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There is an interesting problem for millions of Americans who simply cannot cell phones. They may have quite a problem with their communication because they do not feel safe, cannot access the Internet and have no way to keep in touch with loved ones. This FreedomPop review explains how the service has offered something back to the community that helps to safeguard it. Everyone who needs a cell phone will find it when they come to FreedomPop.


#1: How Are The Phone Plans Structured?


Everyone taking a phone plan from FreedomPop will use the phone for free unless they wish to use more than the capped amount on the plan. The company has levied caps on their free plan, but they allow customers to pay more if they wish for extra data, minutes or texts. The plan is quite simple as it allows the customer to choose how much they will pay, and they may keep their plan free if they wish.


#2: How Does The Customer Pay For More?


Someone who has a few dollars to pay for a bit more data may choose the 1GB or 2GB plans from the company which are quite a lot cheaper than the traditional phone companies. FreedomPop has aimed to remain as separate from the rest of the industry as possible, and they are proving so with the plans they offer. The customer who wishes to pay more may not use much data in a certain month, and they will not pay more during that period.


#3: How Does The Company Keep Costs Low?


FreedomPop uses much of their funds to ensure their service is cheaper, and they use their fundraising rounds to ensure they are growing a volume business. They have plenty of customers who are paying, and they wish to pass savings on to those who cannot pay. Their dedication to the pricing plans of their customers is much greater than any other company, and they are showing how simple it is to maintain low prices in the industry.


FreedomPop has proven to be the finest cell phone company in the world. They are offering a cheaper service to every customer, and they are showing the customer how easy it is to manage their money with a cheap cell phone. The phone plans are free in many cases, and customers will find it much simpler to purchase and use phones that were made for their small budget.