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Many people of all ages at some point in life have health concerns. The risk factors in this modern times raise much interest. With the technological advancements in today’s world, health screening can stop a lot of undetected health issues. Lifeline Screening is a company that offers its patients many preventive health screenings for cardiovascular diseases. Established in Texas in 1993, they usually do specific screenings for people with a high-risk factor for any illness and normal screening for preventative measures. Lifeline focuses on in-depth blood tests detecting underlying problems using a little amount of blood. Screening procedures entail blood tests, ultrasounds, and EKGs that detect irregular heartbeats, peripheral arterial disease, and aneurysms.

A number of the cardiovascular diseases like high cholesterol do not show symptoms right away, but the internal damage is occurring to the blood vessels and the body. The damage can continue over a period, and when it is in its advanced level, it becomes difficult to treat it. Others problems like aortic aneurysms stay silent in the body until rupture and most times causing death. Lifeline Screening helps in detecting such diseases earlier and appropriate treatment used, and this saves many lives.

Lifeline Screening has a total of five screenings that it performs for half of what it charges. For you to receive lifeline screening services, a person needs to answer some questions about his/her medical history. Then he or she is set for all those vital health screenings. In case of any unusual thing, the doctor will provide options for treatment. They take the blood samples and recording of vital signs. They get information about the physical measurements of an individual since they are essential factors to consider when indicating an individual risk for potential cardiovascular diseases.

For the tests to be done there some instructions, like in the bone density screening, there is the removal of shoes and sock, so a person is advised to wear comfortable ones that are easy to remove. Another test that involves removal of shoes and socks is the Peripheral arterial disease where pressure cuffs are placed at the ankle area to measures blood pressure in the lower limbs. Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm screens mainly in the areas that could cause an artery to rupture. For that screening, a person should wear loose clothing since at some point one may have to remove them. He or she is also asked to avoid food for some hours before the test. Another screening is carotid artery screening where an ultrasound is placed on the carotid artery to detect the rate of blood flow in the neck. It aims to screen the building up of fatty plaque. For this kind of screening, there no extra preparation. Last but not least is atrial fibrillation screening where an EKG electrode is used to run this easy test that identifies irregular heartbeats. Electrodes are placed on the chest, wrist, and ankle.

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Plastic and cosmetic surgery has become the new savior for people especially women who want to look great. It gives them the confidence to do whatever they want in life without having to worry about their looks. But with such good looks, we have to look back and thank the people who have helped us achieve such looks. In Austin, Texas, one of such person is Dr. Jennifer Walden, a cosmetic and plastic surgeon.

Born in Austin, Texas to a surgical nurse mother and dentist father, Dr. Jennifer Walden was introduced to the world of medicine at her tender age. She grew up in Austin and attended Anderson High School. She has an undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Texas. She later attended University of Texas Medical School where she graduated as the salutatorian of her class.

Dr. Jennifer did her residency at the University of Texas in Integrated Plastic Surgery. She later did her Fellowship in Aesthetic Surgery at Manhattan Eye, Throat and Ear Hospital. After her Fellowship, she practiced cosmetic plastic surgery at the heart of New York City. In 2011, Walden decided to move to her hometown of Austin where she opened her own private cosmetic and plastic surgery practice. Her, Jennifer L. Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center is situated in Westlake Hills and has a satellite branch in Marble Falls.

At her Medical Center, she specializes in different plastic and cosmetic surgery treatments. Some of them include; face-lifts, rhinoplasties, eyelid lifts and breast augmentation. She also practices liposuction procedures on arms, inner thighs, the abdomen and other minimally invasive procedures.

Jennifer Walden’s interest in plastic and cosmetic surgery was driven by the desire to empower women through the work of her hands. Plastic surgery helps build up self-confidence in women by improving their looks. However, becoming a plastic surgeon for a woman is not a ride in the park. There are only about 851 women plastic surgeons in the US out of over 8,100 board-certified surgeons. This minimal number of women in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery is driven by the hurdles women have to go through in order to become full-fledged surgeons. Jennifer says that the length of time one takes is too long which means women have to delay bearing. Post-medical school alone takes over five years, and then there are two years of Fellowship before one becomes a surgeon. But despite, all the hurdles Jennifer had to make it through and become one of the best plastic surgeons in the country.


Good health should be the priority of everyone in their life. This is because, without good health, it is not possible to fulfill any of our daily routines. Dr. Imran Haque of Horizontal Internal health understands this. This is why his priority is to ensure that his client’s health is on point.

Horizontal internal health offers a variety of services. Some of them include weight management, improving health and wellness. Through their primary doctor, Dr. Imran, they are also able to attend to diabetic patients. Some of the services of the Horizontal internal health include;

Weight Management

Weight struggle is a common problem in the western countries. Some people live all their life straining to shed off some weight and attain their desired figure. Many people have tried all of the means of medication, gym and diets without success. Dr. Imran has come up with cosmetic solutions, nutritional packages, and management treatments to assist his patients to achieve their desired shape and size.

360 Resurfacing

Our skin contributes a significant part of our outlook. Everyone wishes to have a tight skin with a good texture. Despite old age being a blessing, many people don’t appreciate the physical changes that come along with the changes. 360 resurfacing can only be done by specialized personnel. It is a laser treatment whose aims is to bring the natural beauty of the skin.

Dr. Imran is well equipped with the knowledge required in this field. He ensures that his client’s expectations are reached.

Diabetes Specialist

Dr. Imran is a certified in dealing with diabetes. The doctor is compassionate and works towards ensuring that his diabetes patients follow a good diet routine, to maintain a healthy lifestyle.Dr. Imran is very passionate about taking care of his diabetes patients and has made their health his priority.

Physical Examinations

As the saying goes ‘’prevention is better than cure’’.Dr. Imran runs a background check up on the body conditions of his patients. This is to make sure that nothing is developing unnoticed that may cause future problems. It is, therefore, important to go for checkups.

Capitol Anesthesiology Association was established in 1973. It is one of the nation’s largest independent practices for anesthesiology. Physicians are either board certified, or in the process of achieving this certification. Each member of CAA medical staff is dedicated to providing quality healthcare service. The goal is to ensure that patients have the highest level experience. This ensures confidence, and reduces the amount of worry. There are many myths and unknowns when it comes to dealing with medical care facilities. The expertise of CAA healthcare physicians alleviates the doubt related to medical treatment.

Capitol Anesthesiology Association has an administrative staff that is tuned into the needs of each patient. They are experienced in dealing with numerous insurance carriers. Patients go through a billing process that is understandable, and sensible in relation to the care that is needed.

CAA is committed to the highest level of anesthesia care. The best service is necessary to maintain the splendid reputation that the experts at Capitol Anesthesiology Association has attained.

Jennifer Walden is rated as one of the top ten plastic surgeons in the state of Texas. She is a recent relocation to the Texas area. She began her life in Texas and moved to New York to accept a position in the medical field. Jennifer specializes in laser surgery, Botox, skin peels, skin resurfacing, and hair removal. She also does a fantastic job at tummy tucks, facial reconstructions, and other plastic surgeries she performs. Jennifer Walden is one of the people that is beautiful inside and out. She can give you confidence each visit. Jennifer is knowledgeable and is always looking to learn more. She gives her clients the newest innovative solutions on the market.

New York area doctors were sad to see her leave their establishments. She made the choice to return home after giving birth to her twins. Family is very important to her. She hopes her children will grow up with the same values she did. She hopes her children will learn to respect the community and will be a great asset to the community when they grow up. Returning to her home state took some thought but she knows she made the right decision for herself and her family. After graduation and residency, Jennifer Walden took on the challenge of lectures and speaking engagements. She now appears regularly on talk shows and news feeds. Speaking about the products she uses is the best way for her to endorse the products and explain the benefits.

Big buttocks is one of the new fads that is hitting the world. Everyone is searching for the big beautiful butt and will spare no expense to achieve it. Some people begin butt exercise programs that will enlarge the glutenous maxim muscles. Others go to plastic surgeons for the Brazilian Buttock Adaptation. Fat from other areas of the body is transferred into the buttock area. This is then shaped to form the perfect tight bottom that many women desire. Fat transfer is healthier than adding products such as silicon or gel implants. Your own body receives its own fat better than other products. Jennifer Walden is one of the top surgeons offering this type surgery. A consultation with her will help you to understand the whole process. This allows you the choice.