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Toyo Setal is a company based in Brazil that implements industrial enterprises. Their business is focused on the production and development of highly complex projects. All of their customers are offered strategic planning, innovation, values, and only the best-qualified professionals to give them the most comprehensive service solutions. Recently the company won a bid to complete the construction works of the Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical Complex or COMPERJ. Winning the bid was important for Toyo Setal so they could collaborate with Petrobras which is their largest customer.

Since their customer’s work had come to a standstill before they bid on it Toyo Setal sent in specialists to evaluate what had already been done and decide on the work needed to get the project completed. Petrobas in Brazil had been economically challenged leaving them with a small project portfolio. Now with Toyo Setal stepping in, they will be able to finally finish this complex project. The best thing is that this project will generate thousands of new jobs for people in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and will also contribute to the local economic recovery. So the project will benefit many different needs. To know more about the company click here.

Toyo Setal has a team of experienced specialists that are committed to focus on productivity, company goals, and guidelines. They are ready to step in and do all that they can to help Petrobas realize their project completion. The main idea of this project is to extract oil and gas from pre-salt superfields and get them processed. They have relocated to a refinery that has the ability to produce many thousands of barrels of oil products like gasoline and diesel per day. Therefore this will be a mutual job undertaking by both companies for the good of their own individual needs and for the good of their country.

One look at Fortress Investment Group’s investor type, listed as other, lends the idea that this firm deals almost exclusively with accredited investors. It is a private equity firm that has called New York City home since its inception, in 1998. Private equity could not be more exciting. Dealing with private companies, and investing in those companies, is where Fortress has made its mark. The other side of private equity, the buyout side, scours the markets for distressed companies and essentially buys them out, forcing a delisting and tucking the remains into their private fortress.

The firm has 50 active employees running 49 different portfolios of over 200 varied investments. They run the gamut in industry sectors, from transportation to financial, healthcare, real estate and telecom. The firm could be characterized as a private hedge fund specializing in leveraged buyouts (LBO). Leveraged buyouts serve a very good purpose in that they collect the salvageable remains of a company that is in need of solutions during a critical downfall. An LBO gives those companies and exit strategy, so the benefits of this activity cannot be overstated.

Assets under management total nearly $41 billion. Fortress has 3 locations in addition to their New York headquarters, in both London and in San Francisco. They employ over 500 people across these 3 locations. The goal of Fortress Investment Group is to successfully assume and manage risk to develop strong returns for their clients. Their investments know no borders and they have are invest across many sectors to keep driving investment performance. They sought to cultivate and develop relationships with both sophisticated institutional investors as well as private clients, and they successfully accomplished that goal.

One of the most important assets of Fortress Investment Group is their intellectual capital. They compiled a team that is second-to-none. All seasoned professionals, combined they brought decades of success to this firm. Founded at a time when the markets were on the precipice of one of the most tumultuous decades in the history of our markets, Fortress survived and thrived. Largely attributable to the great minds that work for Fortress, they weathered storms that put giants out of business and swallowed up industries in days. Fortress Investment Group was a well-chosen name.


The city of Chicago recently announced that October 2 would be known as Mahatma Gandhi Day. Gandhi is celebrated around the world but in particular, he is recognized for the good deeds he did during his life in India. Among the people who had the honor of announcing the dedication was Smita Shah, an Indian-American entrepreneur who resides in and does business in the city. She stated that not only was her community honored for such an important figure from their culture to be recognized in the United States, but it was also an honor for her to be personally involved with the event. What makes this day in 2019 so special was that it was the 150th anniversary of the birth of Gandhi.

The day was recognized during a luncheon honoring the Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi. What makes Chicago such a fitting city to celebrate the life and legacy of the civil rights leader is the fact that it is a sister city to Delhi, India. Smita Shah is well-known throughout Chicago beyond the Indian-American community as a civic leader and strong businesswoman. She has earned multiple degrees as well as finishing a Management Studies Post Graduate Certificate from the University of Oxford that she completed in 2007. Smita Shah is a recipient of a Bachelor of Science from Northwestern University in Civil Engineering as well as a Master of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that he earned in 1994 and 1996 respectively. Learn more:

The Mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, and Senator Dick Durbin joined Smita Shah to honor Gandhi at this year’s event. Smita Shah currently serves as the Chair of the Chicago Sister Cities International Delhi Committee and notes the impact that the activist has had on the city of Chicago and beyond even years after his death. Many different communities are part of the city of Chicago and she wants each one of them to be honored without any of them being excluded. She is also the Chief Executive Officer and President of the engineering and construction firm SPAAN Tech.

The sister cities program is meant to be able to recognize the impact that the Indian-American community has had on Chicago and how much could be done if all of the communities of the area worked together to make a positive change in the world. India and Chicago have had a strong relationship for years and this program recognizes this as well. Smita Shah is actively involved in the community of Chicago in many different ways and is known for contributing through various acts of philanthropy. As a woman in business, she enjoys being able to support other women who would like to become entrepreneurs or part of the executive team at a company. Her city is known for celebrating the culture of the communities that are part of it as well as for being welcoming to others and what they have to contribute to the city and the world.

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Maarten De Jeu is not a new name in the global investment industry. For many years, the financial advisor has helped many consumers to make profits, even when the economic situations are tough. While serving as a strategic advisor for an institution called Fortune 100, Maarten de Jeu became very popular because of his accomplishments. Maarten gives excellent insights to all investors who want to invest in profitable areas, especially commercial real estate. With advice from this business leader, people can make decisions concerning short and long-term investments. Commercial real estate investment is becoming a popular investment opportunity for millions of people in the world. Before starting your journey in real estate, it is essential to consult a professional. This lucrative industry can turn into huge losses when an investor does not get the assistance needed. In the past, ordinary investors could not make any real estate investments. This is an industry was only available for individuals who have so much wealth under their belt. In recent years, average investors are starting to make their wealth by investing in this competitive industry. 

Maarten de Jeu wants more investors to benefit from commercial real estate. Residential properties and commercial properties are entirely different from each other. Residential properties are for housing, while commercial properties are for profits. Office buildings, warehouses, industrial parks, retail spaces, and multi-family housing buildings are commercial properties. Unlike residential properties, commercial constructions are bigger, and they are always costly to acquire. Many investors do not like investing in commercial buildings because of the capital associated with it. However, there are some great changes in the law allowing people to own properties as a group. If you want to make money and live a good life, then it is time to start investing in commercial real estate. According to Maarten de Jeu, there are many benefits to commercial real estate. Every investor should take advantage of these benefits and invest in this industry. Learn more:

In traditional times, people believed that investing in bonds and stocks. With time, however, everyone started to realize that they could increase their wealth when they venture into real estate. The stocks and bonds would change their prices when there was a problem in the economy. With commercial real estate, investors do not have to worry about investment fees. There are no management fees for investors in this department. In real estate, consumers are safe from inflation compared to all other investments in the market. Even when the economy has significantly gone down, it is difficult for real estate investors to earn losses. The property rates of many commodities keep going up in all parts of the world. This means that investors will always sell their properties at profits. Maarten de Jeu loves helping his clients in tough financial times. Instead of wasting their capital in other industries, the wealthy financial officer advises everyone to venture into real estate so that they can accumulate wealth and live a happy life. Maarten de Jeu is also an expert in international investments.

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Startup businesses have a hard and long climb to achieve success, and the truth is that most fail within the first five years of operations. The truth is that entrepreneurial growth has been on a downhill slide for a long time.

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And while many entrepreneurs fail there are a small number of saavy startups that succeed and even go through the process more than once. One of these entrepreneurs is named Luke Lazarus.

Mr. Lazarus is one of these rare birds who makes almost any startup he touches a success. He has been an entrepreneur from a very young age, and quickly learned to start a business, expand it and sell it for profit.

His success and consistency demonstrates his skill in entrepreneurship, and shows us that it is not luck but skill that allows him to start a business, expand and sell on a consistent basis.

However, unlike other serial entrepreneurs, Luke Lazarus tired of making money with no emotional reward. So he has turned to teaching other people learn to build successful businesses.

Luke Lazarus Helps Other Business Owners

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Lazarus graduated with an MBA in Business from Melbourne Business School. After college, he created four companies.

By the time he was 35, Luke Lazarus was financially independent. But after selling for profit his last business, he decided money no longer drove his interest.

He decided instead to use his ability to help other people struggling with making a business profitable. He became a business consultant and developed a system to teach people how to sell, make emotional connections with customers, and more importantly, with stakeholders.

Lazarus Teaches Startups to Make Money

Luke Lazarus now helps dozen of other companies go from a struggling stage to a profitable IPO. Lazarus is direct and realistic. He confronts new entrepreneurs and points out their faults, their lack of knowledge in certain important areas.

Lazarus tells businesses where they need to improve and what they need to learn.

His most important contribution is teaching new businesses how to organize their operations, acounting and communications.

The purpose is to give the business organization and help them identify their financial needs. It is a process that helps a new company put all the pieces in place so that an angel investor or venture capitalist can become interested.

Lazarus explains that currently there is a huge difference between what entrepreneurs think about venture capital and the way it really works, and this is the biggest problem with small business ventures.

Achieving Success

Luke Lazarus has decades of experience and he uses it to help turn his clients’ companies around.

He equals a venture capital pitch to a college recruit highlight video. He says if you can’t get an investors attention in 30 seconds, you lose the deal.

Lazarus helps with branding and helps a company focus their purpose. For him its not about products and services, but it is about changing people’s lives.

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Lazarus helps a business create a connection with customers and with stakeholders. He also helps organize operations so that venture capitalists become interested in the startup.

HGGC is a successful private equity firm that is a leader in its industry. Due to its recent growth and profit, more qualified personal and promotion within the company was needed. Thanks to sizeable investment from a private donor, new hires and promotions were possible. A 2018 merger between My Web Grocer (MWG) a HGGC subsidiary, and Mi9, has brought large profits to HGGC.

Company Background

Located in Palo Alto, the heart of the Silicon Valley, HGGC was founded in 2007 by Steve Young, Bob Gay, Richard Lawson, and Gregory Benson. A venture capital financial services company that specializes in privately funded investments and mergers, this company has now $3.2 billion from 2 investment funds. Their investments are often in technology based companies, but they work with partners from all over the private sector and work to make their investors portfolio’s profitable and successful.

Hires and Promotions

On March 26, 2019 Dyal Capital Partners made an important investment that allowed HGGC to promote several of their internal personnel and hire some new employees. A few of the new employees promoted to partner include:

Harv Barinz sources new platform investments as well other duties within the company. Les Brown is Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Fund III investment. John Block is now instrumental in several investment funds throughout the company. Steven Leistner is active with investments for the company, especially with the Fund III investment. Lance Taylor serves as Chief Financial Officer for the firm and several investments funds.

Others promoted are: Kurt Krieger, Chris Schulze, Jay Tabu, Peter Cozzi, and Neha Vaidya.

New hires selected to join the company are: Lindsay Sparks new Executive Director, Greg Catabiano new Executive Director, Mo Gulamhusein new Vice President, Holland Reynolds new Investment Associate, and Chandni Shah new fund Accountant in the Operations Team.

On October 15, 2018 HGGC merged with Mi9 Retail. This merger now powers retail operations for brands like Nike and Levi’s, over 500 brands in total. This merger is projected to earn billions of dollars for the respective companies.

She became quite successful at such a young age so Smita Shah recently went on the radio to discuss how she managed to do so well for herself when she only was 24. She started out in math class in high school where she realized she was in the minority in terms of both gender and ethnicity which motivated her to become all the more successful when she grew up. As a college student, she found herself excelling in academics at Northwestern University and gradually rising to the top tier of her class. During this time, she discovered her love for civil engineering and decided to make it her major. After she had successfully obtained her bachelor of science degree, she relocated to Massachusetts to enroll in grad school at MIT. 

While she was in grad school, the opportunity to intern at the office of the white house chief of staff arose and she decided to take it. Once she had successfully completed her master’s program, she decided to take a job offer she received from a company called SOM. She served as their structural engineer for nearly a year before she decided she was ready to become the founder and CEO of her own business. As such, 1998 saw the birth of Spaan Tech, a company dedicated to connecting the world by constructing bridges, railroads, and highways. They also create the lighting for airport runways, lampposts and various other machinations throughout the nation. 

When she first started the business, she had no idea it was going to be a huge success but she knew that, even if she ended up failing, she could always fall back on the other companies out there. While she was initially reticent to embrace the full potential of the company, she later realized the necessity of keeping the company above water, especially due to the significant amount of employees at the office. Over the years, she has come to notice the distinct lack of females throughout the fields of math and science which is why she’s consistently encouraging women to be helpful and supportive of each other to help them get ahead in their respective fields. It hasn’t always been easy for her either as the head of her own business. Learn more:

She finds that some of the people who come through the front doors have often mistaken her for a level-entry worker as opposed to the head honcho but she has said that she does not let this type of misunderstanding bother her. Her daughter seems to be a bit more extroverted than her brother but she was never one to play favorites when it comes to her family or friends. Although she does think there is still a ways to go, she was proud to find out that the female student population at her alma mater is now up to 47%. They have now been in business for over two decades and are still going strong. We wish them the best of luck.

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Managing a company means taking many factors into account. It’s important to be aware of the many factors that may influence business efforts. One company, GPB Global Resources B.V., continues to aware of the need to engage in global business efforts. It is this understanding that has helped GPB Global Resources B.V. make decisions about the best way to move the company forward. GPB Global Resources B.V. is a Russia based company that has many interests all over the globe. One area that has been of particular interest has been investing in other nations. Gas and oil reserves all over the world have caught the attention of company officials in varied places. One area of particular interest for them has been the nation of Venezuela. Venezuela has long been a nation with a great many oil resources. Given this, it is not surprising that has it has attracted the attention of GPB Global Resources B.V. officials. At the same time, it is helpful to know when it is a good idea to pull back from investments and look somewhere else. Learn about GPB Global Resources at

Leaving Venezuela

Russia has long been a serious investor in this part of the world. At the same time, officials here have come to realize that it might be time to pull back in response to changing conditions. Changing conditions have rapidly overtaken Venezuela. Many nations have responded to the changing government in this area. As a result, there have been real issues with economic instability for the government and the state’s residents. Given such issues, it is not surprising that the Russians have decided that it might be better to pull out of this area. The company has confirmed to officials that it has decided it might be better to quit the Petrozamora venture that it has been engaged in in recent years. They had a minority stake in the firm of about forty percent, making them a major shareholder and one of the company’s chief investors. The decision to move on frees up funds for the other ventures that they have in mind for the future.


In the competitive world that we live in, standing out from the crowd is incredibly important, especially when it comes to the workplace and corporate environments. For women, in particular, the task of standing at par with men is not always an easy as it seems, especially because of the
numerous prejudices that they face at the workplace.

Smita Shah is an entrepreneur and corporate worker who knows all too well about the woes that women face at the workplace. Through the course of her career, she has had to face numerous challenges that are commonly known to women which have impacted the way she works. In spite of these challenges, she always found a way to stand tall and work hard to achieve her goals. The experience that she has had has enabled her to reach out to women all over and provide them with useful information that can help them at the workplace. The following are some of the tips that she stands by for climbing up the corporate ladder and standing out at the workplace. Learn more:

  1. Believe In Yourself
  2. It is important to believe that you can do the things that you have set out to do, and believe that you can achieve the goals that you envision.
  3. Examine Your Skillset
    Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is important to know where you can develop and where you shine. Always conduct a thorough self-examination and be honest with yourself during this
  4. Have A Strong Presence
    Don’t stay in the backline and hide away from the limelight. It is important to asset your dominance and speak up if you have something to say.
  5. Don’t Let Others Take Your Credit
    If you have done something notable that has brought about positive attention, take credit for it, and don’t let others steal your credit and achievements.
  6. Work On Short Term Goals
    It is important to set short term goals down for yourself and working towards achieving these goals is incredibly important.
  7. Don’t Adhere To Female Stereotypes
    Female Sterotypes are bound to follow women around at the workplace because of the mentality that people have, but breaking these stereotypes is what can help you stand out and achieve your
    professional goals.
  8. Pay Attention To Cultural Factors
    Understanding the culture of the workplace is important, and staying within the reasonable limits of that culture is important to form good workplace relationships.
  9. Make Other’s Respect Your Position
    It is important to demand respect wherever you go, and this is something that can help you assert your authority better at the workplace.
  10. Keep Work And Personal Life Separate
    It is important to make a distinction between your personal life and professional life, and never mix the two when working in a corporate setting.

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Through a series of quite fortunate circumstances, the good people at GPB Global Resources have been able to elevate their business to the top of relevance within the community of international investment. Their ability to make this happen is not one that did not come without sacrifice, however. Everyone involved in their business is aware of the feeling that all of your work is leading to nothing. This is something that gets the better of every businessperson at one point or another in their career, but to the people at GPB Global Resources, it is a mere bump in the road.

They always try to look at things in the long-term, as this is a healthy way to get past issues that ail you. GPB Global Resources tries to create a regret-free environment. This means that they are forward-thinkers, and they try not to spend time lingering on how they could have acted differently in the past. The truth is, there is no limit to how much better you could be performing in your life. If you wanted to, you could feel disappointed in yourself the whole way through. Or, you could simply accept that you are who you are and that you enjoy doing what you enjoy. Learn more about the organization of GPB Global Resources at

Chasing what makes you happy is what makes you a better person in the long-run. Through the connections they have made, the employees of GPB Global Resources have built a name for themselves, one which they are very thankful for. If it were not for the experiences they were able to have, it is likely that it would have taken much longer for them to reach such a high point of success.

Still, the company refuses to plateau. They want to dedicate their lives to the improvement of others’, and this pursuit is what makes them such a likable corporate figure in the modern-day industry. People are not used to corporations being as caring for not only the environment but the people who live within it as well as GPB Global Resources is, and they do not want to sully this reputation for as long as they stand. Read More: