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For luxurious hair, WEN hair is the tested and proven hair care system that improves the condition of locks without harsh chemical or ingredients. It is boasted as a product that uses botanical, moisturizing ingredients that cleanses the hair while also conditioning it. Wen Hair is a cleansing conditioner that comes in various scents. The all natural brand promises to repair and reverse damage, improve manageability, and bring life to dull and limp hair.

Wen by Chaz was created by Hollywood hair stylist, Chaz Dean. To determine the truth of the QVC infomercials, Emily McClure with decided to give the products a try and report her findings. The results were similar to the claims made by other users. Her hair improved with this hair care method when compared to her usual hair cleansing, conditioning and styling routine. Following a daily regimen, she found, caused her hair to improve and look as if it were styled in a salon.

Chaz Dean is well known on facebook and in Hollywood for expertise as a hair stylist. His clients includes names like NAMES. His product has been endorsed by actresses Brooke Shields and Angie Harmon. He started out as an assistant at an LA based salon, which he credits for his appreciation for hard work. With this solid work ethic, he steadily rose in ranks until he was a stylist. He became known for his ability to improve the health of his clients’ hair. Once he became owner of a salon, he soon attracted celebrity clientele, which solidified his reputation as an expert stylist.

Dean currently resides in Los Angeles and spends time in Pennsylvania where he promotes his Wen hair products. He shares his time with his four dogs, who he regards as family. As a philanthropist, he donates time, funds and effort to those in need. Some of those causes includes Generosity Water with Haiti and Happy Hearts Fund.