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I have always been interested in social apps because I do not really like meeting people in person. I do feel I am a social person but, like others, I do tend to be a little shy at first. Some social apps (the better ones at least) have helped me tremendously, but I always felt like something was missing; then I found Skout. It felt like the people behind the app were reading my mind. I have to say that I was very excited about finding them, especially now that I am heading off to college.

The idea behind Skout is kind of cool. It basically lets you connect with people wherever you are. There are a lot of people who are already using the app. A few options on the app help you find people who are near you like at a party or club. You can chat, exchange notes, or even pictures to feel the person out a bit before making a physical connection. The app separates adults from teenagers to keep things at the right age range, too. It pretty much takes care of keeping a meeting safe, and it really makes it easier for people like me to meet people where ever I am.
I am especially excited about using this app for college. I know that many people meet new friends at college. In fact, I read that 72 percent of college students met good friends during the first week of college. I am not sure that I am going to be one of those people. I think I belong to the 59 percent of students who are a little worried about making friends during their freshmen year of college. Keep in mind that I know no one at this college. I know that I am not alone, as I did read that many people go to college without knowing anyone, but that does not mean I am not scared. I’m glad I found Skout, which I downloaded almost immediately.

One thing that was great to read was Skout just took out a study regarding some of the friendliest schools around. I was a little worried because I had already chosen the school that I was going to attend, but thankfully the school I am going to is in Boulder, Colorado, and it turned out to be one of the friendliest college towns according to Skout. There are others of course that include San Francisco, California and New York City, New York just to name a few. I am definitely excited about this new chapter in my life.

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Skout has become the perfect site for people that are interested in building some Internet friendships. It doesn’t take much to utilize this app. It is free and easy to use. The app is available for Android and iPhone users. Most people that use the app are looking for something new, and many of them are finding great friendships with the simple app.

Skout has become the new social media hang out for the people that may have grown weary of all the other sites like Facebook and Vimeo. Teenagers can be very fickle; they want something that is new and exciting. That is why this app has become such a big hit. People can sign up in minutes and friendships are very easy to build.

There is a survey on Skout that reports that many people have friends online that they never meet in person. This has become the new way for so many people to meet friends that they can communicate with about life and their experiences. According to the survey posted on Skout as many of 3 out of 4 people have friends online that they have never met. That means that many people still have a need for friends online even when they have friends that they may have known all of their lives.

With Skout people have access to something new and exciting. It can be an incredible thing to meet someone and build up a new friendship this way. People around the world are getting these friends that can expose them to new cultures. They are getting access to people in other countries that can give them another perspective on their problems. This is something that can be enlightening for someone that may not have any friends that they can converse with about certain issues.

People that want to keep certain things private may have a desire to build these online relationships through Skout. This can give them the ability to express themselves, but it also gives them a greater sense of privacy. They don’t have to worry about their online friends and the dangerous of getting their information leaked to others. These private friendships give people an outlet to say what they want to say without having to expose themselves. Skout has made it possible to make friends and some friendships even lead to greater possibilities. Some friends on Skout fall in love.