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Managing a company means taking many factors into account. It’s important to be aware of the many factors that may influence business efforts. One company, GPB Global Resources B.V., continues to aware of the need to engage in global business efforts. It is this understanding that has helped GPB Global Resources B.V. make decisions about the best way to move the company forward. GPB Global Resources B.V. is a Russia based company that has many interests all over the globe. One area that has been of particular interest has been investing in other nations. Gas and oil reserves all over the world have caught the attention of company officials in varied places. One area of particular interest for them has been the nation of Venezuela. Venezuela has long been a nation with a great many oil resources. Given this, it is not surprising that has it has attracted the attention of GPB Global Resources B.V. officials. At the same time, it is helpful to know when it is a good idea to pull back from investments and look somewhere else. Learn about GPB Global Resources at

Leaving Venezuela

Russia has long been a serious investor in this part of the world. At the same time, officials here have come to realize that it might be time to pull back in response to changing conditions. Changing conditions have rapidly overtaken Venezuela. Many nations have responded to the changing government in this area. As a result, there have been real issues with economic instability for the government and the state’s residents. Given such issues, it is not surprising that the Russians have decided that it might be better to pull out of this area. The company has confirmed to officials that it has decided it might be better to quit the Petrozamora venture that it has been engaged in in recent years. They had a minority stake in the firm of about forty percent, making them a major shareholder and one of the company’s chief investors. The decision to move on frees up funds for the other ventures that they have in mind for the future.


In the competitive world that we live in, standing out from the crowd is incredibly important, especially when it comes to the workplace and corporate environments. For women, in particular, the task of standing at par with men is not always an easy as it seems, especially because of the
numerous prejudices that they face at the workplace.

Smita Shah is an entrepreneur and corporate worker who knows all too well about the woes that women face at the workplace. Through the course of her career, she has had to face numerous challenges that are commonly known to women which have impacted the way she works. In spite of these challenges, she always found a way to stand tall and work hard to achieve her goals. The experience that she has had has enabled her to reach out to women all over and provide them with useful information that can help them at the workplace. The following are some of the tips that she stands by for climbing up the corporate ladder and standing out at the workplace. Learn more:

  1. Believe In Yourself
  2. It is important to believe that you can do the things that you have set out to do, and believe that you can achieve the goals that you envision.
  3. Examine Your Skillset
    Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is important to know where you can develop and where you shine. Always conduct a thorough self-examination and be honest with yourself during this
  4. Have A Strong Presence
    Don’t stay in the backline and hide away from the limelight. It is important to asset your dominance and speak up if you have something to say.
  5. Don’t Let Others Take Your Credit
    If you have done something notable that has brought about positive attention, take credit for it, and don’t let others steal your credit and achievements.
  6. Work On Short Term Goals
    It is important to set short term goals down for yourself and working towards achieving these goals is incredibly important.
  7. Don’t Adhere To Female Stereotypes
    Female Sterotypes are bound to follow women around at the workplace because of the mentality that people have, but breaking these stereotypes is what can help you stand out and achieve your
    professional goals.
  8. Pay Attention To Cultural Factors
    Understanding the culture of the workplace is important, and staying within the reasonable limits of that culture is important to form good workplace relationships.
  9. Make Other’s Respect Your Position
    It is important to demand respect wherever you go, and this is something that can help you assert your authority better at the workplace.
  10. Keep Work And Personal Life Separate
    It is important to make a distinction between your personal life and professional life, and never mix the two when working in a corporate setting.

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Through a series of quite fortunate circumstances, the good people at GPB Global Resources have been able to elevate their business to the top of relevance within the community of international investment. Their ability to make this happen is not one that did not come without sacrifice, however. Everyone involved in their business is aware of the feeling that all of your work is leading to nothing. This is something that gets the better of every businessperson at one point or another in their career, but to the people at GPB Global Resources, it is a mere bump in the road.

They always try to look at things in the long-term, as this is a healthy way to get past issues that ail you. GPB Global Resources tries to create a regret-free environment. This means that they are forward-thinkers, and they try not to spend time lingering on how they could have acted differently in the past. The truth is, there is no limit to how much better you could be performing in your life. If you wanted to, you could feel disappointed in yourself the whole way through. Or, you could simply accept that you are who you are and that you enjoy doing what you enjoy. Learn more about the organization of GPB Global Resources at

Chasing what makes you happy is what makes you a better person in the long-run. Through the connections they have made, the employees of GPB Global Resources have built a name for themselves, one which they are very thankful for. If it were not for the experiences they were able to have, it is likely that it would have taken much longer for them to reach such a high point of success.

Still, the company refuses to plateau. They want to dedicate their lives to the improvement of others’, and this pursuit is what makes them such a likable corporate figure in the modern-day industry. People are not used to corporations being as caring for not only the environment but the people who live within it as well as GPB Global Resources is, and they do not want to sully this reputation for as long as they stand. Read More:

Producers of The Meatless Burger

In recent years there has been a growing trend towards meatless burger production and the demand has grown even more in recent years. Impossible Foods headquartered in Redwood City launched in 2011 to find a 100% plant based burger. Impossible Foods is made of food scientist and genetic engineers which work totally with plant proteins. After five years of research at their Redwood City labs Impossible Foods was prepared to launch their solution to a more healthier burger alternative. What sets the Impossible Burger apart from other vegetable burgers is the quality of its 100% plant based burger look.

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All Burger Qualities

The Impossible Burger looks, feels, tastes, cooks, and “bleeds” like beef, but remains 100% plant based without any chemical additives. The Impossible Foods scientist found a soybean protein called “heme,” which makes beef taste like meat. Heme has always been around for thousands of years,but Impossible Foods has discovered a version of heme which is also located in the soybean root, which produces the taste beef. The heme found in animals is identical to the heme found in plants. It is heme which gives the Impossible Burger its unique quality of tasting like beef.

Launch of Impossible Burger

The launch of the Impossible Burger came in mid 2016. The Impossible Burger was showcased at a major New York upscale restaurant owned and operated by David Chang. The Impossible Burger was met with great reviews by vegans and foodies and its popularity spread thru the food industry rapidly thereafter. Owing to its popularity the Impossible Burger request grew into the thousands from many fast-food purveyors. OSI Group was approached by Impossible Foods and offered a co-production agreement allowing OSI Group to produce the Impossible Burger inside of its Chicago plant.

Chicago Production Plant

OSI Group designed a Impossible Burger production facility in one of its Chicago plant very close to the 68,000 square foot Impossible Foods facility in Oakland. OSI Group has had a rich history as McDonalds primary meat packer since 1955. OSI and McDonalds continue to work closely together and there was no mention whether McDonalds would be carrying the Impossible Burger on its menu. Source:

Randal Nardone has been involved in the field of finance during the past twenty years. He is the co founder of Fortress Investment Group. Before he started up the firm, he served as a high ranked executive for a couple of other financial services firms. As well as being a high ranking executive and an entrepreneur in finance, Randal Nardone spent a number of years working as a lawyer for several years as well. In recent years, Nardone has received some recognition as he was named to the Forbes list of billionaires.

Over the course of his career in both finance and law, Randal Nardone has held many executive level positions. When he practiced law at Thatcher, Proffitt & Wood, Nardone served on the committee of executives. When he first began his career in the field of finance, he was a principal and then became a managing director at another firm. When he founded Fortress Investment Group, Randal served as a top executive.

Since starting up Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone has worked in the private equity division of the firm. He has been responsible for managing the firm’s asset holdings in a number of different industries. Nardone has also been involved in the process of acquiring new asset interests as well. Randal has collaborated with co founder Wes Edens to help the firm expand its holdings in a variety of industries which include transportation, energy and logistics.

As the co founder and co chief executive officer of Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone has been involved in some significant transactions. The most recent transaction was when the firm was acquired by SoftBank. A couple of years ago, the Japanese conglomerate SoftBank bought Fortress Investment Group in an effort to expand its holdings in financial services and real estate. With this deal, both firms will be in position to acquire more asset holdings in the near future.

Before he founded Fortress Investment Group, Nardone worked at a couple of other financial services firms. He began his career in finance as a principal at BlackRock Financial Management. Nardone would then move on to become a managing director at UBS. While he was a member of these two firms, Randal was involved in helping them acquire new clients as well as provide general management for the firm.

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The OSI Group did not began its international growth until the 1980s when they made Sheldon Lavin the chairman and chief executive officer. What made this move so key for the OSI Group is because of Mr. Sheldon Lavin’s vast knowledge as an investor and executive banker. He had different relationships with different brands all across the globe. So his plan was not only to be centered around being the main supplier of patties to McDonald’s Corporation but he had always had the plans to venture into other food sectors as well. Once Sheldon Lavin implemented his plan of international growth the plan eventually went on autopilot and the growth still continues to this day. The OSI Group currently has a total of 6.1 billion dollars in sales and is currently 58th on the Forbes list of one of the biggest companies in the United States.

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Sheldon Lavin first began the growth of the OSI Group by performing joint ventures with different companies in Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Poland, and Hungry. This initial push for the expansion of the company was started during the 1980s going into the early 1990s. What are the biggest expansion moves that was done by the OSI Group was the partnership that it made with a food company by the name of K&K Foods in Taiwan. K&K Foods was one of the biggest food dealers in Asia. After this partnership was made OSI Group officially put its stamp on the Asia-Pacific market and this is when OSI Asia-Pacific was born. The company then just continued to establish manufacturing plants and partnerships in different parts of Asia, such as in the Philippines and also in China.

One of the most prominent moves that Sheldon Lavin and the OSI Group made was the investment in the Chinese economy. This economy has grown so much that it can be labeled as a little America because you can find American companies such as Papa John’s, Starbucks, Burger King, and Subway in China. This investment opened the doors for the OSI Group to supply these restaurants with their food products both in the United States and in China.


The Museum of Science And Industry is an institution that offers an incredible number of programs for visitors of all ages and tries to engage them with the latest developments in science and technology. The institution is known for offering a wide range of programs that are specifically designed for students who want to learn more about science and who want to grow immersed in what the field has to offer. One of the more well-known programs offered by the Museum of Science and Industry is the Farrell Fellows Internship, which is a program that is designed for teenagers who want to intern at the museum and learn more about science.

The program at the museum has only been possible because of the contribution done by Maarten de Jeu, who stands as the chairman of the program. He has co-chaired several programs in the past that have been geared towards helping people learn more about science and who want to be immersed in all that the museum has to offer.

Maarten de Jeu is a prominent name in the field of strategic business advisory and stands as one of the leading people at SVM Business Advisory. He is a well-regarded name in the business owing to the incredible contribution that he has made, and because of the work that he has done with regards to the clients that have come to him. International business is one of the main aspects of the work that he specializes in and is something that he has helped several companies through the course of his career. The work that he has done extends beyond the United States owing to the fact that he has also worked with companies in Europe and Asia. Learn more:

The knowledge and experience that Maarten de Jeu possesses are one of the reasons why he has emerged as such a prominent name within the industry. He also possesses an incredible amount of technical skill, which has given him an edge within this industry. This is one of the reasons why so many Fortune 100 companies have chosen Maarten de Jeu as their business advisor for their numerous operations. Several Ultra High Net Worth individuals have also sought the services of Maarten de Jeu and the work that he has done over the years. 

The work that Maarten de Jeu has done with the Museum of Science and Industry has been nothing short of remarkable. He has pushed for the development of numerous programs at the institution that are geared towards helping students learn more about scientific development and so that they can grow immersed within the field. He hopes that these programs can help students who are interested in science and are thinking of pursuing it once they finish high school.

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Many companies are developing apps to help their clients streamline and manage their mail inbox effectively. One of these apps is Unroll Me, which controls your inbox overload and also offers email un-subscription service. Rakuten Intelligence owns Unroll Me. The company operates as an e-commerce measurement business and offers insights into the competitive landscape, corporate performance, and industrial trends. 

After downloading Unroll Me, the app will reveal a list of your subscription emails from where you can unsubscribe from irrelevant services. Unroll Me app allows users to use “The Rollup” to combine favorite and influential email subscriptions for easy access. Unroll Me works with Google Apps, Gmail, Yahoo, and other email accounts. The Unroll Me app takes a few minutes to scan and show subscriptions in an inbox holding a large volume of messages.

After completing the initial inbox scan, Unroll Me accurately shows an overview of your current subscriptions by placing them into your Rollup, from where you can unsubscribe from unnecessary subscriptions. You can quickly sort all bulk messages as they transfer into a folder that is automatically added by Unroll Me app.

Unroll Me also allows you to decide what time of the day is convenient for you to receive your daily Rollup, which can range from morning, afternoon, or night. Whenever you need to make an earlier inbox check before your Rollup arrives, you can use your Unroll Me folder or login to the Unroll Me app’s website. You can monitor two email accounts using Unroll Me app at a time, but you will have to sign in into those accounts separately to complete your tasks. 

Unroll Me allows you to access and edit your subscription messages in your Rollup from where you can decide to apply the edit mode to either unsubscribe from particular subscriptions or choose to send relevant messages back to your inbox.

Unroll Me has similarities to Sanebox, an app that displays messages that you need to see currently after scanning and cleaning up your inbox. However, Sanebox app comes with a fee, unlike Unroll Me, which is free. From its slick design and aesthetics, which are appealing, Unroll Me has great promise in terms of more accessibility to messages and also saving time when tracing specific mails.

Fast-food chains have been clamoring to add meat alternative options to their menus. Veggie burgers, “chickenless chicken,” and other offerings are suddenly a common sight on the menu boards for various establishments. McDonalds has been lagging in the contest to win over a new segment of the market, but they are now prepared to change that.

OSI Group Forms A Strategic Partnership

The primary supplier of most of the meat that McDonalds uses is a company called OSI Group. They have had a long-term deal with America’s largest hamburger restaurant, and they are now forming a new partnership with a company called Impossible Foods.

Impossible Foods is a manufacturer of meat alternatives. A lot of what they create is known as a meat alternative. OSI Group has been in talks with the company about forming a partnership because they want to gain a foothold in the booming meat alternative industry.

The word is now out that OSI and Impossible Foods have indeed formed a business relationship and look forward to providing the capacity for McDonalds to offer new menu items. Read full interview of David McDonald at

Catching Up To The Rest

It is quite frankly a little overdue for America’s favorite fast-food chain to get in on this industry. They are falling behind as other brands such as Qdoba and even Del Taco have created meat alternative items on their menus.

Burger King had perhaps the splashiest reveal of an alternative meat item when they released the “Impossible Whopper” to all of their locations in the United States earlier this month. It has resulted in many people rushing over to Burger King to try it out.

Now is the time for McDonald’s to act if it is going to. Young customers are flocking to other fast-food chains where they can get meat alternative menu items. If McDonald’s doesn’t show that it can offer the same very soon, it could have a significant impact on their bottom line. Luckily for them, Impossible Foods is on board and working on ways to increase its manufacturing output as soon as possible. Read More:

In the tech sector, one must remain current and relevant by constantly introducing new products on a regular basis. A hot company today just may become extinct in a matter of year by not keeping up with demand. Betterworks, a Redwood City, California based software maker, knows this all too well.

They have only been around for a few years but as a young company, they are proving their ability to remain relevant and to remain one of the top software makers by creating new products on a regular basis. They have introduced their latest product: team edition. This digital product is a remake and more modern version of some of their earlier software editions. 

Betterworks specializes in creating technology that enables human resource professionals, managers, supervisors, team leaders and senior leaders to oversee and gauge the activities and progress of workers. They have taken the industry by storm.

They can be titled as a continuous talent performance management solutions company because their software continuously promotes talent performance amongst workers. The new team edition has features that include alignment, conversation, teambuilding and progress measuring tools. 

The team edition is a great tool for any enterprise to continue talent performance efforts and progress. If an enterprise is struggling with getting tasks done, meeting deadlines and lack of communication than the team edition would be a good tool to introduce. Betterworks has many online reviews that fully detail that this product is worth the investment and how well this product works. 

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