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Digital technology is improving virtually every industry in areas of efficiency, accuracy, costs and integration. Smart technology and the internet allow personnel and machines to interact in real time across the globe. Boris Ivanov Gazprom is bringing this reality to the oil and gas industry. Since 2011, Gazprom has worked for TDE and its ProNova monitoring system. Starting as a data processing analyst, Gazprom now promotes the drilling operation monitoring system, educating drilling contractors on the system’s benefits. His primary targets as of 2019 are Russian drilling companies.

TDE has focused on introducing and implementing the ProNova system to Russian drilling companies for the past 5 years. However, the company has a 15-year history of providing drilling operation optimization worldwide. The system uses sensors to produce data related to key performance indicators during the drilling process. Sensors monitor processes such as tripping pipe, drilling and casing. ProNova not only records productive and non-productive time but also produces a detailed per-second analysis of the operation’s efficiency. Boris Ivanov Gazprom explains that drilling service contractors are reluctant to use the system as oil well operators pay those companies per day. Therefore, slower drilling times benefit drillers’ bottom lines. Turn-key contracts that require service companies to deliver producing wells before receiving payment benefit from ProNova as those companies require efficiency. Unfortunately, most Russian oil companies still use separate service contractors, Gazprom notes.


Boris Ivanov Gazprom is focusing on Russian oil production engineers who are working with European engineers. Currently, the collaboration has analyzed more than 10,000 days’ worth of Russian drilling service companies with the potential to analyze data in real time from more than 100 rigs located worldwide. This collaboration is based in Samara, Russia, at the Real Time Operational Center.

Low crude oil prices have caused a current lag, which has cost the industry experienced workers, supply chain connections and development. Turning the industry around, Boris Ivanov Gazprom predicts, will depend on the industry’s willingness to embrace technology such as the ProNova system. Gazprom states that digital innovations will outweigh industrial mechanics in future business successes.

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Isabel dos Santos is a female leader for all women. She is an entrepreneur, has a successful business mentality, and is known as the richest woman in Africa. She has over twenty years of expertise in the business world. Isabel  has designed successful companies all over the world, especially in Africa. As a young girl, Isabel dos Santos began to sell chicken eggs for extra money.

Her love for business and hard work began to grow, as she attended Cobham Hall, a boarding school located in England. There, she studied science, and then went on to studying engineering at the University of London. Isabel dos Santos earned her bachelor’s degree from London, with a esphesis of science and engineering. When she finished her schooling, Dos Santos returned to her roots of Angola. She started working as an engineer and manager.

Isabel dos Santos has seen hard times and good times within her career, but she always has honored her father and mother, who have supported her and given her inspiration to become a businesswomen for her African community. Jose Eduardo dos Santos was her father, and he was the former president of Angola people (Affliatedork).

Isabel dos Santos is known to travel the world, speaking mainly for African peace and women rights. YAAPD stands for African Peace and Development, and the invitation was given to Isabel dos Santos for being a successful businesswoman, while trying to improve the condition of her community. The organization is hoping to engage others to improve the continent, but also to encourage the African and Angola societies.

Recently, Isabel dos Santos spoke at the UN Conference about equal rights for women. She began to campaign for more opportunities for women, including education, future and present employment, and ending discrimination. Her loyalty to women is true to heart, as she has recently created an agricultural strawberry farm in Uganda.

This was created with her own funds, in order to employ women, and currently 120 women are employed there. Isabel dos Santos is also an inspiration to Africa’s young women, while providing a light of hope, and helping young women to focus on their goals and education.

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In the 21st century, dating has evolved beyond just the people we know in our local circle of friends. The internet has made it possible for people all over the world to meet and greet each other in ways never thought possible. Greg Blatt is an individual who has been pioneering the dating Apps´ industry, he has held high ranking positions at both Match Group and Tinder, where his presence has forever shaped the direction of these applications. In a recent Ideamensch interview, Greg Blatt the approach he took to this modern day industry.

The journey of Blatt from an ordinary individual to the CEO of a global phenomenon was very unusual. He dabbled in various industries such as odd jobs, entertainment, and even studying law at one point. At some point he secured Martha Stewart as a client. This would give him the experience and push he needed to fully commit to this career. He was surprised by how each step naturally lead to the next, but it resulted in Greg Blatt as CEO of Match Group for three years. Over the years, he learned the key to seeing his ideas realized is having the right team and the authority to make it happen. It was late in his career when he realized just how much weight his position could carry.

A typical day for Greg is intensive and fast paced. He spends a portion of the time having face time with clients. It is during these kind of interactions when ideas can truly surface to the table. In addition, he ensures that every single minute is spent on the moment productive task at any given moment (LinkedIn).

The wave of video technology has become his focus for new advancements. He sees real potential in being to have a face-to-face conversation with someone across the world. Greg Blatt‘s career is the result of knowing the right people at the right time. He rose through the ranks to become a high raking CEO in a modern day company. His story is a classic example of never giving up.

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Data and information trade is one of the hottest businesses in today’s modern world. To be updated and to be aware of the latest news in the world that is related to your company and business is definitely a key point that can lead to your success. Furthermore, having a supplier of information and news regarding the behavior of the industry that will provide you with first hand data can be considered as a trump card for staying ahead of your competitors. Having the latest and first hand information that concerns your business is definitely a critical aspect in forming strategies, adapting and adjusting to the behavior and movement of the market.

Stansberry Research: Serving Dependable Information

One of the most trusted, most dependable and most reliable source of information regarding the investment world is Stansberry Research. Stansberry Research focuses on providing information, data, stratefies and recommendations for their clients and subscribers and they can utilize this in whatever way they want to. Stansberry Research is a company that provides the latest data, and reliable analysis that is safe to follow by their clients and subscribers. Stansberry Research aims to provide recommendations on which investments to watch and Stansberry Research only provides non biased information to their clients.

What Sets Stansberry Research Information Apart From Its Competitors?

Stansberry Research prides themselves in having a team of experienced analysts that are very different from one another. The analysts that they employ are certain that they have unique points of views, different sources of information and different techniques on how they gather information as well. Which, in return, the collective information that the unique analysts get provide data, predictions and analysis that come from different views of the market. This allows Stansberry Research to provide a variety of opinions, information, data, recommendations and analysis to their clients – and from here the client can cherry pick what they want to utilize for their strategy building.

Stansberry Research treasures the data that they provide, and they themselves would follow the recommendations that they release. This made Stansberry Research as one of the most dependable information sources in the investment world.

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Louis Chenevert worked at the United Technologies Corporation where he served as the Chief Executive Officer. He has been able to create an outstanding legacy at the company due to his excellent success and performance during and before his leadership. The current CEO of the company is Gregory Hayes and he has been responsible for ensuring that the legacy of Louis goes on. While working at UTC, Louis Chenevert worked hard to ensure that the strategic goals of the company are achieved. A CEO of any particular organization has to have the ability to deliver measurable results within a short period, although they should also keep a strong focus on the firm’s future and long-term success.

United Technologies Corporation is committed to coming up with worthy investments in people and technology. The former CEO of United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert is also a businessman. An American transnational conglomerate, UTC is focused on developing, studying and also manufacturing high-quality technology products. Chenevert previously worked with General Motors where he served for more than ten years and held the position of the company’s Production General Manager. He went to work with Pratt & Whitney Canada in 1993 and was later appointed to serve as the president of the company after working there for 6 years. In 2006, Louis Chenevert was appointed as the Chairman of United Technologies Corporation.
From 2011 to 2012, Louis Chenevert worked as the Vice Chair of the Executive Committee of the Business Council. In December 2014, Louis made the decision to step down as United Technologies Corporation’s CEO. The following year, he went on to work with the Merchant Banking Division of Goldman Sachs where he served as the exclusive advisor. The main role of Louis Chenevert at this company was to look for opportunities at the industrial and aerospace sectors. Some of the main accomplishments of Louis at United Technologies Corporation was creating long-term significant gains at the market at the time of a recession as well as acquiring Goodrich. He attributes his success at UTC to hard work, discipline and commitment. Louis Chenevert serves as a mentor to young and upcoming CEOs on how to drive an organization to achieving success.

Entrepreneurship is complex and wide and those who understand the complexities that define the industry are able to proceed to attain success. One of the professionals whose presence in the industry marked a new dawn is Don Ressler, the man behind several successful businesses in the retail section. He has been working on building his career for over 15 years and the advantage that has steered him forward is having consistency and the will to achieve his goals.

Don Ressler started off when he built, a company designed to work with people looking for fitness products. He kept on developing the company since its initial launch till the time he was able to make it profitable. The journey was not sweet because of obstacles like lack of marketing skills and the ability to penetrate into a market that was not widely known.

After learning and acquiring skills while running the company, he decided to sell it in 2001 with the sole aim to raise money to build a new company that would be bigger and better. was acquired by Intermix Media and during the activity Don Ressler was able to talk with Adam Goldenberg, whose ideas were inclined towards the same direction as his.

They partnered to form Alena Media, which was offering marketing services to different businesses. The company ran for several years and was earning good profits before they decided to sell it so they could launch a company that would serve a broader market.

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Intelligent Beauty
After selling Alena Media in 2005, they started brainstorming for an idea that would lead them to establish another company. Their effort saw the birth of Intelligent Beauty in 2008. The company has been providing beauty products in different categories and is among the most profitable ideas they ever came up with.

JustFab is another great idea that was developed by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler founded the company in 2010 and have been working on building it since then. To push the company to grow, they applied for funding with Matrix Ventures and were issued $33 million in 2011.

This money went to improving the infrastructure of the company before they received another $76 million from other venture capitals. During the second round of funding, they managed to further build the company to fully enter the Germany, UK and Canada markets. Today, JustFab remains the best online subscription retail across the entire European region.

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If you want to make an impact on your business, you have to understand where the weak spots are. Throughout his entire career, Bruce Levenson has done a great job of turning around companies. In his first business, he did not have a lot of success. However, he did a good job of learning from his mistakes. When he sold his first successful company, he made millions. He would eventually purchase the Atlanta Hawks, and at the time they were one of the worst teams in the NBA. Over the long term, this turned out to be a great idea.


Bruce Levenson


From the time he was young, UCG Founder Bruce Levenson was always interested in business and finance. He used this knowledge and interest to make a lot of great decisions growing up. Unlike a lot of his friends, he did not party a lot when he was in school. Instead, he worked on business ideas. By the time he had the capital to buy an NBA team, he had a lot of quality business experience. Bruce Levenson bought the Atlanta Hawks at a time when they were terrible in a variety of ways. Not only was the team bad, but the fan experience was horrible as well.


Turning it Around


According to Forbes, Bruce Levenson was able to turn around the franchise by investing in the customers. Not only did he bring in higher quality players, but he also upgraded the facility in which they played their games. This allowed him to bring in more fans who had bad experiences previously. In a short period of time, the team was profitable again. This was one of the fastest changes in the history of the NBA. Bruce Levenson is a great example of how to turn a team from terrible to good again.



For over thirty years Michael Zomber has been a historian and a gun collector. He has also featured on the Gun Series, History Channels Tales, sharing his knowledge and expertise. The series had episodes that touch on his areas of knowledge like Guns of the Orient, Guns of The Famous, Dueling Pistols, Automatic Pistols, Shotguns and a Million Dollar Guns.

Michael Zomber is also a recognized authority on the Japanese Samurai swords. He has even produced a documentary film on the same called Soul of the Samurai where he speaks about some of the Samurai practices and customs. Michael and his wife Andrea own a producing company Renascent Films LLC, where they together made the film.

Zomber is also a great story teller. He has written seven screenplays and published four novels. His writings Sweet Betsy and Son of Kentucky are about the old war times. Zomber talks about the history of Japan in the 17th century, in his book, Soul of the Samurai. Park Avenue is an exciting look into the highly developed world of art and business among the powerful and the richest. The novel Jesus and the Samurai gives a brief history of how Christianity was originally received in Japan.

Shogun Lemitsu is a book that looks into War and love life in the 17th century in Tokuwaga, Japan. As a historian, Zomber has vast knowledge on the painful experiences of war. This has led to his steadfast support for organizations like Doctors without Borders, UNICEF, Global Exchange and Amnesty International, whose mission is to preach and embrace peace.

Michael Zomber graduated from the University of Illinois with a Degree in English and Psychology. He later did his Masters in English Literature at UCLA. Zomber’s wife is behind his screenplays as she played a big role encouraging him to write and this is how he ended up writing several novels.

Apart from novels, Zomber has produced a full-length documentary film; he Soul of the Samurai, and written a television series and full screenplay; Shogun Lemitsu. Michael and his wife Andrea have two children Gabriella, and Christopher. They reside on the outside of Philadelphia along the great Chesapeake Bay. Zomber is a native of Washington DC.