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At New York City’s VeronisSuhler Stevenson, the respected private equity fund puts ints focus on investments within sectors such as media, information, and education, among other lucrative fields. The business model at VSS is guided by the expert leadership provided by Managing Partner/Co-CEO Jeffrey Stevenson. His educational background is in the field of economics and he did his studies at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. He has been with VSS since 1982. This was shortly after the firm was first established as a merchant bank in New York. By 1987, Jeffrey Stevenson had made a major impact on the trajectory of the firm and he put tremendous effort into launching the firm’s first private equity fund. From the start, this fund had $57 million injected into it as capital. These days, VSS is on the fourth of these funds and Jeffrey Stevenson has played a vital role in all of them.

The is generally always a great team behind the actions of any strong executive leader. This is the case at VeronisSuhler Stevenson as Jeffrey Stevenson heads up an outstanding team of senior leaders that act in the capacity of Managing Directors. The team is composed of David Bainbridge, Patrick Turner, and Trent Hickman and they are under the direct leadership of Managing Partner Jeffrey Stevenson. This is a team of true industry professionals and they all have impressive professional backgrounds that have helped to turn them into the outstanding investment leaders that they are today.

The telecommunications sector and the media sector have been big points of interest for the private equity work done by VeronisSuhler Stevenson over the years. This continues to be true and Jeffrey recently provided some insight into where these sectors are currently headed as far as the investment forecasts. A major point he emphasizes is that the traditional outlets for media that have been the standard seemingly forever, such as print media, are not garnering a lot of investment interest. Newly growing digital media and areas such as marketing and education in the media scope are gaining a lot of attention from investors.

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HGGC is a successful private equity firm that is a leader in its industry. Due to its recent growth and profit, more qualified personal and promotion within the company was needed. Thanks to sizeable investment from a private donor, new hires and promotions were possible. A 2018 merger between My Web Grocer (MWG) a HGGC subsidiary, and Mi9, has brought large profits to HGGC.

Company Background

Located in Palo Alto, the heart of the Silicon Valley, HGGC was founded in 2007 by Steve Young, Bob Gay, Richard Lawson, and Gregory Benson. A venture capital financial services company that specializes in privately funded investments and mergers, this company has now $3.2 billion from 2 investment funds. Their investments are often in technology based companies, but they work with partners from all over the private sector and work to make their investors portfolio’s profitable and successful.

Hires and Promotions

On March 26, 2019 Dyal Capital Partners made an important investment that allowed HGGC to promote several of their internal personnel and hire some new employees. A few of the new employees promoted to partner include:

Harv Barinz sources new platform investments as well other duties within the company. Les Brown is Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Fund III investment. John Block is now instrumental in several investment funds throughout the company. Steven Leistner is active with investments for the company, especially with the Fund III investment. Lance Taylor serves as Chief Financial Officer for the firm and several investments funds.

Others promoted are: Kurt Krieger, Chris Schulze, Jay Tabu, Peter Cozzi, and Neha Vaidya.

New hires selected to join the company are: Lindsay Sparks new Executive Director, Greg Catabiano new Executive Director, Mo Gulamhusein new Vice President, Holland Reynolds new Investment Associate, and Chandni Shah new fund Accountant in the Operations Team.

On October 15, 2018 HGGC merged with Mi9 Retail. This merger now powers retail operations for brands like Nike and Levi’s, over 500 brands in total. This merger is projected to earn billions of dollars for the respective companies.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in Venezuela. The Venezuelan businessman holds various executive positions at O’Hara Administration, Pacific Exploration and Production Corporation, and Hawkers.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is an alumnus of the Suffolk University in Massachusetts, where he took a double major in Business Administration and Economics. After he graduated from university, he started to look for a job. He aimed to gain experience so that he can enter the best companies in the world. His first job was with a company operating in the energy sector. He was trained on how the industry works and guided him on how exploration and production are taking place inside the company. Later on, he transferred to Guruceaga Group, where he focused on international trade. He also worked with BGB Energy for a short time.

His major stint was with the Pacific Exploration and Production Corporation. In May 2015, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was able to purchase 20% of the company’s shares through O’Hara Administration. Three months after he purchased the shares, he was appointed to become the company’s director of the board. His promotion as the director of the board is a testament to the trust given to him by his co-workers, and he promised that under his leadership, the company would expand aggressively to penetrate new markets. He hopes that these expansion plans would help the company generate more profit. Another thing that he suggested was the entire restructuring of the company. This will cost the company $575 million, and the executives are thinking carefully about whether to approve it or not.

For Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, the most important thing in the energy sector is the ability of the company to cope with the changes. He also highlighted the importance of establishing new satellite offices in faraway places where oil and gas operations would thrive.

He is also working with Hawkers, a fashion company that specializes in sunglasses. The company was formed in 2016 after he partnered with Spanish entrepreneurs Hugo Arevalo and Feliz Ruiz. So far, the business is booming, and they are gaining a lot of new clients who slowly discover the products that they offer.

Gazprom International prospered under Boris Ivanov’s leadership. His journey as director and principal started back in 2007. With his business acumen, the gas mining holding bought into lucrative deals, including the billion-dollar energy plant contract involving Namcor back in 2009. The transaction entailed developing a new, robust energy plant to supply South Africa and Namibia, where Namcor has its base. It was an advantageous alliance for both energy giants; since Gazprom had long sought an opportunity to tap into the booming Kudu gas reserve. What is more, Kudu remains the primary commercialized gas field in Namibia.

That same year, Gazprom entered into a four billion dollar natural resources contract with Venezuela. It was another high-profile transaction for the monopoly gas export powerhouse, handled by its top executive, Boris Ivanov. What was the end goal for both parties? The deal had numerous motives, but the primary objective was to explore mineral development for commercial gains.

A year later, it made a historical discovery, establishing its first-ever commercial gas field in Algeria. At the time, Boris Ivanov headed the global exploration/production division. With this industry-defining revelation, the energy powerhouse had access to untapped European regions; and the resource to realistically increase profit margins across Portugal and Spain.

Boris Ivanov got his initial start in the productive oil and gas sector while working at Unibest Bank. He served the financial services giant for seven long years (1993-2000). A decade earlier, the former foreign affairs minister was handling responsibilities that revolved around US-Russia relations. Following the end of his political career in 1993, he pursued mining and investment banking. It led to him joining the Unibest Bank family, where he assumed evolving executive roles.

While at Unibest, he served as VP, which involved overseeing various oil/gas projects. He eventually launched his own oil/gas mining company in 2011. Mr. Boris Ivanov assumes the role of managing director. He is a graduate of MGIMO (Moscow State Institute of International Relations) university in Russia, where he got his Masters. With his success in the mining sector, he continues to propel forward as an industry pioneer and entrepreneur.

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What Richard Liu Has Done for China

Richard Liu is a business man who rose to China’s elite class through diligence and hard work. Liu grew up in a working class family. After secondary school, Liu decided that he was going to go to university and study sociology. Liu soon learned that a career in politics was not going to get him to the places that he wanted to go, so he taught himself computer programming in order to give himself more opportunities in business. At a young age, Liu had a business mind. While he was in college, he got loans from friends and family and he opened a restaurant with his friend. Unfortunately, the restaurant did not succeed, but Liu did not relinquish his ambition. He opened a store where he sold optical products in 1998. Within just five years, Liu had opened more than 10 additional stores, and Liu’s company was grossing an average of 9 million dollars in revenue per year.

The Makings of

Liu Created an online version of his store in 2004. When he realized how successful this online version was, he decided that his company would sell various other items as well. Soon, was selling almost any item imaginable, and became the largest e-commerce company in China. Richard Liu wanted to get items out to clients in the fastest most efficient way possible. Liu also realized that a large number of his customers lived in rural areas, so it would be expensive and difficult for them to get the items that they wanted. In order to accommodate all customers, Liu decided to launch over 3200 pickup and location facilities. With his facilities, is available to two-thirds of all counties in the country of China, and JD customers are able to get their goods in a short period of time.

Richard Liu is a TrailBlazer

Liu is constantly looking for innovative solutions to company’s methods. Since JD specializes in delivery, logistics is always a concern. Liu was able to create his own national logistics company in order to streamline JD’s delivery process. took notice of JD’s logistics program, and in 2014, they switch their company to a similar logistics model. Liu is a man who is known for integrity and diligence, and that is the reason why continues to show steady growth.

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The OSI Group did not began its international growth until the 1980s when they made Sheldon Lavin the chairman and chief executive officer. What made this move so key for the OSI Group is because of Mr. Sheldon Lavin’s vast knowledge as an investor and executive banker. He had different relationships with different brands all across the globe. So his plan was not only to be centered around being the main supplier of patties to McDonald’s Corporation but he had always had the plans to venture into other food sectors as well. Once Sheldon Lavin implemented his plan of international growth the plan eventually went on autopilot and the growth still continues to this day. The OSI Group currently has a total of 6.1 billion dollars in sales and is currently 58th on the Forbes list of one of the biggest companies in the United States.

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Sheldon Lavin first began the growth of the OSI Group by performing joint ventures with different companies in Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Poland, and Hungry. This initial push for the expansion of the company was started during the 1980s going into the early 1990s. What are the biggest expansion moves that was done by the OSI Group was the partnership that it made with a food company by the name of K&K Foods in Taiwan. K&K Foods was one of the biggest food dealers in Asia. After this partnership was made OSI Group officially put its stamp on the Asia-Pacific market and this is when OSI Asia-Pacific was born. The company then just continued to establish manufacturing plants and partnerships in different parts of Asia, such as in the Philippines and also in China.

One of the most prominent moves that Sheldon Lavin and the OSI Group made was the investment in the Chinese economy. This economy has grown so much that it can be labeled as a little America because you can find American companies such as Papa John’s, Starbucks, Burger King, and Subway in China. This investment opened the doors for the OSI Group to supply these restaurants with their food products both in the United States and in China.


Oren Frank is a man who looked out into American society and saw a significant problem. It was millions of people suffering from mental health issues but with no resources to obtain help. The barriers were many, Frank observed. Cost was a major factor, but so was scheduling, finding the time to see a therapist, and perhaps most of all, the stigma associated with “seeing a shrink.”

So Oren Frank set out to create a way to achieve what he calls “therapy for all.” He saw technology as the answer. That’s why he created Talkspace, an online app that anyone could easily tap into to get connected with a professional health care therapist.

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Talkspace was launched in 2012. It has since enabled more than a million people to receive mental health treatment via a texting platform or online face-to-face video application. Oren Frank says that getting therapy via one’s smartphone instantly eliminates those barriers he initially identified that were preventing people from getting the help they need.

The cost of Talkspace therapy is far less than traditional treatment with a therapist in an office or clinical setting. While seeing a psychologist might cost from $200 to $400 an hour in some locations, Talkspace offers a full month of texting therapy for about $100 with special first-time user discounts.

Additionally, anyone can access Talkspace from any location at anytime. No need to take time off from work, travel to a therapist’s physical location or juggle schedules. Talkspace is there when you need it. A client can conduct a session while riding the bus or just sitting in their own living room.

Oren Frank said that Talkspace makes anonymity possible, removing the stigma and “shame” some people associate with mental health treatment. A client need not give a name if they don’t want to. The payment is secure and private.

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Financial markets are plagued by many problems. Among them, trust is an aspect of traditional systems that continues to plague the world time and again. Often times, public calls for open transparency have gone unheard. People like Shervin Pishevar acknowledge that financial systems need to be transparent. In response to the growing call for change among millennials, Shervin Pishevar has proposed cryptocurrencies as the main solution for broken financial systems.

Cryptocurrency markets offer more than mere transparency. Shervin Pishevar will attest to their benefits in the areas of decentralization, immutability, and distribution among the masses that participate in a given blockchain system. Each of these aspects provide a crucial piece to modern monetary value exchanges across digital networks. Immutability is essential because permanent records assure certain transactions that occur over time, across borders, and among multiple parties. Decentralizing a public ledger is a critical aspect of network trust. So is its distribution for anyone who wishes to keep their own copy. Together, decentralization and public distribution puts control in the hands of all network participants. This is quite a change from a central authority with private access to accounting records.

Among all the benefits of crypto systems, transparency is the feature that can yield the greatest amount of trust the fastest. Consider how most digital transactions are completed today. We all have private credit cards. Our only connection to these transaction records are those that central authorities at our credit institutions and the providers of our products make visible to us. Even peer-to-peer payment systems offer nothing like cryptocurrencies. With systems like Bitcoin, any transaction can be viewed in all its detail. This is more than comforting. It is a worked out proof for every value transaction that will never change as long as some computer somewhere in this world maintains a copy.

The ultimate impact of transparency is immediate trust. Shervin Pishevar might say that it is what is needed to mobilize action for a new financial system. But, it is also functional. These records allow for the type of dynamic applications that digital systems can use right now.

Doe Deere is the co-founder of Poppy Angeloff, a jewelry brand that focuses on modern Victorian style jewelry. Characterized as the fusion of vibrant and feminine colors, the emerging trends, and of classic beauty, Poppy Angeloff products found their way home to the growing fans of the brand. In her interview with Forbes, Deere revealed all the challenges she and her husband faced in order to be where they are today.

According to Doe Deere, the idea of Poppy Angeloff was sparked when she discovered some of her family’s heirlooms. In an instant, Deere was captivated by it, and with that, the idea of Poppy Angeloff was created. Being inexperienced with this kind of market, Deere needed a little bit of pushing from her sister. At that time, she was involved in a make-up business called Lime Crime Cosmetics, which produces vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics. She co-created the makeup business with her husband Mark Dumbleton and became a success globally.

Before venturing into the jewelry business, Doe Deere decided to do her homework and researched for months about jewelry making. She realized while researching that Victorian-era style is her cup of tea. Because of this, she decided that Poppy Angeloff will be all about creating no-corners-cut, fun to wear jewelry that can be passed down to future generations. Deere also has a fashion line where she reconstructs clothes based on her style and sells them to eBay. At that time, people noticed her unique makeup style which attracted interest. This is where she and her husband created the Lime Crime Cosmetics.

Doe Deere and her husband Mark started Lime Crime cosmetics by contracting with a manufacturer using a small order that consists of 1,000 pieces per color shade. In just a week, the makeup line was sold out. The couple managed to make the company successful during their tenure for ten years, but they ultimately sold it in order to focus on Poppy Angeloff.

For Doe Deere, her passion for color drives her business to success. She also believes that passion should be an entrepreneur’s number one driver. Experiencing how to be a customer first hand is also a good experience for an entrepreneur. And last but not least, take the risk and see if it works or not.

As the CEO and founder of KOI IXS, Edwin Miranda has filled a pivotal role, allowing him to provide further insight into his longest-held beliefs. He is a staunch believer in the power of performance-driven marketing and looks to assist global brands when it comes to gaining a larger share of the marketplace.

Now that KOI’s marketing campaigns are providing clients with the desired results, Edwin Miranda looks to incorporate the marketing tools of tomorrow. He has already spoken about the difficulties that are associated with utilizing the technology of the past. That is why he has such a strong level of focus on the technologies of the future.

Edwin Miranda also looks to eliminate the disconnect between performance and creativity. He believes that this disconnect is what keeps businesses from being able to carve their own market share. He understands that an audience is always going to respond best to a campaign that does not feel traditional in nature.

By placing a higher level of emphasis on predictive analytics, a business is able to implement an approach that is simple and automated. Now that the playing field has been leveled, these are benefits that are available to businesses of all sizes. Edwin Miranda is quick to let his clients know that they have the ability to leapfrog their competition.

In the modern age of advertising, a company must get results. Now that artificial intelligence and machine learning are making the process easier, more and more companies are able to achieve their full potential. Edwin Miranda is the connective tissue in these instances.

He provides companies with the tools that they need to align their vision and produce worthwhile work. Thanks to his tireless efforts in the world of brand work and his knack for marketing technology, clients are given the ability to triumph over the many challenges that they will face in today’s ever crowded marketplaces.