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If you have noticed that the United States’ political system has taken a downturn for the worst during the last years of presidency, one of the main reasons is the acceptance of the Citizens United landmark.

The Citizens United landmark was issued in less than ten years ago, and it caused a tremendous impact on the political scene of the country forever.

As it was a solution for citizens in America who wanted to fund the campaigns of their favorite candidates, give donations and wanted to act their freedom of speech through direct relationship with their candidates, the Citizens United seemed like an excellent idea for many people, but for some it was very apparent that it would be a disaster.

Nowadays, the United States has political debates and disputes across the country that have Democrats being supported by magnates from every side, because the political scene is now dominated by interests and not the common goal of improving the country. This simple concept has been left aside for more corporative and mutual interest systems.

The End Citizens United, however, seems like is arriving to end this season of horrors in the political scene. It is a political action committee, or PAC for short, that was created specifically to raise awareness of the problem and to find grassroots donors across the United States in order to bring funding to support their actions.

And it works. The PAC has thousands of members and donors who are continually supporting their efforts and helping elect pro-reform Democrats who also want the Citizens United landmark to be revised once and for all.

The End Citizens United PAC has had impressive numbers in the last couple of years, with donations that have surpassed hundreds of thousands of dollars, while the number of donors is just increasing with every success that the group accomplishes and with every action that raises awareness to the problem that America is facing.

The Citizens United landmark is being discussed a lot more because of the actions of this PAC, and this can be seen by analyzing the online environment. Many Americans are debating the effects that this landmark has brought to the political system of their country, and new funders are rising every day to help be a part of a group that wants to promote a better future.

The senseless funding of campaigns of Democrats and candidates have been seen in the major events of the latest years in America, including the Presidency dispute between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, with magnates such as George Soros having a huge impact in the promotion of Hillary’s campaign.

If you have also realized that the United States is undertaking severe damage because of the Citizens United, join the End Citizens United to help fight this issue.

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