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In recent news the food giant OSI Food Solutions acquired Rose Packing that merges a company of almost 100 years in the meatpacking industry into the top meat packing company in the country. Acquiring Rose Packing puts together over 200 years of experience in the industry and thus strengthens OSI food Solutions status in the market and the city of Chicago. Rose Packing was established back in 1924 in Barrington Illinois and operates a large processing plant of over 700 employees in Chicago. OSI Food Solutions purchase of Rose Packing and inheritance of the processing plant fits perfectly into their strategy of growth in the meatpacking industry. It is no surprise that this merger is such a perfect fit. OSI Food Solutions began in 1909 as a family meat market in Oakwood, Illinois by newly immigrated Otto Kolschowsky. Otto later expanded into a meat trading company, and his sons eventually grew the company into what it is today. Ray Kroc was very influential in the growth of OSI Food SOlutions as well. When he opened the first McDonald’s in Des Plaines, Illinois he used Otto and Sons as his supplier of ground beef. THe roots of this company have always been back in the family meat market that Otto set opened up long ago to pursue his American dream. As the company goes forward with a growth mindset, acquiring smaller successful businesses like Rose Packing are likely and will benefit both companies involved. Their mission has always been to establish and foster great business relationships, and this acquisition just reaffirms that precedence. All of the employees and management of Rose Packing will continue working under the OSI umbrella. As OSI continues to grow into a global power in the meat industry, it important that they continue to show their local roots by bringing companies like Rose Packing under their leadership. The city of Chicago and Illinois are extremely lucky to have OSI right in their back yard. Click here to learn more

After suffering the impact of negative news or bad press, Status Labs has learned a great lesson. Just over a year ago, Status Labs, a leader in online public relations went through a tough time that almost ruined their company but their took action and restored things back to normal.

It is important for every person or organization to have the ability to monitor their reputation and manage how they are viewed online. The reason for this recommendation is because past issues or unforeseen circumstances can ruin you or your business forever online unless you take action to keep them away from public view. It is essential for you to realize that every individual or company should always have control of their online reputation.

People are increasingly relying on Internet resources for news and content. They go to social media sites and other networks to read the latest news or about companies and how they are doing in the business environment. Any company that does not have reliable or professional online reputation management in place will definitely have a difficult time maintaining a great reputation online.

Status Labs has years of experience in online reputation and crisis management and they know how to build a solid positive reputation for their clients. Their method of working with clients and providing quality reputation solution is properly structured and effective. The qualified team at Status Labs runs the reputation and crisis management campaign for their clients by removing the negative content about their client’s company from the search engine results pages and replacing them with favorable and positive content.

Status Labs creates blogs, websites and social media sites to enhance and promote positive content. They also perform submission of articles that focus on your business keywords on popular networks. You need an impressive online reputation for you to achieve success in today’s business environment. If you have a poor or negative online reputation it will have a devastating effect on your business. Contact Status Labs to find out more about their many benefits of using their services and how you can get started.

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Martin Lustgarten is a European and South American descendant who has made a name for himself in international investment. International investment is one of the most difficult things for novices to do, and he wants to help people get started on their own. He acts as a broker and adviser for people who are looking for investment advice, and he believes that he can help made a difference for everyone who is investing internationally. He will show people what they can do with their money, and he wants to make sure that everyone is happy with the results they get.

There are a lot of places where people are trying to make their money from investment, but every country offers a different opportunity. Martin Lustgarten has done a lot of traveling to learn about all these countries, and he has made sure that people are going to be happy with the choices he makes. He does not tell people how they should spend their money, but he does help people make better decisions. He is a well researched investor who knows that people are going to be more happy when they are informed as they make their decisions. He is a teacher who knows how to get someone in the right frame of mind to invest their money in the correct way.

Mr. Lustgarten also shows people what it will be like for them to invest in a certain country. He can explain how they can make opportunities for themselves by investing in different places around the globe, and he also shows people how they can get amazing results just by making sure that they have looked into the politics and culture in a certain country. Someone who has really made an effort with Mr. Lustgarten to learn about a place to invest will make more money because they totally understand what they are getting into. Mr. Lustgarten makes all these investments possible, and he works with anyone who needs help. He helps by taking over accounts, showing investors what to do and then letting them manage their investments on their own. Follow Lustgarten on Twitter to keep up with his news and events.

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A study done by the World Economic forum established that up to a quarter of any firm’s market value is credited to the character it has. However, studies conducted by Forbes and Deloitte point to the fact that most companies are not ready to repair character destruction that is beyond their means. In today’s digital world, most people have access to the internet. A brand’s online reputation greatly stimulates customer perceptions towards it.

As more people board the digital wagon, it is imperative that companies have a good online image because this is a crucial marketing tool. The ever growing impact search engines and websites have on customer inclinations cannot be downplayed. This underlines the need for companies to have a decent online image in order to drive business.

Online Reputation Management

This plays a decisive role in preserving good public perception and outlook towards business organizations. It is done by giving glowing reviews about products offered by the business. According to, this methodology acts as the basis for buying resolutions for up to 70% of prospective buyers and also influences 84% of buyers. Another survey done by indicates that over the past 5 years firms with good online reputation had 100% investor earnings, which is much higher than their competitors. A public relations platform provides real time comprehension, market scrutiny and the magnification of any positive comments. This is crucial in marketing the business.

Important notes on Status Labs

The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas. It offers media relations, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and public affairs among other services. It helps companies and famous members of the society clean any reputation damage. It also helps promote a brand’s online presence by engaging clients in interactions that boosts the image of the company and ultimately increase sale volumes. It also provides communication approaches and media relations, a platform that enables businesses stay in touch with clients.

Status Labs has experienced tremendous growth in the little time it has been in operation and recently reported that it had growth revenue of 939 percent over the past three years. It has also brought on board experienced minds to act as advisors to its board.