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Instant Alliance, the staffing company that Rona Borre started in 2001, continues to grow and prosper in Chicago, Illinois. Located in the financial district of the Windy City, Instant Alliance is one of the fastest-growing staffing firms in the nation, and it bills millions of dollars out each year.

Borre started the company in a spare bedroom of her Chicago condo and had built it into its current state by lots of hard work and the hiring of good employees who share her entrepreneurial desires.  The staffing industry is indeed very competitive, but Borre and her associates have risen beyond the fray by the utilization of a principle that many other companies have let slip by them.

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While many competitors feel that they have to hurry through the examination of hundreds of resumes, the folks at Instant Alliance have perfected an interviewing technique that is designed for really getting to know the hiring executives of a client company. Borre wants to know everything about the company culture and what it is going to take for a new employee to be successful.  Click on to read more about Borre.

Once these questions are answered in detail, Borre and her staff can comb the hills for that ideal candidate. The results are outstanding as evidenced by the 3:1 interview to hire ratio and the mere 1 percent attrition factor over the past 15 years.  Additional article on

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