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My favorite past time has always been watching television, I usually use commercial breaks to grab a snack or to check social media. Lately that has changed Do to these Beneful commercials! I find myself giggling every time one comes on. Like the “Dinner for two” commercial (which happens to be one of my favorites) The Dog narrates the commercial going on to say how him and his girl(his owner) have been together since 2012 and how dinner time is their favorite time of the day. Meanwhile she’s sitting at the counter eating a health snack and he’s in the middle of the kitchen flooring face deep in his doggy bowl chowing down on some good ol’ Beneful dog food. One of my other favorites is the one when the dog and his owner are in the kitchen getting ready to cook dinner, he is her sou chief for the evening. As she’s explaining what’s on the menu for tonights dinner he can hardly contain his excitement! When he hears the word chicken he almost loses it, as she finishes cooking he knows that if it’s time for her to eat it’s also time for him to eat! His tail is wagging uncontrollably she fixes him a bowl of beneful she teases him for a few moments driving him even more crazy. Finally she gives him the bowl and he chows down like there’s no tomorrow and to know more


Dog food continues to grow every day with new brands trying to beat out each other with new developments and product creations. New brands are trying to beat out one another just to stay on top of this industry. For Freshpet, you would believe their local manufacturing location is mainly for those wanting to receive food for adults, but the beauty of this brand is that they specifically offer dogs food. Their gourmet dog food options allow dogs to enjoy nutritional and gourmet food despite the high prices. This industry is worth billions of dollars, and there are countless people who are willingly able to spend even more on products within the gourmet-food realm for their dogs.

The one thing most people don’t know is the fact that other brands outside of Purina are doing this. Blue Buffalo is a brand that is taking their dog food options. The best part about this brand is that their whole grain food approach almost guarantees that you give your dog efficiently healthy food using natural and organic materials. The constant growth in the gourmet department is forcing dog food brands to kick their games up to deliver top of the line food results.

Beneful is by far one of the few brands that delivers some of the latest in this industry. Their food has always been top notch quality, but over the years, they have begun coming up with the latest tactics to help provide users with top notch quality food. Dogs are going to enjoy their quality food because of the taste and the genuine development of the taste it provides. Beneful has been trying to develop a new taste over the past few years, and they have been trying to amp up their food to appeal more so to the higher class dog owners looking for something unique to give their dogs.

The beauty about Beneful is that they are always delivering foods with great tastes and also true benefits. Whether it’s weight loss or losing plaque buildup in the teeth, you can be sure that Beneful can provide your dog with everything.