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Igor Cornelsen was born in Brazil and thought that he wanted to be an engineer when he started college. He was at the Federal University of Parana for a couple of years before he decided that economics was what he wanted to get into instead of engineering. He graduated and started working at a bank, and the reason he believes he quickly got his first job was because of the math skills that he had. He learned how to work in investment banking and did well in it. He got promoted not long after starting at the bank and he continued to work his way up in it through the years.

Igor Cornelsen worked with several other companies during his long and successful career and did well in all of them. He knows a lot about how to invest in stocks and how to give good advice to those who are thinking about investing. He prefers to invest in businesses that are performing well but he gives different advice to his clients. He tells them that if they want to buy stocks at a low price, then damaged stocks are a good investment.

Igor Cornelsen loves his home country of Brazil and knows all about the investment opportunities there. He encourages others to invest in Brazil and does much of that investing himself because he believes that the market is so much different there than in other countries. He also talks about the currency exchange rate and has a lot of advice to give to investors because he spends so much time thinking about investments. Igor Cornelsen has much experience in the world of investing and has gotten inspired through the time that he has spent in it, and he has many good ideas for investing because of his experience.

James Dondero has an interesting story behind his success. He received degrees in both accounting and finance from the University of Virginia. After graduation, he chose JP Morgan to launch his career. His JP Morgan tenure helped him develop his investment expertise. After a four-year tour with JP Morgan, James Dondero went to work for American Express where he managed fixed income funds and learned a great deal about alternative investment strategies.

Jim Dondero made a big name for himself at American Express. So much so in fact that American Express promoted him to the position of CIO. In 1993 Jim Dondero decided it was time to go into business for himself. He started Highland Capital Management. The company’s headquarters is in Dallas. Of course, Dallas is the type of city that easily attracts large companies and those that like to make and spend money. The Dallas-Fort Worth area is a sprawling metropolis with over $7 million people.

Highland Capital Management is one of America’s biggest investment firms when it comes to assets that are under management. The successful company of Jim Dondero operates offices in Singapore, Sao Paulo, Singapore, and New York. His company’s investment specialists are some of the best in the business. They have the skills and experience to stay out in front of emerging trends. The company’s portfolio is greater than $17 billion in assets.

James Dondero is also a philanthropist who works with Dallas non-profits. As such, there are a number of non-profits that do not have to worry about the source of their next donation. He supports the University of Texas, Southern Methodist University, the Family Place, the Dallas Symphony, and other notable non-profit organizations.

Highland Capital has a reputation for leading the way as a social leader in the city of Dallas. However, James Dondero does not take all the credit of what his firm accomplishes for himself. He sees the mission of his firm as being an integral part of its community. See This Article to learn more.

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What Richard Liu Has Done for China

Richard Liu is a business man who rose to China’s elite class through diligence and hard work. Liu grew up in a working class family. After secondary school, Liu decided that he was going to go to university and study sociology. Liu soon learned that a career in politics was not going to get him to the places that he wanted to go, so he taught himself computer programming in order to give himself more opportunities in business. At a young age, Liu had a business mind. While he was in college, he got loans from friends and family and he opened a restaurant with his friend. Unfortunately, the restaurant did not succeed, but Liu did not relinquish his ambition. He opened a store where he sold optical products in 1998. Within just five years, Liu had opened more than 10 additional stores, and Liu’s company was grossing an average of 9 million dollars in revenue per year.

The Makings of

Liu Created an online version of his store in 2004. When he realized how successful this online version was, he decided that his company would sell various other items as well. Soon, was selling almost any item imaginable, and became the largest e-commerce company in China. Richard Liu wanted to get items out to clients in the fastest most efficient way possible. Liu also realized that a large number of his customers lived in rural areas, so it would be expensive and difficult for them to get the items that they wanted. In order to accommodate all customers, Liu decided to launch over 3200 pickup and location facilities. With his facilities, is available to two-thirds of all counties in the country of China, and JD customers are able to get their goods in a short period of time.

Richard Liu is a TrailBlazer

Liu is constantly looking for innovative solutions to company’s methods. Since JD specializes in delivery, logistics is always a concern. Liu was able to create his own national logistics company in order to streamline JD’s delivery process. took notice of JD’s logistics program, and in 2014, they switch their company to a similar logistics model. Liu is a man who is known for integrity and diligence, and that is the reason why continues to show steady growth.

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Privinvest is an international construction group that specializes in the building of naval crafts and yachts. This company is headed by Iskandar Safa. He is the CEO. However, Iskandar Safa co-founded the organization with his brother Akram. Together, both men have transformed Privinvest into a premiere ship construction enterprise that serves various NATO countries and nations in the Middle East.

Privinvest has been around since the early 1990s when Iskandar and his brother purchased a shipyard in Cherbourg, France. Since that time, Iskandar and his brother Akram were busy designing and selling state of the art naval vessels to different governments. Their ships are considered state of the art vessels that are outfitted with the latest technology and design. Find Additional Information Here.

Keep in mind that Privinvest has sold more than 2,000 ships and water vessels to more than 40 different navies around the world. They make it a point to outfit these vessels with updated technology that can be used for protecting coastlines and for securing waterways. They even integrate a special surveillance system for their vessels that be configured for each independent nation’s network and security protocols. Refer to This Article for related information.

Privinvest also makes high-speed tactical strike craft. These vessels are superior water fighting vessels that are second to none. Iskandar and Akram also establish sustainable renewable energies for their stat of the art vessels. They outfit them with turbine-based and hydrokinetic power supplies and other renewable energy constructs.

Commercial vessels are also sold by Privinvest. Iskandar provides high end luxury yachts for clients who enjoy traversing the open water. They even offer commercial vessels for marine based commerce. Transport ships for moving goods to and from markets are put together by this company as well. Iskandar makes it a point to ensure that governments and shipping businesses are getting the products and services they need for their organizations.

Iskandar Safa has taken Privinvest a long way throughout the years. His brother and him are constantly look for new ways to strengthen their business and to improve their products. They make some of the best ships in world and are highly regarded by many nations for their outstanding vessels.


In the tech sector, one must remain current and relevant by constantly introducing new products on a regular basis. A hot company today just may become extinct in a matter of year by not keeping up with demand. Betterworks, a Redwood City, California based software maker, knows this all too well.

They have only been around for a few years but as a young company, they are proving their ability to remain relevant and to remain one of the top software makers by creating new products on a regular basis. They have introduced their latest product: team edition. This digital product is a remake and more modern version of some of their earlier software editions. 

Betterworks specializes in creating technology that enables human resource professionals, managers, supervisors, team leaders and senior leaders to oversee and gauge the activities and progress of workers. They have taken the industry by storm.

They can be titled as a continuous talent performance management solutions company because their software continuously promotes talent performance amongst workers. The new team edition has features that include alignment, conversation, teambuilding and progress measuring tools. 

The team edition is a great tool for any enterprise to continue talent performance efforts and progress. If an enterprise is struggling with getting tasks done, meeting deadlines and lack of communication than the team edition would be a good tool to introduce. Betterworks has many online reviews that fully detail that this product is worth the investment and how well this product works. 

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Toyo Setal is a popular Brazilian Company founded in 2012. The company focuses on diverse services to its clients. It comes up with broad projects to help industrial companies both in Brazil and in foreign countries. The company has overtime advanced greatly making it well known globally. Through innovative solutions, Toyo is always able to meet the needs of enterprises and clients. The company continuously researches to understand global trends in customer needs so that it can deliver exactly what they need. The company lays important concern on technological advancements to continually deliver high-quality products and services.

It is the company’s commitment always to use the best technical expertise to deliver products to their customers on time. Recently, Toyo won an expansion project contract on the expansion of gas treatment entities. This was a clear indication of the loyalty and trust that clients have in the company. The company was able to win the contract due to the capability of effectively delivering high-quality work. It was a great honor, and Toyo Company takes great pride in the dedicated team members. The professional team at Toyo Setal is always committed to achieving the goals and objectives of the company. The team always comes up with profoundly insightful and innovative ideas for running the company’s operations. They dedicate their energy and time to advance the services and products of the company in the long-run.

Their considerable efforts have made the company win a number of awards. One of the most recognizable awards was by the AVEVA World Summit the Innovations in Integration of Engineering projects award in 2014. Strategic planning and innovation are two crucial values that have greatly helped in the success of Toyo Setal. The company consistently looks for more innovative ways to better serve its clients. The focus is on maintaining reliability and quality. Using innovative ideas, Toyo Setal is able to tackle engineering problems that are considered to be quite complex by other companies. This has helped the company in offering unmatched services and standing out among other Brazilian Companies. Toyo Setal, as a leading company hopes to continue furthering their achievements and advancing its industrial operations.

Nitin is the CEO of Mergertech. The firm provides tech consulting services. After graduating from Purdue, Khanna started working for Oracle. He is based in Portland and has built a successful career. He was born in India, and his father was a colonel in the army. Most of his family members engaged in business, and he followed in their footsteps. He spent a lot of time in business firms and recorded what he learned. As a young boy, he had developed a plan to become an entrepreneur.

Nitin Khanna attended The Lawrence School, one of the best boarding schools in India. The school encouraged students to pursue their dreams and never to give in. This inspired Nitin Khanna to remain optimistic when faced with difficulties. During an interview, he was asked what advice he would give his younger self, and he said he would tell his younger self to be patient. He was frantic when he became an entrepreneur and constantly thought of failure. Anxiety held him back, and he contends that he could have achieved more if he had been steady. He would also advise his younger self to work hard, be ethical, plan and keep your eye on your mission.

Nitin Khanna moved to the US when he was 17 years old to join Purdue University. He studied industrial engineering and a master’s degree in the same course. He thought of doing a doctorate but abandoned the idea. He was hired by International Paper, where he worked for two years. He developed an interest in technology as he thought it was the future of business. He worked for Oracle from 1995 until 1998. He and his brother started a new business called Saber Software. He spent time growing the business, and it became successful.

The tech company had massive success when the child welfare services decided to use its software. It soon became the largest provider of government software solutions in the US. The company has more than 1 000 employees. Nitin Khanna is also an investor and has invested in several companies in Portland. Khanna says what helped him succeed was identifying opportunities and taking risks.

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The Angolan businesswoman, Isabel dos Santos, is the top richest woman in Africa having an estimated current fortune of about three billion dollars. Isabel dos Santos was born in 1973 to Jose Eduardo dos Santos, the former president of Angola. Back in 2013 she first attained two billion, thus becoming Africa’s first female billionaire. Most of her biggest investments are in her native country of Angola and in Portugal. She is also a leading proponent and spokesperson in Africa, for the modernization of the continent, particularly in the area of technology.

She is certain that an improvement of technology, primarily digitalization, will help to vastly improve Africa’s economy. Isabel dos Santos is also a very committed proponent for increasing employment for women in the African business place. There is yet a remaining stigma of working women throughout the continent. She herself has experienced this prejudice throughout her professional career. She says that even today, having successfully made billions of dollars, individuals in African business doubt her business decisions because she is a woman. Santos says that may businesswoman with good ideas and perspectives are doubted immediately and therefore never heard.

It is especially hard for entrepreneur businesswomen who are trying to raise funds for a project since many African investors will only fund male-led projects. In Africa, it is always assumed that if a woman is wealthy that she was made so because of a rich husband. It is her own experience as the victim of this prejudice which has made her resolve in this so great. Isabel dos Santos says that although there are these remaining prejudices, it is possible for today’s African business women to succeed and to succeed well. She says she herself is an example of this. She highly recommends starting things off well by identifying your passions and gifts. They then need to seek higher education. All of this has made her one of the most respected business people in the world.

Ara Chackerian has more than two decades of work in the healthcare and business world. A native of San Francisco, Chackerian has built an impressive resume that demonstrates his ability to build and lead a business. He has spent time working as an entrepreneur, investor and a philanthropist. Most of Chackerian’s career has been focused on start-up healthcare companies. Chackerian is an innovator who is constantly looking to improve the world.

Ara Chackerian got his start at Florida State University where he earned a degree in marketing. Soon after completing his education, Chackerian began making partnerships in the business world. He would soon collect more than twenty years of building companies in the healthcare world. These companies include well known groups like PipelineRx, BMC Diagnostics, Provider Links and perhaps the most known company TMS Solutions.

Chackerian’s biggest accomplishment is perhaps the creation of TMS Solutions. The idea for this company comes from a very unique place. For years Chackerian has worked with a business partner on creating out-patient diagnostic radiology centers. For years these centers were very successful in the Northern California area. Chackerian had a desire to spread these centers to other parts of the world. As a result of lots of study and research Chackerian became convinced that TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) could have a tremendous impact on those dealing with depression or other mental illness. Chackerian beleived that transcranial magnetic stimulation could ultimately become the third pillar of the psychiatric care, joining medication and talk therapy. This served as motivation to help him create and build TMS Solutions.

Outside of his many business adventures, Ara Chackerian is a man committed to giving back to the community. During his career he has become well known for his philanthropy efforts. Chackerian worked with many non-profit organizations that are focused on education and helping young people. Chackerian is committed to making a difference in his community and around the world.

Paul Herdsman is the epitome of what a business leader should be in 2019. He is the COO of Nice Global. Nice Global is a flourishing company outside of Jamaica. Herdsman is driven to use his work to emphasize the importance of everyone feeling a sense of importance.

Paul Herdsman feels that his business practices are indeed superb because of his support of his staff. Paul Herdsman knows that a happy and enthusiastic team is a key component to the overall equation for success. He makes sure that he can educate, relate to, and keep his employees enthusiastic about their jobs so that they can remain in a working structure that has no ceilings.

Paul Herdsman has always strived to find ways to perfect customer services. He found himself paying extra attention to what it took to aid someone with the customer service part of a business. This drive and interest gave him the ability to thoroughly learn about the customer service aspect of business but Paul utilized these skills to succeed in his own area of interest within’ business. Now, Paul Herdsman has a clientele that solely trusts and relies on his professionalism pertaining to a business.

Mr. Herdsman feels that one of the major reasons behind NICE Global’s success is the wellbeing and positive mindsets of the employees. He does everything in his power to make sure that all employees are thoroughly trained in their positionings so that they are confident enough to know that they are making the right decisions in business at the necessary time.

Each employee receives continuous training, education, and promotional opportunities that will increase their chances of not only working with proficiency at NICE Global but also where ever the employee works. NICE Global is looking to expand this wonderful work family at locations like Montego Bay, and even Spanish speaking territories so that they can expand their services.