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The term social consciousness has been a buzzword throughout the 21st-century with many many businesses deciding the time was right to develop their own socially conscious funds and programs. The Grupo RBS media brand from Brazil has been working in this area since the early 1980s when the founder of the Rio Grande du Sol-based media brand, Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho decided to establish what was originally known as Fundacao RBS. Over the course of the life of the Grupo RBS brand, the social fund of the company has been building its importance with a name change recently completed to honor the founder of the brand. To know more about RBS visit

It was Mauricio Sirotaky Sobrinho who identified the needs of the people of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande du Sol and decided to address them with a charitable fund that would raise awareness. The awareness of social issues has been growing over time with the founder of Grupo RBS looking to focus much of the work of his philanthropic fund on the lives of children and young people.

One of the most important campaigns undertaken by the Grupo RBS brand was addressing the drug problems facing young people across Brazil by 2011. In that year, the social justice fund of Grupo RBS, now known as the Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho Fund began its nationally acclaimed crack abuse awareness campaign. The “Don’t Even Think About Crack” campaign became so effective it was broadcast far beyond the traditional broadcast regions of the Grupo RBS brand. The effectiveness of the Grupo RBS campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of crack use throughout Brazil led to the establishment of the Instituto Crack, Nem Pensar, or the Don’t Even Think About Crack Institute. The power of the messages being pushed out by RBS showed how an effective campaign can be created over the course of the campaign and in the years ahead.

In 2011 The Real Real was founded. Well know entrepreneur Julie Wainright is founder and CEO of the company. Over the years the Real Real has experienced tremendous growth that shows no sign of slowing down.

The real real caters to those who want luxury, high end fashion options, without the hefty price tags that usually accompany these items. Up until now, this has been an online site, but things are changing. The Real Real is about to open a brick and mortar store in New York. This is exciting news for those who are fans of the site. Even more exciting is the fact that New York is just the first store that is being planned. Others are in the works as well.

According to, additional stores are great news for shoppers who want their items faster. Shipping now takes about a week. When you can walk right into a store and leave with the items you want, you get instant gratification. However, while you’re waiting for a store to open in your area, don’t despair. The Real Real is working on ways to get items to you sooner. Different ideas and strategies are in the works and will be an option soon.

The company already has valuation offices, so that consignors are able to bring their items in to have them evaluated. These are especially helpful for those selling watches or jewelry. Statistics show that sellers are able to make more money when they sell to this luxury consignment shop than they would selling other ways, such as through a pawn shop.

In addition to the luxury aspect of this shop, there are other things that set it apart from others. For one, the real real has an excellent reputation. They have earned the trust of those who shop with them. Every single item is inspected and authenticated before it’s ever shipped.

The Real Real has been able to obtain funding and keep expanding over the years, because it’s filling a need that shoppers have. They want excellent quality, designer items at prices they can afford. Consignment shopping gives them an excellent way to get what they want.  To see more about The RealReal you can visit

In the tech sector, one must remain current and relevant by constantly introducing new products on a regular basis. A hot company today just may become extinct in a matter of year by not keeping up with demand. Betterworks, a Redwood City, California based software maker, knows this all too well.

They have only been around for a few years but as a young company, they are proving their ability to remain relevant and to remain one of the top software makers by creating new products on a regular basis. They have introduced their latest product: team edition. This digital product is a remake and more modern version of some of their earlier software editions. 

Betterworks specializes in creating technology that enables human resource professionals, managers, supervisors, team leaders and senior leaders to oversee and gauge the activities and progress of workers. They have taken the industry by storm.

They can be titled as a continuous talent performance management solutions company because their software continuously promotes talent performance amongst workers. The new team edition has features that include alignment, conversation, teambuilding and progress measuring tools. 

The team edition is a great tool for any enterprise to continue talent performance efforts and progress. If an enterprise is struggling with getting tasks done, meeting deadlines and lack of communication than the team edition would be a good tool to introduce. Betterworks has many online reviews that fully detail that this product is worth the investment and how well this product works. 

Checkout the Betterworks App

 BetterWorks is a continuous performance management software that is cloud-based. The software lets employees make Objectives and Key Results and connect them to organizational goals. BetterWorks has a dashboard where employees can see the progress of fellow workers. Also, managers can observe employees and see if there is an advancement in goals.

The CHRO of BetterWorks is Diane Strohfus. Strohfus spent the beginning of her career in the field of finance. She then by accident ended up in HR technology. She worked as a headhunter who placed finance professionals. Then she transitioned into a tech company and after that was an HR Business Partner.

So far this year at BetterWorks, there is a lot of innovation happening. She believes that even though the company has the technology, it still has a lot of room to grow to get companies to both “adapt and adopt to this new model.”

Also, she explained that Betterworks leverages technology to establish a working relationship with employees. That gets done by making performance management that is both “easy and beneficial” to employees and meet them at work. In other words, provide technology that has to do with their work like Salesforce. That also allows work in the application to flow more simply that helps them find their way more easily.

That is also a great form of clarity and support from managers. Finally, Strohfus is someone interested in those who have a curiosity about the world and those who desire to both learn and grow.