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Many people wonder how they can control what other people see about them on the internet when Google makes the algorithms that determine how well they are seen. This is the wrong mindset to be in when you are thinking about your online reputation and visibility. Yes, Google determines how easily you are noticed, but that determination depends on you and how much of an online presence you have. You are in control of what is seen about you, and Google is in control, by way of their algorithms, of how it is seen.

So, focusing on what you can control is the first step in having a good online reputation. Depending on who you are, much of the content a person see’s online that is concerning you is a direct result of what you have done both online and off. explains that negative reviews or comments concerning you that were written by someone else, is obviously out of your control. What you can control is how easily that content is seen. You can control this by making positive reviews or comments about yourself, easier for Google to pick up and put on the first few results pages. There are two ways to do this, with one way being easier than the other.

First, when you start noticing the bad press about yourself or your business, start inundating the web with content that shows you in a more favorable light. If you see five instances of negativity, put up 10 articles, blog posts, advertisements, reviews, etc., that are positive in nature and make sure the content has keywords and images that are popular with Google. The second and easier way of doing this, is hiring a company that will “hide” negative press for you. Just let the positive aspects stand as they are while someone else cleans up the dirt.