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OSI Food Solutions opened it’s doors in 1909. The company provides a variety of meat, fruit and vegetable as well as cheese products, and has been awarded the status of One of America’s Top 100 Food Companies. It is a food processing company that operates in many countries with vast amounts of facilities and is based out of Aurora. The company has an impressive record of safety and is known to be very environmentally- conscious. At this time, the company is seeing a period of tremendous expansion with continued growth and procurement of properties and facilities. These investments will secure OSI Food Solution’s position as the premier choice in food.

The Acquisition of Tyson Food Plant

The Chicago Tyson Food Plant was recently bought by OSI Food Solutions for nearly seven and a half million dollars. It affected the area’s economy poorly when Tyson’s operations slowed. It is positive for the local community that this facility is now maintained as open, since hundreds of employees from the surrounding area still are able to make their livelihood there.

Expansion as Flagship Europe is Purchased

OSI Food Solutions achieved their goal of having a broader customer base with the acquisition of Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe deals in various food products including desserts and poultry and has a huge influence in England. The products are also widely distributed in other European countries, meaning that OSI Food Solutions has greatly expanded their horizons for a continued highly profitable future.

It is obvious that OSI Food Solutions is expanding due to outstanding service and a corporate culture of high ideals. The purchase of Tyson Food Plant is evidence of this exemplary commitment to seeking out value for the customer. Also, Flagship Europe is now on board to further provide the highest grade of quality product possible anywhere.