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Social media dating platform expert and entrepreneur Greg Blatt has a real talent for starting up successful companies. He has worked with a number of high profile companies including Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. Greg Blatt currently lives in New York, New York. The successful businessman earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics and English language and literature from Colgate University. He continued on his path of education to Columbia Law School. 

Greg earned a Doctor of Law, or what people refer to as a law degree. At first, Greg Blatt was EVP at IAC. He started working at the company in 2003 and worked there for 2013. His last position there was as chief executive officer. Greg Blatt also worked at Tinder as chairman and CEO for several years.The successful entrepreneur was the executive chairman, chairman, and chief executive officer at the Match Group. 

Before becoming a leader for many big name companies, Mr. Blatt worked a number of odd jobs including bussing tables, bartending, and painting houses. Since earning his law degree, Greg started working at law firms and big corporations. A typical day for the businessman consists of meetings. Discussing these ideas in person through questions and debate (Digitalmode). 

Mr. Blatt also leaves a considerable amount of free time to do his work and think about new ideas. Bringing new ideas to life is all about working with a team. Other perspectives help bring objectivity to the idea, thus realizing if it is something to pursue. He is a great leader and always looking to have the best working team supporting him. Greg Blatt has learned something really important from his five year old daughter. It is to question everything. If you don’t question things, then you will not know if they are good in the first place. 

If he could give his younger self some advice, Greg would spend more time at Telluride, before entering law school. If Mr. Blatt could give other entrepreneurs advice, it would be straightforward. He would advise others to question their decision until it is solid. At that point, don’t question it anymore and move forward full force. You must also be flexible during the whole time to achieve results.

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