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Fashion today has become the most diversified culture in our century with constant changes in our today’s life. Some are new to us and others a repetition of past with an additional twist here and there. Recently there is a new trend in town known as Fabletics. These are athletic wear which people in our world have found them to be more interesting. According to Bustle, athletic wear as become more acceptable for going out attires. These include dresses, heels and cardigans. In early days on Facebook, they used to have nice uniforms which used to their sort of attires. This was so unique because no one bothered about the style of wearing. In today’s style most of them fall on former dress code of early years. People on spent majority of their time in high school wearing sneakers, jeans and oversized hoodies. In college their life style changes as well as the brands like Marie Claire’s must read interview from the high school ones to majority wearing heels and dresses. It’s always fun to play around with patterns mixing and adventurous outfit choices. Due to change of life, it’s not only accepted to wear gym attire in gym but also in outside life. Gym attire look more fashionable and cool when worn outside gym premises on This has also switched to leggings and hoodies which look more comfy, casual and more socially acceptable. Below are points given by Bustle website for athletics wear as cited in These work more for day to day life. These are:
¥ For working out and running errands
¥ Casual weekend plans
¥ Going outings
¥ Relaxing

The above are found to be the latest personal styles in Fabletics on corp.justfab that people preferred to wear. In today’s life it’s not only about putting effort to making each outfit look interesting but also fashionable. Therefore, the rule of dressing have changed to be my style my lifestyle.