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Toyo Setal is a popular Brazilian Company founded in 2012. The company focuses on diverse services to its clients. It comes up with broad projects to help industrial companies both in Brazil and in foreign countries. The company has overtime advanced greatly making it well known globally. Through innovative solutions, Toyo is always able to meet the needs of enterprises and clients. The company continuously researches to understand global trends in customer needs so that it can deliver exactly what they need. The company lays important concern on technological advancements to continually deliver high-quality products and services.

It is the company’s commitment always to use the best technical expertise to deliver products to their customers on time. Recently, Toyo won an expansion project contract on the expansion of gas treatment entities. This was a clear indication of the loyalty and trust that clients have in the company. The company was able to win the contract due to the capability of effectively delivering high-quality work. It was a great honor, and Toyo Company takes great pride in the dedicated team members. The professional team at Toyo Setal is always committed to achieving the goals and objectives of the company. The team always comes up with profoundly insightful and innovative ideas for running the company’s operations. They dedicate their energy and time to advance the services and products of the company in the long-run.

Their considerable efforts have made the company win a number of awards. One of the most recognizable awards was by the AVEVA World Summit the Innovations in Integration of Engineering projects award in 2014. Strategic planning and innovation are two crucial values that have greatly helped in the success of Toyo Setal. The company consistently looks for more innovative ways to better serve its clients. The focus is on maintaining reliability and quality. Using innovative ideas, Toyo Setal is able to tackle engineering problems that are considered to be quite complex by other companies. This has helped the company in offering unmatched services and standing out among other Brazilian Companies. Toyo Setal, as a leading company hopes to continue furthering their achievements and advancing its industrial operations.

Doe Deere is the co-founder of Poppy Angeloff, a jewelry brand that focuses on modern Victorian style jewelry. Characterized as the fusion of vibrant and feminine colors, the emerging trends, and of classic beauty, Poppy Angeloff products found their way home to the growing fans of the brand. In her interview with Forbes, Deere revealed all the challenges she and her husband faced in order to be where they are today.

According to Doe Deere, the idea of Poppy Angeloff was sparked when she discovered some of her family’s heirlooms. In an instant, Deere was captivated by it, and with that, the idea of Poppy Angeloff was created. Being inexperienced with this kind of market, Deere needed a little bit of pushing from her sister. At that time, she was involved in a make-up business called Lime Crime Cosmetics, which produces vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics. She co-created the makeup business with her husband Mark Dumbleton and became a success globally.

Before venturing into the jewelry business, Doe Deere decided to do her homework and researched for months about jewelry making. She realized while researching that Victorian-era style is her cup of tea. Because of this, she decided that Poppy Angeloff will be all about creating no-corners-cut, fun to wear jewelry that can be passed down to future generations. Deere also has a fashion line where she reconstructs clothes based on her style and sells them to eBay. At that time, people noticed her unique makeup style which attracted interest. This is where she and her husband created the Lime Crime Cosmetics.

Doe Deere and her husband Mark started Lime Crime cosmetics by contracting with a manufacturer using a small order that consists of 1,000 pieces per color shade. In just a week, the makeup line was sold out. The couple managed to make the company successful during their tenure for ten years, but they ultimately sold it in order to focus on Poppy Angeloff.

For Doe Deere, her passion for color drives her business to success. She also believes that passion should be an entrepreneur’s number one driver. Experiencing how to be a customer first hand is also a good experience for an entrepreneur. And last but not least, take the risk and see if it works or not.

Without a doubt, a cancer diagnosis is defined as a life-changing moment. Aside from making decisions regarding how treatment should be managed, it already has its challenges. Of course being a terminal diagnosis, it even becomes more complicated to make the right choices. But a Chicago-based company that deals with technology is committed to revolutionizing cancer treatment and management by creating systems that use personalized data to diagnose, and manage cancer.

Background Data

Led by Eric Lefkofsky, Tempus was built in 2015 to enhance patient outcome. The organization is building one of the world’s most significant clinical data library of molecular systems to ensure that not only is data accessible but also useful for finding cancer treatment. It enables physicians to offer personalized care for patients with cancer through interactive analytical learning platforms. Moreover, the company ensures that data is available for patients, physicians, in addition to researchers.

The Funding

Recently, Tempus received a round of funding worth $80 million from a team of investors. Since its establishment, the group has received about $210 million. The latest funding puts the organization’s value at $1.1 billion. This gives the firm a unicorn status. Coupled with about 400 employees, the organization is growing at an unbelievable rate. This pace will definitely continue especially with Eric Lefkofsky’s input as a leader.


Besides, Tempus provides a sequencing of DNA as well as RNA and proteomic services to generate high-quality molecular data as well as the therapeutic context to empower medical practitioners to come up with data-driven decisions.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Profile and Contribution

Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the head of Tempus and has vast experience in management. An alumnus of the University of Chicago, Lefkofsky is committed to helping cancer patients come up with viable, informed decisions.

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Resilience is the attribute that several entrepreneurs have; however, not all of them can discuss this trait. They need a robust sense of what it is that they need. This resilience is the actuation that keeps them going after they face detractors from their mission. Winston Churchill has a great quote that all entrepreneurs should learn. Jose Hawilla once said, “Success is the ability to travel from one failure to a different failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” Several entrepreneurs can tell you about their success; however, they’re not going to not discuss their failures. Many of us following our dreams are going to be tested by failure before we ever reach success. These failures are simply single instances. They’re solely tests meant to motivate us. Therefore, there is plenty of potential to win. You want to be resilient in the face of defeat. Check out wikipedia to know more.

Resilience is termed as several things. It’s referred to as heart. It’s referred to as grit. But, regardless of what name you utilize for it, it remains the key to patience within the face of defeat. There are celebrities and entrepreneurs who have faced the worst fate they could imagine; however, before they achieved their millions, they always bounced back. This resilience gave them a good look at their strength. They had to beat so they could rise to win. You have to show your defeats that you will turn them into victories by learning from them and utilizing the teachings they presented. These lessons can all serve you well after you are comfortably in a position to be an influential entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship could be a long road. To win, you want to be resilient enough to find out the method that works best for you. For more details visit Globo to know more.

Jose Hawilla embodies resilience. There have been times his business didn’t play out how he expected. There have been times he faced some powerful opposition. Often, he didn’t overcome, but he remained resilient. By not discarding his dream, he learned from each chance and eventually became one of the foremost football marketers in Brazil. Jose Hawilla created the football trade, and he created the massive market that exists today.

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You can only expect to get so far in the tech world without a plan. Bumble was certainly a great idea but it was Whitney Wolfe’s determination that allowed it to reach where it is today. We can look at this app and realize that it’s making something that we haven’t seen before. It’s a dating app where women make the first move in all encounters between men and women. That has changed the way we date and it has potential for the other dating apps out there. There’s going to be a change in the way we do things as this catches on. You don’t need to look very far to see that Bumble is catching on among young people.

It’s got millions of users and it’s poised to take down the rivals out there. Wolfe knows what she’s doing and she has decided to take that to the level it needs to be. She wants to be known for her ability to make a huge impact and she wants people to understand how she came to the idea that Bumble was going to be what it is today. She wants to make it so much more than a dating app.The future of Bumble is going to be amazing as the app continues to rise to the top and brings more people into the fold. People like what she wants to offer and they want to continue to enjoy the various expansions of Bumble. You can now use Bumble to find new friends and career networks.

That makes it more than what it was in the past. It’s now the most popular dating app among college students and it wants to expand to include the older demographics. That’s something that will certainly bring it leagues ahead of the competition.Whitney Wolfe Herd has managed to make so much in such little time. She isn’t even 30 and she has managed to make herself the CEO of a company with the potential to generate billions. Bumble is going to remembered as a defining moment in the culture of America. It has changed the way an entire generation sees social norms and how gender dynamics are going to work. Wolfe had this goal in mind when she created the app and it’s not left her sense. We know what we want to see in the future and we know that she has this.

Shiraz Boghani is an entrepreneur that has his hands in the creation of a number of businesses. He’s best known as the founder of the Sojourn Hotels. He is also the managing partner and director of the Splendid Hotels Group. Still, not feeling fully challenged, he has added a partnership in the Sussex Healthcare Limited, a Sussex, England facility for the care of the elderly.

After 30 years in the hotel business, Shiraz Boghani is reaping the accolades that come from managing excellent organizations. He owns and manages 20 hotels in the United Kingdom. To applaud his efforts, he was honored in 2016 at the Asian Business Awards with the honor of being named the “Hotelier of the Year“. His hotels include a distinguish list of establishments:

• £121 million Hilton London Bankside with 292 bedrooms
• The Conrad London St. James
• The Grand Hotel & Spa, York
• Holiday Inn London-Wembley with 336 bedrooms
• The New Ellington in Leeds
• The Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel

Shiraz Boghani has always been a forward thinker. He was born in Kenya and moved to the U.K. in 1969. He began his professional career as an accountant at Chartered Accountants, a small accounting firm. He became a qualified charter accountant and from there, he moved to the large firm of Thomson McLintock & Co. (KPMG). Today, he has 15 of the U.K.’s finest hotels. In 1985 he was the founding partner for Sussex Health Care, a company that has grown to consist of eighteen care homes with a total of 500 beds.

His is a privately held business and in the 1990’s, it was one of the first in the United Kingdom to offer its patron’s limited service branded hotels. Boghani’s goal is to position his many hotels to become ‘the center of global excellence for hospitality’.

When Shiraz Boghani isn’t working, he’s volunteering helping the Aga Khan Foundation and the global Aga Khan Network. The foundation is a charity that helps communities of all races and religions in four areas: civil society, rural development, health and education. Its activities are focused on improving quality of life by fighting social exclusion, hunger, disease, ignorance and illiteracy.

Shiraz Boghani has spent his professional life in successful and prosperous endeavors, still he has had time to devote to the betterment of mankind. His is an example of what true have a truly entrepreneurial spirit means. He is a consummate entrepreneur: his efforts match every synonym of the word-organizer, manager, industrialist, producer and promoter.

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Igor Cornelsen is an accomplished investor who has a great mastery of everything to do with investing in a commodity or a company. Igor Cornelsen owes this skill to his invaluable experience in the investment field. He has spent most of his life advising numerous investors on the kind of investments that would make them successful and rich businesspersons. This role also included advising people away from the organizations that he felt were already damaged or were in the process of being damaged. To such people, Igor Cornelsen advised them to stop focusing only on the damaged stock but also consider the damaged companies. He knew exactly the kind of stock to trade in cheaply, which guarantees a hundred percent chance of making money to the investor. These stocks would also pay off in the long-term strategy.  Visit at about Igor Cornelsen

He is the owner of the Bainbridge Inv Inc. Before starting his own firm, he served in many executive positions in some of the leading banks in Brazil before he retired in 2010. Most of his time is spent in Florida and places more emphasis on the investment issues. Investment has become his hobby and that what he does when he is bored, and during his free time. Through his word press website, he writes articles that demonstrates his expertise in the investment field. Cornelsen influences both the upcoming and established investors to make wise investment decisions.

Among his investment tips include the principle of never to lose money. Igor believes that there is no need sticking to a project when it is making money to the owner. He also believes in the diversification of ones’ portfolio to minimize any potential risks. As well as risky behaviors are good in investment, Cornelsen advises that one should strive to make the best investment decision to minimize the chance of joining unsuccessful investments. His other advice to the investors and potential investors is that one should start as soon as possible and never wait for the right time. Looking at Igor’s Facebook page, it displays no post that inspires discussions and engagement, hence the small number of followers.


Brazil has always been known as a big-time tourist attraction. Nothing has changed about this, but thanks to Roberto Santiago people may have even more reasons to come to Brazil and explore. What Roberto Santiago has brought to Brazil is the mega mall known as the Manaira Mall. This is by far the largest mall in Latin America, and it is easily one of the biggest malls in the world.


The landscape for Brazil is much more vibrant thanks to Roberto Santiago and his visions for commercial real estate. He has really shown that the business world of investing is much easier to profit in when investors bring forth concepts that people are interested in. He may not have known how profitable he would be with a mega mall, but he definitely knew that this would be something that Brazilians and tourists of Brazil were interested in.


He was willing to go all out and take the time to get the contracts to get stores in place that would comprise this mega mall. Roberto Santiago had a vision decades ago, and there is still a lot of buzz about the expansion of all of the new stores that have continued to come into this mall over the years. This mall has even been expanded with a concert hall, and that is just another look at the unique things that Roberto Santiago has helped bring to the environment that was not common place before.


There are a ton of people that look at what he has done with things like the amusement park in the bar that is inside of this mall. This was not something that people had seen before. It was a totally new thing for Roberto Santiago to endeavor on when it came to creating a mall environment.


It was a bold move, but it was clearly a good move for anyone that has made it their way to this mall. Consumers love it, and more people are often connecting to this mall to meet their friends. There is a lot of buzz about it on social media, and it appears to be one that all the other entrepreneurs and commercial real estate investors would like to mimic. It has been very profitable down through the years, and everyone that has visited is typically going to have positive things to say.


Is one of the few places in Brazil where people could spend their entire day. There is a food court and there are a plethora of stores to shop in. There is also an amusement park and a bowling alley. People that would like to engage in other entertainment may find themselves hanging out at the movies.


Paul Mampilly was born in S. India. At his teenager stage, India was encountered by a severe financial crisis. This was a result of excessive debt that the government was not able to repay. The national sought the private investments from citizens inclusive of his father who was working in Dubai. Lenders gained 18 % return annually for the following 30 years in exchange for investment. This experience enables Mampilly to make contentious investments at clutch moments.

At the age of 18, Paul moved to the US where gained a bachelor’s degree award in Finance and Accounts. He was awarded this degree in New Jersey by Montclair State University. Later on, he attained an MBA award by Fordham University Gabelli School of Business. He then pursued several Economic and Finance engineering at various prestigious New York colleges. Paul Mampilly is known to be a devoted learner. He has a personal library that incorporates over a 1,000 titles. Currently, he resides in Durham in North Carolina where he concentrates on investment opportunities research as well as working as an author for several financial publications. This is inclusive of Profit Unlimited and Extreme Fortune. This publication is the fastest growing publication in the commercial industry. It’s owned by Florida-based Banyan Hill Publishing which was formerly called the Sovereign Society. After one year, the newsletter had already over 90,000 subscribers as per the publisher. This served as a staunch prove that the Mampilly’s easily accessible column and smartly researched purchase recommendations have struck a loop with the principal investors.

Paul Mampilly illustrated his readers as the significant street Americans in search of rational investment guide from sources that are beyond traditional factual financial periodicals. They are in search for chances to effectively, efficiently and quickly boost their retirement accounts and also reinforce their living standards. Banyan hill and Mampilly have discovered an excellent, profitable niche in a highly competitive industry that’s composed on many longstanding print publications. With Paul Mampilly as the chief executive editor, the newsletter publications keep on growing exponentially. On the other side, the opponent publications keep facing a massive decline in annual subscriptions lists which results in continuous revenue decline. It’s also essential to state that this is not the only time that Mampilly has been at high notch success while his opponent is suffering uncertainties and huge drawbacks. His investment managed to set a financial growth record in during the economic, commercial crisis junctures.

Paul Mampilly is an experienced and an excellent financial guru. He has managed to react to the demands of the readers by giving on-point financial advice that ordinary investors can quickly apply and implement. Know more about Paul Mampilly at

With more than two decades experience behind him, Glen Wakeman has risen to become a lead figure in the business and finance sectors. His knowledge and guidance have become invaluable to startups and growing businesses, where he is known as a trusted mentor and knowledgeable entrepreneur. Wakeman is passionate about helping businesses reach their top performance through his established methods in 5 key performance matters: execution, governance, human capital, leadership and risk management.

In 2015, Glen Wakeman founded LaunchPad Holdings LLC, a new company dedicated to assisting start-ups to form a solid, useful business plan by providing easy to use, understandable software that helps organize and clarify the process. The LaunchPad Toolkit allows startups to better refine, shape and connect ideas. This will let them increase their chances of securing funding, finding business incubators to work with, and decreasing their overall chances of failure. A clear plan is a startups road to becoming a successful enterprise, says Wakeman.

This is key to his own success, having a clear direct plan to drive into the future (Twitter). Wakeman graduated from the University of Scranton with a BS in Economics and Finance and later an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago, after which he embarked on his career with GE Capital  President and CEO. This guided him over the years to keep being curious about everything, a trait he believes, has kept him wanting to learn and grow to become an even better entrepreneur.

As a frequents blogger about not just financial and business issues, but global matters and development, Glen Wakeman wants to share his years of experience with the next generation of leaders by providing valuable insights into the larger world. By doing this, he hopes that businesses can grow and evolve successfully and pass the knowledge on for generations to come.