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Chicago is a very successful city gifted with various successful businesses. The businesses are highly profitable. As years go by, the businesses in Chicago are optimistic about making more profits than the previous years. Unlike the challenges faced by the businesses in other regions, businesses in Chicago have the capability to withstand. To make it in the Chicago business world, you need to have incredible sales as well as marketing skills that are ahead of the game. There must also be the availability of finance, the availability of market as well as new products to give you a boost.
When it comes to marketing and the development of new businesses, Majeed Ekbal is the guy you need to be looking for. This man was highly experienced in the development of international marketing campaign. Also, he had what it takes to lead new business initiatives to where it needs to go. Mr. Majeed was put in charge of all the digital and social media marketing in all the segments of a business. He was trained in marketing research, market training, market plan development, and installation of different social media outlets.
His style of management involves open and consultative management. This method has given him the opportunity to build up a team of professionals who can provide the best services to their clients. He has a strong belief when it comes to customer care services as well. Mr. Majeed ensures that the needs of his clients are met no matter the circumstance. There are occasions when Mr. Majeed would pay his clients a visit and load their loads into the trunks of their cars.
This highly experienced entrepreneur was the president of Expresso, 2400 N. Lakeview Ave. This is a company that has specialized in purchasing groceries from various gourmet stores and delivering them. As an elderly individual, Mr. Ekbal designed a database that has several food items. In this state, it is much easier to acquire anything that is available in the stores.
Due to the continuous and sudden change of the Chicagoan businesses, the industry needs individuals who are assertive and experienced. The change can only be handled by skilful, resourceful, and also capable leaders to keep the business running smoothly. With the ability to make revenue, restructure complex marketing strategies that work out as well as build a highly endowed team to lead various businesses, businesses can only keep developing. Mr. Majeed had what the Chicagoan business needed.