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Staffing is one of the most important business function. With the recent development in technology, the majority of businesses today get lost when it comes to recruiting technocrats to take up this position. Not anymore. Thanks to the services of Rona Borre, recruitment has become one of the easiest tasks to accomplish.

Rona Borre is a well-decorated professional who has established herself over time due to her reliable and timely services. Through her company, Instant Alliance, that she founded in 2001, Mrs. Rona has been leading the Chicago IT recruitment and staffing market by ensuring that all her clients are supplied with competent and well-skilled staff. Mrs. Rona Borre is a graduate of the University of Arizona where she obtained her BS in business.

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In addition to her education qualification, Rona Borre is passionate about recruiting and staffing. Thanks to this, she has been able to identify individuals with entrepreneurial skills, an initiative that has helped multiple companies spur growth within their respective markets. Borre has made immense contributions in the industry that have been recognized. Some of the top-notch organizations that have honored and acknowledge Rona’s effort include The Business Ledger and the National Association of Women Business Owners.  Check this on

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