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Contrary to common belief, arthritis isn’t a single disease but rather a combination of various joint infections and pain. The presence of over 100 diverse types of arthritis in over 50 million citizens in the U.S speaks volumes about its widespread prevalence. Despite its high prevalence in women, the disease has surprisingly delved into the youth and is currently one of the leading causes of disability both locally and beyond.


According to Dr. Matthew CiRullo, a prominent practitioner based at Family Medicine, the disease manifests itself through the wear and tear of cartilage, leading to unimaginable pain, stiffness, and swelling. As the infection progresses, the pain turns chronic as the joints lose strength. Despite the availability of a lasting cure, various forms of treatment can be pursued to protect the quality of life while also managing joint pain.


According to the seasoned practitioner, several risk factors such as family history, previous injury, age and excessive weight play an integral role in the contraction of osteoarthritis (Manta). Based on the incurable nature of osteoarthritis, it is prudent to practice self-management in an attempt to minimize the disease’s impact and scope in the long term run. As a patient in need, it’s advisable to engage in various forms of medical treatment and daily exercise routines.




Choosing the right exercises can spell the difference between prompt and slow recovery. In essence, focus on exercises that build muscle tissues around the joints while avoiding putting any stress on the specific joints. More importantly, you can switch exercises depending on the range-of-motion to promote progressive strength building. The most recommended exercises include swimming, cycling and walking to improve your overall mood and help manage your weight.


Profile of the Osteo Relief Institute


The Osteo Relief Institute’s reputation as a top health recovery facility remains unrivaled. Specializing in degenerative joint disease involving back and spine, the center is proud to provide high-quality treatment options courtesy of its skilled in-house team of doctors. Located in various cities such as Chicago, Colorado, San Antonia and Phoenix, the Osteo Relief Institute has become a beacon of medical transformation to patients in need of pain relief.


The Osteo Relief Institute strives on adopting state-of-the-art technology to develop revolutionary treatment options to its diverse range of patients ( As a patient in need, don’t hesitate to seek prompt advice and treatment from the Osteo Relief Institute. Based on patients’ reviews, it’s undeniable that the Osteo Relief Institute is a pioneer in pain management.