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Producers of The Meatless Burger

In recent years there has been a growing trend towards meatless burger production and the demand has grown even more in recent years. Impossible Foods headquartered in Redwood City launched in 2011 to find a 100% plant based burger. Impossible Foods is made of food scientist and genetic engineers which work totally with plant proteins. After five years of research at their Redwood City labs Impossible Foods was prepared to launch their solution to a more healthier burger alternative. What sets the Impossible Burger apart from other vegetable burgers is the quality of its 100% plant based burger look.

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All Burger Qualities

The Impossible Burger looks, feels, tastes, cooks, and “bleeds” like beef, but remains 100% plant based without any chemical additives. The Impossible Foods scientist found a soybean protein called “heme,” which makes beef taste like meat. Heme has always been around for thousands of years,but Impossible Foods has discovered a version of heme which is also located in the soybean root, which produces the taste beef. The heme found in animals is identical to the heme found in plants. It is heme which gives the Impossible Burger its unique quality of tasting like beef.

Launch of Impossible Burger

The launch of the Impossible Burger came in mid 2016. The Impossible Burger was showcased at a major New York upscale restaurant owned and operated by David Chang. The Impossible Burger was met with great reviews by vegans and foodies and its popularity spread thru the food industry rapidly thereafter. Owing to its popularity the Impossible Burger request grew into the thousands from many fast-food purveyors. OSI Group was approached by Impossible Foods and offered a co-production agreement allowing OSI Group to produce the Impossible Burger inside of its Chicago plant.

Chicago Production Plant

OSI Group designed a Impossible Burger production facility in one of its Chicago plant very close to the 68,000 square foot Impossible Foods facility in Oakland. OSI Group has had a rich history as McDonalds primary meat packer since 1955. OSI and McDonalds continue to work closely together and there was no mention whether McDonalds would be carrying the Impossible Burger on its menu. Source:

Nitin is the CEO of Mergertech. The firm provides tech consulting services. After graduating from Purdue, Khanna started working for Oracle. He is based in Portland and has built a successful career. He was born in India, and his father was a colonel in the army. Most of his family members engaged in business, and he followed in their footsteps. He spent a lot of time in business firms and recorded what he learned. As a young boy, he had developed a plan to become an entrepreneur.

Nitin Khanna attended The Lawrence School, one of the best boarding schools in India. The school encouraged students to pursue their dreams and never to give in. This inspired Nitin Khanna to remain optimistic when faced with difficulties. During an interview, he was asked what advice he would give his younger self, and he said he would tell his younger self to be patient. He was frantic when he became an entrepreneur and constantly thought of failure. Anxiety held him back, and he contends that he could have achieved more if he had been steady. He would also advise his younger self to work hard, be ethical, plan and keep your eye on your mission.

Nitin Khanna moved to the US when he was 17 years old to join Purdue University. He studied industrial engineering and a master’s degree in the same course. He thought of doing a doctorate but abandoned the idea. He was hired by International Paper, where he worked for two years. He developed an interest in technology as he thought it was the future of business. He worked for Oracle from 1995 until 1998. He and his brother started a new business called Saber Software. He spent time growing the business, and it became successful.

The tech company had massive success when the child welfare services decided to use its software. It soon became the largest provider of government software solutions in the US. The company has more than 1 000 employees. Nitin Khanna is also an investor and has invested in several companies in Portland. Khanna says what helped him succeed was identifying opportunities and taking risks.

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In recent news the food giant OSI Food Solutions acquired Rose Packing that merges a company of almost 100 years in the meatpacking industry into the top meat packing company in the country. Acquiring Rose Packing puts together over 200 years of experience in the industry and thus strengthens OSI food Solutions status in the market and the city of Chicago. Rose Packing was established back in 1924 in Barrington Illinois and operates a large processing plant of over 700 employees in Chicago. OSI Food Solutions purchase of Rose Packing and inheritance of the processing plant fits perfectly into their strategy of growth in the meatpacking industry. It is no surprise that this merger is such a perfect fit. OSI Food Solutions began in 1909 as a family meat market in Oakwood, Illinois by newly immigrated Otto Kolschowsky. Otto later expanded into a meat trading company, and his sons eventually grew the company into what it is today. Ray Kroc was very influential in the growth of OSI Food SOlutions as well. When he opened the first McDonald’s in Des Plaines, Illinois he used Otto and Sons as his supplier of ground beef. THe roots of this company have always been back in the family meat market that Otto set opened up long ago to pursue his American dream. As the company goes forward with a growth mindset, acquiring smaller successful businesses like Rose Packing are likely and will benefit both companies involved. Their mission has always been to establish and foster great business relationships, and this acquisition just reaffirms that precedence. All of the employees and management of Rose Packing will continue working under the OSI umbrella. As OSI continues to grow into a global power in the meat industry, it important that they continue to show their local roots by bringing companies like Rose Packing under their leadership. The city of Chicago and Illinois are extremely lucky to have OSI right in their back yard. Click here to learn more

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Finding Forex Broker

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With more than two decades experience behind him, Glen Wakeman has risen to become a lead figure in the business and finance sectors. His knowledge and guidance have become invaluable to startups and growing businesses, where he is known as a trusted mentor and knowledgeable entrepreneur. Wakeman is passionate about helping businesses reach their top performance through his established methods in 5 key performance matters: execution, governance, human capital, leadership and risk management.

In 2015, Glen Wakeman founded LaunchPad Holdings LLC, a new company dedicated to assisting start-ups to form a solid, useful business plan by providing easy to use, understandable software that helps organize and clarify the process. The LaunchPad Toolkit allows startups to better refine, shape and connect ideas. This will let them increase their chances of securing funding, finding business incubators to work with, and decreasing their overall chances of failure. A clear plan is a startups road to becoming a successful enterprise, says Wakeman.

This is key to his own success, having a clear direct plan to drive into the future (Twitter). Wakeman graduated from the University of Scranton with a BS in Economics and Finance and later an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago, after which he embarked on his career with GE Capital  President and CEO. This guided him over the years to keep being curious about everything, a trait he believes, has kept him wanting to learn and grow to become an even better entrepreneur.

As a frequents blogger about not just financial and business issues, but global matters and development, Glen Wakeman wants to share his years of experience with the next generation of leaders by providing valuable insights into the larger world. By doing this, he hopes that businesses can grow and evolve successfully and pass the knowledge on for generations to come.

When it comes to helping others, donating to charities and non- profit organizations all around the world, and striving to make everyone’s dream come true, Bob Reina should be at the top of the list. He is a huge inspiration to those around him, especially the associates of his company, which is known as “Talk Fusion”, which is considered the First Video Marketing Solution. Bob Reina has donated one million dollars to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and he has involved himself in saving lives of numerous animals while providing his support to one of the Indonesian Orphanages in that area. In other words, not only is Reina a man of talk, yet he is a man of action. Whatever he speaks on doing, he does it. His purpose for the creation of the Talk Fusion company was to help assist small non-profit organizations and small charities on achieving their personal goals and aspirations so they could accomplish what they strived to accomplish.

Bob Reina is extremely focused on changing other people’s lives, even if it seems impossible. He has always been determined to be number one in everything he does. A few examples of his hard work are as follows: He provided uniforms for local sports teams, contributed funds to help a young Russian boy overcome his surgery, and he has worked with SPCA Florida to help tsunami victims in Japan deal with a tragic incident. Overall, he has helped a variety of individuals and groups and still is helping others, along with his Talk Fusion Associates as we speak. Bob Reins has shown that he is an adequate role model to all in need.

Importance of Innovation and Video Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Talk Fusion Founder & CEO Bob Reina’s Mission to Change Lives

Diversant LLC is a leading staffing agency, which serves the information technology industry. For years, the company has been helping IT firms to recruit highly motivated and competent professionals. This minority owned business provides a range of diverse, scalable, and flexible IT recruitment services. This is what has enabled the company to maintain its dominance in the industry. There is a strong commitment towards ensuring that IT companies find top talent. Currently, it serves notable Fortune 500 IT companies.

Addressing Industry Challenges

The company understands that with advancements in the IT sector, new challenges also crop up. However, the main challenge faced by players in the industry is hiring reputable and talented professionals. In this regard, Diversant has put in place a foolproof program that enables it secure the services of such individuals on behalf of its clients. An exclusive policy is used to pinpoint and vet IT professionals who have the ability to meet the dynamic needs of the industry. The company has an incomparable pool of brilliant professionals who are experienced and competent.

In order to deliver exceptional products and services, Diversant is guided by well-stipulated core values and principles. There is a firm belief in the strength of diversity within the organization’s setup. The company uses a diversified approach in order for it to meet the mandates of its clients. All its operations are similarly conducted with integrity, and in strict observance to rules and regulations that govern the industry. Teamwork, innovation, and professional development are also held in high esteem.

About John Goullet

Mr. Goullet is a principal at Diversant LLC. He has established himself as a force to reckon with in the IT recruitment Industry. Before joining the firm, he was serving as the Chief Executive Officer at Info Technologies, an IT staffing company that he formed in 1994.

John’s main focus is the comprehension of the general corporate climate in the sector. This enables his determine the precise staffing needs of his clients. By virtue of being Diversant’s principal, he is personally involved in the vetting process of the professionals. Mr. Goullet previously worked at Computer Sciences Corp, 3D Information Services, and The Constell Group.

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Middlesex County Improvement Authority, last month, failed to pay $1 million in interest and principal on their loan of @2 million it received from Casino Reinvestment Development Authority.
The Development Authority had been in arrears for five years; it racked up almost $7 million in payments skipped. The mortgage, made in 2005, financed the construction of the Heldrich, the conference center and Brunswick Hotel that was developed by the non-profit company by the name New Brunswick Development Corp or DEVCO.

The state Senate President, Stephen Sweeney, touted the corporation as a paragon of what can be done when public funds are channeled through the private firms in large scale construction execution. The New Brunswick Outfit is also the Atlantic City Expansion Corporation, a sister company expecting to oversee over $200 million in private and public financing – including the new CRDA money that is $19.5 million. Towards the development of the Gateway project in Chelsea section of the city.

Both companies are chaired by attorney Christopher Paladino, who arranged the Heldrich loan worth $20 million. “it will take a couple of years, but CRDA will be paid,” he said this past week. The 235-room Heldrich Hotel started operation entirely in 2007as the economic crisis set in, has always struggled in attracting customers. This past year, its tenancy rate was 63.5 percent, and the biggest occupant of the year was Johnson & Johnson, whose executives are chairing New Brunswick Development Company as their board of directors.

The hotel is by far cash-strapped that the company has had to tap more than $776,000 of its money for funding necessary expenses such as carpet and mattress replacement, according to Paladino. Paladino went ahead and said that they want to make it healthy and continue to be engaged in the project. Full article can be found on Press of Atlantic City.