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Even before 2014, Brazil’s economy was one of the fastest nations to recover from the Great Recession. Since 2014, the economy has continued to climb showing the business confidence index at its highest rating. Part of the reason for the bolstered confidence increase can be attributed to two world events.

The first of those events came in 2014 when FIFA hosted the World Cup soccer event. In preparation for this event, the Brazilian government invested millions in the infrastructure of the country and economy to showcase to the world the beauty of Brazil.

The second world even put Brazil on an even grander stage when the country hosted the 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. As Brazil did for the World Cup, they prepared the country for the Olympics. Between government and sponsoror’s funds, Brazil saw rapid growth economically, and in tourism.

Though Brazil has had its struggles economically in the past, the fact the government was willing to address some of the struggling infrastructure and make changes is a positive outlook for the future as Brazil will now begin to compete on the World stage as a world power. The business confidence will continue to climb beckoning outside conglomerates to invest in local companies and inject millions more to strengthen the national GDP.

As the economy improves, and the infrastructure strengthens, this creates better jobs, higher skilled jobs which also opens the door for higher educated applicants. With better schooling and jobs, the middle class will start to grow shrinking the poverty scale between the haves and the have-nots.

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As the decline in poverty starts to take shape, opportunities for everyone will become a reality, even if that is a “feeding from the breadcrumbs” scenario for most, the breadcrumbs will now be larger. With a larger middle class, there is certainly more wealth to share, but also more opportunity for service and causes that help the less fortunate. The wealth becomes more distributed.

Brazil’s economy has been a model for other countries to follow. A mapwork of how to pull out of recessions and bask in the success of economic growth.



Roberto Santiago is a shrewd entrepreneur and businessman based in Brazil. At 58 years old, he is a healthy and fit man who is known for his passion for sporting and exercising. In fact, he is a pro at motor crossing and kart and has several trophies to show for it.

Like most entrepreneurs Roberto Santiago’s journey to success has been long and interesting. It began with his studies which have undoubtedly contributed to his success in business. His business studies started at the Pio X Marist College. He then proceeded to receive his degree in Business Administration Studies at the University Center of Joao Pessoa in Brazil.

His professional life, on the other hand, began at the Café Santa Rosa in the hotel and catering industry. However, it was not until he ventured into the cartonnage industry that his career kicked off. He invested in his cartonnage company that specialized in designing a wide range of utilitarian and decorative objects.

As an entrepreneur, Roberto Santiago owns one of the most contemporary shopping centers

in Joao Pessoa: the Mangeira Shopping Mall. However, he is best known for founding the Manaira shopping mall located in Joao Pessoa. Read more articles on

Roberto Santiago’s Current Business Endeavors

Roberto Santiago has dedicated much of his time and resources to the development of his Manaira shopping mall. It is reputedly one of the best malls in the city offering a bit of everything from fashion to cuisine and everything between. The shopping mall features several stores that sell a wide range of products and services. Here you will find everything including electronics, furniture, sportswear, books, and jewelry among others.

One of the most prominent facilities in the mall is the Cinepolis movie theatre. It not only airs the latest movies in HD and 3D but also features a serene and convenient stadium seating system that guaranteed comfortable, unhindered watching. The movie theatre is rivaled only by the Domus Hall. This vast hall hosts a wide range of fun activities including festivals, art fairs, and concerts. It is also a great place to enjoy cultural diversity thanks to its influx of tourists and locals.

Shoppers can also enjoy a meal or drink in one of the several restaurants in the mall. The restaurants vary in their settings ranging from fine dining to fast food eateries. Some of the dishes served include hamburgers, steak, pasta, Chinese food, and local delicacies. There is also a bar where revelers can socialize over drinks. Visit TripAdvisor to read more.

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During the 33rd Agricultural Exhibition of Santo Antonio do Monte, which took place from 21 to 24 August 2014, it opened the Food Court Marcio Alaor Araujo. A fitting tribute to the man who provided services to the San Antonio community of Mount and had its recognition by having the square with his name on it. But it was not only so that the entrepreneur BMG bank won as tribute for helping the city, a plate was made, extolling the greatness of the acts of Marcio Alaor and which explained the affection of everyone and how everyone was grateful for all that the entrepreneur had performed. While the inauguration happened, politicians and local authorities have spoken, given the importance of this event, and to recognize the efforts that the business Marcio Alaor done for Santo Antonio do Monte, which is his hometown.

In his words, they have spared no praise and gratitude that the changes made ​​were of fundamental importance for the growth of the city. On the occasion of this happy inauguration, Mr. Luís Antônio Resende thanked Marcio Alaor, trying to make it clear that he was grateful for name of country people and those who work in the Exhibition Centre. In his speech, Luis Antonio emphasizes the personality Marcio Alaor and how he did not ignore the city’s problems and that did not help in exchange for political favors. Wilmar Son was perfect at the time of opening of the food court and also talked about the importance the entrepreneur Marcio Alaor to Santo Antonio do Monte.

He talked about changing the location of which was previously a grain warehouse for improved space that would become the food court. The former mayor made ​​an analogy in his speech saying that the food court was the appropriate place to receive the name of Mario Alaor as well as the place was, the entrepreneur fed hopes and dreams in the city. So Wilmar recalled the humble childhood Vice President of BMG Bank as a shoeshine boy and how he grew up and helped this city with his efforts. When Marcio Alaor took the floor, the Vice President of BMG Bank, emphasized his past and his vision world to report some of his past and his impressions of the tribute that was receiving.

In telling a bit of his personal history, he worked hard as a shoeshine boy, Marcio Alaor indicated to be someone who is not concerned only with the financial side and that is a person who knows how to recognize and thank the people and the help he had in his life story. In his words, the entrepreneur thanked his family and proved honored to receive homage while still alive, it noted that such honors usually happen to those who have departed this life. Feeling very privileged to this differential, Marcio was keen to talk how much he loved Santo Antonio do Monte and would always be willing to help the city in which she needed. Website: