Some of the social responsibility activities that Isabel handles include bringing clean water to the poor communities, financing the fight against malaria, supporting children hospitals, and creating fun days to disadvantaged children. Most of the activities are centered towards the community. 

Isabel dos Santos is also involved in other activities that are geared towards establishing and bringing prosperity to the African continent. Isabel dos Santos mentors entrepreneurs through multimedia sources and conferences and speeches around the world and provides them with knowledge and skills that will help them to succeed in business. It is essential to highlight that small business organization is the future of the economy of Africa, and therefore, they should be monitored and guided to achieve success. 

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